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Field Medic Class
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Mar 11, 2016 @ 8:03pm
Jun 10, 2016 @ 9:32am
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Field Medic Class

Note - Field Medic Class for WotC is now up, you can find it here - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1252610888

That said, I will not be supporting the Vanilla Version (haven't for a while actually). I only have enough room for one SDK on my system. :)

Adds the Field Medic class to XCOM2. The Field Medic is highly trained in using the Medikit, receiving healing and use bonuses with their First Aid ability. They also provide useful buffs for their squad mates and a few specialized attacks against enemies.

(update notes below)
v1.1.2 - 06/10/2016

The medikit is not auto-granted anymore due to the medikit duplication bug.
The fix in this build (v1.1.1) involving the INI file should stop the dupes, if it does not, delete your config folder at:
/Users/(user name)/Documents/My Games/XCOM2/XComGame/Config
and verify the game files thru Steam.
(Thanks Mr. Silva and a8a for testing this!)

* Allowed Primary Weapons: Rifle, Shotgun
* Custom class skills (except for one) + custom GTS skill
* Custom Icons
* Custom Nicknames
* Some recolored visuals from base game
* Localization in Russian, German, Korean, and English

Squaddie Skill
First Aid (Passive)

* Gives 4 uses per Medikit equipped and +1 healing.
* Associated Ability: First Aid Heal (replaces Medikit Heal)
* Heal for +5 HP
* All other functions like regular Medikit Heal
* Associated Ability: First Aid Stabilize (replaces Medikit Stabilize)
* Just like Medikit Stabilize, also adds temporary defense boost for stabilized unit
* Associated Ability: First Aid Revive
* Removes mental conditions from unit, also adds temporary will boost for revived unit

First Responder Tree
Dedication (Passive)

* Gain extra Mobility and ignore overwatch/reactive fire shots from enemies.
* Take a concussive shot at enemy, a successful hit lowers their mobility with a chance to stun.
* Cross-class enabled.
Aptitude (Passive)
* Gain extra healing and uses for Medikits.
Triage (AoE)
* AoE Heal for allies within range. Requires Medikit charges.
Precise Strike
* Take a careful shot at an enemy, grants extra aim and damage.
* Cross-class enabled.
Renewal (AoE)
* AoE minor heal for allies within range. NO Medikit required.

Preventative Care Tree

* Give ally/self a brief boost to Will and Dodge plus immunity to poison.
Analyze Weakness
* Just like Advent Captain's Mark, except:
* Free action.
Defensive Treatment
* Gain free Overwatch whenever using First Aid Heal.
Hearten (AoE, Aura)
* AoE Buff to Will and Dodge for allies in range.
Vital Strike
* Take a crippling shot at enemy, grants extra Crit Chance and applies Rupture on successful hit.
* Cross-class enabled.
Calm Demeanor (Aura)
* Gives all allies extra Aim and Crit Chance.

GTS Skill
Self Defense (Passive)

* Gain Will, Dodge, and Defense permanent boost.

- Bug equipping Armor fix (DLC)
- Bug AWC skill fix (DLC)
- Stabilize and Revive icons now always show (for now)
- Russian localization updated (thanks TpynogeJI)
- German localization added (thanks Phantom)

- Auto medikit disabled at squaddie rank, A MEDIKIT MUST BE BUILT AND EQUIPPED ON THE FIELD MEDIC NOW!
- This is to address the medikit duplication bug
- Charge usage between Heal, Revive, Stabilize, and Triage fixed
- Stabilize and Revive icons now hide if unable to be used and show when usable
- Heal, Stabilize, Revive icons color changed to cyan
- Vital strike damage fixed
- Korean translation updated

- Changed Analyze Weakness mark color to blue (holo-target!)
- Added First Aid: Revive as an associated ability of First Aid, received at squaddie rank
- Increased number of charges granted by First Aid since Heal, Stabilize, Revive and Triage all pull from the same charge pool
- Added more ability variables to class INI file
- Tested Nanomedikit, seems to be working
- Added XP/squad cohesion scores to Triage and Renewal (not sure if they're working right... no way to test it yet!)
- Added Korean localization ( thanks thunderbeast! )

- Re-enabled Medikit in squaddie loadout (removing did not fix bug, there's been other reports of duping items, might be base game problem)
- Precise Strike now only does 1 extra damage.
- Vital Strike now uses 2 ammo.
- Added Russian localization (from google translate... could be utter crap!)

The mod uses class extensions but no overrides. So compatibility shouldn't be a problem.
First Aid and Renewal skills use their own healing effect class
First Aid and Triage skills use their own ability charges class.

As any XCOM 2 mods do, saving a game with a mod enabled will cause the save game only work if and only if the mod is enabled, since this is a tactical game mod there shouldn't be missing content after disabling the mod as long as you don't save in tactical games, so for now you'll have to use this mod to fix it if you decide to disable the mod

Problems? Follow this guide first! it may solve your problems (applies to all mods)
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kraiver Oct 6 @ 2:04am 
Dear creator! Add please Field Medic Class in XCOM 2 RPG Overhaul.
Constipated Barry Aug 14 @ 5:38pm 
Is anyone having a problem where you subscribe to this mod, but it doesn't appear at all in game? It says it's working in the menu before I start up the game.

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Gguy Jul 18 @ 1:31am 
Outright amazing, i always wanted to have a medic, and this is awesome and seamless.
Pain May 6 @ 6:59am 
Stabilizing allies doesn't seem to work. I had 3 medkit charges, and an ally was unconscious. I tried to revive him but the ability was grey/unusable/no targets available.
Pokefire Feb 23 @ 4:50pm 
Stabilizing an ally costs 2 medic charges for the field medic class.
BubbleShuffle Jan 3 @ 11:26pm 
I meant, stop the bleeding, not revive.
BubbleShuffle Jan 3 @ 4:25pm 
Does this not work with long war 2? I can't revive my ally who is bleeding out?
Skypris Dec 31, 2017 @ 8:33pm 
You are amazing! Thank you so much and Happy New Year to you too!
[OBSI] Rumrunner  [author] Dec 31, 2017 @ 7:27pm 
Happy New Year - Field Medic Class for WotC can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1252610888
DBL Dec 27, 2017 @ 9:56pm 
What to type to change a soldier into this class? A command? "MakeSoldierAClass xx "class name""?