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Mar 10, 2016 @ 2:13pm
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ASR AI3 by Robalo
AI modification for ARMA3

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Ravayen Nov 14 @ 4:52am 
never mind i bit the bullet and downloaded the manual version instead but my question still stands for other mods or will i need the manual versions for them too?
Ravayen Nov 14 @ 3:44am 
stupid question (maybe?) but the mod when downloaded on steam is in a folder that very clearly says DO NOT CHANGE!!! so my question is when using a workshop mod how do i change the config files? do i make a copy of it and put it in another userconfig folder then change it? or will changing it in the workshop folder be ok?
Ok so that looks like a few questions but it really is just one when ya think boooot it :P
vlad_8011 Sep 24 @ 3:54am 
Well, i played 16 scenarios after last BIS patch after ai "improvements" and noticed, all Ai are snipers right now. Its beacuse new skills calculations in new patch. Is this mod updated to new skills values? Or maybe diferent - is this mod overriding or improving AI skills in workshop missions? I need mod like this so i can reduce their skills on missions created before BIS patch.
ツItzMikro Sep 22 @ 3:43pm 
NPCs moving around and interact with allies nearby when idle, can I disable it?
Mandaloin Sep 12 @ 2:47pm 
What happened to the AI stowing their NVGs during the day? That was my favorite feature.
lingvue1990 Sep 10 @ 12:04pm 
When i resume a scenario istarted with this mod, it tells me that certain orange dlc contents are missing...This is on legacy build btw
aplaceinthesky Aug 26 @ 11:38am 
it said that something is missing and arma doesn't start any clue about this ?
Bozkurt <z> Turan Aug 20 @ 5:58am 
What this plugin adds to the game sorry and bad translation
AZSLIMJIM Aug 8 @ 4:51pm 
@Pessivesto, I had an issue as well on the Refuel mission where you steal the fuel truck from the Factory, reverted mission and it was fine. Otherwise disable ASR, revert and complete then enable. Either one should fix it.
IndustrialDonut Aug 8 @ 4:09pm 
@[TFA] Baago I'm using RHS mods, does this not work with certain factions' units or something?