Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Donschi's illustrated skins!!!

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Various CSGO-Skins, all with unique Illustrations done specifically for the weapon!

Hope you like them! More to come...
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Created by donschi
Hi guys,
her comes my "USP_Noir"-Skin with an exclusive B/W Illustration and some fancy striking coloring to give an additional push!

Hope you like these kinds of illustrated Weapon-Skins! Like it/Share it/ follow me if you do.

I'd love to be able ...
Created by donschi
a "crazy" tentacle guy...getting ready to throw a nade... in your face! One of a few ideas for Weapon-Illustrations.

Hope you like it and that I can use it myself ingame someda

Also have a look at this! :)
Created by donschi
Hi guys,

my new Skin for the Steyr Aug, developed in the 1960s by my countrymen. It features a colorful Illustration turning the weapon into a Submarine driving through a dangerous Minefield!

Hope you like the idea and execution!

If you do please ...
Gut Knife - SLICE
Created by donschi
Hi guys, here I go again!

My first knife skin with a neon-comic look!!
Hope you like it!

Appreciate every like/comment/favourit/share! Go wild :)

My Collection of Illustrated Skins:
Created by donschi
Hi guys,

my next CSGO-Weapon Illustration!!!
Hope you like this one too!

Appreciate every like/comment/favourit/share! Go wild :)
PC-CSGO | M4A4 Kami
Created by donschi
Hi guys&girls,

this is my entry for the Valve/Polycount 70s/80s Sci-Fi Contest!

Please Vote/like/favourit/share if you like it, really appreciate it!!!!!!!! :D

Its called "Kami", ...
Red Inferno
Created by donschi
here is a new Glock skin in my illustrated style. Hope you like the design and colors!
That girl is on Fire!
The wear keeps most of the fire and her glowing eyes intact.


Created by donschi
Hi guys,
another one this week!
Since there are not that many cool nova-skins, we thought, why not create "The BEAUTIFUL-NOVA" in Graffiti-Style!!!

Hope you guys like that new style, see ya till the next!

Created by donschi
Hi guys,

my newest skin and also my first collab with Blazer.
It has a eastern-samurai-sword theme with the beautiful Sakura/Cherry as ornaments/details.
The grip resembles the ito-grip of the beautiful samurai-swords we all know and love!

Hope you lik...
Created by donschi
Hellooooooo again,

there have been a LOOOOT of requests for Neo-Noir-Style for rifles, so here is the first release.
We have decided to add it to the M4A1_S first as it would be a nice combo with the USP-Version to go full on silenced Neo-Noir CT-side!...
Glock Neo-Noir
Created by donschi
Hi guys,

well what can I say, you all REALLLLLLLLY seemed to love the USP Neo-Noir, so we have been thinking about how to apply the design/style to a different weapon.
Took a long while until we found the right weapon/design for a new one, but here it ...
Created by donschi
Hi Guys&Girls,

we got a LOT of positiv Feedback for the M4a1-s Neo-Noir-Version, thx for that!
Some of you kept demanding doing a Neo-Noir for the M4A4-Version, so we sat down and worked hard on this new and unique Illustration!
The Girl in this one ...
Created by donschi
Hi again,
first AWP-Motive, so it of course had to be something special!!! :)
This one took quite some time, a lot of back and forth designing the snake heads for the awp-form and finding a special color-scheme that fits the snake-theme. Hope you all enj...
Slither Venom
Created by donschi
Hi again,
we revisited the Slither-Design and made a few changes and Variations.
Here we have the "Slither_Venom"-Style. This one hits right in the face with its Green/Yellow color scheme!!! Hope you like this intense Awp!

This one took quite some ti...
Slither Bloodthirst
Created by donschi
Hi again,
we revisited the Slither-Design and made a few changes and Variations.
Here we have the "Slither_Bloodthirst"-Style. These snakes glow from the the bloodthirst that drives theme with a red/blue color scheme!

This one took quite some time, a...
AWP | Neo-Noir
Created by donschi
hi everyone,

we are back, a lot of you asked for it and we took our time to bring you the crown piece of the Neo-Noir Collection: AWP|Neo-Noir

Months in the making and a lot of back and forth we think were worth it. It features the most detailed Illu...
Created by donschi
we are back with the first SMG in the series!
This one started out on the mp5, but mid process it was switched and completely reworked for the UMP, since the shape of the side body supports the big illustration much better!
This SMG would be awesome...
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