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WarfareThai EX
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Mar 1, 2016 @ 9:09pm
Apr 14, 2018 @ 1:58am
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WarfareThai EX

Thread on BIS Forum:

WarfareThai EX (WFT EX) is aimed at adding the various (fictional) factions to Arma 3.
It includes Thai Armed Forces (Modern), Thai Armed Forces (CSAT-2035), Free Thai Movement (2035), Middle-East Kingdom Army, Middle-East Insurgents, Eastern Europe Armed Force, Eastern Europe Insurgents, Terrorists (Middle East), and some minor factions.
It also includes new weapons, new various map objects, and consumable items: food (heal) and drinks (restore stamina).
Although the name implied as Thai Armed Force(s), in fact, this mod attend to focus more on weaponry, opfor units, and factions.

Useful Tips
  • Consumable items can be consumed by double-clicking item pictures on inventory screen.
  • Fill the empty water canteen from various water sources by double clicking in item inventory screen.
  • Raw food can be processed by double-clicking in front of any inflame object.
  • PPSh-41, FN Minimi Para, M231 FPW, CAR-15 N-23, and HK33 can swap magazines with their counter part variants.

Compatible with:

Ryan's Zombies and Demons classes: (requires Ryan's Zombies and Demons)
  • "COREV_Z_RyanZedHookFast",
  • "COREV_Z_RyanZedHookCrawler",
  • "COREV_Z_RyanZedHookMedium",
  • "COREV_Z_RyanZedHookSlow",
  • "COREV_Z_RyanZedHookSpider",
  • "COREV_Z_RyanZedHookWalker",
  • "COREV_Z_RyanZedHookNormal"

Known issues:
  • Some vehicles, and weapon models, and reload animations, are still WIP.
  • Sometimes, when spawned units in Zeus mode on Dedecated Server, they can contained only one magazine in their pocket.
  • 3D Spotting Target can increased network traffic and lead to desync.
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Jan 12, 2018 @ 8:55pm
PINNED: Basic instruction to spawn WFT Ryan 's Zombies & Demons
Lord Booka
< >
AnimatedTanker Feb 20 @ 5:23pm 
Cheers'n'Thanks! :thumbsup: I do like this mod alot and sometimes in longer sessions the shotguns take longer to reload their shells but overall it's good.
Lord Booka  [author] Feb 20 @ 3:18am 
You can try to set the parameter:

m_bEnableReservedWeapon = true;

it is a local command which will be active only on the client.

That is sound interesting. I will keep looking on it.
AnimatedTanker Feb 18 @ 6:03pm 
Aye, is there a way to activate the reserve weapon through other scenarios besides eden? just a question tho.
Firmament Feb 9 @ 6:37am 
Thanks for the hint but for now I think I'm going to use WFT's consumables as quest items only. For some reason I don't want to edit my downloaded mods' files. But obviously, if you find some time to make a small Ravage compatibility patch, I'm sure it'll be much appreciated by everyone. At last, note that I'm using my own local mod pack, with several mods (including yours) merged into one folder. But I don't think this is what is causing the issue, as everything else works absolutely fine.
@Isaacdevil: I'm making a big mod-mission based on GSC's S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I'll speak more about it soon in the right place :)
Lord Booka  [author] Feb 9 @ 2:29am 
AFAIK, there is nothing conflict with Ravage on WFT side. However, I assume that the recent Ravage may inherited or modified class RscDisplayInventory which can cause a conflict between these 2 mods.
The way to fix this is adding the scripts from WFT inventory classes:
to Ravage inventory
for example
class UniformContainer: GroundContainer {onLBSelChanged = "Ravage's function;WFT's function";onLBDblClick = "Ravage's function;WFT's function";};

I have to apologize that I can not fix this by myself (or create a compatible patch) because now I am working full time and I not comfortable to access to the mod source files. :steamsad:
V. Berlioz Feb 7 @ 8:07pm 
There's always a classic issue with regards to script compatibility. A lot of them don't like playing nice with eachother, so if you want to use WT and Ravage together, you'll need to look into making the scripts work together the hard way.
Isaacdevil Feb 7 @ 7:56pm 
I don't think you can use those items with Ravage unless you script them to do so but I'm not entirely sure sorry. However, are you making an Exile Ravage server or something? It'd be interesting seeing a server like that using this mod.
Firmament Feb 7 @ 6:18pm 
Please help! I absolutely want to use your mod along with Ravage and yet I've run into a problem: it looks like I can't use ANY of the WFT items (consumables, tools) when Ravage Survival Module is enabled! Is there any quick fix for this? I'm not even asking to use consumable (because I'm fine with Ravage ones already), all I really need is to use the Lantern and the Drone tools (but nothing happens when I double left-click the items in inventory IF Ravage survival module is here at the same time). Fantastic mod btw, and thanks A LOT for giving your items such pretty 3d models. Also Kudos to anyone involved in the mod for making those uni/vests and weapons, some of them are truly epic :steamhappy:
JohnTheGreat Feb 1 @ 9:05pm 
I love the Ushanka/Oovercoat model.
RevampedWeeb Dec 17, 2018 @ 7:33am 
What's up with those mutated creeps? I can't seem to spawn them but they look amazing as flood.