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Mar 10, 2016 @ 2:13pm
May 4 @ 1:55am
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ASR AI3 by Robalo
AI modification for ARMA3

For full info, comments/suggestions, visit
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Coarse Mold May 24 @ 8:42am 
Is this compatible with ace
jtareb1 May 23 @ 5:24pm 
Should ACE be turned off for this mod? I am running ACE with the med part removed and cannot get the AI to heal its units
Mario May 16 @ 5:22pm 
Hi, i want to know if ASR Config for RHS mod can be active in server side only. Clients and server have asr_ai3 but I need to use the RHS Config in the server side. Its possible?.
MAJOR_KONTROL May 4 @ 3:33am 
What happens when there's no config for a specific faction? For example: I don't think ASR will differentiate Pilots or Special Forces from Iron Front to give them individual skill sets. How will it treat units from those mods?
BMA251 May 2 @ 6:16pm 
This mod has a couple of very nice features, but the fact that ai now uses grenades and anti-tank weapons as their primary choice against even a single soldier is annoying to say the least
I enjoy just having straight up warzones but the current ai just fucking lay down behind cover doing nothing. This gonna fix that or ? Also how do i know if it is working? If i just go into the editor and spawn a bunch of ai is it going to work or does it need to be enabled somehow?
[REDi]1R WO1 Slatery [A,D] Apr 29 @ 5:12pm 
Question with the added faction configs (namely project opfor and RHS), can these be run as server mods or does everyone who joins need them? I would ask in the correct page but the discussions don't seem active
Kapp Apr 26 @ 12:41pm 
Is this compatible with VCOM? I'm testing both out at the same time and the AI seems to work well. Are there any compatibility issues?
POLM_GekkeGerrit Apr 18 @ 8:40pm 
Never add () to url's my friend, now your link translates into http://( and gets blocked as malicious :P
Just 2 cents :)
gpgpgpgp1234 Mar 20 @ 10:44pm 
Hi Robalo! May I ask your permission to include a modded version of your mod in another mod (
The only difference is that I commented out all "audiblefire" edits since Bohemia has updated it to a new standard, and thus "audiblefire" is used for ACE hearing to determine weapon firing sound.
If you generously allow me to do so, it'll save a lot of work! :steamhappy:
If not, I'll consider making an addon file to revert all ASR "audiblefire" edits back to vanilla one by one (it' already a pain to think about it).