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The Caped Crusader
Created by Rozzy
Batman's cape for Soldier. Cape deforms based on player movement. <-- Mod Download...
Batter's Bracers
Created by Ertz™
Entry for the Batman Contest

Features ...

-All class
-Cape not included...
Arkham Cowl
Created by Zoey
An all-class Batman mask, created for the Arkham Knight cosmetic competition.

- Paintable
- Fully facial flexed
- 2 LODs
- One 512x texture...
Taunt: Heart Attack
Created by The Winglet
Ever wanted to perform delicate medical experiments while on the battlefield?

Probably not, but now you can anyway!

By the way, that "oops" line isn't actually in the taunt file. It's just a guideline for what I imagined the Medic saying, if Valve pl...
Teufort Knight
Created by Dewzie
The promo we deserve but not the one we need.

Uses self illumination and transparency to try and mimic the glowing HUD effect from Arkham Knight....
New Taunt: The Box Trot
Created by Sparkwire
During the cardboard box shortage of 1930 only the wealthiest individuals could be seen wearing boxes. Ever since, box fashion has become a billion dollar industry. Take it back to the classics by wearing this sleek number that is sure to turn heads.

Nobody Suspects a Thing
Created by YoungHorses
Don this Octodad disguise and demonstrate to the devilish enemy that you are dad enough to win!

Created by the team in anticipation of the release of Octodad: Dadliest Catch on Steam next week, January 30th! With your support we can make the hat available...
The Waxy Wayfinder
Created by the monotonist
This delicate little flame dances peacefully among the inferno that surrounds it.
jigglebone flame, smoke particle effect, waxy phong texture, glows in the dark, paintable

If you own the Waxy Wayfinder, leave a comment here and let me kn...
The Stitched Saboteur
Created by Ducksink
Voodoo Juju...
Apparitions Aspect
Created by Mr. Tinder
"I ain't afraid of no ghost!"

Created specifically for the Halloween Update....
[Unusual Effect] It's a Mystery to Everyone
What it is can only be described as a mystery (or a ghost).

Comes in both Plasmid Purple and Ghastly Green!
Dead'er Alive
Created by Doctor Aibaleet
Climb stairs! Menace the dad from "That 70's Show"! Shoot scouts in the dick! Hide your windows, there's a new non-copyright infringing cybernetic sheriff in town!

Iron Lung
Created by Wrench N Rockets
Protect your torso and improve lung function with this powered armor.

Also the core glows in the dark! How cool is that?...
Created by Wrench N Rockets
Trample those who dare oppose you!...
Biomech Backpack
Created by Svdl
Alien: Isolation...
Alien Cranium
Created by Svdl
Alien: Isolation...
Xeno Suit
Created by Svdl
Alien: Isolation...
Heart of Gold
Created by Ruskeydoo
"It is an improbability that this charity drive wont work."

Mix Up item...
The Loose Cannon
Created by Dewzie
You arr a pirate!

The ironsight is based on ship rigging.
The Cremator's Conscience
Created by Gryoss
Uploading this to the Workshop because Valve told me to! Promo was taken while HLMV couldn't display normal maps, so that's why nothing is shiny or anything :(...
Voodoo Pin
Created by GG_Underscore
A giant Voodoo pin knife replacement so you can be an absolute prick as a spy. Stab stab stab....
Winter Backup
Created by ToxicWeasel
Build your sentry.. place it in the snow.. wear this backpack... and well.. you probably wont have time to feel the cold after that!

Team colours
Arthropod's Aspect
Created by Wowza
Model/texture: Wowza
Concept: Sharc
SFM: Bloodfart...
Chicago Overcoat
Created by NeoDement
A sleek Trenchcoat with an upturned collar, perfect for those cold nights standing suspiciously under a lamppost.

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
A Hat to Kill For
Created by NeoDement
There's nothing more dashing and mysterious than a man in a tilted hat.

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
The Lucky Shot
Lets see you do that again Private....
Crusader's Getup
Created by Wowza
Model/texture/rigging: Wowza
Sculpt: JPRAS
Concept: Sharc
SFM: Bloodfart...
Created by UEAKCrash
Collect the hats of your fallen enemies and bring them to the sacred altars.

My own take on the Player Destruction mode (like Watergate.) Keep in mind this is still WIP and I've got big plans for it for the future!

Created for the 2016 W...
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