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Garry's Mod

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Undertale Sans abilities.
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Mar 9, 2016 @ 1:26pm
May 24, 2016 @ 12:42pm
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Undertale Sans abilities.

>>This addon is no longer supported<<

Miss: Every 0.5 Seconds, Miss is reapplied, Rendering all damage taken ineffective, Any damage taken between misses has a chance to instantly kill you, If not do alot of damage. (After all, Sans only has one hit point.)

Gaster Blaster: Left Click, Holding the button summons and fires them rapidly. - 25 damage per shot.

Bone Throw: Right click, Holding the button shoots bones rapidly. About the same damage as a pistol shot.

Bone Field/Impale: Press your reload key aiming at the ground or the wall, Does not work on the ceiling, It paralyzes and damages your opponent. I think about 30 damage.

Telekinesis: Hold E over an >Enemy< (For clarification, Anything alive that would shoot or smack you.) 15-30 Damage when they touch any surface in this state.

'Dunked On' Ability: Not an official title unless added to the description, But you combine Telekinesis and Bone Throw, I think it does about 40-50 damage per hit. You can also combine this with Gasterblasters, Which do the same damage they normally would, But your opponent can't move, This also works with Bone Field/Impale, And can do damage for both attacks.

Pressure: Using Telekinesis, Aim towards the ground, If you hear damage being dealt, You're doing damage with Pressure, Pressure does the same damage as smacking someone with telekinesis, But you hold the opponent to a wall or against the floor, Dealing damage over time.
(You COULD technically use Pressure on the ceiling as well, But it doesn't work as effectively.)

Bad Time Mode reduces the cooldowns, Gatling Blasters, Machine Gun Bones. etc.
To activate a Bad Time Mode you need to write a console command "pc_sans_rage_mode" or just bind it to a any button like this "bind k pc_sans_rage_mode"

Admin version which makes Telekinesis last almost indefinitely, Increasing the speed of other attacks as well.

This addon also uses these addons:
but it works fine without it. it is just replaced with the standard models.

This guys helped me with this addon:
Debug, workshop page work:


for guys who know how to code lua, and want to look at my source code.

-Anyone can ripoff this, and make other abilities from this (but try your best and don't just replace some models and textures (try to cutoff all about sans))
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