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2900+ Complete Boardgames [English]



2900+ Assets with over a thousand unique board games. A collection of complete English board games, or parts forming a complete set. No models, backgrounds, and all the other fluff in the workshop. This is a work in progress. I'd love to eliminate the duplicates, but I don't know each board game well enough to know which version is best, if you have any input on the best version, please let me know.

Please feel free to message me if you've found a new game or a better version of a listed game.

Make sure to fully load a mod that you are interested in as soon as you can. If the mod is removed from steam or the images are brought down, it can be tough to get it later. A fantastic tool to help fully download, organize and backup TTS mods can be found here:

Props to Froghut for putting so much work into the tool and to all the amazing content creators here on the workshop.
Items (2628)
10' to Kill Noir
Created by Dissonance
Retheme of 10' to kill using characters from Noir: Killer vs Inspector.

10' to kill is a deduction game, for 2 to 4 players, played in 10 minutes or so. There are 16 characters on the board, and each player secretly embodies one of them.. Each player al...
100% Dominion (Clean)
Created by Hypnoziz
Dominion is a deck-building game created by Donald X. Vaccarino and published by Rio Grande Games. Each player uses a separate deck of cards; players draw their hands from their own decks, not others'. Players use their cards to perform actions and buy car...
1960: The Making of the President
Created by Trips
1960: The Making of the President is a card-driven game in which each candidate is dealt several cards per turn; these cards can be spent to campaign, advertise, or position on issues. Each card also has a specific event, such as Nixon Egged in Michigan or...
1960: The Making of the President
Created by jmricker
From the author:

"Sometimes the history of a nation can be defined by the relationship between two individuals. The Election of 1960 is the story of two men, John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon. One is the scion of a wealthy, politically powerful famil...
1989: Dawn of Freedom
Created by Trips
1989: Dawn of Freedom is an exciting, fast paced game simulating the end of the Cold War in 1989. During this amazing year, a series of democratic revolutions ended the 40 year Soviet empire in Eastern Europe. 1989 simulates the political, social and econo...
3D ARENA :Spartacus a game of Blood and Treachery with Shadow of Death expansion
Created by Medjes
I've taken the mod made by H2Yo (thanks to you man, Spartacus is my favorite game of all time) and I've added a 3D arena (tiles and block taken on the Workshop). Hope that you'll love it !

30/12/2015 : Full extensions, arena revamped, enjoy !

4T4 English (v1.1) +Map Packs (Jan 14 2020, update coming!)
Created by Kramit The Frog
Hey everyone! Effective Jan 14 2020 I'm officially announcing some further development in this mod. Someone has stepped up and is in the process of creating generator scripts to remove the need for my massive number of sa...
Created by Dissonance
In a distant future, scientists were able to build small alternate Earths. Exactly 504 such Earths have thus far been built. The scientists programmed each of these Worlds with an individual set of laws and rules which the residents strictly follow and con...
6 Bere / 6 Nimmt
Created by Tituss
CZ / Sk : 6 Bere!

Eng: 6 Nimmt!

De: 6 Nimmt!

Have a nice day with this game :)

7 Ronin
Created by Unreal Ed
A 2 player game of Samurais VS Ninja !

7 Years Wargame
Created by Willowbranch
Do you love the idea of wargaming but warhammer is not for you? Or maybe it is but you would also like to play out historical battles!
This is a tabletop wargame set in the historical period of the seven years' war (1754-1763).

What it currently contai...
A Few Acres of Snow
Created by Chump Change
Great 2-Player Asymetrical Deck-Building Combat game focusing on the French & Indian War between the Brittish & French taking place in the American Colonies

Credit for the wooden cubes were copied from the Wooden Pieces Pack, thank you guys for the so...
A Game of Thrones (Board Game) - The Winds of Winter
Created by Frownigami
Chaos rules in Westeros. House Stark and the North lie in ruins, carrion for the vultures of House Greyjoy and House Bolton. Noble houses engage in all-out war for the right to rule the Seven Kingdoms. A Queen returns home at the head of an army, with thre...
A Game of Thrones Card Game 2nd Edition + Expansions
Created by Ikkyy
- Core Set
- Taking The Black
- The Road to Winterfell
- The King's Peace
- No Middle Ground
- Calm over Westeros
- True Steel

- 4 Custom Playmat
- 2 Custom Tokens
- 8 Custom Decks, ready to play. (by Itomon)
- Snow Forest Back...
A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (2nd ed.) - Master Edition
Created by Cluny
"King Robert Baratheon is dead, and the lands of Westeros brace for battle. In the second edition of A Game of Thrones: The Board Game, three to six players take on the roles of the great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, as they vie for control of...
A Study in Emerald
Created by NETes
A Study in Emerald is a game for two to five players based on the award-winning short story of the same name by Neil Gaiman. In this stylistic mash-up of Sherlock Holmes and H.P. Lovecraft, the worst has already happened and the world is now ruled by the O...
Created by Viktorn
Welcome to ABDUCTION the ultimate game of random absurdity and adaptation on the fly. The best collegiate minds of the Universe from the most well respected Frarorities have gathered for the annual Abduction tournament. These students ...
Abyss w/ Kraken Expansion
Created by tetrach
Would like to send a thank you and send reconigtion for the models to gmoyer that he uses in his version of Abyss. Those are the only assests I borrowed from him.

The Abyss power is once again vacant, so the time has come to get your hands on the thron...
Created by SirBenKingsley
Each player strategically invests in businesses, trying to retain a majority of stock. As the businesses grow with tile placements, they also start merging, giving the majority stockholders of the acquired business sizable bonuses, which can then be used t...
Advanced Civilization
Created by Turgon
This is an expansion for Civilization. Included are more civilization advancements (both quantity and type), which give the players new options for advancement, as well as a slightly restructured commodity trading round, which has new resources and disaste...
Advanced Civilization Extras
Created by Lucifer
Just a few items I customized for use with Turgon's upload of Advanced Civilization (available at ).


The table IS the board (or rather boards). Gives you a larger map (since th...
Adventure Time - Card Wars
Created by TootsNSpooks
This game is similar to the Card Wars digital app, not the TCG.

This set includes a copy of every card (including gold), along with heroes and everything contained in the Fionna and Cake expansion! There are counters and calculators to help keep track ...
Adventure Time Card Wars TCG
Created by Davey Dog
This is the TCG version of Card Wars.
Created by Jake the Dog, creator of the wiki.

Visit for many useful things.

-A community about this awesome game which was made by Cryptozoic
-An overview of all the rules + speci...
AdventureQuest Worlds Anything Goes BattleOn Battle Card Game!
Created by ColonBandit
The incredibly fun and possibly hilarious 2-4 player card game is now on the workshop!

This includes all 147 cards from all the expansions and extras that came with the calendar and action figures!

You can get the physical base set of 110 cards at He...
Aether Captains: Clockwork Cabal
Created by vbstrano
As a Free Captain, adventurer, and member of the Society of Clockwork Engineers, you travel across the breadth of Arkady. Recently, you find yourself in the back room of Rasmuson's Bookshop in the heart of Easley by the River. There, on shelves heavy with ...
Afrika Korps
Created by kentop
Basic copy of Avalon Hill's original game. Low Resolution image of game board. No game rules or combat results table, or all the other stuff needed to play. My first attempt at creating an old, out of print favorite. All images are copyrighted (maybe). Has...
Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery
Created by Elekata
If you like the game, take a look at the Deluxe Edition Kickstarter.

Now includes the Builder expansion and Plague promos!

Age of Empires II...
Age of Napoleon
Created by Kugellehr
This is a two player game for the Napoleonic times, an era of military conquests and diplomatic rivalries. One player represents France and its allies, the other the Coalition led by Britain. The game contains two shorter scenarios starting in 1809 and 181...
Age Of War
Created by DrunkCat
A Game of Conquest in Fuedal Japan
For 2-6 Players...
GMT's Agincourt
Created by MadMark56
Award winning 2001 Richard Berg wargame design that was re-vamped and featured in C3i magazine #22. This was the prototype for the successful Men of Iron series by Berg for GMT. Includes two maps, Burne's and Bradbury's deployments, and a Rules booklet.
Created by tomwsmf
"Welcome to the Agora, the ever-changing Ancient Greek Marketplace. It's a wide-open space filled with chaos and commerce. And it's what you're afraid of when you have agoraphobia.

You are a hardworking merchant. You will build shops, sell goods, and st...
Created by Elekata
Description from BoardgameNews

In Agricola, you're a farmer in a wooden shack with your spouse and little else. On a turn, you get to take only two actions, one for you and one for the spouse, from all the possibilities you'll find on a farm:
Agricola ACBAS + Expansions!
Created by ()))__Crayola__))>
Current Version 1.2a -
* Changed Player Trays to Bags for easier organization/visual assistance.
* Added Bags to Board for Wood & Stone for better visual assistance on total resource accumulation
* Changed Wood/Reed/Stone discs from Chips to Generic it...
Created by Soturnoo
Apresento mais um jogo de tabuleiro bem divertido e que fez um certo sucesso no mercado brasileiro nos anos 80/90. Nele, cada jogador controla um veículo e deve resgatar containers perdidos no meio de um lago no Alaska. Conforme o inverno chega, o lago vai...
Created by ScreamInVain
It is the contest of the Alchemists! The most talented Adepts of the mystical arts come from around the world to compete. They fill their cauldrons with exotic and rare ingredients, all creating new potions in the quest for fame and honor. In addition to d...
Alhambra Family Box: Alhambra, Granada, 2 Expansions
Created by Cat Wizard
Mechanics: Tile placement, Set collection, Hand management.
Players: 1-6 possible, 3-4 best. Playing 2 requires managing a 'dummy' player. Solo play rules below.
Playing time: 45-60 minutes.
Language independent, navigation b...
Alien 1979
Created by Captain Serious
A recreation of the Kenner classic board game. I loved this game as a kid. While it isn't very strategically deep, it is a fun game in the likes of such classics as Sorry and Trouble. I recently saw this game for auction on Amazon going for $450. It ma...
Abandoned: Alien Frontiers + Factions + OuterBelt
Created by Vii
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Alien Frontiers
Designed by Tory Niemann
Art by Piotr Burzykowski, Karim Chakroun, & Mark Maxwell
Published by Clever Mojo Games, Game Salute, & LocWor...
Alien vs. Predator CCG
AvP Collectible Card Game from 1997.
Scans of the cards were hard to find and thus are not in the best quality, sorry.

This mod includes every card from AvP CCG.

Also includes all 6 tokens and a custom...
Created by Kaijudo
This is the 1990 expansion to the Alien's Board game, by Leading Edge Games. This isn't a stand alone game, you need to play this with "ALIENS THE BOARD GAME (1989)" You can search for it in the Workshop. I included a fan made Room and Sentry Deck, in case...
Created by Kaijudo
This is the classic ALIENS Board game from 1989. It can be played solo, or with 2 to 8 players (2 - 9 really, but TTS only allows up to 8) You can find the full rules to the game @

The images used in this...
Aliens: This Time it's War!
Created by Psyrek
To quote BGG:

The Company has colonised the planet LV-426. Contact with the "Shake and bake" colony is lost. The Company sends a team of Colonial Marines, with Ripley as "Advisor", to find out what has happened at Hadley's Hope.

Aliens: This Time it'...
All Things Zombie!
Created by Fairlight_Hun
One of the best Zombie game from Lock and Load Publishing! To access the Rules and Scenarios you have to Own the Game!
Graphic used for the mod is taken from the Vassal mod. I used JustJone's costume modells for the boards and the character sheets : http...
Created by KiRa937
Set in the distant future, in the city of New Angeles and the Moon colony of Heinlein, Android is a board game that allows three to five players to take on the roles of investigators competing to either solve a case, unravel a conspiracy, or simply find ha...
Android: Netrunner - up to 10/2016
Created by Zuvvo
Improved previous versions of KJack's and Pseudo's mods.
Big thanks for Pseudo who added Data & Destiny and SanSan Cycle.

This mod contains all released cards up to Flashpoint Cycle (2/5).
(more info about expansions here:
Android: Netrunner deck building
Created by Zuvvo
Use automated deck spawner to spawn a deck from this site:
or just browse netrunner stuff.
Enjoy! :)
Cards up 10/2016

Also check out my other mods:
Anno 1503
Created by Nirdu
Anno 1503 is a boardgame based on the famous computer game and designed by Klaus Teuber.

Antidote w/expansions Prime
Created by PlacidMoose
This is simply somebody's Antidote PNP+ mod which I arranged into what I thought was a superior presentation. Setup is easier and it includes abbreviated rules and setup instructions.

(The original rules were extremely wordy)

Original mod by Dissonan...
Apocalypse World
Created by ZombiePirate
These are the character sheets for the role playing game "Apocalypse World" by D. Vincent Baker. You will need to get the full rules from
Created by Hypnoziz
In Apotheca, players craft potions in a secret marketplace, hide ingredients to deceive opponents, and use magical powers to mix concoctions. But beware - your opponents are brewing schemes of their own!

The game takes place on a 4x4 grid. Player...
Arcadia Quest Basic Game
Created by vbstrano
TTS version of Cool Mini or Not board game. This si just the basic game, no expansions.

Arcadia Quest is an exciting new adventure board game for 2 to 4 players created by a quartet of designers, including Mr. Eric Lang. Each player controls a Guild of ...
Arcadia Quest Bonus Characters & Nameless Campaign
Created by Amber
This mod includes all of the heroes that have been released so far and everything needed to play The Nameless Campaign. I also added some of the heroes from Arcadia Quest: Inferno. I had to use note cards for the quest cards and monster cards included in T...
Arcadia Quest: Beyond The Grave
Created by Amber
This is an expansion mod for Arcadia Quest. Everything but the campaign book for Beyond The Grave is included.

The base game can be found here:

All of the character...
Archaeology The Card Game
Created by Dissonance
Discover the lost treasures of Egypt and make your fortune!

You are an archaeologist working the dig sites of the Egyptian desert. Search for the right pieces to complete torn parchments, broken pots and other priceless artifacts. Explore an ancient pyr...
Created by tetrach
In Archipelago, players are Renaissance European powers competing in the exploration of a Pacific or Caribbean archipelago. They will explore territories, harvest resources, use those resources in markets both internal (for their use and that of the native...
Are You The Traitor?
Created by Lizardman
It's the moment of truth in your quest to destroy the Evil Magic Key. The Adventurers have encountered two Wizards: an Evil Wizard who wants the Key, and a Good Wizard who can destroy it. Unfortunatley, you can't tell them apart because the Evil Wizard h...
Argent: The Consortium
Created by digicube
Images are taken from Vassal mod.



Level 99 Games[]

Art Broker
Created by Dissonance
This is a retheme of Sukimono by Grounding/Japon Brand, no original artwork used.

Art Broker is a stock market game of real-time card collecting. You are a broker specialising in contemporary artwork.

At the start of each round, each player receives ...
Article 27
Created by tetrach
Article 27: The United Nations Security Council Game gets its title from – yes, you guessed it – Article 27 of the United Nations Charter, which includes these two provisions:

1. Each member of the Security Council shall have one vote.
2. Decisions of ...
Artifacts, Inc
Created by Levy
Buy the full game here!
The TTS version was made from the Kickstarter print and play version, which did not feature complete artwork on all of the cards.

New York, 1929: A frenzy of interest in antiquity is sweeping the natio...
Ascension (mostly full)
Created by Rodain
This is one of my first mods and contains all of the cards so far except for the promos. (Unfortunately I only have promo pack 1). I hope this mod fixes the lack of ascension mods on the workshop

Ascension is owned by Stoneblade Entertainment they reser...
Assault on Doomrock
Created by error
Assault on Doomrock is a co-operative adventure game set in a humorous fantasy world. Players start the adventure by generating random heroes from two cards. Combinations like sadistic paladin, stinky warrior, frustrated mage o...
AT-43 (wargame) Base Set - U.N.A. and Therians
Created by JamesManhattan
AT-43 was a miniatures wargame made by Rackham, which is out of business. You can find rules here

All the cards are from UniversalHead. It...
AT-43 Damocles Phase 2 Mission 2
Created by JamesManhattan
The O.N.I. Corporation has managed to sneak their way into the Therian factory planet, and are controlling a Memory Block. A 2000 point army must fend off some very angry Therians of the Warriors faction who want to take it back.

Tiamat possesse...
AT-43 Damocles Phase 2 Mission 4
Created by JamesManhattan
NOTE: I skipped making a Phase 2 Mission 3 - because it looked not as fun as the rest.

Red Blok vs Karmans - Libra faction. 1500 pts each

The Karman Libra faction allows Medics to bring back soldiers from the dead. So make sure to protect those Medic...
AT-43 Damocles Phase 3 Mission 1
Created by JamesManhattan
2000 point armies of COGS vs. U.N.A. - Central Command

COGS do not benefit from the cover of low walls. Instead, because they carry special temporary force shields, they can use the "Take Cover" drill wherever and whenever, and then get benefit of Take ...
AT-43 Damocles Phase 3 Mission 2
Created by JamesManhattan
A running battle of 1500 point armies. Red Blok (Frontline) vs. U.N.A. (M.Ind) lists of mostly AFV's....
AT-43 Damocles Phase 3 Mission 3
Created by JamesManhattan
Nearing the Finale - This is a Clone army GenCol Red Blok force trying to get access to the planet's White Dwarf to cause a meltdown and blow up the entire planet. The H/Babel Therians try to hold them off. 2000 pt armies...
AT-43 Damocles Phase 3 Mission 4 Finale
Created by JamesManhattan
The final mission. U.N.A. M.Ind platoon vs a Therian Cyphers army. 2000 points, and big striders...
AT-43 Oper Damocles Phase 2 Mission 1
Created by JamesManhattan
2000 pt armies of U.N.A. Morningstar vs a Red Blok Frontline...
AT-43 Operation Damocles Mission 1
Created by JamesManhattan
First Mission in the Operation Damocles campaign book. Already Setup using Therians and U.N.A. 2000 point armies.

Get all the rules and book links here
AT-43 Operation Damocles Mission 2
Created by JamesManhattan
Second mission, this is 2000 pt armies of Karmans vs a U.N.A. M.Ind platoon.

The M.Ind platoon of the U.N.A. army gets the "Repair" action for all of its AFV's (Armored Fighting Vehicles). That includes all the Fire Toads, and Col. Stark's Copperhead. ...
AT-43 Operation Damocles Mission 3
Created by JamesManhattan
2000 point armies of Red Blok vs Therians....
AT-43 Operation Damocles Mission 4
Created by JamesManhattan
1500 point armies of Karmans and Red Blok...
Created by Majadero-Redimiro
The whole of Egypt is in uproar – Akhnaton, who has just acceded to the throne, wants to ban the old deity Amon from the temples of the land. Aton is to be worshiped as the new God.

But the priests of the land are not willing to give up their temples wi...
Avalon Hill Merchant of Venus
Created by vbstrano
The original version of Avalon Hill's Merchant of Venus...
Axis and Allies 1914
Created by Fritz
A version of Axis and Allies 1914 with historically accurate custom models


Grey - 1 Unit
Green - 3 Units
Red - 5 Units

--> [url=...
Axis and Allies 1939 Global (Version of 1940 Global)
Created by Fritz
September 1, 1939

A version of Axis and Allies 1940 Global, set on September 1939 when World War 2 broke out in Europe.

This game features:
- an alternate starti...
Axis and Allies 1940 Global Second Edition
Created by Fritz
Our version of Axis and Allies 1940 Global with Historically Accurate Vehicle and Infantry Models For Every Nation! (mostly)

If you can't load the game without errors/crashing, you should try the [url=
Axis and Allies 1942 Global (Version of 1940 Global)
Created by Fritz
The official 1942 setup for the 1940 Global game made by the creator of A&A Larry Harris!


Axis and Allies 1942 Second Edition
Created by Schroeder
Our version of Axis and Allies 1942 Second Edition with Historically Accurate Vehicle and Infantry Models For Every Nation!

Grey - 1 unit
Green - 3 units
Red - 5 units

The rest of the rules:
Axis and Allies 2016 Alpha
Created by Fritz
World War III
Our first self-made version of an Axis and Allies game, set in a fictional near future where rising conflicts troughout the world lead to a Third World War.
Cornered by NATO, Russia needs to take back the former territories ...
Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition (1941 setup) [Models updated]
Created by Krazyito
Here is the Anniversary Edition of Axis and Allies, this is my preffered version of the game, in the rules I put a link to the offical rule book. I have pre-setup the game with the 1941 ruleset, though it can easily be changed to the 1942 on the info card...
Axis and Allies D-Day
Created by Fritz
A version of Axis and Allies D-Day with historically accurate custom models of Infantry and Vehicles


Grey - 1 Unit
Green - 3 Units
Axis and Allies Europe 1940
Created by Fritz
A version of Axis and Allies Europe 1940 with historically accurate custom models of Infantry and Vehicles


Grey - 1...
Axis and Allies Guadalcanal
Created by Fritz
A version of Axis and Allies Guadalcanal with historically accurate custom models of Infantry and Vehicles


Grey - 1 Unit
Green -...
Axis and Allies: Spring 1942
Created by Schroeder
A version of Axis and Allies: Spring 1942 with historically accurate custom models by Schroeder and PunkAss


Grey - 1 Unit
Green - 3 U...
Back to the Future: The Card Game (V: 2.1)
Created by GFJ
An updated version of Mat ➖ allansianadventurer’s upload, found here:

A brief outline of the rules can be found in game, but I’d strongly suggest reading the f...
Created by NETes
In Barony, players are ambitious barons trying to extend their dominion over the land! Who will succeed and become the new king?

At the beginning of the game, players create the board at random with nine tiles per player; each tile is comprised of three...
Batman Fluxx
Created by Symetemys
Batman Fluxx from Looney Labs.

"It’s game night in Gotham, and everyone's favorite Caped Crusader is on the job. Crime is running amok and no-one can win with Villains on the table — so put on your utility belts and leap into the fray to help Batman and...
Batman Love Letter
Created by RomanPenguin

- Players: 2-4

- Average Playtime: 20min (At most 5min per round)

- It's Love Letter reskinned to a Batman theme


- During setup, one card from the deck is randomly removed from the game face-down.

- Deal a card to ...
Battle Arena PvP
Created by macgarthur
Battle for resources in this epic player vs player adventure. Choose a class, get some potions and begin the fight!

How To Play

Objective: Be the first player to gather the required resources on the Scenario card by capturing points and defeating pl...
Battle Masters
Created by D-Day
The epic game of fantasy battles.

Battle Masters is a game that puts you in command of mighty armies locked in a titanic conflict.

The Empire has been beseiged by evil, its borders laid waste by hordes of Chaos Raiders. Yet a darker cloud now looms. ...
Battle of Burgundy: Tabletop Wargame
Created by Chibby
A 3d World War 2 tabletop wargame. Using 3d terrain, Infantry, Tanks, & Artillary. Battle for the Burgundy bridge, Or hold the village from the advancing Allies. Roll your tanks across open farm lands, hide your Infantry in the forest for an ambush. Send A...
Battle of Durak
Created by Dienes
Official website:

All cards were (re)constructed using the PNP prints and other imagery available at and
The vi...
Battle Sheep/Splits
Created by Dissonance
In Battle Sheep (first released as Splits), players start the game by constructing the board from identical four-hex tiles, then each player places his/her tall stack of discs on one of the border hexes. Players take turns removing some number of discs fro...
Created by Amm1992

A futuristic game of deadly driving. Have you ever pressed the imaginary button on the dashboard of your car to vaporize the idiot driver's car in front ?

BATTLECARS is a game i...
BattleCon Collection
Created by Unreal Ed

BattleCon is a fighting card game, similar to Street Fighter, Marvel VS Capcom, or Yomi.
Typical matches are 1v1 but the game can also be played 2v2, 2v1 3v1, 4v1.
- - A video tutori...
Created by Ran Constantine
RECOMMENDED FOR AGES 12+! Suggestive Art inside!

Think Triple Triad meets Senran Kagura ;3

Version: 1.1 (fixed description)
NOTE: I did notice some cards havving some white s...
Battlefleet Gothic: The Ork Armada
"A more ramshackle, inefficient and downright ugly fleet is hard to imagine"
-Admiral Sartus at Platea

The savage Orks pour forth to...
Battleship: Hidden Threat
Battleship: Hidden Threat is Battleship adapted to a card game by Hasbro, with some added strategy involved.

For full rules, see here:

I own all the cards and scanned them mysel...
Battlestar Galactica + All Expansions + 95 Additional Characters
Created by UnarmedPug
95 additional characters, for a total of 121. Most are from Vassal & BoardGameGeek. All have been play-tested.

Updated lines of succession are on the table, and right-clicking on your character sheet will show your ranking for President/Admiral/CAG.

Battlestar Galactica Express
Created by digicube
BSG Express aka Dark Moon


BattleTech Domination (Version 3.0)
Created by Zeether
A variant on Dominion with units from the BattleTech universe. All credit goes to SerEdvard/Scott Heise for game creation.

This has been updated in concordance with the new 3.0 ruleset, which consists of new Overrun cards. Changed rules can be found on ...
Battletech TCG - WotC, 1996
Created by Big Daddy Goose
The classic Battletech Trading Card Game designed by Richard Garfield and published by Wizards of the Coast in 1996.

This initial collection includes two tournament decks: the Marik Balanced deck and the Steel Viper deck. Also included d6 dice for missl...
Bears & Bulls
Created by Dissonance
In Bears & Bulls players compete as speculators trying to profit from fluctuations in the stock market. Over the course of the game players buy and sell shares while manipulating the stock prices using cards they share with their neighbours. At the same ti...
Bedlam - 2-4 Players
Created by Dangerous
Bedlam is a hilariously chaotic card game in which you strive to stay sane while scaring your friends to death!

A game for 2-4 players. This mod is set up for 2 players, just shuffle the decks and you can start playing. It can accommodate 4 players with...
Before the Wind
Created by Tumba
In the harbor a fleet of commerce ships is waiting to be loaded with goods. Each vessel needs a certain combination of goods. The players take the roles of traders, trying to fill their warehouses with goods which are then in turn transferred to the ships ...
Betrayal at the House on the Hill • Easy Setup
Created by Rari
If you enjoy this game please support the creators by purchasing a physical copy. []

Game Stats

Second Edition

Average play Time for base game is 60 minutes

Black Fleet
Created by tetrach
Update: Added better Pirate Ships! Still working on Navy Ships.

Thanks Goldensly for the merchant model and the boards to hold the cargo. They booth look great!

Pirates, merchants, and even the occasional captain of a Navy ship all seek glory and fo...
Black Market Warehouse
Created by Cetic
Check out my Last Night on Earth upload

A major crime syndicate decided to make you the manager of their warehouses. It is your job to fill the needs of each warehouse accordin...
Blackbeard: Golden Age of Piracy
Created by vbstrano
One of the Avalon Hill games of the early 1990s was Blackbeard, a pirate game totally different from any others available because it simulated the actual life and careers of historical pirates, and how they went about their chosen professions.

Richard B...
Blades of Legend
Created by RomanPenguin

- Game Type - Deduction Party Game

- Players - 6 - 11

- Playtime - 45mins

- Contents - 26 Blade Cards, 12 Seal Cards, 13 Player Crest Cards (One for each Seal plus one for the Collector), 3 Reference Cards (2 for the Masters, 1 for...
Blokus 20x20
Created by Coreymill
Pieces snap to grid and are able to interlock together.

I used this project to learn how importing custom models works. Figured I would share this since the other version of Blokus is currently not working correctly because of the collision boxes.

Blokus Trigon
Created by AceJustice
Blokus Trigon is an abstract strategy game from the makers of Blokus. The board pieces have changed from square to triangular. Game play is similar to Blokus, as players try to get rid of all their pieces. The only caveat to placing a piece is that it may ...
Blood Angels 2nd Company Template, Warhammer 40k Army
Created by Sanguinius
-Template for Blood Angels 2nd Company
-All Sergeants, Command Squad members, and Dreadnaughts are named (should be accurate to lore).
-Squads weapons are mostly lore friendly

All the models came from Freakydemon who did a tremedous job uploading othe...
Blood Wars CCG
Created by C Kobra
Blood Wars CCG based on the Planescape Setting
1995 TSR

Contains all Cards from the base set and expansions, a few of the Expansion cards are hard to read I'll update them if I find a better Image....
Created by NETes
"Get out your forklift! In this diversified building game, the call goes out: Who will use tactics and good luck with the cards to erect the most valuable towers? Who will clear them out and collect the most points? And who will throw the other players fro...
Blue Moon City
Created by Cronod
Blue Moon City - the board game - picks up where the two-player game, (Blue Moon), ended: the reconstruction of the destroyed city of Blue Moon. The board, illustrated by Franz Vohwinkel as well as many well-known American fantasy artists, consists of 21 l...
Blue Sun - The Present Day & Science Fiction VNO RPG
Created by 🐺 Magnum Force
Brought to you by Metro-Tech Indie Game Developers,

Blue Sun is a concept of proof, of a so called Visual Novel Open RPG System. (VNO-RPG)
This means that the game focuses on the creation of a strong story using visual assets (VN), doesn't allow for a ...
Blue vs. Gray
Created by Trips
Blue vs Gray is a two-player division/corps level card game covering the Civil War from start to finish. Each player controls either the Yankee or Rebel armies. Every USA (Union) corps and every regular CSA (Confederate) division that fit the war is includ...
Created by nncsavage
Blueprints by ZMan Games.

If you like this game please support the creator/publisher:
Created by Lauraducky
A game by Yves Tourigny, for 2-4 players. Enjoy....
Bohnanza + Expansion-Set + La Isla Bonitâ
Created by Gikerl
This card game is about planting, trading, and selling beans. Players try to collect large sets of beans to sell for gold. There is limited growing space and always new beans to plant. To avoid planting unwanted beans, players trade them...
Bolt Action rendition 2.0 (UPDATED)
Created by NADhimself

New map with hedges (soft cover), walls (hard cover) and Fields (rough terrain).

Also added Range, x shots and description to units for convenience.

Created from various workshop subscriptions :-
Battle of Burgandy http://steamcommunity...
Created by alessandrofranzen
Britons, your country needs you! Join the Aircrew of N.44 RAF Squadron and fly the legendary Lancaster bomber in the most dangerous missions that will decide the war!


a) Select one mission card or shuffle the mission deck. Reveal mission. ...
Borderlands 2 Monopoly
Created by Regniwekim
Borderlands 2 Themed Monopoly

Mission Complete = GO
Golden Chest = Community Chest
Ammo Dump = Income Tax
Catch-a-Ride = Railroads
Slots = Chance
New-U Station = Jail
Marcus Munitions = Electric Company
Pandora's Vault = Free Parking
Zed's Meds ...
Borderlands Monopoly MONEY CARDS
for use with this mod by Regniwekim

it didnt have money, so i made these. enjoy...
Boss Monster Collection
Created by Rari
If you enjoy this game please support the creators by purchasing a physical copy. []

Game Stats
Average play Time for base game is 15 minutes

Supports 2-4 players
Recommended with 2–4 players
Best with 4 pl...
Created by [SGS]Jordan
You sit in The Hero’s Return, a tavern renowned for its
heroic clientele. You’re not a hero, but you talk a good
game. You and your friends are holding court, regaling
the crowds with your tales of derring-do. Can you fight
your way through a drunken h...
Created by Cetic
Check out my Last Night on Earth upload

In Braaaiiins, your ultimate goal is to start the zombie apocalypse. You will send the living to their deaths... and maybe undeaths. Br...
Brass Empire
Created by mgnade
Brass Empire is a strategic deckbuilding card game for 1-5 players (ages 10 and up) and plays in about 30 - 60 minutes. It takes place in a Steampunk universe where each player takes on the role of a different corporation hiring the best employees, constru...
Created by tomwsmf
"BRAWL is a lightning-fast combat game where two players burn through their 35-card decks in about 35 seconds. Each deck contains a unique mix of cards, and each deck requires a slightly different playing style to win.

Mechanics: Each player takes one ...
Created by Eliwood Sain
Brewcrafters is a Euro-style worker placement game where players become the owners of local breweries attempting to become the best in the city by brewing different recipes, doing research and hiring skilled workers to earn the best reputation around. But...
Britannia ©1986 Avalon Hill Games
Created by Dave
Ancient and medieval invasions of britain

Hello there ^^ i was wandering in the Tabletop's workshop hoping to find Britannia, the strategic game from the renown publisher Fantasy flight games, also famous for Mansions of Madness, without finding it, so....
Created by tetrach
In Bruges (a.k.a. Brugge or Brügge depending on the country in which you live), players assume the role of merchants who must maintain their relationships with those in power in the city while competing against one another for influence, power and status. ...
Created by Soturnoo
Em Bullfrog cada jogador controla um dos quatro exércitos de sapos que se enfrentam numa guerra pelo controle do pântano. Cada batalha é travada sobre uma vitória-régia e quem obtiver a maior força marca os pontos. Mas não esqueça que seus soldados devem s...
Burgle Bros. Easy Setup
Created by Rari
If you enjoy this game please support the creators by purchasing a physical copy.[]

Game Stats
Average play Time for base game is 90 minutes

Supports 1-4 players
Best with 3 players

Suggested for ages...
Created by tomwsmf
"Button Men was introduced in 1999. Over the next few years, more than 200 different characters were created with a variety of rules and themes. The basic idea is simple: each fighter is represented by five polyhedral dice. Players take turns rolling d...
Call of Cthulhu - The Card Game
Created by Turgon
* New! The Yuggoth Contract Cycle!

Welcome to the world of the Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, a world based on the weird fiction of H.P. Lovecraft and his literary circle. In this world, conflicts rage between cosmic powers who want the world for their...
Can't Stop
Created by TyreForHyre
In this Sid Sackson classic, players must press their luck with dice and choose combinations tactically to close out three columns. The board has one column for each possible total of two six-sided dice, but the number of spaces in each column varies: the ...
Created by Dissonance
In Cappuccino, players use stacks of coffee cups to capture other players' coffee cups.

At the start of the game, place all the cups face down on the table, then group them randomly together in a hexagonal grid. On a turn, a player can capture a stack t...
Captain America (1977)
Created by C Kobra
Capatin America (1977) by Milton Bradley

A simple race style game based on Captain America, as you race around the board you face off against you foes, and get help from the Avengers.

Rules are on the notepad

*** I do not own any of the images or ...
Captain Parks Imaginary Polar Expedition
Created by tomwsmf
In 1898 Captain Park made an historic expedition to the Antarctic. He returned with strange artifacts, tales of high adventure, and memories of heroes lost in the ice.

So he says.

Fact is, the old liar never set foot outside London, and his “artifac...
The game from F:NV! Instructions how to play.


*NOTE: The second image is only to show what the board and cards looks like....
Carcassonne - Fan Content and Expansions
Created by Ax
Ever felt like you didn't have enough Carcassone? Well I have just the thing for you.
1004 Tiles from various fan made expansions for Carcassonne.
From mini-expansions that just add tile variants, to massive 100+ tile expansions that add rivers, forests ...
Carcassonne [Complete, all expansions]
Created by The T
3/27/2016: Update!
New Scans for The River [Big Box 5 ver.] provided by BoardGameGeek user semba! Thanks so much for scanning these in! (You may need to uncheck Mod Caching to get the new ones to load in!)
Correction to Hills & Sheep thanks to intrepid S...
Card Wars TCG: Collector's Packs + Deck Boxes + New Cards
Created by TootsNSpooks
Each Box has a prebuilt deck, hero card and landscapes so you have everything you need to play all in one box!

This mod includes:

-Finn v Jake

-BMO v Lady Rainicorn

-Princess Bubblegum v Lumpy Space Princess

-Marceline v Ice King

Card Wars TCG: FieryLands
Created by TootsNSpooks
A new custom Landscape type designed by me!

Fierylands plays similarly to Icylands using Burn tokens instead of Frozen. When a Creature is on a Landscape with a Burn token, at the start of your turn, deal 1 Damage to that creature. If the Landscape is e...
CardBots 20
Created by Karmond
20 card version of the CardBots game mode included with Tabletop Simulator.

CardBots Website[]

CardBots was created by Geremy George.

CardBots: B[]...
Created by Westaine
Welcome to CardCraft! The deck building game set in the world of classic RPG’s! Delve through dungeons, gather party members, find new equipment, slay monsters and eventually claim the Magic Crystal that sits guarded by its vicious keeper!

This is the T...
Cardfight Vanguard 2-4 Player Table
Created by Flakey
Made this for the people who want to play Cardfight Vanguard on Tabletop Simulator.

Supports 2-4 Players, Snapping, and 6 Trial Decks (Will add more later.)


Update #1 (7-6-2015): URL's for images should now be fixed. If the images are sti...
Cards Against Humanity (With Expansions 1-5)
Created by HCBnorth
This mod was originally made by Kacho Mio Akiyama on the Workshop. I simply added in some of the more recent expansions, Including the Fifth Official Expansion and the 90's Nostalgia Pack. I will get around to updating it with other packs as well if it is ...
Cards Against Westeros
Created by Frownigami
A Game of Thrones themed custom expansion for Cards Against Humanity. Includes 162 white cards and 54 black cards. Although it is possible, it is not recommended to mix this expansion with the default game. Some cards are specially made to be used in diffe...
Carson City
Created by NETes
Carson City is a strategic game. The game is played in four rounds and in each one of them the players choose a character (there are seven available) that gives certain advantages, after that cowboys are placed on action fields on the board to build Carson...
Cash 'n' Guns
Created by Hypnoziz
In an abandoned warehouse, a gangster band is splitting its loot, but they can't agree on the split! It's time to let the guns talk and soon everyone is aiming at everyone. Make it out of there with the highest value of loot and you can claim victory. Take...
Created by Aegylon
Cards, dice, tokens and boards are all high quality from the print & play version. Ah, there's the SOLO PLAY dice too!
You can find the rules at:
Castle Panic! -Improved-
Created by PowderMonk
== Original mod by Twitch xk90 ==

I've only add a 3d token for mosters instead of cards tokens and a new fortification model instead of the little rpg tables. The rest of the objects / cads were made by Twitch xk90.

I likely don't have...
Catan Vanilla - Most comfortable - Customisable
Created by Nerbo
The Most comfortable Catan Vanilla Edition EVER
Field tested ! No worries !
Players: 3 or 4
-> Original graphics ! 100% DONE...
Caverna: The Cave Farmers
Created by XSBLK
I made the custom models, cards and boards according to the latest version
The mod takes time to load due to high number of game components
If you like it, don't forget to rate it up, thank you :D

Description [/h1
Chainsaw Warrior - Games Workshop
Created by Beaky
[It's the year 2032. A warp has opened up in the old Municipal Buildings in the heart of old Manhattan and bizarre creatures are flooding through into our dimension. Goading them on is Darkness, a malevolent entity who intends dragging the city of New York...
Chaos in the Old World - Master Edition
Created by Styx
An updated version of LordNines original work.

Changed the board for a custom table.
Increased the size of pretty much everything. Bigger is usually better!
Reorganised the hands and player positions to match the game order
Added some missing items...
Chaos in the Old World With Horned Rat Expansion
Created by Lordnine
Chaos in the Old World is a game that puts you in control of one of the four Warhammer Chaos gods in a battle to destroy the world of man.. This version of the game uses a slightly modified game board to get around the issue of advancement dials. The art...
Chaos Marauders - Fantasy Flight Games
Created by projektzaustralia
Chaos Marauders - Fantasy Flight Games...
Created by NETes
China is an abstracted game of political influence in China. Players use cards to place pieces (Houses or Emissaries) into the nine regions on the board. When all house spaces in a region are filled (or at the end of the game), players score for majorities...
Created by Tony
THE CLASSIC NEGOTIATION GAME RETURNS! New York in the 1960's. A new wave of Chinese immigrants is moving into Chinatown. The adoption of the new immigration act has launched the district in a demographic boom! It now reaches Canal Street to the north and B...
Despite difficulties in the late 19th and 20th Centuries, everything seems to have turned out OK...
...but what if you could change that?

Travel time to visit important points of history and change them to make your ideal future! Just make sure you don't ...
Chunky Fighters
Created by Turgon
In Chunky Fighters, humorous characters fight it out in an all-or-nothing brawl. Players choose their fighters, then roll them to determine hit points and weapons. Each fighter is composed of four dice — head, body, legs, and weapon — along with a unique s...
Chunky Fighters EX: Extra Chunky
Created by Turgon
In Chunky Fighters, humorous characters fight it out in an all-or-nothing brawl. Players choose their fighters, then roll them to determine hit points and weapons. Each fighter is composed of four dice — head, body, legs, and weapon — along with a unique s...
Chupacabra: Survive the night
Created by Cellule
The Chupacabras are on the hunt!
Can you survive the night?...
Created by ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Set during World War II, players take on the roles of Churchill, Roosevelt, or Stalin as they maneuver against each over the course of several Conferences that determine who will lead the Allied forces, where those forces will be deployed, and how the Axis...
Citadel of Blood
Created by Psyrek
Players form a party of Heroic Fantasy Adventurers to journey into the Citadel of the Evil Mage "X the Unknown", gaining experience and power by fighting his monsters, and ultimately facing and defeating X himself.

The Citadel map is randomly generated ...
Citadels Alternate HD Version
Created by Naveed
Combined the set up of the other mod with reference cards, with the HD cards....
City of Heroes CCG
Created by C Kobra
2005 CCG based on the (former) MMO City of Heroes.

Rules link on notepad

**I do not own the rights to this game, artwork, or licence**

Created by Turgon
CIVILIZATION is a game of skill for 2 to 7 players. It covers the development of ancient civilizations from the invention of agriculture c. 8000 B.C. to the emergence of Rome around the middle of the third century B.C. Each player leads a nation of peoples...
Civilization: the Expansion Project
Created by hooliganj
All the fun of the classic Advanced Civilization, and more! Expanded board with 18 different factions to play, with more trade goods, more technologies, and more calamities than ever before!

Follows v2.12 of the Expansion Project rules, available at: ht...
Created by FenrisWolf
Clans Board Game...
Created by cheesecakenl
Table Top Simulator version of the populair party game Codenames. This is a demo version with all 400 codenames and 40 key cards. Best played with 4+ players. The rules and setup are included in the notebook.

The game is orignally created by Vlaada Chvá...
Codex (Starter Set)
Created by Unreal Ed

This is Codex, the Card-time Strategy game.

Codex is a customizable card game (think Hearthstone) that does things differently from the rest. It is inspired by real-time strategy video games.

Make sure t...
Coin Age: 3D Edition
Created by CR4YCR4Y
Before you ask, yes there are snap points on the board.

Coin Age is a Microgame for two players designed by Adam P McIver. This mod is based on the print and play version of the game, although stylistically it differs rather heavily. When played with ph...
Cold War: CIA vs KGB [ENG]
Created by Decumanusmaximus
(C) 2007 Fantasy Flight Publishing Inc.

If you want more quality mods like this, let me know by rating it with a thumbs up! Please feel free to comment with feedback and follow me (click my name to the right then click More -> Follow) to be the first to...
Created by Arjeneke
Work in Progress

Coloniwo is a game I am designing with my 7 and 10 year old daughters. They love to explore worlds and also love that game with lots of blocks (probably known to most people ;-) ). We are in the process of making our own boardgame in wh...
Colossal Arena - Fantasy Flight Games
Created by projektzaustralia
Colossal Arena - Fantasy Flight Games...
Colossal Arena [EN]
Created by fluf
Colossal Arena, English version with instructions and everything else you need.


Colossal Arena/Titan: This is a strategic card game for 2 to 5 players: you play, not as combatants, but as spectators, cheering and betting on the melee ongoing in...
Created by Lewster
(C) Days Of Wonder

In Colosseum each player is a Roman impresario - producing great spectacles in his or her arena in the hopes of attracting the most spectators. Players earn wealth and glory for each event run, using it to create ever more ambitious e...
Created by NETes
In Columba, you'll build dovecotes, breed pigeons, expand your territory, and – above all else – avoid your opponents' falcons. Players start with 2-4 dovecotes depending on the number of players, and they use them during the game to claim flocks as their ...
Commanders: Tactical Strategy Game
Created by græy
Dice-based combat with tile-based resource gathering. Spend resources to expand your armies, upgrade soldiers, or climb the tech tree....
Commands & Colors Napoleonics
Created by NETes
A note from designer Richard Borg:

The Napoleonic historical period has always been one of our favorites and was actually the second historical game that we developed using the Commands & Colors system. The C & C: Napoleonics rules at first glance may s...
Commands & Colors: Ancients
Created by Sandy
GMT Games
Designed by Richard Borg
Created without permission

This is the original game. I will be working on Expansion #1 shortly.

Notes for use:
- The terrain tiles are double sided: each is unique.
- The groups of blocks are linked. ...
Commands and Colors Ancients Expansion 5, Epic Battles
Created by Popo the Short
This is the epic expansion for 2 or more players, using many of the assets from the base game made by Millicant.

Contains the Epic Deck with 100 cards, and a board, double the size of the normal board.

If anyone plays a scenario, please save and uplo...
Created by Ramun Flame
This is an update to the existing Concordia Mod adding snap points, labels, organizing things and more.

In the latest update, I made a bunch of stuff bigger, so the houses and the colonists won't be as crowded on the board.

Excerpt from BGG:
"Two th...
Condottiere [ENG]
Created by DEDEN
It is 13th century Italy. Trade flourishes between the city-states and the Levant. Venice, Florence, and Genoa are bursting with wealth. However, each city-state is also plagued with a weak national army, leaving them defenseless against invasion from thei...
Confrontation: Age of Rag'Narok - Ram vs Lion
Created by JamesManhattan
Confrontation Age of Rag'Narok - Ram vs Lion 2500 pt armies- King of the Hill - 5 Elixir for controlling the center tomb. Map is loosely based on the "Divine Tears" campaign mission "Hero's Graveyard" p.17. found here http://themostexcellentandawesomeforum...
Confrontation: Age of Rag'Narok - Starter Set (by Rackham)
Created by JamesManhattan
The Starter Set Wolfen vs Griffin, 1500 point armies. This is the 4th edition of the game.
Rules and more can be found here:

This uses
Vess's Walls from Haunted Dungeon.
Council of Blackthorn
Created by Samuel HNRQ
Council of blackthorn, upcoming strategy board game. It's on kickstarter, support it.

Know issues:
- The treason deck back is simply tinted and not the actual green card back which...
Council of Downton Abbey
Created by Rari
Mod Description
This is a custom Downton Abbey retheme of Council of Verona. A few mechanics were slightly adjusted for flavor, but the game still plays the same. Gameplay rules are included here and within the ingame Notebook.

Game includes 1...
Coup: Guatemala 1954 (PBSUCCESS retheme)
Created by Dissonance
My retheme of of La Mame Games' Coup: Guatemala 1954 designed by Rikki Tahta. 3 to 6 players, 15 minutes play time.

It's 1954, the CIA has just orchestrated the first coup toppling the old government and now the country is in chaos with different factio...
Coup: Rebellion G54 Prime
Created by PlacidMoose
This is simply someone's Coup: Rebellion G54 mod which I arranged into what I thought was a superior presentation.

This version makes setup easier for the host, and the rules in the notebook are designed so that people can start playing right away.

Coup: Reformation Complete
Created by Phaaze
This is the only complete and highest quality mod of Coup: Reformation. This mod includes the full game of Coup, Coup: Reformation, as well as all of the Kickstarter Promos from Coup, Coup: Reformation, Resistance Hidden Agenda/Hostile Intent, Coup: Rebel...
Crimson Creek
Created by hmmmmm
The year is 1951. A Mental patient, the Nazi war criminal known only as Klein, escapes from captivity out of the Crimson Creek Asylum. With his enormous size and supernatural strength, he overtakes the Sanitarium guards. Wielding a single axe he dismembers...
Cthulhu Dice Game
Created by Rari
If you enjoy this game please support the creators by purchasing a physical copy.[]

Game Stats
Average play Time for base game is 5 minutes

Supports 2-6 players

Suggested for ages 10 and...
Cthulhu Wars
Created by Brainfood
“The Old Ones have risen. Monsters walk the Earth. Humanity is finished, but the struggle continues.
Which Great Old One will rule the ruins of Earth? Now, you take charge!” – Petersen Games

Cthulhu Wars is an asymmetric strategy game made by Sandy Pe...
Created by R041
If you enjoy this mod, PLEASE consider supporting the original developers by purchasing a physical copy.
Twilight Creations Inc[]

Cuba Libre
Created by ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Cuba Libre, takes 1 to 4 players into the Cuban Revolution. Castro’s “26 July Movement” must expand from its bases in the Sierra Maestra mountains to fight its way to Havana. Meanwhile, anti-communist student groups, urban guerrillas, and expatriates try t...
Created by BURN
Cube Quest is a dexterity game in which lightweight hollow cubic dice are flicked across custom rubber mats. Cubes that leave the mats are defeated. Play alternates until someone wins by defeating the enemy king. Cubes also risk defeat in enemy territory; ...
Cutthroat Caverns
Created by Dweemish
3 - 6 players
Includes base game and Expansions: Relics & Ruin + Deeper & Darker + Tombs & Tomes + Fresh Meat


How to Play:

March 17, 2016: Added Fres...
Created by Weatherholtz
Have you ever wondered who you would have been if your life had gone differently? How would you direct your life if everything were up to you? Maybe you would be a magician, or travel around the world? Or maybe big business tempts you, and your goal would ...
Created by dutchmogul
This was my attempt to translate the chess-like game featured in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels (Game of Thrones). Being a huge fan of the man and his work, I wanted to try and give his game the best translation I could. Working with m...
D&D Boardgame
Created by Disturbed
An import of "Dungeons and Dragons: The Fantasy Adventure Board Game"...
D-Day Dice
Created by NETes
Normandy, June 6th, 1944 – as you land on the well-defended beaches, a German machine gun nest is killing your comrades like flies. You must do something!

In D-Day Dice, players are Allied soldiers trying to organize improvised units for an attack again...
Dale of Merchants
Created by SmileyChris
Dale of Merchants is a highly adaptive deck building game with animal-shaped traders competing to enter the prestigious Guild of Extraordinary Traders. The game supports 2–4 players and playing time is around 20 to 30 minutes.

Do you give up a chance to...
Dark Wall Destiny - Deck Building Game
Created by Big Daddy Goose
Dark Wall Destiny is a cooperative deck building game in which players must work together to save humanity by establishing colonies on planets before any colony in space is burned up.

Players each control a sector and must acquire Ships, Crew, Planets a...
Darkest Night + With an Inner Light + On Shifting Winds expansions.
Created by Hellhammer
Darkest Night is a fully-cooperative board game for up to four players, set in a kingdom broken under a Necromancer's shadow. Each player takes on the role of one of the kingdom's last heroes, each with a unique set of special abilities, just as they hat...
David Sirlin's Codex (Starter Set)
Created by Shobo
Codex is a customizable card game that does things differently from the rest. Based on real-time strategy video games.

This is the P&P Starter Set version of David Sirlin's Codex card game that is now on kickstarter (
Dawn of the Dead 1978
Created by Dead_Format_
Here is the original 1978 OOP DotD board game. Thanks to and Doug for the preservation of this classic game. The rules and a printable version of the game can be found there....
Dawn of the Zeds 1st edition
Created by Fairlight_Hun
The best solitaire zombie game ever! Period!
Victory Point Games - States of Siege no. 9
The third edition of DOTZ is out soon! If you like the game buy it!

Rules: https://www.dropbo...
DC Comics Deck Building Game
Created by JordSti
DC Deck Building Game with

DC Comics Deck Building Game (First deck),
Heroes Unite Expansion
Teen Titans Expansion
Forever Evil Expansion
Crisis Pack 1 & 2.
DC Comics Deck-Building Game
Created by V-GER
In the DC Comics Deck-building Game, you take on the role of Batman™, Superman™, or one of their brave and heroic allies in the struggle against the forces of Super-Villainy! While you begin armed only with basic combat maneuvers, you will add new, more po...
DC Comics Deck-Building Game: RIVALS - Batman™ vs the Joker
Created by Fritz the Guy!
This is a 2 player only variant for the DC Comics Deck Building Game. Play as Batman or the Joker and build up power to confront your opponent. Sucessfully confront them three times and claim victory.

Official Rules
Dead Man's Draw
Created by TyreForHyre
Dead Man's Draw is a simple and strategic card game of risk and reward for 2 to 6 players. Players take turns drawing cards and combining their special abilities to plunder the most loot without busting their entire hands.

The core of your turn in Dead ...
Deadpool Playing Card Deck & Poker Chips

Poker chips now added!
Since TTS doesn't have a poker chip model for users to easily re-texture, I decided to make my own.
This is the 1st 3d model I have ever made from scratch.

Poker chips now stackable!...
Created by tomwsmf
"Lights. Camera. Fall off the roof.

Welcome to Deadwood Studios, home of the million-movie month. You’re a bit actor with a simple dream. The dream of getting paid. You and your cohorts will spend the next four days dressing up as cowboys, working on te...
DEADZONE (from Mantic) sci-fi skirmish
Created by JamesManhattan
Deadzone is a minatures game from Mantic games. The terrain pieces are all copies from the Dungeon Tiles workshop. They are a pain to move around and put together. But the terrain you see was put together from pieces, not whole models....
DEADZONE + Contagion expansion (from Mantic)
Created by JamesManhattan
This is the entire DEADZONE module I made before plus all stuff from the Contagion expansion which add zombies, and an A.I. deck that lets you play Solo. Note: the A.I. deck is actually for other factions, and not for the zombies. The zombies let you play...
Deck Building: The Deck Building Game
Created by [FITES] Czar
Port of the game by Dice Hate Me Games...
Deep Deep Dungeon
Created by radchadgooey
Far in the post-utopian future, a settlement of vegetarians is about to hold their annual Harvest Faire. However, the Cult of Carnivores has stolen your award winning lettuce the night before the entry. Even worse, they have hidden it away in the Deep Deep...
Deep Space D-6
Created by jayelbird
Deep Space D-6 is a solitaire dice game about surviving the cruel depths of space. Each turn you’ll roll Crew dice and assign them to stations. You must plan carefully to take care of internal and external threats to your ship. Surive to win.
This is an e...
Defenders of the Realm
Created by Daidoji
edit: Having host problems at the moment. I really should get around to updating this mod to current TTS features. Until then I think there's another version of mine floating around here in the meantime.

Defenders of the Realm

Designed by Richard Lau...
After centuries of sleep, the Demon Empire once more sends forth its hideous armies to conquer the lands of men. Desperate fighters stand with bow and shield against the goblin hordes which blacken the fertile valleys. The wizards and priests are called t...
Depot Wars
Created by zzandrio
This is a two player strategy wargame created by me. Capture supply depots to gain buffs and spawn units. Destroy the enemy base! If you like any of my custom items, feel free to use them in your own creations. I only ask that you give credit to me if ...
Descent 2nd e Ready to Play
Created by Jesper
A ready to play table for "Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition)". This mod has been assembled by merging multiple existing but incomplete / not ready to play other mods. Many thanks to the original modders....
Devil Bunny Needs A Ham
Created by tomwsmf
"You and your friends are living pleasant and full lives in Happyville.
You are highly trained and well-paid sous-chefs, who have decided to climb to the top of a tall building, as fast as you can.
Devil Bunny needs a ham.
And he's pretty sure that knoc...
Created by Wimpy
Play as one of 12 gods of the Greek pantheon as you inspire your followers to build new temples and collect piety from the faithful.

Each turn players roll 5 dice to gather piety, build temples, move priests, or gather power to use special abilities. Th...
Dice City
Created by Seed 0f Doggo
A dice-crafting game, where the locatons in your city act as the changing faces of your dice each turn. Use tactics and strategy to press your claim to become Rolldovia's new capital! Create strongarmies, wondrous buildings, or open up trade routes, you ch...
Dice Drivin' KS EN/ES PNP version
Created by Grislybump
It´s a tiny racing game, but a TRULY RACING one. Few random cards will form track. Grab your car & custom dice and run for victory!

This game is now live on Kickstarter. This mod is made to try the game out and if you like it, consider supporting this p...
Dice for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures
Created by ⎝Huggy Bear⎠
These are rounded D8's for use with the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game,

I recommend adding them to your chest....
Dice Hub! dnd dice rpg dice
Created by Azoreal
Looking for cool looking dice for playing DnD? Well here are currently 70 different styles! May your adventures be full of excitement and wonder! :D

All upvotes are extremely appreciated!

UPDATE:(4) Added 42 more styles totaling 70. Updated main pic...
Dickbutt Chess Set

Models are not mine and were found on thingverse....
Diggy Diggy Dice
Created by tomwsmf
An Old Dwarven Dice Game for 1 to a lot of players.

You are a dwarf and you are digging a hole. You want to gather up all the precious ores and gems without blowing yourself up (too much) or hitting a lava stream.

You start your digging with 0 poin...
Digimon - Digital Card Battle
Created by Pengu
The Digi-Battle TCG! Currently the mod contains 207 original digimon cards from the starter decks along with the series booster pack 1, 2, and 3.

- 22 Rookie Digimon
- 67 Champion Digimon
- 34 Ultimate Digimon
- 24 Mega Digimon
- 38 Power Options
Digimon Adventure Deck Builder
Created by CommanderCelt
Do you like Digimon and Deck Builders. Well this is the game for you. Has everything from the Digi-Destined, to the VIllains, To Digivolving! Rules listed in the notebook. Enjoy! Plays 2-6.

Rules are listed in the Notebook Button when you load up the ga...
Digimon Card Game Hyper Colloseum (English Version)
Version 1.00 (Release Build)

This is a fan-made translation of the Japanese Digimon Card Game Hyper Colloseum. This mod will be updated about once a month with a new set of cards.


Rules: http://wikimo...
Dinosaurs of the Lost World
Created by Elekata
From BoardGameGeek[]: This Avalon Hill game has features beyond most family games that appeals to strategy gamers and increase replayability. First, the board is modular; the location...
Created by BOT nic
The board game of Diplomacy! We suggest playing this with steam friends so you can private chat secret alliances and what not. Marbles are navies, pawns are armies.

For complete rules visit this website:
Diplomacy - A game of trust and treachery
Created by SynthRose
A new, more polished version of the board game Diplomacy. Rules are widely available online - I highly recommend reading the Wikipedia and Wikibooks articles on the game!
Discworld: Ankh-Morpork
Created by Trips
Welcome to Ankh-Morpork, the largest, smelliest, and most ‘interesting’ city on Discworld. The city’s patrician, Lord Vetinari, has disappeared, and the citizens are calling out for firm leadership. Will one of the noble families take control of the city, ...
Created by mooviies
Each player starts the game with six random cards. Players then take turns being the storyteller. The player whose turn it is to be storyteller looks at the six images in his or her hand. From one of these, he or she makes up a sentence or phrase that migh...
Created by V-GER
Every picture tells a story – but what story will your picture tell? Dixit is the lovingly illustrated game of creative guesswork, where your imagination unlocks the tale. In this award-winning board game, players will use the beautiful imagery on their ca...
Do you worhship Cthulhu?
Created by Gluten
This fun party game for a group of 5-30 people to play, and the rules can be learned in less than 3 minutes. One person acts as moderator, overseeing a village of people, one (or more) of which are secretly Cthulhu worshippers! The worshippers begin sacrif...
Doctor Who - Deck Building Game
Created by Big Daddy Goose
Doctor Who - The Cooperative Deck Building Game

The Doctor has become trapped in time. Players work together to free all of the incarnations of the Doctor and restore order to the universe.

The play area is composed of a row of cards that form the T...
Dominant Species
Created by tetrach
First off this mod was originally done by Vuin. Thanks Vuin for getting this up.

Update 11/3/2018
- FIxed Sea Tiles. Image had dissappeared for some reason.

- Added snappoints to wanderlust tiles and tundra tiles
- Added randomizer area...
Dominion Essential Accessories [Complete Tokens / Mats]
Created by Cluny
Every last token and mat that can be called for by specific decks in Dominion, made to a high-quality standard in TTS. If you don't have these available you'll have to hash it out with cheesy stand-ins - get this mod to make your Dominion games truly authe...
Doom Fluxx
Created by vewlixx
THE DEMONS CAME and the Space Marines died. Except one. You are the last defense against these hell-spawned hordes. Prepare for the most intense mutant-laden, blood-splattered Fluxx ever!

Fluxx is an ever-changing game for 2-5 players. As cards are draw...
DOOM: BG Deathmatch & Capture The Flag
DOOM: The Boardgame DM & CTF. Up to 6 marine players vs. each other in DM or 3v3 in CTF. Both modes can be played with just 2 players. This is part of the expansion but the setup is so different that I decided to do this as a standalone mod. Everything req...
DOOM: Expansion
This is the expansion to the DOOM: Boardgame (2005) by Fantasy Flight Games.


Turn off mod caching to get the mod to update. I would recommend turning it back on afterward though.

I highly recommend playing t...
DOOM: The Board Game
DOOM The Board Game (2004) from Fantasy Flight Games.


Turn off mod caching to get the mod to update. I would recommend turning it back on afterward though.

Rulebook PDF [url=
Doomtown Reloaded - Proper
Created by Pixxel Wizzard
High quality card scans, game board, chits and ghost rock. includes base set only along with example decks. Will add expansions if someone wants to donate them to me. :)...
Doomtown Reloaded Base Set
Created by [Tbsp Tech] SlamerZ
"Doomtown is an Expandable Card Game (ECG) that plays equally well as a two-player or multi-player game. It is set in the old American West of the late 19th Century, in a boomtown where gunslingers, politicians, gangs and companies all vie for control of G...
Doomtown Reloaded Expansions 1-5
Created by [Tbsp Tech] SlamerZ
"Doomtown is an Expandable Card Game (ECG) that plays equally well as a two-player or multi-player game. It is set in the old American West of the late 19th Century, in a boomtown where gunslingers, politicians, gangs and companies all vie for control of G...
Doomtown Reloaded Expansions 6-12
Created by [Tbsp Tech] SlamerZ
"Doomtown is an Expandable Card Game (ECG) that plays equally well as a two-player or multi-player game. It is set in the old American West of the late 19th Century, in a boomtown where gunslingers, politicians, gangs and companies all vie for control of G...
Doomtown Reloaded Extra Outfits
Created by [Tbsp Tech] SlamerZ
"Doomtown is an Expandable Card Game (ECG) that plays equally well as a two-player or multi-player game. It is set in the old American West of the late 19th Century, in a boomtown where gunslingers, politicians, gangs and companies all vie for control of G...
Dota 2 - Escape from the Roshan Pit [ENG]
Created by LeBonhomme
Designers: flowerbomb1992 & sattie

Genre : Runaway / Dice rolling
Playing time : 30 min
Players : 2 - 6

This game has been developed by two dedicated dota 2 fans in order to compete in the Golden Ticket Contest for The International 5. Players have...
Down in Flames: Aces High
Created by NETes
Down In Flames is our tactical air combat card game. It was first released back in the mid 1990’s and was again released as a computer game through Battlefront in 2004. Brian Marrs did all the programming for the computer game.

Down In Flames places eac...
Dragon Farkle
Created by Dimento.knd

Scanned by Sacred. TT Board made by Dimento. (Sacred did most of the work)

Farkle, but with a Dragon! (Companion cards are landscape, to view them close up correctly hold alt and hit q or e to spin the zoomed image)

-This is r...
Dragon Punch
Created by treetrnk
Rules and Print-and-Play PDF[]

Dragon Punch is a quick 2-player card game inspired by video games such as the Street Fighter series, in which the players try to outwi...
Dragon Slayer - The Dice Game
Created by _UC
You are the world's most fearless dragon slayers, competing to be crowned the master slayer. Your brave warrior must search far and wide for these ferocious beasts, defend yourself against its attacks and be ever ready to strike them down. Even in victory ...
Dragon Strike
Created by StormbringerGT
NOTE. It is mandatory that you watch the Video above if you do not, the game will self destruct a couple minutes after you start playing.


Feeling brave tonight?
How brave?
Brave enough to do battle with hideous monsters? hmm?
Brave enough to...
Dragon Tamers
Created by Ovi
A long long time ago, the five Evil Guardians of the Underworld clawed their way onto Earth. Upon arrival they released a mighty Dragon over the lands in order to have control over all the people. The beast assured that the unjust laws the Evil Guardians p...
Dragon's Hoard (Higher Res + Cards Back OK)
Created by Aegylon
In Dragon's Hoard, each player plays a dragon hunting for treasure. Collect sheep from the farmer's fields and use them to buy treasures, but watch out! Other players will send angry mobs and wizards your way to stop you. Defend yourself and battle your wa...
Created by redmechanic
(steam's in game browser sucks, so copy it into your browser)

The game of Dragonology, because it wasn't on the workshop and I really like playing this IRL.


Created by NETes
Drako is an asymmetrical game for two players, with one player leading a team of three dwarves who are experienced dragon hunters and the other playing a red dragon that has spread terror amongst local peasants. The dwarves have managed to trap the dragon ...
Drakon 4th Edition
Created by I2J Reaver
A game of treasure and loot in an ever-changing dungeon for 2-6 players.

Rules PDF:

"You don’t have to out run the dragon...
Duel Masters Base Set
Created by Johnny12ck
This is for the TCG called Duel Masters. It is the entire Base Set.

The red felt is not ment for Dueling like a Kaijudo Master, now Dueling with a real Kaijudo table is more like it.
Finally got the table I wanted to Duel on and hopefully you people li...
Dune - With Duel and Spice Harvest Expansions
Created by Brainfood
Dune the board game, includes everything from the base game along with the duel expansion and a lot of extra content made by myself and the community.

Dune is a 4 to 6 player game but also there are variant rules to support 1 - 3 players

.Dune the ba...
Dungeon command: CoU + HoC
Created by emaralha
Table is set up to 2 player game with curse of undeath and heart of cormyr factions, this is made to play test the game i physically own.

Description: Dungeon Command is a card-driven skirmish game played on modular interlocking map tiles that uses orde...
Dungeon Crawler
Created by error
The newest expansion for Dungeon Crawler, The Thorn, was just funded on Kickstarter!
Dungeon Lords
Created by vbstrano
In Dungeon Lords, you are an evil dungeonlord who is trying to build the best dungeon out there. You hire monsters, build rooms, buy traps and defeat the do-gooders who wish to bring you down.

From the publisher's webpage:

Have you ever ventured with...
Dungeon of D
Created by Psyrek
A 1 player dungeon-crawling-fun card game.

No bookkeeping, no dice. Just you, the cards, a token and a dungeon to explore!

Get out of the dungeon alive, and as rich as you can. And if you are able to, bring back the Amulet of D’eugor!!

A link to t...
Dungeon Raiders
Created by Dissonance
Join a brave party of adventurers. Explore a dungeon filled with monsters traps and treasure.

In dungeon raiders, each player takes on the role of a different adventurer, You'll have to work together to survive the dungeon, but only one will make it out...
Dungeon Saga Beta Adventure 1A
Created by Grislybump
Mantic´s Dungeon Saga is a game that was succesfully funded on KickStarter. The game will come out in August this year.
This is the first of the 2 intro adventures. Take in account that the rules ar still in beta phase

rules and missions: {LINK REMOVED}...
Dungeon Saga Beta Adventure 1B
Created by Grislybump
Mantic´s Dungeon Saga is a game that was succesfully funded on KickStarter. The game will come out in August this year.
This is the second of the 2 intro adventures. Take in account that the rules ar still in beta phase

rules and missions: {LINK REMOVED}...
Dungeon Saga Beta Adventure 2
Created by Grislybump
Mantic´s Dungeon Saga is a game that was succesfully funded on KickStarter. The game will come out in August this year.
This is the first main mission. Take in account that the rules ar still in beta phase

rules and missions: {LINK REMOVED}...
Dungeon Saga Beta Adventure 3
Created by Grislybump
Mantic´s Dungeon Saga is a game that was succesfully funded on KickStarter. The game will come out in August this year.
This is the second and last main mission from this beta. Take in account that the rules ar still in beta phase.
Banshee and ghosts were...
Dungeoneer - Vault of the Fiends
Created by Fairlight_Hun
Fantasy Card Game from Atlas Games

I guess it is Out of Print now. I have only this set, so if anyone can add more, feel free to do so!


Note: This mod is for a friend by request an...
Dungeons & Dragons 5E Spellbook Cards [WIP]
For use during online d&d campaign play. Contains 350 cards for all Wizard, Warlock, Sorceror, and Bard spells, from level 1 to 9. A perfect reference tool for spellcasters of every type.

Warning: All current spellcards are organized by level a...
Dungeons & Dragons Board Game Template Adventure 1
Created by Xantham
Hi Guys, I will start by saying I didn't make this game and most of the content, I grabbed it from the Steam Workshop from someone who ported the original D&D Boardgame. (Although I did add a few handy things). I basically messed around and made it nice an...
Dungeons & Dragons Board Game Template Adventure 2
Created by Xantham
Please note that this is the SECOND adventure, following on from Adventure 1. If you wish to play this, I recommend you first play through Adventure 1 linked here:

Alternately, go to my Co...
Dungeons & Dragons Board Game Template Adventure 3
Created by Xantham
Please note that this is the THIRD adventure, following on from Adventure 1. If you wish to play this, I recommend you first play through Adventure 1 & 2 linked here: - ADVENTURE 1
Dungeons & Dragons Board Game Template Adventure 4
Created by Xantham
Please note that this is the FOURTH adventure, following on from Adventure 1. If you wish to play this, I recommend you first play through Adventure 1, 2 & 3 linked here: - ADVENTURE 1
Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Adventure
Created by Kritya
The English Version of D&D Fantasy Adventure Board Game.

Cards and Hero Cards are scanned from physical copy, dice made in Photoshop, Includes Models for Monsters and Heroes and both rule books.

Something I have realised is that this takes a large a...
Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures - Harbinger Full Set
Created by Star-X
This save contains tokens for all 80 miniatures of the Dungeons and Dragons miniatures game Harbinger set, placed into shuffled labelled loot bags, as well as a deck containing stat cards for each miniature. It also has all the battle maps in a loot bag, ...
DUST Tactics Core Set
Created by JamesManhattan
This is just what comes in the DUST Tactics Core Set. You can download rules online from Fantasy Flight's website here

You can get an intro scenario a...
Early American Chrononauts
Created by Symetemys
A game of time travel by Looney Labs.

Play it on its own or mix it with the original.

"Rev up your brand new time machine, and get ready to patch paradoxes, otherwise the universe will be destroyed! Still having trouble re-aligning yor oiginal realit...
Created by tetrach
Added a new table image to improve tile placement. Enjoy! Also used snap points on pretty much everything. The game is set up for aliens only. If you want to play humans you got your work cut out for ya, sorry. This will get the games going fast...
Eclipse + expansions
Created by Zulix
From the rulebook:
A game of Eclipse places you in control of a vast interstellar civilization, competeing for success with its rivals.

On each game round, you expand your civilization by exploring and colonizing new areas, researching technologies,
Eggs and Empires
Created by Dissonance
Eggs from the Dragons of Ridgeback Mountain are valuable. Not quite as valuable as gold after the last market fluctuation, but still, TOTALLY worth the hassle. Especially since it is not like YOU are climbing the mountain and searching through Dragon Cave...
Eight Epics of Seiji Kanay
Created by venomDMC
The author of Love Letter, Seiji Kanai, presents a game of 1-8 players. 8 different heroes with 8 different disasters. Each heroes has 1 special power, and with them, will have to defeat the disasters that would destroy the earth, but do not abuse their po...
El Grande (english / español)
Created by NETes
In this award-winning game, players take on the roles of Grandes in medieval Spain. The king's power is flagging, and these powerful lords are vying for control of the various regions. To that end, you draft caballeros (knights in the form of colored cubes...
Eldritch Horror - The King in Yellow Fan Expansion
Created by Neondt
This is a TTS port of a fan-made expansion created by James Driver, Doreen Bestmann, and Jacob Busby. I am not the original creator.

Copy/paste these assets into your preferred Eldritch Horror setup to play with this expansion.

This expansion adds t...
Created by Naveed
Elfenland is a redesign of the original White Wind game Elfenroads. The game is set in the mythical world of the elves. A group of fledgling elves (the players) are charged with visiting as many of the twenty Elfencities as they can over the course of 4 ro...
Created by Samuraicat
Mythic Greece. As an upstart demigod, you want to earn the favor of the Olympians and become a figure of legend yourself. Gather heroes and powerful artifacts, please the gods and bear their power to write your own epic tale.

Let your allies achieve the...
Eminent Domain: Microcosm
Created by LeadInjection
Quick 2 player game based on the Eminent Domain universe.
Enchanted Forest
Created by Lucemiya
Enchanted Forest by Ravensburger - 1982 Edition...
Created by Smebbity
Loosely based on Snake Oil - this role playing game has you trying to pitch inventions to potential customers. But watch out - other entrepreneurs want those customers too!

Currently contains 205 role cards, 1054 item cards and 1124 adjective cards!

Entropy (PnP+ Edition)
Created by Dissonance
Entropy is a competitive card game of risk, deception and action management for 2 to 4 players.

Four parallel worlds have collided, forming a Nexus where time and space is folded unto itself. You play as one of four characters jettisoned from their worl...
EPIC DICE Tower Defense
Created by StormbringerGT

EPIC DICE Tower Defense is a strategic, all-dice game that combines your craving for dice rolling and your love of tower defense games.

Pot Luck Games presents their n...
Epic Pvp: Fantasy
Created by Alice XVI
Contains all available decks for the print and play version of Epic Pvp: Fantasy

the kickstarter can be found at

Do not add the Race or Class cards to the decks or they will no longer r...
Epic Spell Wars I + II
Created by Gaga
- Combination of the best-selling original
game and its expansion.

- Amazing art with over 200 unique images,
the world comes to righteously hilarious life!

- Simple to learn with endless replayability.
Escape From Elba
Created by tomwsmf
In 1814 Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to the island of Elba with 400 French troops, the run of the island, a fleet of ships, a huge annual pension, and one English man named Niall Campbell whose job was to keep him from leaving. Needless to say, he left. T...
Escape of The Dead
Created by stujik
You are a survivor of a zombie apocalypse and you're stuck in a house with a broken car and hordes of zombies are attacking in the lawn. But wait, you found tools enough to fix the car to escape from the hordes of zombies. ARE YOU READY FOR IT?

Escape o...
Escape: The Curse of the Temple / Illusions
Created by UberDarKnight
Custom models made by UberDarknight and Pingypoker.
This game uses an MP3 for the game timer, to make it easier for you and you’re players here's a link to a video version
You can either use on the tablet in...
Eugee's Dice Towers
Created by eugee
As my 3D modeling skills are improving, I decided to make a dice tower for use at my table. This turned into two dice towers over the past week, with and without trays, and in fantasy or scifi textures (six total). All of them have pre-adjusted physics (...
Created by IceWarm
Eureka by Ravensburger. This game has many names. The version I played as a kid was called Gold. Players take on the role of prospectors in the search for gold. The players must take their gold back to town or they run the risk of being attacked by bandits...
EVE CCG - Starter Decks
Created by Dandacion
Contains one Starter deck for each race and pirate faction
- Amarr
- Caldari
- Gallente
- Minmatar
- Angel Cartel
- Blood Raiders
- Guristas
- Serpentis

Planned updates:
- Finding good way to import all the EVE CCG cards for custom de...
EVE: The Second Genesis CCG - Deckbuilder - Original Art
Created by Nikohost
This is a WIP resurrection of the 2007 CCG The Second Genesis. This particular workshop entry is the deckbuilder set, included are sorted decks of every card from the core set and Exiled expansion set as well as custom ISK tokens and tablet rulebook. This ...
Evil Baby Orphanage
Created by [SGS]Jordan
Evil Baby Orphanage is a card game for three or more players. Each player takes on the role of a Time-Nanny in an Evil Baby Orphanage, kidnapping villains throughout history and raising them to be accountants, ballerinas, or... something. Each player takes...
Created by Elekata
A.K.A. Exxtra

From BoardGameGeek[]: This is Reiner Knizia's answer to venerable game designer Sid Sackson's "Can't Stop." For a turn, a player rolls two dice. The die results are used to create ...
Exceed (Level99) - 2 character PnP demo
from the makers of BattleCON

"EXCEED is a 2-player fighting card game that simulates the flow of 2D Fighting Games, with a focus on insightful play, calculated risk, and fast-paced tactics. In EXCEED, each player chooses a 30-card deck represent...
Expedition: Northwest Passage
Created by NETes
In 1845, Sir John Franklin led an expedition on behalf of the British Royal Navy to find and explore the last portion of the Northwest Passage, regardless of the cost. The Royal Navy gave Franklin two heavy Ships (HMS Terror and HMS Erebus) filled with sci...
Exploding Kittens Collection
Created by Rari
If you enjoy this game please support the creators by purchasing a physical copy. []

Game Stats
Supports 2-5 players
Recommended with 3–5 players
Best with 4 players

Average play Time for base g...
Fairy Tale: A new story (2nd Edition)
Created by Cellule
Players use card drafting and simultaneous action selection to score points while interfering with other players' ability to do so. The game consists of four rounds. In each of them, players are dealt five cards. They simultaneously select one each and pas...
Created by tomwsmf
"Everyone is falling. And fighting. The object of the game is to hit the ground last.
It's not much of a goal, but it's all you could think of on the way down.

FALLING was the first real time card game from James Ernest (others include BRAWL and Fightb...
Fallout Risk
Created by Reyce
My own version of fallout risk.
Most assets are owned by Bethesda though I created everything.

Follow me on workshop for my own game coming soon!

TO WIN: Collect 4 GECKS to win the game.

GETTING GECKS?: Bases are worth a GECK and cannot be destr...
Fantasica Cards
Created by DarkAthena13
Collection of 69 Fantasica 9* Cards. Will upload more if requested.
Can be used to play Top Trumps etc. Or just for fun

Any suggestions or specific cards you would like to see, just drop a comment!

Fantasica on Google Play :
Fantasy AGE Board and Cards
Created by ScreamInVain
Fantasy AGE is a RPG like D&D or Pathfinder. This is the same system used by Wil Wheaton for the Titansgrave videos on his Tabletop show on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel. I made this to create awareness for the system. It is extremely easy to use, modi...
Fantasy Wizard
Created by .plunkett
WIZARD by Ken Fischer, Illustrations by Franz Vohwinkel

Please buy the games you like!!!

Custom Table made by me

Token model by NETes

Skyrim Background by Maho0o http://steamcommun...
Farkle: Roll to hit 10000
Created by barelybreathing
Rules are in the game. Host keeps score after each player's if there is a score update...
Оригинальная игра Fidelitas!
Внутри находятся правила игры:3
Fields of Fire: Normandy Campaign
Created by Vuin
Fields of Fire is a solitaire game of commanding a rifle company between World War II and Present Day. The game is different from many tactical games in that it is diceless and card based. There are two decks used to play. The Terrain Deck is based on a sp...
Created by tomwsmf
"Would you like to play a simple chessboard game featuring giant fighting robots? Of course you would.

Fightopia uses a chessboard and several units in three sizes: Each side needs ten Pawns, which take up one space; two Tanks, which take up two spaces,...
Fire In The Lake
Created by Brainfood
Insurgency In Vietnam

1-4 players
Volume IV in GMT’s COIN Series dives headlong into the momentous and complex battle for South Vietnam. A unique multi-faction treatment of the Vietnam War, Fire in the Lake will take 1 to 4 players on US heliborne sweeps ...
Fish Cook - Yum Yum Super Fish Delicious
Created by tomwsmf
"Most of what follows is a lie.
In 1909, French chef Jacques de Flandres created a game called "Claude Hubert la Criée." It was the first in a series of board games about cooking. After inspiring several variations in the mid-century, the game was republi...
Five Nights: The Board Game
Created by MartyMcfly37
I might add more Closed and Open cards in the future.

Update: If you would like to keep track of how many nights you ahve won incase you can't remember, you can use the Red checkers peices beside the board. Once you beat a night, place one on the board...
Created by JimbonX
A wargame where you try to occupy your enemy side.

You play the game like this:

1) Choose a role: Axis or Allies. Allies makes its movement first.

The goal is to manage to move your squad from your side to the opponent.

2) You have 3 flanks t...
Flash Duel
Created by Ceetee
Flash Duel game for 2-5 players, by Sirlin Games. Rules can be found at
Flash Point: Fire Rescue
Created by Hypnoziz
The call comes in..."911, what is your emergency?" On the other end is a panicked response of "FIRE!" Moments later you don the protective suits that will keep you alive, gather your equipment and rush to the scene of a blazing inferno.

The team has onl...
Created by NETes
In the northwest corner of Nunavut, Canada, a formerly inaccessible bay off of the Arctic Ocean has become reachable through a secret inlet. Untouched by the hands of time and fed by both the ocean and warm fresh water springs, Ridback Bay is teeming with ...
Created by BURN
A Deceptively Simple Microdeckbuilder by Chen. Chih Fan (TTS Mod by Burn)

The Citizens of Flip City want you to expand and renovate their neighbourhoods - - but if you ask for too much in taxes all at once, they won't be happy!

To keep them at ease...
For Sale
Created by Dissonance
One man's castle is another man's cardboard box (or maybe his RV, treehouse, igloo or skyscraper). In this fast-paced game of bidding and bluffing to get the highest ranking properties, it isn't how much you pay for the properties, it is how much you sell ...
For the Crown
Created by Wishmaster
For the Crown is a mix between Chess and the deck building game Dominion.
Flip the pieces to change color (white/yellow).
Rules can be downloaded here (under "Game Resources, Rules):
Forbidden Desert +
Created by Drexl
This is an improvement on Interstellar Goat's original upload. Full credit to him many of the models and textures, and for giving me permission to use t...
Forbidden Island w/fixes
Created by Gun Asylem
this is an enhanced version of Stitches version, Includes Tokens for Treasures, Places for players to put their cards, and fixed loaded times by adjusting the images on the cards and recreated the Reverse side of the cards to be more visible. Rules are als...
Forbidden Stars
Created by digicube
Note: All the 40k models are incorrect versions so use your imagination.



Created by Wired
This is the complete SET for the Crimson Moon Fairy Tale!

This includes 4 of each card from the Crimson Moon Fairy Tale set!

If you're looking to build a deck or learn to play check out my other mods that include all the cards in the game!

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Created by Wired
This is the complete SET OF MAGIC STONES!

This includes 4 of each MAGIC STONE!

If you're looking to build a deck or learn to play check out my other mods that include all the cards in the game!

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Force of Will - Millenia of Ages - COMPLETE SET!
Created by Wired
This is the complete SET for MILLENIA OF AGES!

This includes 4 of each card from the MILLENIA OF AGES set!

If you're looking to build a deck or learn to play check out my other mods that include all the cards in the game!

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Created by Wired
This is the complete SET for the MOON PRIESTESS RETURNS!

This includes 4 of each card from the MOON PRIESTESS RETURNS set!

If you're looking to build a deck or learn to play check out my other mods that include all the cards in the game!

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Created by Wired
This is the complete SET OF RULERS FOR FOW!


If you're looking to build a deck or learn to play check out my other mods that include all the cards in the game!

the items described as required are not! It's just easy link...
Force of Will - Table + Playmats - BLUE
Created by Wired
This is the complete table for the Force of Will TCG.

The dice and table top have been hand made in beautiful water color to capture the battle of wills between players!

Included are four beautiful real to life playmats from the Force of Will TCG t...
Created by Wired
This is the complete SET for the TOWER OF HEAVEN AND TWO SWORDS!

This includes 4 of each card from the TOWER OF HEAVEN AND TWO SWORDS set!

If you're looking to build a deck or learn to play check out my other mods that include all the cards in the ...
Formula D - Advanced Setup
Created by Goldensly
Formula D (Formula De')
Players: 2 - 8 (Can do 10 players by design)
::If you've never played before you should be sure to play with the Beginner Rules a few times::

BGG Description: Formula D is a high stakes Formula One type racing game where the pl...
Fortune & Glory
Created by vbstrano
It is the late 1930s, and the world is in turmoil. Humanity is on the brink of war as imperialist nations in the Far East and Europe work aggressively to expand their domination. The Nazis have taken control of Germany and now spread darkness across the gl...
Frag Gold Edition Map 2
Created by sneakynicolas
One of the maps from the base game or the expansion. Up to 6 can play, and for crazy death match up to 8 players.

This map had a lot of diagonal walls but i could find or make one, so if anybody know, message me.

Also check out my small map i made.

Frag Gold Edition Map 3
Created by sneakynicolas
Another map from Frag Gold.

Rules are in the notebook....
Frag Gold Edition Small Map
Created by sneakynicolas
This is a map i found online in the frag board game community page. There is no maps for this aside from the main game and the maps are also too big if playing with small amount of people. Up to 6 can play and its going to get crazy.

This game is not ma...
Frag Gold Edition v.1.2
Created by Restless Frager
Frag is a computer First Person Shooter, without the computer... Well, it's back on a computer now. Frag your friends around a table, and all that without lag, bad latency or spawn camping! Or is it..?

Frag is a Steve Jackson game that has been out fo...
Frag Gold Team Map
Created by sneakynicolas
Another map for Frag Gold. Just imported a image from one of the frag fan sites.

I did not make this.

Rules are in the notebook....
Created by Pixel-Butts
In the future, large scale digital warfare is common place.
Frameworks, powerful anti-hacking programs are used in these digital battles, and give you the power to take the fight to your foes.

Frameworks is a trading card game where your goal is to us...
Freedom: The Underground Railroad
Created by Samuraicat
Early in the history of the United States, slavery was an institution that seemed unmovable but with efforts of men and women across the country, it was toppled. In Freedom: The Underground Railroad, players are working to build up the strength of the Abol...
Created by tomwsmf
Dear Diary:

The best things in life are free. Other people's things.

-- I think it's a shame that Doctor Goettsch owns so many nice things, but never has the time to use them. It's almost like I'm doing him a favor when I borrow his golf clubs. Now a...