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The Hat Factory
Game Mode: Payload
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Mar 10, 2016 @ 1:57pm
Jul 25, 2016 @ 10:49pm
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The Hat Factory

Payload map that takes place in the world famous factory of hats.


- Giant Robo Heavies are being used as machines at the factory. Feel free to climb all over them.
- The surrounding mountains are all hats.
- Blue's first spawn has a crate recycler that you can test out with your own corpse.
- The final point is a hat vault built into the belly of a Robo Heavy.
- The hat vault opens to reveal 4 different interiors, hats, gold coins, rainbows and skeletons.
- The voiceovers in the factory is a system scavaged from a Black Mesa dumpster.
- Blue's last spawn has a Pyroland simulation chamber that has attracted a pile of pyros.

Latest changes/fixes/updates:

adjusted soundscapes.
rebuilt some of the area around the 2nd point. the intent was to enable red to fight back a bit more.
adjusted various sightlines being abused by snipers.
closed over several rooms that were never in play during play tests.
simplified the annoucement system.
simplified the 2nd point as well, no more teleporting on top of the heavy's head. that was too much for some folks.
reduced the time given at the first 2 points.
removed a sub point.
added a few more crates to the last point.
simplified the texture selection of buildings. it was apprently confusing to people. seizures.
the map is now 37 megs, which is 25 megs smaller than before.
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Great map! this map is very creative and uniuqe, i love the idea of a map out of a hat factory, and the addtion of robo heavies just makes it all the better, and all the props and posters are very humorous too! along with good map design, oh if this could only be added. with only a minor critisism of outdated map structutre, such as, blocky parts of the map. but all in all good map!
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try: map workshop/642446800
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