Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution

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Death's Guide to the Necron Overlord
By Death
Five years later and we get a new hero! From my favorite faction, here he is: the Necron Overlord. He seems a little short. This guide is made so you can get familiar with the character, his items, and general playstyle.
Become a Harbinger of Death...and Reap Upon this Battlefield.

  • Amazing Armor, Health, and Health Regen
  • One of the Best in Armor Piercing Capabilities
  • High Single Target Damage
  • Some Fairly Unique Abilities
  • Gets Most of His Best Items Quickly
  • Slow Movement (Worse with Suppression)
  • Slow Attack Speed
  • Poor Mobility Skill
  • Has a Casting Time on Most of His Abilities
  • Has a Somewhat Lack of AoE

The Necron Overlord is an unkillable monster, powerful in many regards, and hitting close to his maximum potential early on in levels. He boasts the ability to tank on an equal or perhaps greater level than even the Hive Tyrant, and virtually anything he sets his sights on is going to die...but he is pretty slow in many things he does. He's also not keen on talking, perhaps because he doesn't find the creatures around him worthy enough.

He has a real problem with suppression of all things, as his slow speed is reduced to a crawl when suppressed and you have no easy means to get out of it. Note that when suppressed you can ONLY attack that unit that is doing the suppressing. Additionally, the character seems to have some pathing issues and attacking issues as well...sometimes just standing around instead of following your clicks for a bit. You might also notice that he seems to get knocked around more than you might expect if you build him ranged.

His general lack of reliable AoE isn't that big of a deal since things die so fast to him anyway, but it can be noticeable later on, not that there aren't ways to solve that. Casting time isn't that hard to deal with, but you have to know when you will have the time to since you could get overwhelmed quickly; thankfully casting time doesn't exactly exist for toggling things off, nor can even be interrupted in the first place if you get knocked around.

The Overlord can be built in two ways basically: either as a melee tank/dps, or as a ranged tank/dps. Mix in a little bit of ability use for each too. I find that he is best played melee.

You might be wondering how best to juggle the effectiveness of armor, health, and health regen, and I can tell you that armor and health regen are about equally important, and total health only marginally less so. I should also make it clear what is and what is not important for the Overlord in terms of his energy and ability management...in the form of this guideline:

Cooldown Reductions > Activation Cost Discounts > Energy Regen > More Total Energy
Ranged Weapons

Staff of the Obelisk - Level 1
  • Ranged Staff
  • 5.1 DPS
  • Grants Trait: Armor Piercing
  • Grants Trait: Area of Effect
  • +35 Health
This particular staff of light will fire these large globs of energy at targets, so it’s the first thing that gives you some semblance of crowd control. The firing speed of this thing is the worst of his staffs and doesn't even do that much damage to targets individually. The whole gimmick of this weapon is based solely on the fact that it can hit multiple targets. The trouble is that in addition to that low firing speed is "only" 75% accuracy, still accurate sure, but you will notice those misses and you will regret them.

The low firing speed, low damage, and noticeable chance to miss make this weapon only effective against blobs of weak infantry, but against everything else...eh. Although it can be improved with Combat Expert I still don't think that justifies taking it. The unusually high melee damage is noticeable but not really that powerful compared to his selection of warscythes, so don't think that you can necessarily rely on it. Obsoleted by the Staff of the Phaeron.

Celestial Staff - Level 1
  • Ranged Staff
  • 20.7 DPS
  • Grants Trait: Armor Piercing
  • Grants Trait: Rush of Battle
  • +15 Health
  • +15 Energy
At last the Bloody Magpies finally got a bit of comeuppance for their thieving ways. This staff's main gimmick is that for every time you hit something with it, all of your abilities that are currently on cooldown will get reduced by about 1/24 for every successful hit. This effect also applies to its melee. As you can probably guess, this comes in handy for builds that rely on ability usage. But what abilities are good enough for that?

The answer is: only abilities that have higher cooldowns. Not really helpful for something like the Tesseract Vault since that item's cooldown period is rather short, but you can get the cooldown of even the Nightbringer shard almost finished after the first summon; and frankly I think that Rush of Battle is underestimated in spite of that reason. However you will find yourself having to rely more and more on a cooldown-based ability to do damage, and that's just not sustainable.

Staff of the Phaeron - Level 11
  • Ranged Staff
  • 42.8 DPS
  • Grants Trait: Armor Piercing
  • +75 Energy
It fires quickly, does very respectable damage, and gives you a lot of energy...what's not to love? The thing about the high fire rate is that it makes the weapon solid against squads of infantry, able to mow them down in quick succession, but try not to rely on its melee damage because its swings are slow. As you might expect the energy bonus is good for abilities, but the Overlord just doesn't chew through much energy to begin with. Still, you should consider putting that extra energy to good use. Probably extended Nanoscarabs or some casting ability, just don't necessarily expect them to be up 24/7 if you are relying on just the staff alone. The best staff of light in my opinion.

Lance of Annihilation - Level 15
  • Ranged Staff
  • 16.6 DPS
  • Grants Ability: Annihilation Barrage
  • Grants Trait: Armor Piercing
  • +1.3 Health Regen
This destroyer lord's staff does more damage-per-shot than the Staff of the Phaeron, but its fire rate is laughable. The ability it grants you isn't exactly bad (your second most destructive ability next the Nightbringer shard probably), but costly for what it is...both in cooldown time and energy cost. For 20 energy the Overlord will basically fire this gauss barrage in an arc (similar to a ranged dreadnought's assault cannon sweep) and do significant damage with some knockback to whatever was in the way. He takes a moment to actually use it so either aim well or attack stationary targets with it as it can be deceptively easy to miss with partially or even completely; the arc of impact is kind of narrow.

From my testing, the only way to make this weapon somewhat viable is with both the Monolithic Diadem so you can actually cast the thing at a reasonable energy cost, and the Glyph of the Tireless Harvest so that you can actually use it reliably often. I do not believe those items are enough to make this staff completely worth it; fun to mess around with but you might start wishing you had something else instead. Not the best weapon I have ever seen, and it should be noted that its melee swing speed is slow. The Staff of the Phaeron just outshines it.
Melee Weapons

Warscythe of Extinction - Level 1
  • Melee Weapon
  • 14.6 DPS
  • Grants Ability: Necrotic Barrier
  • Grants Trait: Armorbane
  • Grants Trait: Unshakable
  • +1.0 Energy Regen
This will be your first melee weapon and it's pretty good for what it is. However, the real reason you would pick this weapon would be for the ability, Necrotic Barrier. The additional energy regen is just a nice bonus, probably to compensate for having an ability from the weapon. For the cost of 15 energy the ability summons an energy barrier that bursts into existence from one end to the other once you choose its direction. Don't be fooled by its wall-like mechanic though, as it does not act as a shield exactly...ranged fire still passes through just fine.

Necrotic Barrier is described and emphasized as something that can block and subsequently redirect foes, and says that you can lock enemies in place. I don't know anything about "locking them in place", but when cast, units caught in the emerging barrier's path will be knocked back and damaged. While you certainly can use it that way, it can (and should) often be used offensively. Instructing the barrier to plow right through a group of infantry is great way to deal high AoE damage in addition to its substantial knock-back. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it's one of the best of the Overlord's offensive abilities, and gives him some precious crowd control. That doesn't save the weapon from being overall outclassed later though.

Voidreaper - Level 6
  • Melee Weapon
  • 30.0 DPS
  • Grants Ability: Entropic Strike
  • Grants Trait: Armorbane
  • Grants Trait: Unshakable
  • Grants Trait: Fearless
  • +1.5 Health Regen
And lo, the reason for going melee: the Voidreaper. Remember what I said earlier about the Overlord's trouble with suppression? Well this thing is the only item in his arsenal that will take care of that, allowing you to swagger on over and show that shuriken cannon team why they are about to have a bad time.

The ability Entropic Strike is meant to essentially help your allies bypass armor for a time; you strip the target of its armor temporarily and all those units close to it. You don't necessarily have to cast it yourself if you (or your allies) are fighting with armor piercing weapons anyway, but there isn't really much harm in it since the cost is only 10 energy and the cooldown is low. For you that can mean the difference of finishing a foe off and moving onto the next or taking the time to strike them once or occasionally twice more, which can be important in some scenarios. For some of your allies though, if they are not using armor-piercing weaponry of any sort, it can be very helpful. Cast it on a chaos dreadnought and watch a farseer cut it down just as easily as you can. Use the ability on things that have noticeable armor, such as dreadnoughts, tanks, your clones, etc.

The extremely high damage and additional health regen are also the reasons for taking this weapon over the others. Few will manage to keep standing after a couple hits from this death-dealer, as armorbane and that high weapon damage make for a deadly combo. This thing even has an attack speed that is the fastest out of all of his weapons, significantly so. Seriously this weapon just solves problems for the Overlord, please take it. The health regen is just icing on the cake, pushing your already considerable health regen even higher. This weapon might just be the best melee weapon in the game, only nearly rivaled by the Warscythe of the Phalanx.

Warscythe of the Phalanx - Level 17
  • Melee Weapon
  • 16.1 DPS
  • Grants Trait: Armorbane
  • Grants Trait: Unshakable
  • Grants Trait: Unending Vengeance
  • +100 Health
Want to never die ever? From the whopping +100 health you might think of this warscythe as the quintessential tanking weapon, but really it is for extreme tanking. It also does an AoE damage on killing blows, which is devastating to infantry considering this refers to individual kills and not merely squad kills. The cleave is such that you might start to feel like Sauron with it. The swing speed is horrendous though...the slowest out of all his weapons actually, so bear that in mind. All that said this weapon is nearly on par with the Voidreaper in my opinion...you sacrifice damage but gain really solid AoE and lose the Fearless trait but gain +100 health.

Doomsday Edge - Achievement Unlock: Complete 100 total waves as the Overlord
  • Melee Weapon
  • 13.5 DPS
  • Grants Ability: Pitiless Strike
  • Grants Trait: Armorbane
  • Grants Trait: Unshakable
  • +30 Energy
For the cost of 25 energy you too can do a supped-up version of his melee special attack. The ability itself causes the Overlord to go into a stationary leap into the air, and come down with a vengeance, dealing high damage, knock-back, and a stun in a generous circle around him. This AoE ability isn't bad, far from it, it’s just way too expensive for what it is, and you can quickly run out of energy if you use it too many times.

Trying to compensate for the ability's cost by building around it just becomes too gimmicky to use seriously...you will just be sacrificing too much. This weapon also has the second slowest swing speed too, so another thing to consider. The overall lower stats in exchange for the ability aren’t good enough, and it just doesn't stack up to the Voidreaper as a result. You can use it, but it won't be as effective as the other options available to you.

Diadem of the Nemesor - Level 4
  • Armor Rating: 125
  • Grants Trait: Combat Expert
This will be your go-to armor, excellent at tanking. Combat Expert raises your high single target armor-piercing damage even further, which is just as good as you might expect. It can also be used to cause even more pain with your staffs as well, if you are interested. Compared to the Diadem of Reanimation, If you are confident in your ability to survive, put that damage bonus to good use, and rely on other ways to revive yourself/stay alive, then go ahead and take this armor.

Tachyon Diadem - Level 8
  • Armor Rating: 80
  • Grants Ability: Tachyon Arrow
I don't know what the purpose of this armor is. It gives the Overlord a wrist-mounted crossbow of sorts that lets him fire an armor-piercing bolt at the cost of 5 energy. It does no worthwhile damage at all. Maybe it was intended to finish off foes at a distance so that you didn't have to saunter on over to them in the first place, but that hardly seems worth anything. You'd be hard pressed to knock over anything that isn't a guardsmen. It’s only real saving grace is that it costs a measly 5 energy to use and has a very low cooldown, making it pretty spammable, and it also has a range the size of the Farseer's group teleport. But consider this: why would you pay 5 energy and wait a moment each time, just to fire an energized bolt that does damage comparable to a shot from one of your staffs? That’s right, you wouldn't.

Technomancer's Diadem - Level 9
  • Armor Rating: 65
  • Grants Ability: Voidblast
This armor is a joke. An absolute joke. You are sacrificing precious armor value for this Voidblast ability, and it just sucks. It's similar to the Sorcerer's Warpfire ability, but worse. The ability is described as something that can blast targets backward and deal high damage, but the effect of this is practically comical. You get this small casting radius, of which the ability is only remotely effective in the place you don't need it to be: the very edge. This ability is described as something that can and should be used to get foes out of your face, but it completely fails at that because its effect is in the form of a tight cone of sorts.

This means that if you are getting beaten on by a group at best you would only blast back a single enemy, not even a squad. So in order to maximize what little effectiveness this thing has, you have to cast this at the precise moment enemies are on the edge of your radius of this cone, and even then you won't hit more than six or so foes in the first place so what is the point? The damage it does is nothing special, and the knockback is pathetic; I would expect better from this item for armor hit you take...blasting foes to the other side of the map for example, but no. It’s costly too, 18 energy per cast...you will be wishing you had the Tachyon Diadem instead.

Diadem of Reanimation - Level 12
  • Armor Rating: 110
  • Grants Trait: Reanimation Protocols
Feel like a necron yet? You will now. I suppose this armor is the reason that reanimation wasn't just a default trait of the Overlord in the first place...powerful enough that it had to be constrained to a piece of armor. Thankfully this armor still has really good armor rating, making it a suitable replacement for Diadem of the Nemesor when you unlock it, and it is very tempting to use indeed.

So Reanimation Protocols get you back up about eight seconds after you go down, making it exceptionally good at tanking, as the enemy can never truly put you down for good. I do mean this earnestly, as in true necron fashion there is no limit to how many times you can revive. It still counts as a death in your counter at the end though, and is added to your stats appropriately, but that really doesn't matter much. You will also revive as if someone else revived you, with 25% health. Bear in mind however, that if your allies go down within that eight second window, or if you are the last one downed, the game will be lost (even though you get back up and keep attacking as the screen fades to black); the resurrection orb has the same caveat. This means that you actually have to do the unthinkable: rely on your teammates. This is ironic, because this armor is supposed to spare you from that.

It should be noted that after testing this, your clone shall indeed rise again, but any sorcerer's doppel of your clone (or doppel of a doppel of your clone) will not get back up after being downed. Sorcerer nonsense will just dissipate when they die, but your clones will continue to get up until they are the last ones to be downed. It’s problematic to say the least, especially when paired with the Resurrection Orb. It will make BC quite difficult depending on the circumstances.

Ironically one of the main issues I find with this armor is that the Overlord is so tanky that you won't have many opportunities to make use of this trait, as you will routinely end up as the last one still standing. Meaning you cannot rely on getting back up then, and in that circumstance you will find yourself wishing you had the Diadem of the Nemesor instead.

Monolithic Diadem - Achievement Unlock: Revive two allies at the same time using the Res Orb, twice in the same game
  • Armor Rating: 75
  • Grants Trait: Might of the Triarch
Not a bad piece of armor, it gives you a discount on the cost of your abilities. From my time spent playing I can tell you that it halves your energy costs, so it is pretty significant. This does not affect the energy draining amount of abilities such as Nanoscarabs however, it only affects the ability's initial activation cost. You might use this armor with a ranged build and try to spam abilities, but when you get right down to it, the Overlord doesn't really have many abilities that are worth spamming. He just doesn't really have energy issues.

Understand that while the Overlord does have a fair amount of items that affect his ability usage and energy management, it is in the cooldowns where his weakness there lies (and even then they aren't that significant). Only his commander items will really benefit from this, and frankly getting cooldown reductions are better than energy reductions for him. Since you would use this with a ranged build...once again, Celestial Staff. For the Overlord, Cooldown Reduction > Energy Discounts.
Accessories I

Mindshackle Scarabs - Level 1
  • Grants Ability: Mindshackle Scarabs
I don't know what the developers were thinking with this ability, because it is akin to the Farseer's confuse ability except absolutely terrible. Upon activation the Overlord will actually stroll over to a foe, reach into his pocket, pull out a handful of these scarabs, and proceed to stuff them in the enemies' faces. After about a few second delay following this nonsense, they will then turn friendly (but not controllable) for less than ten seconds.

What a waste of potential, how the hell do these foes just "shake off" highly advanced robots attached to their brains? If you ask me this effect should have been permanent, which would justify the actual need to walk over right next to a foe, deal with a casting time, and deal with a delay afterwards. This could have been an amusing strategy, slowly building an army of mindshackeled slaves over the course of the game, but no, we have this instead. And it turns out that they are also bugged and only ever work ~80% of the time. What a way to ruin a cool idea. Don't even bother, even for 10 energy just don't even bother.

Nanoscarabs - Level 1
  • Grants Ability: Nanoscarab Repairs
You are going to learn to love this ability, as it boosts your already considerable health regen to insane levels. You toggle it (remember casting time), the nanoscarabs are released in the activation cost of 10 energy, and get right to work fixing your perfect mechanical body to be once again good as new. Toggle it off when you are done. My advice? Toggle this when you have half health. Not after. Since you have to deal with the casting time, and at lower health the more you wait, the more you run the risk of going down before the ability really gets to work. I have seen that before and experienced that before, so be careful about waiting too long. Generally outclassed later though, as there are better means of health regen you can get.

Glyph of the Implacable - Level 1
  • +100 Armor Rating
A must use if you plan on getting right into the thick of it (as you probably should), the +100 armor rating this accessory gives is absolutely nothing to scoff at. Might be made obsolete by Phylactery, but even then it is still completely viable.

Glyph of Tombs - Level 1
  • +85 Energy
A bunch of energy added to your pool. You will probably use this at the lower levels, you know, where it's not needed. Later on it's okay, nice and all I suppose...if you can find a space for it. But here's a hint: you won't.
Accessories II

Glyph of the Wraith - Level 2
  • Grants Trait: Swift
25% faster movement speed eh? Considering how slow the Overlord is and how much Phase Shifter sucks this might be a no-brainer, but it does take up a valuable accessory slot, and because of that it is hard to justify. Mobility is key in Last Stand, and if you don't have it then you damn well better have something to make up for it, and in the Overlord's case it is being really, really hard to take down. You can still get around just fine without this skill.

Glyph of Living Metal - Level 4
  • +90 Health
  • +3.0 Health Regen
Put this on, never take it off. You will really feel like a necron with this accessory, as this pushes your natural 2.0 health regen to a whopping 5.0, and paired with the Voidreaper...6.5. Yeah, it’s pretty great. The extra health is just more icing on the cake. And let's just point out that this thing offers more Health than the Captain's Rite of Fortitude and twice as much health regen as his Parable of the Stalwart Brother.

Glyph of the Reclaimer - Level 7
  • Grants Ability: Immortal Reclamation
So what happens here is you toggle this, you pay the initial activation cost, the Overlord will begin his casting time, energy is then drained from you every second this is active, and the Overlord will stand in place and begin siphoning health from everything around him in a fair radius and add it to his own until you toggle it off. Enemies such as eldar, guardsmen, orks, and tyranids will fall quickly, but heartier foes like ogryns or space marines may take a noticeable amount of time to kill. Not that you couldn't outlast them however.

After testing this some more, I think that this item is indeed superior to Nanoscarabs. This solves the AoE problem the Overlord has, and ensures that he will not get swarmed. This allows you to regen all of your health in two seconds or less depending on the amount of enemies in the area of effect, and kill all those foes too. A group or two of units, or three armored units is usually enough to accomplish that feat. I have even witnessed this ability tank entire high level waves before, it's just that good. Bear in mind you might have foes just shooting you outside its range while you drain nothing though.

Take this with a melee build that lacks AoE, but skip it for ranged builds. You will kill faster shooting with your staff than if you stop to use this (and for that playstyle you want to be FAR AWAY in the first place).

Phase Shifter - Level 13
  • Grants Ability: Phase Shift
I don't understand why this is even named "Phase Shift" because it is neither a phase nor a shift. Phase shifting is something that the necrons are masters of: partially or completely phasing to dimensions of their own design in order to have enemy attacks pass completely through them harmlessly. But this isn't that and I'm honestly not sure why something like that wasn't part of the Overlord's wargear in the first place, but I digress.

This is a teleport, and the worst teleport I have ever seen. It costs a hefty 15 energy per use, has a noticeable cooldown, and worst of all has a range of only 1/3 or less that of all the other Last Stand characters' mobility options sans the Farseer. Even with the ability cooldown reduced and the cost reduced there is no saving grace for this ability, you just can't get away fast enough from danger. It's beyond terrible. You could spit farther than this thing lets you jump.

I understand that you are maybe supposed to use this to instead be aggressive instead of turning tail, but getting into melee only a few seconds sooner isn't that helpful. No, you won't save a teammate this way...if they were that far gone then chances are they were going down anyway. This really boggles the mind, why is this supposed to be considered useful...this notion of teleporting a short distance to your foes, foes which are CONSTANTLY running right at you. They come to you. They always have. If you need to get to that deff dread so badly then just sidestep the orks, you can take it.

The only way to make this thing usable is to take (once again) both the Monolithic Diadem and the Glyph of the Tireless Harvest, and maybe even the Glyph of the Star Gods (don't take that too) too if plan on using it a lot. Now you are able to make similar leaps through space like other heroes except that you need to do it 3 times in a row to make jumps like they can. Sure you have some form of mobility now, but what have you given up for that? A ton of armor, health regen, and an offensive/defensive capability of some kind. The only use this thing has is for highly specialized and situational builds.

You'd think that even though the necrons are masters of teleportation too, that they would have at least an equivalent teleport to the other characters, but I guess the devs just wanted to gimp him in this regard. There is no justification for this teleport being as bad as it is, and no justification to take it either.
Accessories III

Phylactery - Level 14
  • Grants Trait: Impervious
This is deathless. No really, it's just deathless again but green. Just like that sorcerer's trait, this get-out-of-jail-free card will have you regen all of your health and energy when you get to 0 health and is represented by a green shield that surrounds the Overlord. After 30 seconds, the shield will pop up again and you will be good to go. Additionally, you get a huge armor boost for a short period of time. Not sure if "Impervious" was necessary best word for this though, as that isn't exactly what it does, but whatever.

It performs better than Nanoscarabs because the high armor and health regen you will likely have will in more cases be enough to hold off enemy attacks until your Impervious trait procs again, allowing that cycle to repeat. Nanoscarabs on the other hand will more often than not, not be able to keep the damage at bay AND it also uses energy. With Phylactery you don't have to worry about energy draining because it isn't energy dependent, and thus you can cast other stuff just fine.

One more thing to consider about it is that the cooldown will continue to countdown even if you are downed. This is interesting because of how that pairs with Reanimation Protocols. If you keep going down after getting back up chances are that you are going to keep going down. Nanoscarabs (even Reclamation) cannot break that cycle because you won't be able to activate them in time, and even if you could you are likely still going to go down because even that level of health regen won't be enough as you just won't have the recovered health needed immediately. Phylactery on the other hand is going to proc sooner or later in that scenario, bringing you back up to full health (and energy if you somehow don't have full) and allowing you time to get something done.

Glyph of the Star Gods - Level 16
  • +1.7 Energy Regen
The Overlord's only access to energy regeneration, aside from the Warscythe of Extinction. This thing isn't bad, but you have to find use for that energy and the Overlord doesn't really have much in the way of energy problems in the first place. Don't consider doing a tanky build and having Nanoscarabs toggled near-permanently with the energy regen this provides...the effect is less powerful than you might think. It will allow for longer Immortal Reclamation though, if you are interested in that. Otherwise it is good for specialized casting builds.

Glyph of the Tireless Harvest - Level 18
  • Grants Trait: Awoken
This reduces your ability cooldowns by a flat amount, but again what abilities are even worth using that have such intolerable cooldowns? Only the commander abilities frankly (and a select weapon abilities), and even those are not strictly necessary to have the cooldowns reduced on, although it is nice if you can spare a slot. You can get the Phase Shifter's cooldown to nonexistent and its effect is pretty noticeable with Tesseract Vault too. The reduction is still there for the other commander items, but not as noticeable. It should be noted that you would probably be using this with a ranged build, and if you were doing that then you might have the Celestial Staff. Having both that staff and this glyph is totally redundant, but I am of the mind that this Glyph is the better of the two.

Nightmare Shroud - Level 19
  • Grants Ability: Nightmare Shroud
Another toggle-able ability, and a mildly interesting one at that. When you activate it for 10 energy, your walking speed is slowed down further than it already is, but all around you comes this horrifying shroud of utter terror that puts the experience of the worst possible fear into the minds of any and all who dare approach, again and again.

The radius isn't huge, but you wouldn't really imagine it to be anyway. This ability is just like the Captain's Terror of Xenos but constant, so it can be good to effectively shut down a group of enemies and send them fleeing in a fear-induced panic a decent distance away, and then do it again when they rediscover their courage. You might do this when your allies are in a bind and need something to break up the crowd.

However...the only thing you would be scaring away would be swarms of infantry. You know what item is good at dealing with those? Glyph of the Reclaimer. And a decent portion of infantry lunge at you, meaning that they will still get their first hits in even if they run away afterwards, only to do it again. This won't save you from them, nor will it from ranged attacks nor heavily armored foes, and you are slower with it on. Don't bother.
Commander Items
A note on how these abilities actually activate: after a casting period, the Overlord will throw (no not activate from his hand, that would be far too civilized /s) the item at the chosen area, and after a bit more of waiting for it to arrive at its destination, and then waiting for it to activate, it will finally do something. One more thing to mention is that all three of these abilities seem to have the same radius (but they don't all share the same duration time), but you don't see what it is until after it is cast...all you see is the throwing arm of the Overlord.

Raiment of the Overlord - Default
  • +50 Armor Rating
This is the default greyed-out commander item that you can't remove, only replace. Wait a minute...the Overlord actually has a default commander item? How interesting. I am including it on the list here because it does actually carry a small advantage compared to the other choices. That is that the armor rating is higher than what the other commander items offer, so you might consider it for tanking if you are really dedicated..however, having a few more percentage points in higher armor to forgo the usefulness of a commander item doesn't really make you more effective in general. That commander item likely will prove infinitely more useful than a little more armor will.

Raiment of the Tesseract - Level 5
  • Grants Ability: Tesseract Tomb
  • +35 Armor Rating
The Tesseract Tomb isn't really what it says it is, but what can you do within the confines of this game engine? Probably a lot actually, but what do I know? Anyway, this ability doesn't so much imprison your foes in an endless maze in another dimension forever and ever than cause them to be suppressed and almost frozen in place. This includes foes that were present where it activated, and any that may wander too close to the area of effect.

For 30 energy this is a great way to shut down half the wave and you will learn to love this item as well throughout your leveling process and even after the fact because it covers for one of the Overlord's biggest weaknesses, crowd control. It can give you a breather, allow you to easily walk up to a downed ally to get them up, more easily decimate a wave, and imagine the frustrated looks of your foes as you casually do whatever in their presence. Just be aware that depending on your location and the volume of enemies, you might not be able to get through them. This is to say, there might be so many of them that they block your path. What’s more this seems to confuse the Overlord at times, as he can only seem to grasp that you can hit enemies when they are debuffed like this only after several seconds have passed (a bug most likely).

It is really useful to shut down your clones on Bloodied Colosseum too, especially so if you have more than one Overlord on your team, and if timed right...you can permanently shut them down, as by the time your ally's Tesseract Tomb is done casting, yours will have its cooldown be finished. Use this, and enjoy the fact that your clones can do NOTHING whilst you carve them up. Your clone is oddly hesitant to use this on you, but he will eventually.

Raiment of Resurrection - Level 10
  • Grants Ability: Resurrection Orb
  • +25 Armor Rating
For 35 energy you can throw your orb somewhere and have it get your allies up if they are downed near to where you throw it, after all the delays of course. Alternatively you can throw it at your feet or your allies and have them guaranteed to not go down for the duration of its activation, as they will not take fatal blows when in the activation area. You and your allies will at the very least get a health boost out of it. This can be used as a replacement for Reanimation Protocols if you feel confident in your ability to drop this at your feet before you die (factor the casting time into your timing on that). Only one effect or the other will occur to the individual hero in its effect, you will never get both. So that means that it either keeps you alive, or revives you after being downed, never both. So if it keeps you alive, but then the effect fades, you will go down and not get revived.

It's not bad, but Tesseract Tomb is better in that you can still revive people relatively safely depending on the circumstance and also take a large amount or dangerous foes out of the fight, but it is up to you. Prevention is better than the cure and all that. I think the cooldown on this is larger than the Tesseract Tomb. Your clone will be annoying with this thing, often dropping it on him and fellow clones of BC, making it that much more annoying to deal with. This doesn't mean that he will pay much attention to it though, meaning you can easily lure him (and the other clones) away from its area of influence.

There is a glitch right now with this item regarding the Lord General's Turrets. I have yet to test this, but from my understanding you throw the orb near a turret and the General then summons another one close by, which destroys the first turret as it would, but the Resurrection Orb brings it back. The Lord General can make infinite turrets this way.

Raiment of the Nightbringer - Level 20
  • Grants Ability: Labyrinth of the Nightbringer
  • +10 Armor Rating
Why are you so small Nightbringer shard? This causes a shard of the C'tan known as the Nightbringer to appear and murder everything in its vicinity (so he is stationary if that wasn't clear) for the cost of about 45 energy. Ignore the part in the description where it says "Risk annihilation and" because this doesn't hurt you or your allies. It might hurt minions though, but I don't think so. When the Nightbringer appears he will be screaming and pulsating foul energy over a fairly sizable time period...I have used him to kill both of the eldar banshee swarms of Bloodied Coliseum on a single cast.

This is probably the second most reliable nuke in Last Stand, next to Rocket Run. He might be just a little slow to deploy, but contrast to what every other nuke does, the Nightbringer shard doesn't push foes away, he pulls them in. His damage is actually really high for what it is, and consistant too (he doesn't require specific positioning nor does he posess random damage), utterly destroying infantry and doing serious damage to armored units too, enough to kill even superheavies if dropped right on them. Even your clones will feel signifigant pain from this. It is a good idea to lead enemies into him if they happen to be out of his range.

He has a pretty hefty cooldown though, longer than the Resurrection Orb to be sure; if you are killing everything in the wave at a fairly standard pace then he will likely be ready again for the next wave or shortly after it begins at least. If you use the Celestial Staff you can have him ready for action almost by the time he despawns if you are peppering foes enough. While the Tesseract Tomb is really good, and the Resurrection Orb a little less so...the Nightbringer shard might prove too delicious for you to pass up.
Death Incarnate
Level 7
  • Weapon: Voidreaper
  • Armor: Diadem of the Nemesor
  • Accessories: Glyph of the Implacable, Glyph of the Living Metal, Glyph of the Reclaimer
  • Commander Item: Raiment of the Tesseract
Take this build and never die ever. You can take an immense beating, ignore knockback and suppression, and cut down anything that comes close. You are the bane of the living. Get swarmed? No problem, drain the life out of everything that dares to think that there lies strength in numbers. And if your awesome health, armor, health regen, single and multi-target damage isn't enough...you have the Tesseract. Shut down the battlefield at your discretion. Even your clones will fall before your inexhaustible mechanical might. Force them to their knees with the Tesseract, strip them of their armor with the Voidreaper, and cut them down like wheat. Show them that they aren't even worthy enough to fight you. When it's all said and done, just remember to be a little mindful of your energy management.

Cycle of Death
Level 17
  • Weapon: Warscythe of the Phalanx
  • Armor: Diadem of the Nemesor/Diadem of Reanimation
  • Accessories: Glyph of the Implacable, Phylactery, Glyph of the Living Metal
  • Commander Item: Raiment of Resurrection
A tankier build that lets you just outright sneer at entire waves. Since you have an AoE with your weapon, you don't need Reclaimation. Get stuck in, annihilate everything that is a problem, slaughter all that get in your way, and cleave the rest. Between your stupidly high health, high health regen, high armor, you are going to stroll right in with even more reckless abandon because no matter how hard the enemy tries, you will not go down easy.

Phylactery ensures that even after all THAT, the enemy has to kill you again, and perhaps even more because you can drop the Resurrection Orb and still refuse to go down, or failing that get back up. Somewhere in there your Phylactery will proc again, causing more headaches for the living. Take the Diadem of Reanimation if you want to add another layer of deathlessness to yourself, although the Diadem of the Nemesor is a better pick. You will want that extra killing power to make up for the agonisingly slow attack rate of your warscythe.

Immortal Reaper
Level 20
  • Weapon: Staff of the Phaeron
  • Armor: Diadem of the Nemesor
  • Accessories: Glyph of the Living Metal, Glyph of the Implacable, Phylactery
  • Commander Item: Raiment of the Nightbringer
Use the Staff of the Phaeron for ranged-focused death, and everything else for tanking. Facetank waves with contempt and energy blasts, and summon the Nightbringer shard for straight-up AoE murder.

I hope my guide has been useful to at least some people. If you have any suggestions or wish to correct any errors, leave a comment and I will get around to adjusting whatever, whenever I have the time.

Thank you for reading.

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Bagration Mar 28, 2021 @ 5:01pm 
builds are fine its just you dont haft to follow them if you dont want to
Atlantiskaos별ㅂㄱㅅ Jun 6, 2020 @ 11:02am 
builds are terrible, do not follow
Grov Apr 18, 2020 @ 7:06am 
I always go with voidreaper build from level 7 with nightbringer. Smashes everything.
Kaptin Oct 21, 2019 @ 4:55am 
Copy pasted from 1d4chan get lost loser
Adeptus Jul 13, 2019 @ 4:44am 
i still love build with Voidreaper and Res-Orb. Just an armored all kill robot who can throw orb to his retarded teammates and bring them back. Necron with that build just absorbs dmg and res hes teammates, and i fukin love it so much. With Voidreaper u can freely kill all SpaceeeeehMARINES vehicle solo while ur teammates kill all that bois. Or u can just 1v1 Raven commander, and i love it too. Goddam why DoW3 so sucky sucky.
Guddum Feb 15, 2019 @ 4:45pm 
Additional note for the Glyph of the Reclaimer; it also works on the corpses of Hero/Commander units (the ones that can be revived) allowing you to siphon health from fallen enemies in a tight pinch.
Snowskeeper Feb 2, 2019 @ 11:31pm 
Tau commander is really not as fragile as you're implying, especially since it's the only hero in the game that has great mobility no matter what build you go with.
Ahjumma Feb 2, 2019 @ 10:20pm 
They are balanced. Necron can soak a lot of damage and decent abilities in exchange for poor mobility. Tau commander plays it up straight, just like the board game: glass cannons that can't take much punishment.
Haxorzist Jan 16, 2018 @ 4:20pm 
The DLC characters are such crutches. I would like them if they were balanced.
TOOTHBRUSHDUCK Oct 9, 2017 @ 10:48am 
The ressurection orb can both keep you alive and res you, if you die precisely as it switches it's function. Time frame is very small, so it's not reliable, but it is possible.