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Elevated Stops Enabler
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Feb 28, 2016 @ 12:53pm
Mar 15, 2018 @ 2:55pm
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Elevated Stops Enabler

In 1 collection by BloodyPenguin
Penguin's Transport Realism Project
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Allows to place bus and tram stops on elevated versions of roads

I highly recommend you to use those custom stairs or elevators to allow your citizens to reach an elevated road.

Latest update:
UPDATE 1.0.1 (3/15/2018)
Fixed: Don't throw an exception if the elevated/bridge version of asset doesn't have any lanes

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Feel free to comment.

Note: if you have any errors/exceptions, please, don't paste them or output_log.txt into comments. Use pastebin, dropbox or whatever.

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Aug 9 @ 10:51am
PINNED: Tutorial: How to connect an elevated road with pedestrian paths
< >
black_panther559 Nov 29 @ 12:24am 
Which is why I only play the game based off mods I acquire from Steam Workshop. I'm not a programmer (although I went to school to be one and got bored of it being too technical and decided to the art route instead...Yay me...however HIGHLY irrelevant...LOL), so I know I wouldn't know anything about the technicalities of the game. I only utilize what I have, and study ways to make it work if I see a situation that is NON-technical, and just game based only.

So, whatever you say, I would take you by your word and just go with it. If it still works for me, based on my adjustments in game, then I advise it as I do it. In the technical aspect of it, you would know better than me so hey, have at it! LOL! I'll work on the end that I am used to...GAMING STRICTLY!! LOL! :steamhappy:
asterisk11231 Nov 28 @ 10:42pm 
So, their was definitely a change either with trolleys or Sunset harbor's free patch and subsequent releases (2020)

I am an experienced C# programmer (not game dev though, but I worked with Unity) and I'd look at it, but so far Colossal Order's documentation is, virtually non-existent, for the API - it's likely not publicly available. As I said, it seems like most people rely on the libraries like Harmony (used in many Unity games, or in this case, CSL modding). Plus that's time setting up Visual Studio and such to work with mods, it requires some additional work besides just cloning a repo into the right spot.
asterisk11231 Nov 28 @ 10:37pm 
@black_panther559 The pinned thread doesn't apply if you have, say, already have working pedestrian access to the road and can place stops. I haven't re-tried with regular buses. I've needed no additional setup with their Stairs for Elevated Stops collection as well as pedestrian roads. At least, not that I recall... I wasn't paying too close attention to whether or not people boarded them.
black_panther559 Nov 28 @ 8:54pm 
That may be an angle to research as well. I know that I've tried a few different ways with this one as well. Although, due to finding no real concrete solution, I sort of just left it alone altogether, but I still use the other lifts as accessible pedestrian crosses, to get from one point to another, via a bridge connection. That part of it still works. I just don't use the bus line connections. :d:steamhappy:
black_panther559 Nov 28 @ 8:51pm 
@asterisk11231 I may have read your post incorrectly, but if you are looking at my post as a disrespect to BloodyPenguin, then you are sadly mistaken by my delivery. I was pretty much stating that this is most likely what he/she was intending for us to do, given WHATEVER the circumstances are causing him/her not to be able to tend to this one.

I was actually (in BP's defense, as with anyone I've posted comments for) directing everyone's attention to the posting on how to do it yourself, since this clearly hasn't even been followed up with responses since March 15, 2018. So, it only leaves one to conclude that if you want to find a solution, that you would most likely have to either do it yourself, or find another mod similar to it somewhere else, unless you are a modder yourself.
asterisk11231 Nov 28 @ 8:43pm 

That said, I don't think that is the issue with the current version. It mentions "Sharp Junction Angles" which, besides being covered completely and then some by Fine Road Tools 2 and Fine Road Anarchy 2, is listed on several troubleshooting guides and by AutoRepair as being broken/incompatible with the current version. So it hasn't been updated.

I've even gotten it to work (99% sure) with just this mod and either connecting ped-only roads (like in NeXT 2) and control with TM:PE to prevent vehicles using it or BloodyPenguin's "stairs for elevated stops". I believe the issue, rather, stems from the Sunset Harbor free patch and onward of game version, when they added support for trolleys. The stairs nor connected roads - even other options like Park Life Paths as roads - seem to actually have passengers queueing on an elevated road.
asterisk11231 Nov 28 @ 8:39pm 
Mods have to be updated every time Colossal Order releases an update, even if it's just to update linkages to the new API versions. Any change to their APIs, which are...not publicly documented (seems the modders rely on their own docs, trial & error, and decompilation). Show some respect for the modders who spend their precious limited time for free to work on them.

I believe @BloodyPenguin even mentioned that their a poor college student with little free time or money.
black_panther559 Nov 28 @ 7:18pm 
Now, this is just my guess (subjectively speaking). I don't think this mod is ever going to be updated.

Seems like whenever a mod developer leaves a PINNED instruction on how to produce your own in the "POPULAR DISCUSSIONS" panel just above, that usually means that we are on our own from that point on. To add insult to injury, it was posted on Aug. 9th, which makes it
even more clear.

I read the instructions, and it seems like that's exactly what is being advised. At least the pictures provide a pretty detailed guide on what to do. I tried it, and it does seem to work out that way, although, who wants to have to do that ALL the time? Instead, rather have someone just mod it out for us, right?

Sucks, but I'm taking it, unless someone else knows how to code and decide to take over from here with this one (unfortunately, I'm not a modder, but I wish I was in times like this), seems like that's the only light at the end of THIS tunnel! :steamsad:
asterisk11231 Nov 27 @ 2:05am 
Regarding this bug, which I also encountered, has anyone tested or experienced if it happens to trams and busses, or only trolleybusses? I thought I used it before successfully (may have just missed no one boarding?) but this *was* working before Sunset Harbor and trolleys, IIRC.
tychogormley Sep 1 @ 10:33am 
I noticed a bug recently, I tried placing stops on elevated roads, and the stops appear on the map and in the transport editor, but the physical stops (bus signs) appear on the closest surface road (within a few tiles) to the elevated one and the cims wait at the "stop" which appeared on the surface road. Anyone have the same problem?