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Blastcore Tracers A3 - FoxFort Edit
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Mar 18, 2016 @ 2:09pm
Sep 16 @ 8:46am
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Blastcore Tracers A3 - FoxFort Edit

This is my improved version of "Blastcore Tracers A3" which was originally made by Opticalsnare.

This is ONLY for vanilla ArmA 3 tracers. There are optional files included to make it work with: ACE3, RHS Escalation, NATO Russian SF Weapons(mass) and HLC weapons mod, but you will have to place them manually inside of main "AddOns" File.

I've tried my best to find "middle ground" for quality of traces with both FSAA ON and OFF. Tracers look better with FSAA ON (x2,x4,x8). For best effect, keep video setting "Depth Of Field" from 20 to 40 max.

If you want to use optional pbos, you can find them e.g. here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\107410\647768227

To use optional PBOs just copy them into primary "AddOn" folder.
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FoxFort  [author] Sep 16 @ 8:57am 
Sorry everyone. When Tank DLC was released I forgot to update my parent classnames. So it stayed on HE. That means all this time when you were using tank HEAT shells, it was firing HE instead...Thanks to @Der Shredder suggestion, I double checked rest of my parent names and saw my mistake.
FoxFort  [author] Aug 30 @ 8:14am 
@Der Shredde, Thanks! I will look into it and apply your solution
Der Shredder Aug 30 @ 7:08am 
I also replaced the vanilla tracers in the Phalanx AAA with blastcore tracers:

class CfgAmmo
class ammo_AAA_Gun35mm_AA: B_35mm_AA
model = "BCTracers_Edited\Data\red";
tracerScale = 0.03;
tracerStartTime = 0.01;
tracerEndTime = 5;

class CfgMagazines
class magazine_Cannon_Phalanx_x1550: VehicleMagazine
tracersEvery = 1;

i hope that can help you to improve this mod in future
Der Shredder Aug 30 @ 7:07am 
@FoxFort You did a very good job editing and updating this mod, it is so much better than the immersion breaking vanilla tracers, but i have found somre bugs/config mistakes in this mod:

-The ace compat pbo only contains the CfgPatches, so it doesnt work at all
-The CSAT CAS jet is deinfed as BulletBase:

"class Cannon_30mm_HE_Plane_CAS_02_F: BulletBase",

what causes that its hit effects are the same as the 120mm HE hit effects. As fix I use

"class Cannon_30mm_HE_Plane_CAS_02_F: B_30mm_HE"

-The Jet DLC Jets are also defined as BulletBase what causes that their guns do as much damage as infantry weapons. to fix that i used

"class ammo_Fighter01_Gun20mm_AA: B_30mm_HE" ,
"class ammo_Fighter04_Gun20mm_AA: B_30mm_HE" ,
"class ammo_Fighter02_Gun30mm_AA: B_30mm_HE",

what restores their damage capabilities and makes them more realistic.
Saint Mattis of Quantico Aug 27 @ 12:31am 
I love the mod thank you!
FoxFort  [author] Aug 24 @ 8:40am 
@Jacuzzi, I'm glad you managed to fix it ! :) Enjoy !
Jacuzzi Aug 24 @ 8:06am 
@FoxFort, alright, managed to fix it. Sorry for disturbing you. It was an issue with the Steam workshop cache, it seems it kept an older version of the mod from... 2017?
FoxFort  [author] Aug 24 @ 7:52am 
@Jacuzzi, I have just looked into it. No idea why you have it differently. I have subscribed and unsubscribed several times now. Each time it downloads it as it should...
In any case, inside of "AddOn" folder, you should only have "BCTracers_Edited.pbo" and "BCTracers_Edited.pbo.FoxFort.bisign" nothing else.
Jacuzzi Aug 24 @ 7:26am 
@FoxFort, actually, there's more, "BCTraders_Edited_hlc.pbo", "BCTracers_Edited_rhs.pbo" plus related bisign files. I'll move those out of the addon folder and see what happens.

Keep in mind, this is how I got the mod directly from the workshop. You might mind looking into that.
Jacuzzi Aug 24 @ 7:24am 
@FoxFort, CBA, ACE and your mod. I'm looking inside the addon folder and there's a "bamse_rhs_bct_fix.pbo" file. I assume it shouldn't be there, but that's how it came directly from the workshop...