Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

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Stronghold (1.3) (Beta)
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Mar 17, 2016 @ 10:31am
Apr 3, 2016 @ 11:49am
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Stronghold (1.3) (Beta)

Since I'm no longer working on mods/maps for Chivalry.. I think it's about time to release the uncooked files.
Feel free to make your own versions or use/copy stuff for your own mods and maps!

Here are the files:

If you have any questions about the maps, feel free to poke me.


Warning: There is still a glitch that causes players to spawn without weapons or be unable to move. If you know what causes this bug, please let me know.

Stronghold is a Team-objective (TO2) map featuring elements from various strategy games. Harvest resources by chopping down trees or mining stone with a pickaxe. Build a village to unlock weapons, armor, siege engines and more! Defend your base by building a palisade and attack with trebuchets and mercenaries! - Form your own strategy and defeat the enemy!

Main Objective: Destroy the enemy's Crystal, while defening your own.

It is advised to play the map with enabled Dynamic Lightning (not shadows). Without it, the map will have incorrect lightning, since there are a lot of dynamic actors on the map.

Here is a tree-chart for In-game structures.[]

- How to download the map (for yourself).

1. Subscribe to the map on this page.
2. Open Chivalry through steam and select: Launcher (SDK, workshop, Safe mode)
3. Select "Click to download subscribed Steam workshop items" in the bottom right corner.

- How to open the map:

Console: open to2-stronghold_p

You need at least 2 players to start the game, otherwise you won't be able to leave the spawn.
You can TEST the map without actual players by typing in console: addbots 1
After adding bots you will need to type in console: startgamemanual.

Additional info:
Map might not work with mods that change damage output for Hatchets and Pickaxes. (like Mercs).
If someone can confirm this, please let me know.


Beta v1.3

- More spawn changes - Making sure players leave the spawn with the right class and weapon.
- Added levers for the gates. (With 10s cooldown).
- Tweaked farms.
- Removed dodge completely.
- Added a warning when trying to change class.
- Removed Farmless map variant.
- Other minor fixes.

- Reworked structures:

* Removed Multi-Mesh Matinee animations for many structures. (Except walls, towers and mining camps).
* Buildings will now instantly pop up when built.
* Changed now immovable dynamic actors to AOCStaticMeshes.
* Players that get stuck while a structure is being built, will get teleported to the campfire.

Beta v1.2.2

- Added a Farmless map variant (TO2-StrongholdF_p) - Just to see if Farms are causing "the glitch".
- Miscellaneous minor changes and fixes.

Beta v1.2.1

- Minor changes to class assignment.
- Other minor fixes.

Beta v1.2

- Assigned proper phys-assets to PurchaseBoxes.
- Completely Re-done kismet resposible for assigning classes and player status.
- Forced garbage collection after few minutes (Experimental).
- Forcing proper player models by Overriding pawn assets (Not just customize pawn), [Might mess up player skins].
- Now players will be only able to spawn after initial countdown.
- Building 'purchaseboxes' will now get destroyed upon building a structure.
- Shops now use ChangePlayerWeapons instead of ChangePawnLoadout.
- Fixed "Res-stealing" bug, again.
- Disabled default dodge key.
- Minor A.I tweaks.
- Increased barricade HP from 2500 to 3250.
- Increased Ladder cost from 8 to 15.
- Added signs at spawns.
- Other minor fixes.

Note: I don't really know what causes that glitch where players can't do anything/spawn with invisible weapons - Hopefully this version fixes it, if not i'll just keep digging..

Beta v1.1.2

- New spawn system - (Press "use" to spawn). [This should force players to spawn properly]
- Fixed few minor shop bugs.
- Some other minor fixes/tweaks.

Beta v1.1

- Added destroyable/repairable Gates.
- [Fix attempt] Players not spawning as peasants.
- [Fix attempt] Issues with invisible weapons.
- Small Shop tweaks.
- Removed cooldown on purchaseboxes. (res-stealing bug)
- Overall Kismet optimization.
- Removed side entrances to the "Crystal-House".
- Increased Crystal barricade HP from 1000 to 2500.
- Added Crystal guardians (A.I)
- Fixed a bunch of stuck spots.
- You can now chop trees that are outside the anti-rush barrier.
- Increased the number of spawn points to 64 total.
- Lowered Campfire cost from 30 to 20.
- Lowered Trebuchet cost from 45 to 35.
- Added few tips that will randomly pop in chat.
- Added HUD indicators for built shops.
- Fixed Some particle effects not activating.
- Made the Anti-Rush barrier slightly more visible.
- Some other minor fixes/tweaks.

Beta v1.0.3

- Possible ladder fix
- Warning message will now show up if the crystal is under attack.

Beta v1.0.2

- Fixed the way kismet handles custom classes.
- Other minor fixes.

Beta v1.0.0 [Initial release, experimental]

If you feel generous and enjoy my work, feel free to donate:



Maps included:
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Vesanus  [author] Jun 27, 2016 @ 3:48pm 
@timthewizard: Sorry to dissapoint you.

Since I'm no longer working on mods/maps for Chivalry.. I think it's about time to release the uncooked files.
Feel free to make your own versions or use/copy stuff for your own mods and maps!

Here are the files:

If you have any questions about the maps, feel free to poke me.
timthewizard Jun 25, 2016 @ 4:39pm 
Great mod hope you dont give up on it.
LS-Venator May 26, 2016 @ 9:55am 
Don't want to sound dumb , but i m not sure i understood everything. So basically me and a friend could build our own fortresses and spawn armies or at least some warbands and then attack each other ? Can we control the armies?