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Installing Custom Playermodels
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Installing Custom Playermodels - A complete guide on installing any and all custom playermodels for Toxikk. Works for both server owners and singleplayer users.
Do you have an IQ that's greater than 20? Are you a lazy-♥♥♥ like I am? If you want to get to the point, follow these steps:

1.) Download custom playermodel mutator
2.) Copy UDKCustomPlayers.ini to Toxikk/UDKGame/Config
3.) Enable in-game

1.) Download the custom playermodel
2.) Copy required CustomPlayers= lines to UDKCustomPlayers.ini below the rest
3.) Use the PP command to select your new model
4.) Celebrate

Installing the Custom PM Mutator

Downloading the Mutator
Downloading the playermodel mutator is simple, either subscribe to the workshop item or use the provided mirrors. If you need more information, follow the section below.

Copying UDKCustomPlayers.ini
If you downloaded via a mirror, you may skip this step.

By subscribing to the Custom PM mutator via the Steam Workshop, a lot of files have been placed within a special folder located inside of your Toxikk directory. However, to prevent conflicts, I have added an extra step to the mutator process. This step is for first-time installation only.

Locate your Toxikk workshop folder. This is in:


You should see a file named UDKCustomPlayers.ini. Copy this file, and paste it into the "Config" folder of your main UDKGame directory. This is in:


Keep note of where this file is, as you'll have to use it each and every time you download a new playermodel. Luckily, you only have to copy it once.

Congrats, you can now start installing custom playermodels. This step is a one-time requirement.

Using the Mutator In-Game
If you know how to use a dedicated server, then you should already know what you're doing. In this case, the mutator code is: CustomPlayers.CRZMutator_CustomPlayers

For players wishing to use the mutator in singleplayer solo play, start Toxikk. Before you actually go into your Boot Camp game, click the "Mutators" button. Within the list, find the (normally cut-off) Custom Playermodels mutator.

Click the mutator and ensure that the box is selected. Also ensure that the mutator shows up on the right-side list on the side of your screen. If everything works, then you should be able to use your mutator in-game.
Downloading the Playermodel
I see a nice model that I like, how do I download it?

In my case, all of my playermodels are distributed through the Steam Workshop. As well as uploading to the workshop, I submit all of my playermodels to the Toxikk forums[]. There are two common ways that you can download playermodels:

• Subscribing via Steam Workshop
• Downloading directly via mirror

In this section, I'll discuss both ways.

Subscribing via Steam Workshop

First, open the workshop page of the playermodel that you wish to download. For example:
Below the preview videos / images, you should see a "subscribe" button.
Hitting "+ Subscribe" should start a download process and transfer all of the item's files into your Toxikk folder. At the time of writing, workshop items are downloaded to:


Normally, copying files from this location to another is not necessary. In a previous section of this guide, we copied an .ini file. However, that was a one-time thing and that should rarely ever be done.

Downloading directly via mirror

Some workshop items (especially my own) or other locations may offer links to alternative websites that host a mirror of the model's files. For example, Dropbox and Mediafire are the two sites that I commonly use.

Downloading is simple, follow the links provided and download the file like you normally would.

Commonly, the model will come in an archive such as .zip or .rar. In the latter case, you will need a program like 7Zip or WinRAR to extract it.

Once your file is downloaded, open it in the appropriate program and you should get something like this:

If you see folders like Content, Src, Script, etc. then these are to be placed in UDKGame.
The next step is to extract the archive. Within the archive, move to a spot where said folders are visible. You're going to want to extract them to your UDKGame folder, which is located in:


Merge any necessary folders. At this point, Toxikk will be able to recognize the playermodel's files and use them.

You're almost done, just one more step!
Editing the .ini
I hit subscribe, why isn't it working?
Not everything is magic, using mods requires a little bit of work sometimes.

Downloading a playermodel is not enough. However, I've taken the liberty of making playermodel addition extremely simple. In each posting of a playermodel, you should notice a snippet of code that has a lot of strange and foreign lines. It should look something like this:

CustomPlayers=(PlayerClass="CustomPlayers.PI_RedGuy",DownloadURL="") CustomPlayers=(PlayerClass="CustomPlayers.PI_BlueGuy",DownloadURL="") CustomPlayers=(PlayerClass="CustomPlayers.PI_Bones",DownloadURL="") CustomPlayers=(PlayerClass="CustomPlayers.PI_HK47Char",DownloadURL="") CustomPlayers=(PlayerClass="CustomPlayers.PI_DAR",DownloadURL="") CustomPlayers=(PlayerClass="CustomPlayers.PI_DARGreen",DownloadURL="")

These lines are important! Select all of them and copy them to your clipboard, you'll need them later. Make sure that you don't copy any weird brackets or anything, each line should start with "CustomPlayers" and end with a ")".

Appending UDKCustomPlayers.ini

Locate the "Config" folder of your Toxikk directory. This is in:


Assuming you followed the mutator installation section, you should have a file named UDKCustomPlayers.ini. Open it in your desired text editing program. In my case, I have a lot of lines from modding and things, but you should see something like so:

After the last "CustomPlayers" line, hit Enter and make a new line. With the code from earlier in your clipboard, hit Paste and add it in. Ensure that there are no blank lines between the code that you pasted and the code that already exists. Save the file and your new playermodels should be up and running!
Final Words
Congratulations, you installed a playermodel!

In-game, you can open the console with the method of your choice (Usually F1) and use the PP command to bring up the playermodel menu. Assuming you followed everything right, your new models should show up.

You can also use the new category menu to filter playermodels by category. Useful if you have a lot of models at once.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
(I've been in the KF workshop long enough to know that you're going to spam me with these questions, so read up:)

A: Be sure that you extracted your files to the right places and make sure you added your lines to UDKCustomPlayers.ini. If something is seriously wrong and you've installed models in the past, comment and I'll look at it.

A: I'll think about it, your chances are slim.

A: Ditch them if you want, they're just for modders anyway. The game doesn't even use them.
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There aren't a lot of steps, I just described them in METICULOUS detail so even people who don't know what they're doing can do it.
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