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Seven's Forge Kit
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Mar 7, 2016 @ 12:33am
Mar 15, 2016 @ 12:08am
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Seven's Forge Kit

Mod ID: 640022028

This mod is clean and stackable - adds 3 forges to your game, all of which run off electricity. The forges rates tier at x10, x30 and x50 faster than a normal Forge. You may disable whatever forges you don't want by following the instructions in this discussion

  • Crafting Station
  • Forges powered by electricity
  • Portable
  • Reduced size (fits on 1x1)
  • Custom mesh when dropped (no more shady brown box)
  • PIN activation & locking supported
  • Refines resources into ingots, gasoline and charcoal
  • Dope colors

You can check out my other standalone mods below - or you can get the all-in-one suite that contains all of my stuff in a single mod
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Jul 17 @ 2:57pm
Servers using this mod
Apr 22 @ 7:34am
PINNED: Cheat GiveItem
Mar 20 @ 3:19pm
epic forge only doing 20x
< >
CurlyFrys Aug 6 @ 9:19am 
no one on our server can find out where to make it. isnt supposed to bet in regular crafting press v to find the engram for the forge maker? Im not sure if it just isnt showing up, and its an error with either the mod or the server. or if everyone is looking in the wrong place
Funkey Monkey Jun 28 @ 11:36am 
Best forge mod! There great for a modded play and there not too super cheater so there great.
Brøther Lööps May 29 @ 12:15am 
I really like this mod, but even the 50x times can get a little slow in the late-late game. Could there be a 1000x maybe? That could cost element or something like that.
HYDRA May 19 @ 2:49am 
[EU]Ark Annunaki Tx5 Hx5 XPx5 IP:
Bolisaris Apr 22 @ 7:36am 
By the way this mod is definitely still working except for the spawn codes so instead of using them use......

Cheat GFI ForgeMaker 1 0 0 (for Crafting Station)
Cheat GFI ElectricForge 1 0 0 (for Electric Forge)
Cheat GFI MasterForge 1 0 0 (for Master Forge)
Cheat GFI EpicForge 1 0 0 (for Epic Forge)

Without the parenthesis comments of-course

Tested in game and these work fine
Bolisaris Apr 22 @ 7:27am 
@ Evalution - Before you start dissing someones mod on another mod page, get you facts correct, This mod and my mod 'Wireless_Solar_Panels_V1.2' work perfectly together as I have just tested it in game, this kind of comment can harm a mod and lose me valuable subscriptions, so please be sure of your facts before dissing my mods especially on another mod authors page, to get these forges to power with my panels simply switch off the panel and then instantly restart it and the forge will become powered, this only needs to be done on it's initial placement after that it will automatically power up, this info is provided in the 'Wireless_Solar_Panels_V1.2' mod descriptions IF YOU HAD BOTHERED TO READ THEM!!!!!!!
Evalution Apr 4 @ 2:05am 
I just found out your forges can´t be powered with this mod:
Lexi Jan 29 @ 5:16pm 
So... weird/annoying thing, not sure if it's a bug, but on my non-dedicated server when I stand next to the forge maker, I overheat. My fort is pretty high and the insulation where I'm at is decent. However, it affects me but not other players... Dunno what's up with that!
Top Cat Jan 10 @ 3:37am 
@MoFo Works just fine on my server.
MoFo Jan 4 @ 5:15pm 
Doesn't work with Aberration. Doesn't seem to be updated anymore.