The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Elisif's Garden
Created by Holth2004
With all the civil unrest and war machinations besieging the land, Elisif the Fair has not found the means to mourn the death of her husband High King Torygg.

From the Blue Palace messengers were sent to all corners of Skyrim inviting builders and cr...
Charles the Chicken
Created by LordofthePies
Charles is a simple chicken companion living alone in the Four Shields Tavern, located in Dragon Bridge. This little bird seeks a life of adventure, and wishes to see all Skyrim has to offer.

- Note -
I would appreciate it if people who get this mod s...
Ja'wa Follower
Created by Dimonoider
Ja'wa is a follower inspired by jawas from Star Wars. He has many functions. Ja'wa live in lodge near the Sunderstone Gorge.

- Ja'wa has the unique follower system;
- Ja'wa has unique voice reactions;
- Ja'wa will never get lost;
- Ja'wa i...
Khajiit's Pets 1.4
Created by gg77
Come and see the House Cats of Vharje kid and Nelkar, two young Khajiits who live in Breezehome (Whiterun)

Come to invoke duets of cats who will follow you as if you were their mother ...

At the entrance of the house, Felix awaits you to accomp
Repopulate Skyrim with House Cats 1.4
Created by gg77
Repopulate Skyrim with the People of House Cats (No DLC needed)

Place cats wherever you want through Skyrim ...


10 variants colors (Dark Grey, Dark Brown, Ginger, Spotted, White, Black, ...
Honeyside:Queen of Thieves
If you play Skyrim as the Head of the Thieves Guild, chances are you were bitterly underwhelmed by Honeyside. This is for every Thane of Riften or King or Queen or Thieves who ever felt they deserve a little more luxury than the vanilla shack offered.