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Recommended Mods (2018)
By toaster
This Steam Community guide is not a guide, however a list of recommended and / or random mods that are available for use to the community of Team Fortress 2.

If you don't want to read through such a large list, you may find it easier to simply visit the website that most of the mods available for Team Fortress 2 are downloadable from: TF2 Gamebanana[]

This guide is mobile-friendly, should you need to refer to this guide in the future via your phone.

I also have another Steam guide for Team Fortress 2, check it out here!
Updates Log



5 March 2016


11th March 2016 This update has added more mods to the list and these are: • Custom HUDS (e.v.e HUD & TF2HUD+) • Lightwarps; • TF2 LoD Project; • Viewmodel Sway/Motion; • 4-Slot Grenade Launcher; • First Person Cosmetics. Removed: • Nothing.

12 March 2016 Added: • Running Loadout Screen Characters; • Requirements (Still being worked on); • Reworked Loadout Screen; • More HUDs to Custom HUDs. (BoredHUD for example) Removed: • TF2 LoD Project. Reason: Made the game look alot worse (low-poly models and low resolution textures) for a decreased frame rate, not increased. (Thanks 'Zappy' for this information!)

13 March 2016 Added: • Two Handed Stickybomb Launcher; • Newell's Be Gone; • Puppet Fortress; • Pistol Update; • High Quality Stickybomb Launchers; • Clicky Dead Ringer; • Cut Throat Concierge Fix. Removed: • Nothing Credits: • Trust And Bust for suggesting 'Two Handed Stickybomb Launcher'.

18th March 2016 Added: • Small bit of information added in regards to sv_pure 2 not being listed & spelling/gramatical error check + a few corrections (spelling and gramatical error correcttions still in progress); • NEW 4-Slot Grenade Launcher Mod; • Updated Lightwarps Section; • Updated Viewmodel Sway/Motion Section; • Updated Decapitation Sensation Section; • SFM Viewmodels; • Robot Animation Fixes; • Meet the Team: Blood Decals; • Less Distracting Explosions; • Mat_picmip -10/10 Mods. Removed: • OLD 4-Slot Grenade Launcher Mod.

1st April Added: • Kiyoshi's Heavy + Medic Re-Animated FP Animations added to Community First Person Class Animations; • Badlands All Class Pack; • Nabler Tweaks; • Fixed BLU Quadwrangler Texture; • Smaller Hand Cuffs for Kringle Collection. Removed: • Nothing

Mini/Hotfix Updates:

13 Mar @ 7:23 PM Added: • Decapitation Sensation. Thanks again, 'Trust And Bust'. Removed: • Nothing

30th May 2016 Added: • Updates section; • Some tidying of the guide. (E.X: Boxes around important areas, grammar improvements. Picture placement improvement). • Updates to some mod pictures, due to creators updating mods. Removed: • Nothing

11 June Added: • Updated the Engineer animation overhaul with the new overhaul created by Paysus. Removed: • Nothing

18 December 2016 • General sprucing up of the guide. • Added "Competitive Win Pose Loadout Screen Characters" vgui mod & updated Medic Paysus reanimation mod and link. • Removed a heavy amount of mods that I deemed 'pointless'.* • This in turn, made the guide less character heavy and optimised loading times for images. *If I've deemed a mod pointless, it's not bad or great, or whatever, it simply means I shouldn't of added it to this list because it's simply just a skin, and nothing else (e.g. - a purple flamethrower wouldn't be added, but a reanimated flamethrower with enough quality would be)

22 April 2017 • Branding Image update.

21 August 2017 • Updates Log image improvement. • Branding Image improvement. • Removed mods that were not working or caused issues. • Added some mods! • Rewritten most sections to feel less childish and feel a little more professional.


• You; • Anybody who made a mod; • Valve/TF Team
2018 Update

Below are the update notes to the massive 2018 update to this guide. Update should include many fixes, rewritings and even deletion of some mods. Additionally, some mods have been added!

Time of Update: 29th May 2018

Updates • Updates to the branding image. Should be improved. • Updates to the the guide description. Should be shorter now, mobile-friendly status added. • Updates to the Updates Log. Image improved. • Updates to the Details section. Should be shorter now, with more information to boot. • Updates to yttrium's Competitive Viewmodesls section. • Updates to the Custom Hitsounds section. Should include information for killsounds now. • Updates to the Custom HUDs section. Outdated HUDs should now have been removed. • Updates to the Texture Improvement Project section. More information regarding performance. • Updates to the mat_picmip -10/10 Mods section. More information regarding performance. • Updates to the First Person Class Animation Overhauls section. • Updates to the TF Bot Overhaul section. • Updates to the [Outdated/Broken] Consistent Kill Icons section. Should now be fixed! • Updates to the Competitive Win Loadout Screen Characters section. • Updates to the 4-Slot Grenade Launcher section. • Updates to the First Person Cosmetics section. • Updates to the Clicky Dead Ringer section. • Updates to the Cut Throat Concierge Texture Fix section. • Updates to the Robot Animation Fixes section. • Updates to the Less Distracting Explosions section. • Updates to the Nabler Tweaks section. • Updates to the Fixed BLU Quadwrangler Texture section. • Updates to the Viewmodel Textures section. Should now be renamed to Stock Weapons' Visual Improvement, with a new mod to replace the old. Updates to these sections include fixes to links, typo fixes and re-writes. Sections that haven't been re-written have been deemed acceptable for the time being. Additions • Added Improved Stock Weapon Materials section. • Added Revolver Improvement Pack section. • Added Visible Spy Watches While Cloaked! section. • Added Fixed Shotgun Shell Ejection Position 2.0 section. • Added Fixed Syringe Gun Cylinder section. • Added Consistent Eureka Effect section. • Added Lugermorph Clip Fix section. • Added Old Viewmodel Style Pack section. Additions to the guide are fairly recent mods that are seen to be high quality by most. Deletions/Removals • Deleted the 70 FOV Fix Pack due to issues. • Deleted the mat_phong 0 Fix Pack section due to issues. • Deleted the High Quality Weapon Backpack Images due to a lack of support for newer items. • Deleted the Viewmodel Sway [+ 70 FOV Fix For Mod] section due to a lack of support. • Deleted the Pistol Update section due to a lack of support. • Deleted the Source Filmmaker Style Viewmodels section due to a lack of support. • Deleted the Smaller Hand Cuffs for Kringle Collection section due to issues. Deletions to the guide have been made so as to help reduce load times. Previously if a mod was outdated, the tag "[Outdated]" would be slapped on to the title and it would not be deleted.

This was to give mods a chance to be updated however, typically once a mod has been released it will not be updated for quite a large amount of time or not at all.

Mods below are all randomly selected and sometimes personal preference. The TF Team has decided that the only mods that will work on their servers for the time being are custom HUDs and hitsounds. As a result, you may notice bugs or crashes when mods are installed.

Use on sv_pure 1 servers:

Start your own server (starting up Training should work), with mods enabled and wait for the map to load, disconnect and then connect to a server. Installed mods should now work on Casual, however this may only apply to animation overhauls and a select few other mods.


Team Fortress 2 as all games, has basic and recommended PC specs stated on the Steam store page. These can be found below, although are likely outdated due to updates to the game.

Windows: MINIMUM: OS: Windows® 7 (32/64-bit)/Vista/XP Processor: 1.7 GHz Processor or better Memory: 512 MB RAM DirectX: Version 8.1 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 15 GB available space Additional Notes: Mouse, Keyboard RECOMMENDED: OS: Windows® 7 (32/64-bit) Processor: Pentium 4 processor (3.0GHz, or better) Memory: 1 GB RAM DirectX: Version 9.0c Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 15 GB available space Additional Notes: Mouse, Keyboard Mac OS X: MINIMUM: OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8 and above Processor: 1.7 GHz Processor or better Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8 or higher, ATI X1600 or higher, Intel HD 3000 or higher Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 15 GB available space Additional Notes: Mouse, Keyboard SteamOS + Linux: MINIMUM: OS: Ubuntu 12.04 Processor: Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2.8 GHz Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: nVidia GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600 (Graphic Drivers: nVidia 310, AMD 12.11), OpenGL 2.1 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 15 GB available space Sound Card: OpenAL Compatible Sound Card Additional Notes: Mouse, Keyboard


Mods for Team Fortress 2 can range heavily in filesize, from a few KB to a few hundered MB each. If you intend to mod just about everything, you should have a few GBs worth of storage left to be on the safe side.

Due to the nature of most mods not being officially supported, it should be noted that installing mods can harm your performance, especially mods to improve graphics.

How to Install Mods

Below will be the information needed to know how to install mods.

Most mods are now being converted into VPK's (Valve Pack File) for you and all you have to do is place them into your custom folder and that's it. The intended pathway for this is:

C: » Program Files(x86) » Steam » steamapps » common » Team Fortress 2 » tf » Custom

If you're on a x32 system, it'll just be 'Program Files'.

Some mods unfortunately are not VPK's and require a little extra work. All you need to do is just grab the folder and place it in 'custom', which is the same as VPK's, but sometimes the modder doesn't make a folder with the mod contents in and you're just given the material files for example. You can fix this by:

C: » Program Files(x86) » Steam » steamapps » common » Team Fortress 2 » tf » Custom » my_custom_stuff

You'll have to create the 'my_custom_stuff' folder. You may call this whatever you want, but for saftey and reference, it's best to leave it at 'my_custom_stuff'.
Custom Hitsounds

Hitsounds are sounds that are heard when you've dealt damage to someone. You'll have to enable this in the Advanced Options, if you have not already.


Quake 3 Arena hitsound[] - Custom hitsounds[]

How to

If you're downloading a hitsound, you will likely be given the .WAV file and you may be confused if you're a first timer.

Go to your Custom folder, and make a new folder called 'HITSOUND' (don't include the quotes), then inside that folder, make another folder called 'sound', and then in that folder, create another folder called 'ui' and place the WAV file inside the 'ui' folder.

It should be seen as:

C: » Program Files (x86) » Steam » steamapps » common » Team Fortress 2 » tf » Custom » HITSOUND » sound » ui

It is the same for custom killsounds, but the .WAV file must be named as such.

Having two hitsounds in the folder won't work.

Credits: (hitsounds)

• Anyone whom created a hitsound;
• for their hitsound section!

Custom HUDs

Custom HUDs (Heads Up Display) have become a massive part of Team Fortress 2, so big infact that even the TF Team have supported the use of custom HUDs since their push to not support most mods.

Downloads: - A website that has a clear list of many HUDs that have been uploaded there and is always updated with a list of updated and outdated HUDs, just to make your search that little bit easier for you.
Improved Team Fortress 2 Default HUD[]
eve HUD[]

Credits: (Custom HUDs)

Please don't add any of these guys without a good reason to do so, that's not what the list is for. Links may be outdated due to a change of characters in the link by the profile owner.

Griever (Creator of ToonHUD)
Snowshoe (Creator of TF2HUD+)
sevin (Creator of 7HUD)
Eniere (Creator of Improved TF2HUD)
Jötunn (Creator of KBNHUD)
Sinders (Creator of e.v.e HUD)
nokk (Creator of ahud)
• (link above)
yttrium's Competitive Viewmodels
yttrium's Competitive Viewmodels mod allows users to use a small tool that will create a way for you to enable or disable specific viewmodels. More information can be found on the website linked below.

Please note, that as of 5/11/2017 (5th November), this mod causes animations to break. This is due to the Jungle Inferno update. The developer is working on fixing this when they can get around to it, though you may also simply disable viewmodels on the ones that are broken as a work around. post

Credits (yttrium's Competitive Viewmodels)

Texture Improvement Project

The Texture Improvement Project was a project to introduce improved and more consistent textures for Team Fortress 2 over the time it was being developed. Updates to the original content have stopped and have not been in development for a few years now.

However, the link below will refer you to a page of 'the closest thing to an updated version of TF2TIP'. The mod should work and not cause many issues, though some should be expected due to the lack of support for texture modifications.

Please note that as this is a graphics modification, you may experience performance issues with this mod installed. If you are experiencing such issues, it is suggested you only install the mod for screenshots.



There are extra things to do with the Texture Improvement Project you can install if you so wish to. Particles tend to look much nicer.

Rocket Trails[]
Cow Mangler Trail[]
Stylized Blood[]
Stylized Explosions[]

It is worth noting that these are not updated often and may also cause issues like the original Texture Improvement Project files do.

Credits (Texture Improvement Project):

Texture Improvement Project Development Team
mat_picmip -10 / 10 Mods

There are two mods to choose from here. The mat_picmip -10 mod will restore the original in-game "Ultra High" textures that were removed from the game due to memory issues, meanwhile the mat_picmip 10 mod will restore the "Ultra Low" quality textures for those who wish to conserve on VRAM and boost performance.

It should be noted that as these mods are a graphics modification, you may experience performance issues with the mods installed. Some systems run lower quality graphics worse due to a lack of support for specific graphics settings (say DirectX 8).


Ultra High Textures[]
Ultra Low Textures[]


First Person Class Animation Overhauls

These mods include brand new animations created for first person mode. If you're not the biggest fan of the simplicity of some of the animations for weapon drawing or firing, try out these mods by Paysus.

Please note: you may find some custom animations to be broken or may cause issues such as crashing or generally bugged animations. This occurs when the animation pack is outdated.

Credits: (Custom Animations)

TF Bot Overhaul

The Bot Overhaul mod is a complete overhaul of the way bots work in the vanilla Team Fortress 2. You'll find that the bots are smarter and more fun to play against. More information available via the download link!


Bot Overhaul Mod[]

If you've seen this mod before and haven't downloaded it in a while, you'll be glad to hear that the mod has been reduced significantly in size from its previous 1 GB filesize.

Credits: (Bot Overhaul)

Showin; growin;[]
Consistent Kill Icons

Consistent Kill Icons is a mod to ensure that your kill icons are consistent in the game. This mod generally improves kill icons for no real performance impact, if any.

The mod should work on Casual/Competitive servers.


Consistent Kill Icons[]


-Dark- (original)[]
RobotWB (Jungle Inferno version)[]
Custom Lightwarps

Lightwarps are mods that change the lighting of the game dramatically and can either be beneficial to you in terms of looks or in terms of framerate in some circumstances.


A Rather More Cartoony Lightwarp[]
Saturated Cartoon Lightwarp[]
More Dramatic Lighting[]
Black/Tan (Skintone) Lightwarp[]
Bucket Icon Lightwarp[]
Cinematic Lightwarp[]

Credits: (Lightwarps)

PuppyGravity[] (A Rather More Cartoony Lightwarp)
NEDM[] (More Dramatic Lighting)
Hawkshadow741[] (Black/Tan (Skintone) Lightwarp)
Non Human[] (Saturated Cartoon Lightwarp)
Hero Light[] (Bucket Icon Lightwarp)
EnthDegree[] (Cinematic Lightwarp)
Competitive Win Pose Loadout Screen Characters

Competitive Win Pose Loadout Screen Characters changed the loadout screen stance to that of the Competitive stances for the classes. It should be noted that you may have to go through a little more effort to install the mod because the mod has now become more of a guide on how to do it and not a straight up install.

It still isn't too difficult to do!


Competitive Win Pose Loadout Screen Characters[]


4-Slot Grenade Launcher

The 4-slot Grenade Launcher mod fixes the Grenade Launcher models to only have four grenade slots to match the amount you can fire from one clip.


4-Slot Grenade Launcher[]


Game Zombie; (Original)
First Person Cosmetics

These mods will give first person views of some comsetics. There isn't every cosmetic in the game and there is no option for painted varients. The first person cosmetics that these mods include are listed on the pages the link take you to.


First-Person Pack 1[]
First-Person Pack 2[]
First-Person Pack 3[]
First-Person Pack 4[]
First-Person Pack 5 Mixed Items[]


Clicky Dead Ringer

This mod will add a small animation of the Spy clicking the button on the Dead Ringer weapon just before opening the watch in order to add immersion. You have the same draw time and activation time before so you do not have any downsides to using this mod.

This mod should only break if there is an update to how the watches work.


Clicky Dead Ringer


Cut Throat Concierge Texture Fix

The Cut Throat Concierge cosmetic can sometimes been seen to have a fire overlay on the textures. This mod fixes this by reducing the intensity of the fire overlay, as full removal was impossible.


Cut Throat Concierge Texture Fix[]


Robot Animation Fixes

''This mod changes the robot models so that if they are missing a particular animation, they will fall back to the regular human animation for their class, instead of having no animation at all.'' - sigsegv

Please note that this mod may break if updates to Mann vs. Machine are released.


Robot Animation Fixes[]


Less Distracting Explosions

The explosions in Team Fortress 2 are now less dense and don't distract you as much. You may also find more consistent framerates when this mod is installed due to a lower amount of particles, though there is no guarantee.


Less Distracting Explosions[]


Nabler Tweaks

This mod updates the Nabler cosmetic for the Pyro to include less clipping issues.


Nabler Tweaks[]


Fixed BLU Quadwrangler Texture

This mod changes the BLU texture for the Quadwrangler cosmetic for the Medic. It should now look more consistent to the RED variant, but BLU instead. Additional details can be found within the link and image.


Fixed BLU Quadwrangler Texture[]



No-Hats Updated

If you've sought out for a full 2007 look and feel, you will have downloaded the mod above and you'll now download this mod. You'll gain a good FPS boost from using this mod and you'll feel like it's 2007 all over again!


Credits (No-Hats Updated)

Stock Weapons' Visual Improvement

Improves the appearance and rimlight on most of the stock weapons. - MOCOLONI


Credits (Viewmodel Textures)

Improved Stock Weapon Materials

These materials use less used VMT parameters such as $phongalbedotint and $phongwarp, i've also used $detail to overlay+blend in some decorated weapon-related textures like the "albedo" and "albedo_burnt" ones to give the textures more roughness, contrast and a unique look, I believe those textures are normally used only for decorated weapons but they added some nice roughness when i blended them in to the default stock textures with $detail... - NonHuman


Improved Stock Weapon Materials[]


Revolver Improvement Pack

An overhaul for making ejection rod, crane, hammer and cylinder move like they are supposed to do. Both current reload animation and face-smacking reload animation are available. This mod will not be compatible with any other reanimation mod... - newguy111


Revolver Improvement Pack[]


Visible Spy Watches While Cloaked!

I know that a similar mod was already made. But it's very outdated, works only for 3 out of all 5 watches and doesn't support sheens. That's why I wanted to make this submission, as it contains much more, is fresh and actually working.

This is not a hack to see enemy spies, as it's a viewmodel modification.

After 30 mins of trying to find files and figuring out how to use several programs, I made this mod! It makes so that when you go invisible as spy, your watch is fully visible, so you can admire it in it's full glory! :D

Sheens work too.
- Melectrome


Visible Spy Watches While Cloaked[]


Fixed Shotgun Shell Ejection Position 2.0

Remember the first attempt I've made to update the shell ejection position made by Zombie Mannequin (IIRC)? Well, I sort of forgot about it, because a few things held me back from finalizing the new version:
It broke Gun Mettle/Tough Break/Jungle Inferno/Smissmass 2017 war paint compatibility (only on the Panic Attack and Reserve Shooter
I couldn't get the Frontier Justice slide from working (the kind of small details that matters for me)
But this time, thanks to Newguy111's fixed ejection port, I could finally finish my project, I'm going to mark my old WIP as "Obsolete" (and might trash it soon since it's not relevant anymore).

Without any further ado, enjoy the version 2.0!

This fixes the Frontier Justice (didn't slide, ejected from wrong position), Reserve shooter and panic attack (both didn't slide, too plus ejected from the wrong position and the panic attack had a missing mesh, causing the classes to reload nothing into it), stock shotgun (ejected from the wrong side).
- NullPointerException


Fixed Shotgun Shell Ejection Position 2.0[]


Functional Ejection Port

Make ejection port works, 'nuff said.
Including animations for soldier, pyro and heavy.
- newguy111


Fixed Shotgun Port[]


Spinning Syringe Gun Cylinder

This mod fixes the Syringe Gun cylinder not spinning when fired.


Spinning Syringe Gun Cylinder[]


Consistent Eureka Effect

This mod fixes the Eureka to be a consistent model across both team variants.


Consistent Eureka Effect[]


Lugermorph Clip Fix

This mod adds a clip to the model of the Lugermorph gun. This ensures that we see a clip when reloading as either Scout or Enginner with the model and also ensures that the inspect animation doesn't look odd.


Lugermorph Clip Fix[]


Old Viewmodel Style Pack

This section will link you to various pages in which you can download the Old Viewmodel Style for that specific weapon.


Old Viewmodel Style Sniper Rifle[]
Old Viewmodel Style Shotgun[]
Old Viewmodel Style Scattergun[]
Old Viewmodel Style Minigun[]
Old Viewmodel Style Rocket Launcher[]


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Gentoons Jun 1 @ 6:12pm 
I'm confused on where people get these images for the mods, like in "Clicky Dead Ringer." I saw a bunch of them on a website from some modder too. Can someone explain this to me?
Dozy #SaveRandomCrits May 29 @ 5:03am 
What kind of sick person would want no hats in tf2
Epsilon Dec 28, 2017 @ 2:26pm 
You should add the fempyro mods onto this list, it's technically the best mod for tf2.
Stɹange Dec 28, 2017 @ 1:10pm 
bass Dec 17, 2017 @ 7:59pm 
Thanks a million for making this, helps me a lot with finding mods that enhances my TF2 experience.
toaster  [author] Jul 7, 2017 @ 11:59am 

I know it is broken, however I also know about the "do it yourself" way you provide with your download. Alongside this, I rarely update this guide anymore. Sorry. I'll try to add information regarding that whenever I have time.

Heretic Jul 5, 2017 @ 4:35am 
FYI my mod is broken.
toaster  [author] Jun 25, 2017 @ 9:28am 
I'll look into this at some point soon.
marinesciencedude Jun 22, 2017 @ 11:21am 
If you're interested in having both Clicky Dead Ringer and Paysus's animations, you need to extract 'Spy First Person Animation Overhaul - V_Models' using GCFScape and delete all 'v_watch_pocket_spy' files in there. This only works in custom whitelisted sv_pure 1 or sv_pure 0, so there'll be a bit of unnecessary inconsistency on regular sv_pure 1 servers - but worth it once you find a server that allows it.

Next job is Pistol Update (a bit harder this time...)
marinesciencedude Jun 22, 2017 @ 11:02am 
Check out this (Steam will remove the download link because it's from Mediafire):

Kazotsky Kick in 2013: