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How to Defcon#1 on your friends
By PolaredPancakes
In this guide you will learn how to play defcon with your mates.
It will be going over ;

-The Importance of multiplayer
-The Importance of nukes before friendships
-And how to win
-Fun mods to play with friends

So first of all, you wanna play a game of defcon with your mates but someone has to make a server. So obviously you will, But while doing so you have to make sure its the most offencive name posible to get a little gigle out of your friends. Also make such your name is something funny too, such as "OmgMyNameDoesntFi" Or "Ala Hu SnackBar".

Ok, 1-2 minutes later and its defcon#4. This is when all your ships are going towards your first victim so you can screw them over at defcon#3, By that time you should start allying the best player (if it isnt you) so you have a bigger chance to win. But make sure you cannot defend their base in anyway, You only want his/her's help durring the game. But you don't want his/her's units to become too low on health because then that person will start to notice that your doing nothing.

4-5 minutes later its defcon#1, A.K.A all hell breaks loose. Its time to drop your allies and fire at them. But make sure to send more nukes towards your friends who have more units, because its a waste if you send 10 nukes to your friend who only has 10million people left in their section compaired to someone with 50 million.

And if you have some luck you will probaly win.

But after doing that around 5 times your most likely bored of the look of the game, so there are multiple mods you can install that retexture the map and units which you can find on their.

And if your even bored of that you can install a map that makes it a Uk vs Uk or a Au vs Au.
And if your EVEN EVEN bored of that then you can install a space mod to take the fight to space.

Overall, this game needs people to play with. Or its boring af.

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god's wind Mar 18, 2016 @ 10:46am 
Funny and realistic. Nice job!