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Stardew Valley Megaguide (BETA LIVE! - Updating)[Spoiler Tags]
By xRaenboe and 1 collaborators
This guide will cover everywhere from beginners basics to endgame content, with enough tips and stats to make your eyes water. We'll be covering everywhere from money to relationships to crops. There should be something in here for everyone!

This guide is a work in progress so please bear with me. If you feel you have anything to add or corrections to make then please let me know.
News / Recent Updates
If you are looking for something specific hold down CTRL/CMD + F to open the search function.

BREAKING NEWS: Co-Op Beta is now out! Read the "Co-Op" section for more.

{thanks to Deets, he will be maintaining the FAQ}


Recent Updates (Major Only)
  • Added unique dialogues for all spouses.
  • Spouses now leave the house on mondays.
  • Value of most animal products increased.
  • Holly is now poisonous.
  • Missing events problem shouldn't happen anymore.
  • Minor bug/grammar/graphics fixes.

  • Saves deleted for no reason - Try going into C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\StardewValley and moving the saves folder out and back in again, make sure your game is closed during this.
  • Game crashing on launch - Check you have an audio output e.g speakers/headset.
  • Black screen on launch - Delete your C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\StardewValley folder but make sure you copy your save file(s) somewhere else first.

  • Trees appear to no longer regrow from stumps.
  • On the day they become harvestable, sometimes the tilled soil under planted forage items disappears.
  • Leaving cauliflowers/melons/pumpkins unharvested for a period of time still allows them to merge into giant crops.
As of 30/04/18 Beta is now live! There are instructions to access it here: and you can use the code "jumpingjunimos" to unlock the private beta on steam. There is now a further FAQ here:

I will be streaming on and off at whilst I am updating my guide so feel free to tune in and share anything you've learned :D!

No official changelog but this has been compiled on reddit:

** It has been advised to backup your saves BEFORE using Beta as there are bound to be bugs that may affect your saves **

You can either use a current save and buy houses from robin for 100g and 10 stone or you can start a new game via the new co-op option.

This allows you to choose whether to join a game or host your own.

You then get the default character creation screen with an added box on the left, allowing you to choose whether you would like to add houses at the start of the game or not (otherwise Robin can build them later). If you want them at the beginning you can pick whether they are close to each other (nearby) or spread out over the farm (seperate).

You can also adjust the profit margin levels, as the game could be considered a bit too easy if all 4 players can make the usual amount of money. Clicking the large circled ? options up the below message.

Things noticed so far
  • Money is shared.
  • Relationships / mailbox / quests are per character.
  • All players must be in bed to trigger the next day.
  • Cutscenes are not shared unless like are main storyline (e.g. community centre)
  • You each get unique quests at the request board outside Pierre's.
  • Laying in bed causes your energy to slowly regen (if you are waiting for other players). Afternoon naps?
  • A player who disconnects seems to rejoin with full energy.
  • Museum rewards are earned by each player (but donations are shared! yay!)
  • You share the same instance of the mine but don't have to go to the same levels.
  • Starter furniturer can be sold for initial seed funds.

Some extra Info
  • There is cross play between GoG and steamed but no planned cross play between different platforms.
  • Cabins are permanently claimed by players once they join your game. So you can have a maximum of 3 people join you for the whole game and thats it.
  • You can use an item on a player to "trade" it.
  • Hoeable sticks/worms now appear on the players farm.
  • Offline players’ inventories can be accessed through the chest of drawers in their cabins.
  • Players can currently all use the same bed at the same time to sleep.
  • You can marry other players with the Wedding ring - recipe from the wagon for 500g.

Server Commands - Type /help to see ingame.

List of available text colours.


Here's what we ConcernedApe has told us...

"Shortly after you begin the game, Robin will offer to build up to 3 cabins on your farm. Each cabin will house a farmhand, controlled by one of your friends.

Farmhands can do almost anything the main player can do. They can farm, mine, fight, fish, forage, marry NPCs and take part in festivals. Each player has their own inventory. When a farmhand is not connected, their inventory can be managed through a chest in their cabin."

This is a HUUUUUUUGE work in progress, as the game is so large and I have limited free time. It is also my first guide so bear with me for formatting etc, I will be doing my best to neaten it up as I go along! I will give credit where credit is due, but currently most of the information is a mish mash of tips given from hundreds of players. If you want to contribute or have anything to add please let me know! Thanks a lot.

Please note there ARE SPOILERS IN THIS! GUIDE - later on when there is more information I will put a spoiler tag at the beginning of each section to let you know how many spoilers there are in each one.

Hi there!

So, you’ve just inherited the best upcoming farm in the world! Hells yeah! Do you even have any idea what you’re even doing? No? Well let me help out! I hope the below guide gives you some insight and saves you time so you can explore every corner of this game and enjoy every step of the way. I will be updating as much as I can so feel free to comment anything to add!

For a table of contents please see the list to the right hand side.
Should I buy Stardew Valley? Why?
Do you like Harvest Moon? Do you like running a farm? Do you like incredibly rude NPCs that judge your every move (hey man, I can dig in the trash if I want!!)? If yes, then what are you waiting for!?

Stardew Valley is a refreshing take on Harvest Moon with combat similar to Rune Factory and the museum side of Animal Crossing. Customise your character before joining a friendly village full of glorious quests and addictive activities such as growing crops, looking after animals, designing your farm, befriending villagers, exploring mines, kicking monster butt, fishing and of course a captivating storyline where your decisions affect the gameplay. There is so much to unlock! ... Just.. one.. more day.

Depending on your playstyle I’d say there is at least a good 80+ hours of gameplay to experience! With so much to do, including completing collections, the museum and achievements… you will find there is not enough time in the day. The developer is also looking at adding more content including multiplayer (Soon™), so there will be tons to look forward to! So.. what ARE you waiting for?! GO GET IT!
Beginners Tips - Before you start
When you first start a new game of course you're going to want to get stuck right in! If you want some advice on how to start off your game then see below!

  • Check the TV daily – you can unlock cooking recipes by watching a cooking show, and find new items in the wild such as berries by watching the foraging show.
  • Ignore grass on your farm - don’t cut down patches of grass (the big patches with flowers on them, you are fine to cut down weeds which are the single plants) with your scythe until you have built a silo! Grass, when cut down, is automatically added as hay to your silo which is used to feed your animals. By cutting it down you are wasting a bunch of free feed and you’ll be losing money for a while by paying to feed your animals.
  • Build a Silo BEFORE a Coop - (100 Stone, 10 Clay, 5 Copper Bars) you should have built this to store all hay from your grass before buying a Coop. Otherwise you'll run out of food very fast or have to spend a lot buying it from Marnie.
  • Collect 300 wood for an easy source of money – you need this to repair the bridge on the beach. Doing this will unlock an area that fills with valuable items such as Coral (80g) and Sea Urchin (160g) that you can collect usually on a daily basis to sell.
  • *Collect another 50 wood for storage – you can build a chest with this that gives you a huge extra storage (36 slots?) for all those items you collect. Trust me, you’ll need it quickly.
  • One mans trash.. - check the 7 trash cans in town daily. You can get ores, bars, food and who knows what else! Don’t let people see you do it though, as they can react with a WTF type message. You can find them in the following places. (1) next to 1 Willow Lane, (2) next to 2 Willow Lane, (3) next to Mayors Manor, (4) next to the Saloon, (5) next to 1 River Road, (6) next to the Museum (7) next to the Blacksmith.
  • Keep actual trash - Broken glasses, CDs etc, keep it all. You can use them later on it the game to make materials.
  • Donate 5 items to the museum ASAP – Any items that are classed as "mineral" or "artifact" on their tooltip can be donated to the museum. Once you donate 5 items you are rewarded seeds which you can grow this spring! The more different items you donate the more rewards you get, and the sooner you get them the sooner you can use them to improve your gameplay!
  • Don’t sell everything – keep a few of every item (told you you'd need chests!) for quests and storyline completion later on in the game, but sell at least one of each crop for your shipping collection. This especially goes for forageables as they can end up being very rare if you are unlucky and boy do people request them for quests at bad times!
  • Upgrade your bag Save up 2000 gold to buy a backpack from Pierre's shop. This will be purchasable once you recieve a letter in your mail (I think once you have filled your inventory) and increases your inventory space to 24.
  • See brown worms/sticks wiggling on the path? - use your hoe on them! You can recieve anything from materials to books (these books are gameplay tips that you must go to the museum library to view).
  • Give your crops enough time - all months last 28 days and any seasonal crops still alive on the 28th will die the next day on the 1st. You will have to remove their wilted remains with a scythe. Plan ahead and make sure all crops are harvestable by the 28th at the latest.
  • Scarecrow - build a scarecrow to stop crows eating your crops!
  • Keep energy food on you! - you will need it if you are doing a lot of activities. If you hit 0 energy you become “exhausted” and have slow movement speed until you regain energy or sleep. I recommend spring onions and salmonberries (so hoard them in spring!).
  • Finish your day! - currently you can only save at the end of the day when you sleep. Bear this in mind if you need to suddenly close the game that you’ll lose progress.
  • Don't stay up too late - make sure you are in bed by 1:50am otherwise you will faint and possibly lose money for doctors fees! The later you go to bed after midnight, the less energy you have the next day.
  • Be careful in the mine - if you die in the mine you will respawn at the top but also forget a few levels (the lowest ones) and lose some gold and items. If you pass out you only lose money.

Feel free to let me know if anything else needs to be added.
Charatacter creation and [1.1] Map selection
Upon creating a new game, you will be taken to the character creation screen.

I have numbered the sections from 1-8 to help you understand what you are seeing.

At the top left you can randomise your character if you don't want to customise it.

1. Your name - This is what NPCS will call you.
2. Your farm name - What you decide to call your farm.
3. Your favourite thing - Warning: this will be quoted ingame so don't make it embarassing!
4. Your gender - Any gender can date any gender in this game, so be what you like.
5. Animal preference - A few days in you will get given this animal as a pet.
6. Customise - Here you can pick out your characters appearance.
7. Skip intro - If you don't want to watch the cutscene at the start (I recommend to watch for your first playthrough!)
8. Farm type - Here you can pick what type of farm you want to choose, the choices are as below:

Standard Farm
A simple plot of land with a large amount of space to design your town.

Riverland Farm
Your farm is spread across several islands and scenic riverbanks. Fish are more common here than usual.

Forest Farm
The woods limit your farming space. However, the bounty of the forest is nearly at your doorstep..

Hill-top Farm
Rocky terrain and a winding river make it difficult to design your farm. However, a mineral deposit provides mining opportunities.

Wilderness Farm
There's plenty of good land here, but beware.. at night the monsters come out.

Once you have chosen your options you can begin the game!
Beginner's Gameplay Basics
Welcome to Pelican Town!

If you have just started the game and you have no idea what you should be doing, then let me help you step by step so you can understand the game a little better.

After watching your introductory cutscene, you will awaken in your house at 6am. You are able to move furniture around by clicking on it and while you are holding it you can right click to rotate it.

You will see in the top right hand corner there is an interface that gives you some information about the current time in the game.

From top to bottom you have the day and date, the weather (sun for sunny), the season (flower for spring), time of day and daylight clock (days last from 6am to 2am - so 20 hours (although you will pass out if you are still awake at 2am and wake up the next day)), your current money (gold), and a shortcut to your quests menu (or you can press F).

Because your quest icon is "pulsing", that means you have a new quest! Once you open your quest interface you'll see you have a quest called "Introductions", which is to introduce yourself to all of the 28 NPCs currently in town (you have already met Lewis and Robin hence the 2/28). You can find villagers all over the town, they tend to wonder around during the day as they all have their own schedules. There is no rush to complete this quest so take your time to talk to everyone while exploring.

I'd advise pressing E to open your inventory and have a look through all the tabs and options. There are a lot of things to collect! You can also see who you haven't met yet by ???'s next to their pictures in the social tab. There is also a map you can press M to bring up directly. Your clock is paused while your menu is open.

Now that that's over, you will see a parcel on the floor. Walk up to it and click it to open.

Sweet, you got some seeds and a new quest. So head outside and have a look at your farm. A bit messy but there's still space to work! So you have a nice set of tools, let's put them to use! Grab your hoe and hit the soil, grab your seeds and plant some, finally water the patch with the watering can (the soil will turn dark to show it is watered for the day).

Plants take a few days to grow, you can see on the seed packet how long they will take. Plants need to be watered once every day to make them grow. Plant all the seeds and then feel free to wonder around.

You will see that using tools causes the energy bar in your bottom right hand corner to deplete. All tools except for weapons and the scythe require energy to use. Every swing will take a few points of energy and if the bar gets to the bottom you will become "exhausted". If you are exhausted you move very slowly and get a blue debuff at the top right corner of your screen. If you continue to use tools you will pass out, losing money and skipping to the next morning.

When exploring you might come across items that stand out from the background. These are items that you can pick up and are usually wild forage.

If you hover over an item, you can see what category it falls under as well as how much energy and health eating it will restore. You can eat an item by selecting it and then clicking anywhere around your character. Some items may have silver or gold stars on their icon, this means they are of higher quality and will sell for more gold as well as restoring extra energy/health.

So now you can use tools and eat food, what next? Money! If you want money, you will need to ship things via the shipping box outside your house (no, that is not a storage chest!). You can either select items and click on the box, or click on the box first then click anything in your inventory you want to ship. If you accidently ship something, you can click on the box and remove the last thing shipped. Anything placed before this is permanently lost!

When you go to sleep at the end of the day, you will recieve a breakdown of everything you shipped and how much it sold for. The gold made will be added to your total and you can check how much you've earned so far in your inventory page.

If you continue to explore, you may come across villagers. You can click on them to talk to them and automatically "introduce" yourself. You must be right next to an NPC to talk to them, if they are behind a counter you must go around it to speak to them. You can also gift items to villagers to increase your friendship with them.

Be careful, some people hate certain items!

Don't forget to check out the Calendar outside Pierre's Shop. This contains dates for festivals as well as villager birthdays, and giving them gifts on their birthdays is a big deal if you want to be friends!

If you see a yellow ! on this board, it means a quest is available. A random NPC will have requested a random item and will reward you with gold and a friendship heart. Most quests have a duration of 2 days before they are automatically failed. You don't have to do quests, they are completely optional and there is no repercussions for failing them. However, they are often good gold to a newbie!

If you are wondering what to do next, I'd recommend going in to Pierre's shop and buying some more seeds. Pierre will only sell seeds for the current season. Once the season ends, all crops for that season will die - so be careful not to plant too late!

You can open a shop by clicking on the counter. Click an item to buy it, or hold down your mouse to buy a lot. You can also sell items if they are not greyed out in your inventory below. Be careful because you can't undo what you buy, you will sell items back for less than you bought them.

So now it's up to you... farm, explore and meet people! As time passes you will unlock new skills, new areas and soon there will not be enough time in the day! If you are wondering when you get access to x, at least wait until the first week is over as you will unlock a few major game mechanics during this period.

Good luck in Stardew Valley, and may the TV grant you good fortune!

Advanced Tips - Improve your gameplay
For those that have gotten hold of the basics but would like to know more (you can never know enough!).

  • You can use the keybind F to open your Journal/Quests and M to open your map.
  • You can select an item and press the delete button instead of putting it in the trash can.
  • Is your inventory full and you don’t want to throw anything away? Open it up and click it and then drop it outside of your inventory screen to drop it on the floor.
  • Equip the scythe or sword when wondering around town. If you accidently use it you will not spend any energy.
  • Coffee (300 gold from the Saloon) gives a movement speed boost for a few minutes.
  • You can increase your maximum energy via an item called a Stardrop.
  • Once unlocked in summer, use the spa once per day to regain energy if you sit still in it.
  • Salmonberries / Spring Onions – save them to use as food for energy when you are mining etc!
  • You can shift + right click an item to move half the current stack.
  • You can control + right click to craft 5 of an (stackable) item instead of 1.
  • Left click to move all of an item or right click to take 1.
  • Find that you keep missing when mining/hoeing etc? You can turn on "Always show tool hit location" under options to display a red box where your tool will hit.

  • Don’t sell eggs, save them until you have a mayonnaise maker to create more valuable goods.
  • On days where it rains you do not need to water your crops.
  • The time provided in the tooltip for a crop to grow does not include the day you plant it. So if it says 4 days, you can count is as 5.
  • Plants crop seeds in sets of 9 (3x3) for a chance in getting a giant crop that produces more than 9 items when harvested! (only applies to cauliflowers, pumpkins and melons).
  • You can harvest all crops faster by holding down your right mouse button and mouse over them all.
  • Harvest crops while holding seeds and you'll automatically replant them.
  • You can use a greenhouse to grow crops out of their season.
  • Use water retaining soil and/or sprinklers to save valuable time from watering crops!
  • Grass dies in winter, make sure to harvest it all by the 28th of Fall!
  • Crops such as Green Beans and Hops are grown on a trellis (long wooden stick in the ground), these are automatically planted when you plant the seed, but you cannot walk through them. Bear that in mind when you decide where to plant them.
  • Harvestable crops will not wither/die if left unharvested, but the tilled ground beneath them will begin to disappear, allowing rocks/weeds/logs to spawn on that tile, effectively destroying your crop.

  • You can build stairs for 99 stone to skip a level in the mine.
  • Kill grubs/larvae as soon as you see them, otherwise they will morph into undamageable cocoons and then into annoying flying insects that do a lot of damage!
  • Is it getting late and you can't find that last ladder in the mine to get to the next checkpoint? Don't forget you can craft stairs for 99 stone to take you straight down a level!

  • Fish where you see bubbles, the timer is reduced and other perks (need verification)
  • Fish are used later in the game for fertiliser, so keep them if you want to use them.

  • You can date either gender of villager, if you have a same sex relationship you will still be able to adopt children.
  • If you want to make friends fast, grow a few flowers with every batch of crops. I made the mistake of ignoring everyone, and nobody wanted to dance with me at the Flower Dance :(
  • You can give up to 2 gifts per person per week, this resets on a SUNDAY.
  • You will lose friendship if you don't talk to someone for a week. (needs verification)

  • Keep all trash items you find to use in the recycle machine later in the game.
  • Trees take 10 hits to cut down and provide 12 logs each, if you need wood fast this is a more efficient way to gather it. The same goes for rocks, the large 2x2 rocks in mines provide 10 stone for 8 hits (does not apply to 2x2 rocks on your farm)
  • Theres a wagon that sells unsual items just North East of the Wizards tower. It visits on Fridays and Sundays.
  • Check the beach after rainy weather or a storm. There will be more forageable goods.
  • Tree cut down outside of your farm will grow back after some time has passed.
  • Trees usually fall away from you as you cut them, make sure you don’t let them fall into water/unwalkable areas otherwise you’ll lose the drops.
General Knowledge - Did you know?
  • Shipping box vs. selling to vendors – there is no differece, but with selling to shops you get the money immediately where as with the shipping box you don't get the money until the next morning. Selling to a vendor will not update your Items shipped collection tab.
  • Pierre sells seeds cheaper than Jojamart does.
  • Upgrading tools – it takes 2 days to do so, you need the materials in your bags at the time and you cannot use the blacksmith while he is upgrading.
  • Hats – you can collect cool hats from events, the are only visual though and do not give stats.
  • Horse – you can get one to ride later in the game when you build a stable.
  • Community center – you can check your submitted items from your inventory.
  • You can shake trees for seeds.
  • Drag things into the bin in your inventory to delete them.
  • You can use a pickaxe on tilled soil to return it to normal soil.
  • Use the elevator to get back to your lowest mine level ending in 5 or 0. (must hit level 5 to unlock)
  • You can only upgrade 1 tool at a time.
  • Refill your watering can by using it on a source of water. The pond near your house is useful.
  • On rainy days where you don’t need to water your crops, you might find it is beneficial to go mining or fishing as you’ll have a whole 12+ hours uninterrupted.
  • You can run over crops without damaging them.
  • Watering your pet bowl has NO effect. It was purely added for cosmetic purposes. This has been confirmed by beta testers.
  • Night time begins at 6PM.
Your Character - Run Speed, Energy, Inventory, Health & Titles
- In progress -

Run Speed
Temporary increase by drinking Coffee from the Saloon (300G).

Permanent Increase
Stardrop - Increases your maximum energy by 30.

Stardrop Locations

1. Found at level 100 in the mine.
2. Purchasable for 2000 Star Tokens in the Stardew Vallet Fair.
3. Reward from giving the statue in the Secret Forest a Sweet Gem Berry.
4. Purchasable for 20,000G from Strange Merchant in the Sewers.
5. Reach 12 hearts with your married partner.
6. Complete the museum.
7. Complete the fish collection.[/list]

Temporary Increase
Certain foods will increase your energy temporarily.
  • Complete Breakfast +50 Max Energy
  • Lobster Bisque +50 Max Energy
  • Red Plate +50 Max Energy
  • Super Meal +40 Max Energy
  • Tom Kha Soup +30 Max Energy
  • Bean Hotpot +2 Max Energy

12 Slots - This is your default inventory size.
24 Slots - Backpack purchaseable from Pierre's Store (on the counter) for 2,000G. (unlocked after filling all 12 slots in your inventory)
36 Slots - Backpack purchaseable from Pierre's Store (on the counter) for 10,000G (unlocked after buying 24 slot backpack)

The only ways to lose health in the game are by taking damage from monsters in mines or by attacking the train (why would you even!?). Health refills upon going to sleep, or by eating foods with + health. If you run out of health in the mine you respawn up at the top and may have lost items/money/mine levels. For every level in Combat you gain, you also gain +5 HP. This raises your HP from the original x to a maximum of x at level 10 Combat.

On your charater page you can see a title given to your character depending on your current status in the game, e.g Newcomer.
Skills - Ranks and Perks
Skills are an important part of Stardew Valley that grow along with you as you progress through the game. Levelling them up will unlock new recipes as well as decrease the amount of energy you use to swing tools.

Below are listed all 5 skills in the game along with how to level them and what rewards you can expect. You can gain levels at any point during the day, you will see on your skills screen that your level has gone up, but you will not get the notification that you have levelled up until you sleep that night.

- levelled by chopping trees and picking wild forage.
Rank 1: +1 Axe Proficiency, Trees sometimes drop seeds, Recipe: Wild Seeds (Sp), Recipe: Field Snack.
Rank 2: +1 Axe Proficiency, Recipe: Survival Burger.
Rank 3: +1 Axe Proficiency, Recipe: Tapper.
Rank 4: +1 Axe Proficiency, +1 Wild Berry Harvesting, Recipe: Charcoal Kiln, Recipe: Wild Seeds (Su).
Rank 5: Choose ONE of the following:
(1) Forester - Wood worth 50% more.
(2) Gatherer - Chance for double harvest of foraged items.
Rank 6: +1 Axe Proficiency, Recipe: Lightning Rod, Recipe: Wild Seeds (Fa), Recipe: Warp Totem Beach.
Rank 7: +1 Axe Proficiency.
Rank 8: +1 Axe Proficiency, Recipe: Warp Totem Mountains.
Rank 9: +1 Axe Proficiency, Recipe: Rain Totem.
Rank 10 Forester: Choose ONE of the following:
(1) Lumberjack - Normal trees occasionally drop hardwood.
(2) Tapper - Syrup is worth 25% more.
Rank 10 Gatherer: Choose ONE of the following:
(1) Botanist - Foraged items are always gold quality.
(2) Tracker - Locations of foragable items are revealed.

- levelled up by harvesting crops.
Rank 1: +1 Watering Can Proficiency, +1 Hoe Proficiency, Recipe: Scarecrow, Recipe: Basic Fertilizer.
Rank 2: +1 Watering Can Proficiency, +1 Hoe Proficiency, Recipe: Stone Fence, Recipe: Mayonnaise Machine, Recipe: Sprinkler.
Rank 3: +1 Watering Can Proficiency, +1 Hoe Proficiency, Recipe: Bee House, Recipe: Speed-Gro, Recipe: Farmer's Lunch.
Rank 4: +1 Watering Can Proficiency, +1 Hoe Proficiency, Recipe: Iron Fence, Recipe: Preserves Jar, Recipe: Basic Retaining Soil.
Rank 5: Choose ONE of the following:
(1) Rancher - Animal products worth 10% more.
(2) Tiller - Crops worth 10% more.
Rank 6: +1 Watering Can Proficiency, +1 Hoe Proficiency, Recipe: Hardwood Fence, Recipe: Cheese Press, Recipe: Quality Sprinkler.
Rank 7: +1 Watering Can Proficiency, +1 Hoe Proficiency, Recipe: Loom, Recipe: Quality Retaining Soil
Rank 8: +1 Watering Can Proficiency, +1 Hoe Proficiency, Recipe: Oil Maker, Recipe: Keg, Recipe: Deluxe Speed-Gro
Rank 9: +1 Watering Can Proficiency, +1 Hoe Proficiency, Recipe: Seed Maker, Recipe: Iridium Sprinkler, Recipe: Quality Fertilizer
Rank 10 Rancher: Choose ONE of the following:
(1) Coopmaster - Befriend Coop animals quicker. Incubation time cut in half.
(2) Shepherd - Befriend barn animals quicker. Sheep produce wool faster.
Rank 10 Tiller: Choose ONE of the following:
(1) Artisan - Artisan Goods(wine, cheese, oil, etc.) worth 50% more.
(2) Agriculturist - All crops grow 10% faster.

- levelled up by cashing fish and harvesting from crab pots.
Rank 1: +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency.
Rank 2: +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency, Recipe: Bait.
Rank 3: +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency, Recipe: Crab Pot, Recipe: Dish o' The Sea.
Rank 4: +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency, Recipe: Recycling Machine.
Rank 5: Choose ONE of the following:
(1) Fisher - Fish worth 25% more.
(2) Trapper - Resources required to craft crab pots reduced.
Rank 6: +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency, Recipe: Spinner, Recipe: Trap Bobber.
Rank 7: +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency, Recipe: Cork Bobber, Recipe: Treasure Hunter.
Rank 8: +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency, Recipe: Barbed Hook, Recipe: Dressed Spinner.
Rank 9: +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency, Recipe: Magnet.
Rank 10 Fisher: Choose ONE of the following:
(1) Angler - Fish worth 50% more.
(2) Pirate - Chance to find treasure doubled.
Rank 10 Trapper: Choose ONE of the following:
(1) Mariner - Crab pots never catch trash.
(2) Luremaster - Crab pots no longer need to be baited.

- levelled by mining rocks / ores.
Rank 1: +1 Pickaxe Proficiency, Recipe: Cherry Bomb.
Rank 2: + 1 Pickaxe Proficiency, Recipe: Staircase.
Rank 3: + 1 Pickaxe Proficiency, Recipe: Miner's Treat.
Rank 4: + 1 Pickaxe Proficiency, Recipe: Transmute (Fe).
Rank 5: Choose ONE of the following:
(1) Miner - +1 ore per vein.
(2) Geologist - Chance for gems to appear in pairs.
Rank 6: +1 Pickaxe Proficiency, Recipe: Bomb.
Rank 7: +1 Pickaxe Proficiency, Recipe: Transmute (Au).
Rank 8: +1 Pickaxe Proficiency, Recipe: Mega Bomb.
Rank 9: +1 Pickaxe Proficiency, Recipe: Crystalarium.
Rank 10 Miner: Choose ONE of the following:
(1) Blacksmith - Metal bars worth 25% more.
(2) Prospector - Coal find doubled.
Rank 10 Geologist: Choose ONE of the following:
(1) Excavator - Geode find doubled.
(2) Gemologist - Gems worth 30% more.

- levelled by defeating monsters in the mines.
Rank 1: +5 HP, Recipe: Sturdy Ring.
Rank 2: +5HP, Recipe: Life Elixir.
Rank 3: +5 HP, Recipe: Roots Platter.
Rank 4: +5 HP, Recipe: Warrior Ring.
Rank 5: Choose ONE of the following:
(1) Fighter - All attacks deal 10% more damage. +15 HP
(2) Scout - Critical strike chance in increased by 50%.
Rank 6: +5 HP, Recipe: Slime Egg-Press, Recipe: Oil of Garlic.
Rank 7: +5 HP
Rank 8: +5 HP, Recipe: Slime Incubator, Recipe: Explosive Ammo.
Rank 9: +5 HP, Recipe: Iridum Band.
Rank 10 Fighter: Choose ONE of the following:
(1) Brute - Damage is increased by 15%.
(2) Defender - HP is increased by 25.
Rank 10 Scout: Choose ONE of the following:
(1) Acrobat - Cooldown on special moves is cut in half.
(2) Desperado - Critical hits are deadly.
Quests are a fun addition to the game, they can give great rewards as well as pointing you in the right direction of what to do next. There are several ways to get quests:
  • Town Bulletin Board
  • Mailbox/Leaving House
  • Storyline

    Town Bulletin Board Quests

    Outside of Pierre's Shop is the Calendar/Bulletin Board. If you see a big yellow ! in the middle of the board, it means a villager has put up a request. If you click around on the board you should open up a description of the quest, where you can accept it. Villagers will ask for some items that and you will have a time limit to bring it to them. If you accept the quest you can see in your quest log how many days you have until the quest expires. Any requests for seasonal items will always be obtainable in the current season. Completing the quest will reward money and 1 heart of friendship.

    Mailbox Quests

    Sometimes when you open your mail in the morning you will have been sent a request from a villager. These are all pre-set quests, so everyone will recieve them on the same day.

    To The Beach - 2nd Spring Year 1 - Visit the beach south of town before 5pm.
    Reward: Bamboo Pole.

    Robins Lost Axe - Robin has asked you to locate her axe for her.
    This can be found North of the Sewer Pipe in the South West corner of the map.

    Jodi's Request - 19th Spring Yr 1
    Bring Jodi a Cauliflower
    Reward: 350G

    Mayor's "Shorts" - The Mayor has asked you to locate his shorts for him.
    These can be found in Marnie's bedroom (;)) - Note you will be to be at 2 hearts with her to enter.

    Crop Research
    Demetrius wants a Melon.
    Reward: 550G.

    Knee Therapy
    George wants a Hot Pepper.
    Reward: 200G.

    Storyline Quests
    Storyline quests are obtained by entering areas

    (1)Introductions - Introduce yourself to all the neighbours (28 of them)(automatically recieved when the game is first started).
    (2)How To Win Friends - Give somebody a present.
    Reward: 100G.

    (1)Getting Started - Plant and harvest a Parsnip (seeds provided)(recieved upon looting treasure chest in house when game is first started).
    Reward: 100G.
    (2a)Advancement - Reach level 1 farming and craft a scarecrow.
    Reward: 100G.
    (2b)Raising Animals - Build a Coop.
    Reward: 100G.

    Archeology - Visit Gunther at the museum (after digging up an artifact).
    Reward: 250G.

    (1)Explore The Mine - Reach level 5 of mine
    (2)Deeper Into The Mine - Reach level 40 of the mine
    (3)To The Bottom - Reach the bottom fo the mine

    Initation - Defeat 10 slimes in the mines.

    (1)Forging Ahead - Craft a Furnace (triggered by having ore in inventory)
    (2)Smelting - Smelt a Copper Bar in the Furnace (5 copper ore + 1 coal).

    "Rat Problem - Investigate the community center (triggered by entering the town area on any day after the 5th(?)).

    Meet The Wizard - Enter the Wizard's Tower.

    The Mysterious Qi - Leave a Rainbow Shell in the box at the Train Platform (triggered by putting a battery in the battery box in the bus tunnel).
Making money / what crop should I plant?
- In progress - I need to do a lot more testing before I add info here!

Regardless of which story path you take, money will be a huge necessity. Below I will list some general knowledge for money making, as well as some season specific.

  • Make sure to fertilize as many plants as you can once you unlock fertiliser, this gives a chance to increase star quality = worth more money!
  • Make sure to build quality sprinklers as soon as you can, and/or upgrade your watering can.
  • Unlock the area on the beach by building the bridge asap, there are valuable forage that spawn there.
  • Check all the trash cans every day as you can find gems and bars in there.
  • Every season, if your foraging level is high enough, you'll unlock the ability to create wild seeds. If you gather 1 of each forage item for the season you can turn it into 10 seeds which grow even more forage items, it's a great circle.
  • Animals are great but only if you can create your own hay. Save all animal products to process in machines for more profit.
  • If you have spare materials, bee hives are a great way to get free money. Just pop them on the floor and wait a few days and you get honey. If you plant a flower near the bee hive you'll get even more valuable honey!

- I ended my first spring with 50k due to following the below.
  • Potatoes - subject to dispute vs cauliflowers, potatoes are actually the best crop. The reason being is that if you spent your 500g on day 1 on potatoes, and then when you harvested them and sold them, you spent that money on seeds, you'd get 4 rounds of plants and that 500g would turn into an easy 8,000g. With cauliflower's long growth time, you'd only get 2 rounds of plants in spring and a low 2,000g.
  • Strawberries - (purchasable from the Egg Festival/Flower Dance) are an amazing money maker. Save as much money as you can to buy them at the Egg Festival and you should get a few harvests before the end of the month. They do come pretty close to potatoes though, but if I were you I'd grow some strawberries to keep to turn into seeds for next spring 1.
  • While waiting for plants to grow, make sure you fish and forage as much as you can, in order to be able to afford more seeds to buy.

  • Blueberries - These are the Strawberry of Summer. For every seed you buy for 80g and plant on Summer 1, by the end of the month you'll have made around 1,000g per plant. So 100 plants = 100k!
  • Fruit trees - If you have some money rolling in, it's a good idea to invest in autumn trees (apple/pomegranate) as once Fall comes around they'll be harvestable and you should build kegs to turn them into wine.

  • Cranberries - These are the Blueberries of Fall. For every seed you buy for 240g and plant on Fall 1, by the end of the month you'll have made around 1,500g per plant. So 100 plants = 150k!

  • Wild Seeds - Nothing grows in winter except forage so you'd need to collect it all to turn into seeds if you want crops.
    Social – How to make a friend 101 (or get married)
    If you want to get that warm bubbly feeling inside, as well as complete every aspect of the game, you'll want to make friends. Making friends in Stardew Valley is pretty simple. There are 3 ways to gain friendship with people:
    • Talk to them daily(?)
    • Give them gifts (max 1 per day, 2 per week).
    • Complete quests given by them (either via Mailbox or Town Bulletin Board)

      You can tell how many gifts you've given an NPC this week by how many X's there are next to the present icon. Green = a loved/liked gift was given. Red = a disliked/hated gift was given. This resets on a Sunday.

      Tips: Giving an NPC a "loved" gift on their birthday will increase their hearts by 3!

      2 Hearts: Permanently unlocks the ability to go into an NPCs bedroom.
      3 Hearts: Often you will start to recieve cooking recipes from NPCs.
      8 Hearts: Reaching 8 hearts with a dateable character unlocks the "bouquet of flowers" from Pierre's shop which can be given to them to start dating.
      10 Hearts: If you are dating the villager, you can now propose to them.
      12 Hearts: Only reachable with villagers you are married to.

      At 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 hearts you can get a cutscene with all dateable characters as well as some non-dateable characters! This is triggered by entering a specific location with the correct conditions e.g time, weather. If you are asked to choose an option, the outcome will not affect your relationship in any way.

      It appears that dateable characters lose hearts over time if you do not interact with them, but non dateable characters will keep all of their gained hearts (needs confirmation).

      Getting Married: You must have the first house upgrade which gives you a double bed. To propose to someone you need to give them a bouquet and then a "Mermaids Pendant" bought for 5k from the Marine on the extended beach (costs 300 wood to repair bridge)(he only appears on rainy/stormy days, you cannot get him in winter). The wedding automatically takes place 3 days after you propose.

      Married Life: If you keep your partner's hearts high, they will help out around the farm. They can give you a food item for breakfast, feed your animals, water your crops, repair fences or fill your pet's water bowl. They will only do one task per day.

      You can have up to 2 children with your spouse but you need the second house upgrade to do so. Same gender couples can adopt.

      Universal Likes

      There is a list of items that everyone in the game likes. There may be a few out of them that certain characters dislike, but they will be listed under specific characters below.

      • All Gems besides Prismatic Shard which is considered a universal loved gift.
        (Emerald, Aquamarine, Ruby, Amethyst, Topaz, Jade, Diamond, Quartz, Fire Quartz, Frozen Tear, Earth Crystal.)
      • All Minerals
        (Alamite, Bixite, Baryte, Aerinite, Calcite, Dolomite, Esperite, Fluorapatite, Geminite, Helvite, Jamborite, Jagoite, Kyanite, Lunarite, Malachite, Neptunite, Lemon Stone, Nekoite, Orpiment, Petrified Slime, Thunder Egg, Pyrite, Ocean Stone, Ghost Crystal, Tigerseye, Jasper, Opal, Fire Opal, Celestine, Marble, Sandstone, Granite, Basalt, Limestone, Soapstone, Hematite, Mudstone, Obsidian, Slate, Fairy Stone, Star Shards.)
      • All Cooking (except Oil of Garlic, Fried Eggs, Bread, Strange Bun)
        (Omelet, Salad, Cheese Cauliflower, Baked Fish, Parsnip Soup, Vegetalbe Medley, Complete Breakfast, Fried Calamari, Lucky Lunch, Fried Mushroom, Pizza, Bean Hotpot, Glazed Yams, Carp Surprise, Hashbrowns, Pancakes, Salmon Dinner, Fish Taco, Crispy Bass, Pepper Poppers, Tom Kha Soup, Trout Soup, Chocolate Cake, Pink Cake, Rhubarb Pie, Cookie, Spaghetti, Fried Eel, Spicy Eel, Sashimi, Maki Roll, Tortilla, Red Plate, Eggplant Parmesan, Rice Pudding, Ice Cream, Blueberry Tart, Autumn's Bounty, Pumpkin Soup, Super Meal, Cranberry Sauce, Stuffing, Farmer's Lunch, Survival Burger, Dish O' The Sea, Miner's Treat, Roots Platter, Algae Soup, Pale Broth, Plum Pudding, Artichoke Dip, Stir Fry, Roasted Hazelnuts, Pumpkin Pie, Radish Salad, Fruit Salad, Blackberry Cobbler, Cranberry Candy, Bruschetta, Coleslaw, Fiddlehead Risotto, Poppyseed Muffin, Chowder, Fish Stew, Escargot, Lobster Bisque, Maple Bar, Crab Cakes, Life Elixir, Coffee.)
      • All Vegetables (except Wheat and Hops)
        (Parsnip, Green Bean, Cauliflower, Potato, Garlic, Kale, Tomato, Fiddlehead Fern, Radish, Red Cabbage, Corn, Eggplant, Artichoke, Pumpkin, Bok Choy, Yam, Beet, Amaranth.)
      • All Fruits (except Salmonberry(?) and wild Grapes(?)
        (Coconut, Cactus Fruit, Rhubarb, Melon, Blueberry, Hot Pepper, Starfruit, Cranberries, Spice Berry, Grape, Strawberry, Blackberry, Crystal Fruit, Ancient Fruit, Apple, Apricot, Orange, Peach, Pomegranate and Cherry.)
      • All Artisan Goods (except Oak Resin and Pine Tar)
        (Pale Ale, Mayonnaise, Duck Mayonnaise, Honey, Pickles, Jelly, Beer, Wine, Juice, Cheese, Goat Cheese, Cloth, Truffle Oil, Maple Syrup)
      • All Flowers (except Poppy)
        (Sweat Pea, Crocus, Sunflower, Tulip, Summer Spangle, Fairy Rose, Blue Jazz, Daffodil.)
    Social - Dateable Villager Info (Females)

    Address: Pierre's General Store
    Family: Pierre (Father), Caroline (Mother)
    Usual Locations: home, top bridge over river in town center, near Wizard's Tower, playing instrument near mountain/mine lake.
    Birthday: 13th Fall
    Loved Gifts: Blackberry Cobbler, Chocolate Cake, Spicy Eel, Pufferfish, Amethyst, Pumpkin, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard.
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except All Vegetables)
    Heart Cutscenes
    2 - Enter Pierre's Shop
    4 - Enter Mountain Area
    6 - Enter Town after dark
    8 - Enter Pierre's Shop after 8pm (must have recieved invitation letter)
    10 - Enter Mines (late afternoon?)

    Profession: None
    Address: 2 Willow Lane
    Family: Emily (Sister)
    Usual Locations: home, town square.
    Birthday: 14th Spring
    Loved Gifts: Pink Cake, Fruit Salad, Coconut, Sunflower, Rabbit's Foot.
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except All Vegetables, Quartz)
    Heart Cutscene Triggers
    2 - Enter Haley's House (in the morning?)
    4 - Enter Haley's House
    6 - Enter Beach
    8 - Enter Forest south of your house
    10 - Enter Haley's House.

    Profession: Artist
    Address: Leah's Cottage
    Family: None
    Usual Locations: around pound west of house.
    Birthday: 23rd Winter
    Loved Gifts: Salad, Vegetable Medley, Poppyseed Muffin, Stir fry, Wine, Goat Cheese, Truffle, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard.
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except Pizza, Pink Cake, Cookie, Tortilla, Rice Pudding, Ice Cream, Survival Burger, Carp Surprise, Fried Egg, Pancakes, Hashbrowns, All Gems), All Eggs (except Void Egg), All Milk.
    Hated Gifts:
    Heart Cutscene Triggers
    2 - Enter Leah's House
    4 - Enter Leah's House
    6 - Enter your Farm
    8 - Enter Forest South of your Farm (sunny + not winter)
    10 - Enter Forest South of your Farm

    Profession: Nurse
    Address: Carpenter's Shop.
    Family: Demetrius (Father), Robin (Mother), Sebastian (Half-Brother).
    Usual Locations:
    Birthday: 10th Summer
    Loved Gifts: Cheese Cauliflower, Cauliflower, Pepper Poppers, Rhubarb Pie, Miner's Treat, Strawberry, Diamond, Gold Bar, Iridium Bar, Battery Pack, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard.
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except Honey, Maple Syrup, Pickles), Copper Bar, Iron Bar.
    Heart Cutscene Triggers
    2 - Enter Maru's House
    4 - Enter Clinic (Tuesday/Thursday)
    6 - Enter Maru's House
    8 - Enter Mountain Area
    10 - Enter Maru's House.

    Profession: Tutor
    Address: Trailer
    Family: Pam (Mother)
    Usual Locations:
    Birthday: 2nd Fall
    Loved Gifts: Poppyseed Muffin, Red Plate, Tom Kha Soup, Roots Platter, Melon, Diamond, Sandfish, Poppy, Emerald, Prismatic Shard.
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except Quartz, Beer, Wine, Pale Ale, Goat Cheese, Algae Soup, Pale Broth), All Milk.
    Heart Cutscene Triggers
    2 - Enter Town
    4 - Enter Tailer
    6 - Enter Trailer
    8 - Enter Forest South of your Farm
    10 - Enter Spa Bath (must have recieved letter invitation)
    Social - Dateable Villager Info (Males)

    Address: 1 River Road
    Family: George (Grandpa), Evelyn (Grandma)
    Usual Locations: home, outside house, left of dog house, beach, jojamart.
    Birthday: 13th Summer
    Loved Gifts: Complete Breakfast, Salmon Dinner, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard.
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except Quartz), All Eggs (except Void egg).
    Heart Cutscene Triggers
    2 - Enter Beach before midday (summer?)
    4 - Enter Town after 2pm
    6 - Enter Alex's house
    8 - ?
    10 - ?

    Profession: Poet
    Address: Elliot's Cabin
    Family: None
    Usual Locations: home, beach, west of Leah's Cottage.
    Birthday: 5th Fall
    Loved Gifts: Crab Cakes, Tom Kha Soup, Duck Feather, Lobster, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard.
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except Quartz, Pizza, Salmonberry), Squid, Octopus.
    Heart Cutscene Triggers
    2 - Enter Elliot's House late morning
    4 - Enter Saloon (Monday after 5pm?)
    6 - Enter Elliot's House late morning
    8 - Enter museum after 1pm
    10 - Enter beach before midday on a sunny day

    Profession: Doctor
    Address: Harvey's Clinic
    Family: None
    Usual Locations: clinic, south of playground.
    Birthday: 14th Winter
    Loved Gifts: Super Meal, Lobster Bisque, Truffle Oil, Wine, Coffee, Pickles, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard.
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except Cheese, Goat Cheese, Ice Cream, Rice Pudding, Cranberry Sauce, Blueberry Tart, Cookie, Rhubarb Pie, Pink Cake, Chocolate Cake, Pancakes, Hashbrowns, Glazed Yams, Pizza, Fried Mushroom, Salmonberry, Spice Berry), Goat Milk, L. Goat Milk, Duck Egg, Duck Feather.
    Heart Cutscene Triggers
    2 - Enter Alex's House
    4 - Enter Clinic (morning)
    6 - Enter Pierre's Shop
    8 - Enter Clinic
    10 - Enter Train Tracks (must have recieved letter invitation)

    Address: 1 Willow Lane
    Family: Kent (Father), Jodi (Mother), Vincent (Brother).
    Usual Locations: home, outside home.
    Birthday: 17th Summer
    Loved Gifts: Pizza, Cactus Fruit, Maple Bar, Tigerseye, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard.
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except All Vegetables, Quartz, Mayonnaise, Duck Mayonnaise, Pickles), Joja Cola, All Eggs (except Void egg).
    Heart Cutscene Triggers
    2 - Enter Sam's House
    4 - Enter Beach (sunny)
    6 - Enter Town?
    8 - Leave your House (morning?)
    10 - Enter Town after 8pm(must have recieved letter invitation)

    Address: Carpenter's Shop.
    Family: Demetrius (Step-Father), Robin (Mother), Maru (Half-Sister).
    Usual Locations: home, beach.
    Birthday: Winter 10
    Loved Gifts: Frozen Tear, Pumpkin Soup, Sashimi, Void Egg, Obsidian, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard.
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except All Flowers, Fried Egg, Omelet, Farmer's Lunch, Complete Breakfast, All Artisan Goods).
    Heart Cutscene Triggers
    2- Enter Sebastian's Room
    4 - Enter Sebastian's House
    6 - Enter Sebastian's Room
    8 - Enter Beach after midday (rainy)
    10 - Enter Sebastian's House after 8pm
    Social - Villager Information (1)

    Profession: Fitness Instructor?
    Address: Pierre's General Store
    Family: Pierre (Husband), Abigail (Daughter)
    Usual Locations: Pierre's General Store, Museum, Town Square
    Birthday: 7th Winter
    Loved Gifts: Fish Taco, Summer Spangle, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard.
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except Quartz, Mayonnaise, Duck Mayonnaise, Amaranth)
    Extra: Befriend her to recieve Cooking Recipes.

    Profession: Blacksmith
    Address: Blacksmith
    Family: None
    Usual Locations: Blacksmith, Saloon
    Birthday: 26th Winter
    Loved Gifts: Emerald, Aquamarine, Ruby, Amethyst, Topaz, Jade, Gold Bar, Iridium Bar, Artichoke Dip, Fiddlehead Risotto, Omni Geode, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except Quartz, All Flowers), Copper Bar, Iron Bar
    Extra: Befriend him to recieve Cooking Recipes

    Profession: Scientist
    Address: Carpenter's Shop
    Family: Robin (Wife), Maru (Daughter), Sebastian (Step-Son)
    Usual Locations: Home, Mountain Area, Town Fountain
    Birthday: 19th Summer
    Loved Gifts: Bean Hotpot, Ice Cream, Rice Pudding, Strawberry, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except Quartz), All Eggs (except Void egg)
    Extra: Befriend him to recieve Cooking Recipes

    Profession: Shopkeeper (cannot understand him unless you submit all 4 Dwarven Scrolls to the museum and learn the language book)
    Address: Mines (Cave on right - can clear rock with bomb/steel+ pickaxe)
    Family: None
    Usual Locations: Home
    Birthday: 22nd Summer
    Loved Gifts: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Jade, Omni Geode, Ruby, Topaz, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard.
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes, Dwarf Scroll I, Dwarf Scroll II, Dwarf Scroll III, Dwarf Scroll IV, Dwarvish Helm, Dwarf Gadget

    Profession: Bartender
    Address: 2 Willow Lane
    Family: Haley (Sister)
    Usual Locations: Home, Saloon
    Birthday: 27th Spring
    Loved Gifts: Survival Burger, Emerald, Aquamarine, Ruby, Amethyst, Topaz, Jade, Cloth, Wool, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except Rice Pudding, Ice Cream, Fried Eel, Spicy Eel, Salmon Dinner, Fish Taco, Sashimi, Maki Roll)
    Extra: Befriend her to recieve Cooking Recipes

    Profession: Town Gardener
    Address: 1 River Road
    Family: George (Husband), Alex (Grandson)
    Usual Locations: Home, Tending Gardens
    Birthday: 20th Winter
    Loved Gifts: Beet, Chocolate Cake, Diamond, Fairy Rose, Stuffing, Tulip, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except Quartz, Fried Eel, Spicy Eel, Sashimi, Maki Roll, Trout Soup, Garlic), All Milk
    Extra: Befriend her to recieve Cooking Recipes

    Profession: Retired
    Address: 1 River Road
    Family: Evelyn (Wife), Alex (Grandson)
    Usual Locations: Home
    Birthday: 24th Fall
    Loved Gifts: Fried Mushroom, Leek, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard.
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except Quartz, All Flowers except Daffodil)
    Extra: Befriend him to recieve Cooking Recipes

    Profession: Restaurant Owner
    Address: Saloon
    Family: None
    Usual Locations: Saloon
    Birthday: 8th Summer
    Loved Gifts: Diamond, Escargot, Fish Taco, Orange, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard.
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except Quartz, Coleslaw)
    Extra: Befriend him to recieve Cooking Recipes

    Profession: Child / Student to Penny
    Address: Marnie's Ranch
    Usual Locations: Home, Museum, Outside Museum, Playground, Beach
    Birthday: 4th Summer
    Loved Gifts: Fairy Rose, Pink Cake, Plum Pudding, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard.
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except All Vegetables, All Artisan Goods, Quartz, Coffee)

    Profession: Mum
    Address: 1 Willow Lane
    Family: Kent (Husband), Sam (Son), Vincent (Son)
    Usual Locations: Home, Jojamart, Pierre's Shop, Town Square
    Birthday: 11th Fall
    Loved Gifts: Chocolate Cake, Crispy Bass, Diamond, Vegetable Medley, Eggplant Parmesan, Fried Eel, Pancakes, Rhubarb Pie, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except Quartz, Garlic), All Eggs (except Void egg), All Milk, All Fruits (except Spice Berry)
    Extra: Befriend her to recieve Cooking Recipes

    Profession: Army Veteran
    Address: 1 Willow Lane (Returns in Year 2)
    Family: Jodi (Wife), Sam (Son), Vincent (Son)
    Usual Locations: Home, outside Home
    Birthday: 4th Spring
    Loved Gifts: Fiddlehead Risotto, Roasted Hazelnuts, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard.
    Liked Gifts: Universal Like (except Quartz, Sashimi, Tortilla, Algae Soup), All Eggs (except Void egg)

    Profession: Shopkeeper
    Address: The Sewers (Give Gunther 60 artifacts for the key)
    Family: None
    Usual Locations: The Sewers
    Birthday: 1st Winter
    Loved Gifts: Diamond, Iridium Bar, Pumpkin, Void Egg, Wild Horseradish, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard.
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except All Cooking), Gold Bar.
    Social - Villager Information (2)

    Profession: Mayor
    Address: Mayor's Manor
    Family: None
    Usual Locations: Home, Outside Home, Town Calendar, Blacksmith, Carpenters, Fish Shop, Outside Clinic, Dock
    Birthday: 7th Spring
    Loved Gifts: Vegetable Medley, Autumn's Bounty, Glazed Yams, Hot Pepper, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard
    Liked Gifts: Universal Like (except Quartz)
    Extra: Befriend him to recieve Cooking Recipes

    Address: Tent
    Family: None
    Usual Locations: Tent, Near Tent, Mountain Lake
    Birthday: 3rd Winter
    Loved Gifts: Blueberry Tart, Cactus Fruit, Coconut, Dish O' The Sea, Yam, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except All Gems), All Eggs (except Void egg), All Milk
    Extra: Befriend him to recieve Cooking and Crafting Recipes

    Profession: Rancher / Animal Husbandry
    Address: Marnie's Ranch
    Family: Shane (Nephew), Jas (Niece)
    Usual Locations: Ranch, Pierre's Shop, Saloon
    Birthday: 18th Fall
    Loved Gifts: Diamond, Farmer's Lunch, Pink Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard.
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes, All Eggs (except Void egg), All Milk

    Profession: Bus Driver
    Address: Trailer
    Family: Penny (Daughter)
    Usual Locations: Trailer, JojaMart, Saloon
    Birthday: 18 Spring
    Loved Gifts: Parsnip Soup, Beer, Glazed Yams, Pale Ale Parsnip, Cactus Fruit, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except Quartz), All Milk
    Extra: Befriend her to recieve Cooking Recipes

    Profession: Shopkeeper
    Address: Pierre's General Store
    Family: Caroline (Wife), Abigail (Daughter)
    Usual Locations: Pierre's General Store, Saloon
    Birthday: 26th Spring
    Loved Gifts: Fried Calamari, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except All Gems, Tortilla, Parsnip Soup, Corn, Garlic, Daffodil), All Milks, All Eggs (except Void egg)
    Extra: Befriend him to recieve Cooking Recipes

    Profession: Carpenter
    Address: Carpenter's Shop
    Family: Demetrius (Husband), Maru (Daughter), Sebastian (Son)
    Usual Locations: Carpenter's Shop, Pierre's Shop, Mountain Area
    Birthday: 21st Fall
    Loved Gifts: Goat Cheese, Peach, Spaghetti, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes, All Milk, Hardwood
    Extra: Befriend her to recieve Cooking Recipes

    Profession: Shopkeeper
    Address: Oasis (Desert) - Unlocked by completing Vault Bundle / Bus
    Family: None
    Usual Locations: Oasis
    Birthday: 15th Fall
    Loved Gifts: Crocus, Daffodil, Sweet Pea, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes, Goat Milk, L. Goat Milk, Wool

    Profession: Shop Assistant
    Address: Marnie's Ranch
    Family: Marnie (Aunt)
    Usual Locations: Marnie's Ranch, Joja Mart, Saloon
    Birthday: 20 Spring
    Loved Gifts: Beer, Hot Pepper, Pepper Poppers, Pizza, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except Quartz, Pickles), All Eggs (except Void egg)
    Extra: Befriend him to recieve Cooking Recipes

    Profession: Child / Student to Penny
    Address: 1 Willow Lane
    Family: Kent (Father), Jodi (Mother), Sam (Brother)
    Usual Locations: Home, Outside Home, Museum, Outside Museum, Playground, Beach
    Birthday: 10 Spring
    Loved Gifts: Cranberry Candy, Pink Cake, Grape, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except All Vegetables, All Artisan Goods, Coffee, Quartz, Maple Syrup)

    Profession: Fisherman
    Address: Fish Shop
    Family: None
    Usual Locations: Fish Shop, Docks, River (anywhere he can fish really), Saloon
    Birthday: 24th Summer
    Loved Gifts: Catfish, Diamond, Iridium Bar, Octopus, Pumpkin, Sea Cucumber, Sturgeon, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes (except All Cooking), Tiger Trout, Red Mullet, Lingcod, Gold Bar
    Extra: Befriend him to recieve Cooking Recipes

    Profession: Wizard
    Address: Wizard Tower
    Family: None
    Usual Locations: Wizard Tower
    Birthday: 17th Winter
    Loved Gifts: Super Cucumber, Purple Mushroom, Solar Essence, Void Essence, Rabbit's Foot, Prismatic Shard
    Liked Gifts: Universal Likes
    Extra: Befriend him for access to Character Customisation.
    Social - Other NPCs
    - In Progress -

    Mr. Qi:
    Skills - Foraging (trash/worms)
    Foraging is the art of finding something in the wild and collecting in. In Stardew Valley you can pick flowers, foods and cut down trees. A lot of items are seasonal and so can only be obtained at a certain time each year.

    Seasonal Forage

    Wild Horseradish
    Salmonberry - Picked off of bushes
    Spring Onion - Picked from the dirt patches North of the Sewer Pipe

    Spice Berry

    Blackberry - Picked off of bushes as well as found on the floor
    Common Mushroom
    Wild Plum

    Snow Yam - Hoed from "worms" in the ground
    Crystal Fruit
    Winter Root - Hoed from "worms" in the ground

    Beach - All Seasons
    Sea Urchin
    Rainbow Shell

    Trash Cans
    Trash - Soggy Newspaper, Broken Glasses, Broken CD, Trash, Joja Cola
    Food - Bread, Cookies, Tom Kha Soup, Field Snack
    Fish - Fish (Current Season Only?)
    Crops - Crops/Forage (Current Season Only)
    Mining - Copper Ore/Bar, Iron Ore/Bar, Gold Ore/Bar
    Minerals - Amethyst, Earth Crystal, Aquamarine, Diamond
    Seeds - Maple Seed, Acorn, Pine Cone
    Misc - Green Algae

    Hoeing Worms - All Seasons
    Stone, Clay, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore
    Artifacts - Beach
    Glass Shard, Tribolite, Ornamental Fan, Dried Starfish, Anchor
    Artifacts - Mountains
    Arrowhead, Rusty Cog, Ancient Seed
    Artifacts - Bus Station
    Prehistoric Tool, Prehistoric Handaxe, Ancient Doll
    Artifacts - Mine (Sandy Patches)
    Skeletal Tail, Dwarf Scroll IV, Rusty Spoon
    Artifacts - Other (Location Unknown)
    Rusty Spoon, Prehistoric Rib, Prehistoric Scapula, Ancient Doll, Prehistoric Vertebra
    Winter Only
    Snow Yam, Winter Root
    Lost Book

    Tv Show - Livin' Off The Land
    Every so often a TV show will air giving you advice on playing the game. Most episodes just give you general information, but some are very important.
    • Spring - Salmonberries
    • Summer - Beach shell increase
    • Fall - Blackberries
    Skills - Farming (and Crops)
    - In Progress -

    Tip: If you hold down your mouse while watering plants you can save a lot of time!

    With upgraded tools such as the watering can/hoe, you can hold down your mouse to charge them to have an effect on more blocks. 3 blocks with copper, 5 with steel?





    Q. Can you plant seeds on the last day of the season for next season?
    Animals & Pets
    - In Progress -

    Animals can be bought from Marnie once you have the relevant building (coop/barn) built by Robin. To build bigger coops/barns you must first build the smaller versions and Robin can upgrade them.

    Pet your animals daily (heart will appear above their head) to increase their meter. This in turn will increase the quality of the items they produce.

    Upgrade to the big coop to get an incubator to hatch eggs.

    You need to open the door on a coop to allow animals to go in/out by themselves.

    Chicken - Unlocked by coop
    Duck - Unlocked by big coop
    Rabbit - Unlocked by delux coop

    Cow - Unlocked by barn
    Sheep - Unlocked by big barn
    Pig - Unlocked by deluxe barn
    Skills - Mining (and Geodes/Crates)
    - In Progress -

    Tv Show - Fortune Teller (Wellwick's Oracle)
    Every day you will be able to watch the fortune teller on TV. If she advises good luck, it's a great time to go into the mine as your chance of finding rare items is increased.

    Floor 1+
    Copper Ore, Coal, Geode, Earth Crystal
    Floor 10+
    Chest - Leather Boots
    Floor 20+
    Omni Geode
    Floor 40+
    Iron Ore, Aquamarine, Frozen Tear, Jade
    Floor ?
    Silver Ore
    Floor ?
    Gold Ore

    If you use a bomb on the last floor of the regular mines (level 120), a ladder will appear leading to a the Skull Door mine which requires the Skull Key to unlock.

    Desert Mine

    Mountain Quarry
    Area to the right side of the map over the bridge. Bridge repair is unlocked by completing the "Crafts Room" bundle. Spawns all ores and geodes in the game randomly. Advised to keep the area clear of rocks to allow for more items to spawn, it's a good idea to check daily.


    1-10 x Stone, 1-10 x Copper Ore, 1-20 x Iron Ore, 1 x Clay, 1-10 x Coal.
    Jagoite, Mudstone, Granite, Malachite, Petrified Slime, Alamite, Sandstone, Limestone, Earth Crystal, Celestine, Jamborite, Orpiment, Nekoite, Thunder Egg, Slate, Helvite, Calcite.
    Dwarvish Helm.

    Any ore or mineral.

    Frozen Geodes
    1-10 x Iron Ore, 3-5 x Coal, 1-5 x Stone, 1 x Clay, 1-10 x Gold Ore, 3 x Copper Ore
    Ghost Crystal. Fluorapatite, Ocean Stone, Opal, Gemnite, Marble, Frozen Tear, Kyanite, Fairy Stone, Ocean Stones, Pyrite, Aerinite, Hematite, Lunarite, Soapstone
    Ancient Drum

    Magma Geodes
    1-5 x Gold Ore, Stone, 1 x Iridium Ore, 3 x Copper Ore, 1 x Clay
    Bixite, Obsidian, Volcanic Glass, Jasper, Fire Quartz, Lemon Stone, Dolomite, Neptunite, Tigers Eye, Basalt, Baryte, Fire Opal, Helvite,
    Dwarf Gadget

    Mine Crates / Barrels
    Copper Ore, Iron Ore
    Ruby, Emerald
    Glow Ring, Lead Rod

    Cave Carrot, Wood, Stone, Sap, Hardwood.
    Skills - Combat
    - In Progress -
    - In Progress -

    Green Slime: Slime, Sap
    Cave Insects:
    Rock Crab:
    Bat: Bat Wing
    Dust Sprites: Coal, Crystal Fruit
    Blue Slime: Slime, Sap, Winter Root
    Grey Slime (large):
    Void Spirits:
    Redstone Crab?:
    Red Bat:
    Red Slime:
    Shadow Slime?:
    Possessed Helmet?:

    Desert Mine

    Mummies: Upon death you need to use a bomb on them otherwise they will come back to life after around 10 seconds.
    Skills - Fishing
    - In Progress -

    For a list of catchable fish and their requirements, please see "Collections - Completing Fish"

    Fishing in this game is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. The developer has confirmed it is working as intended and will not be changing the mechanics in any way.

    The type of fish you catch depends on the rod used, location, weather, season, time of day and the distance the bobber is cast from the shore.

    If you see bubbles in the water, the wait time for a bite is extremely reduced - it is a great spot to fish if you see one, but it only lasts for a few hours.

    To fish you need to equip your rod and hold down your mouse button facing water to cast. The further away from the shore you cast, the better quality the fish. Once you have cast your line, wait for an ! to pop up over the bobber and click again to reel in. If you caught a piece of junk it will automatically reel in, but if you have a fish on the line it will start the fishing minigame.

    Fishing Minigame
    Once you get a "Hit" on the line it will start the fishing minigame. You are presented with a long bar with a fish that moves up and down it. You are in control of a green bar that moves up and down (fast if you hold your mouse button down, slower if you click repeatedly and falls down if you let go (but bounces off of the bottom)). You need to keep this green bar at the same level as the fish, if the bar greys out slightly it means it is not at the same level as the fish. You will have a meter on the right that fills up depending on how close you are to catching the fish, the longer you have your green bar at the same level as the fish, the faster it will fill up. For every moment you are not at the same level as the fish, the bar will empty and if it reaches the bottom you lose the fish. If it reaches the top you will catch it. You can predict what kind of fish you are going to catch by the pattern it moves up and down.

    Treasure Chests - When in the fishing minigame you may see a chest pop up, you need to hold your bar next to it for a few seconds to claim it. This is tricky to do without losing your fish, so try to fill your bar almost to the top before trying to get the treasure. Sometimes the fish will line up with the treasure to make it easier. If you catch the fish you will loot the chest afterwards, otherwise you will lose it along with the fish. This is available from level 1.

    Treasure Chest Loot - 5-6 x Wood, 4-6 x Gold Ore, Topaz, Stone, 1-4 x Coal, Frozen Tear, 2 x Iridium Ore, 3 x Frozen Geode, Diamond, 5 x Weed, Lost Book, 1-2 x Geode, Rusty Spoon, 2 x Magma Geode, 3 x Iron Ore, 2 x Jade, 10 x Bait, Nautilus Shell, Chewing Stick, Bone Flute, Dinosaur Egg.

    Once you have bought the second rod (fibreglass) you can attach bait by opening your inventory, clicking the bait and then clicking your rod. It CANNOT be used on a bamboo rod. Bait decrease the wait time for a bite on your line. It is also used in crab pots.

    Bamboo Rod - Day 2 of the game you will get a letter from Willy asking you to come and see him at the beach. This will trigger a cutscene in which he gives you your first fishing rod, the bamboo rod.

    Fibreglass Rod - At some point (I think 2 days after you hit level 2 fishing) you should recieve a letter from Willy stating he's got a better rod in stock. This will unlock the Fibreglass Rod and bait at his shop.

    Iridum Rod -


    Crab Pots
    Crab pots can be crafted or bought from Willy once you hit level 3 fishing. You need to put them in water next to the shore (any source) and use 1 bait on them. The next day you will have a random harvestable fishing item.
    Gear - Weapons, Hats, Boots and Rings
    - In Progress -




    Crafting - Recipes / Blueprints
    - In Progress -

    Item: Wood Fence
    Recipe Obtained: Default
    Materials Required: 2 x Wood
    Function: Build enclosed areas for animals and grass.

    Item: Gate
    Recipe Obtained: Default
    Materials Required: 10 x Wood
    Function: Entrance for enclosed fence areas.

    Item: Chest
    Recipe Obtained: Default
    Materials Required: 50 x Wood
    Function: Storage space (36 slots?)

    Item: Torch
    Recipe Obtained: Default
    Materials Required: 1 x Wood, 1 x Sap
    Function: Provides light when placed.

    Item: Wood Path
    Recipe Obtained: Default
    Materials Required: 1 x Stone
    Function: Decorative flooring, prevents items spawning underneath.

    Item: Gravel Path
    Recipe Obtained: Default
    Materials Required: 1 x Stone
    Function: Decorative flooring, prevents items spawning underneath.

    Item: Cobblestone Path
    Recipe Obtained: Default
    Materials Required: 1 x Stone
    Function: Decorative flooring, prevents items spawning underneath.

    Item: Campfire
    Recipe Obtained: Default
    Materials Required: 10 x Wood, 10 x Stone, 10 x Fiber
    Function: Provides more light than a torch when placed.

    Recipe Obtained: Default
    Materials Required:
    Crafting - Created Items
    Other Items
    - In Progress -

    Furniture - Indoor

    Furniture in your house can be rotated by left clicking it to pick it up / make it moveable and then right click to rotate it. Not all furniture is rotatable.

    Furniture - Outside

    Rarecrows - Rarecrows are a variation on scarecrows with the same effects. They all have different outfits and are numbered from 1-8. You can buy them from events and from the ♥♥♥♥♥ wagon. Can you collect them all?
    Map, areas and unlockables
    - In Progress -

    Completed Action Related Unlockables

    Backpack - Once you have filled your inventory (all 12 slots) at least once, the next day you will recieve a letter from Pierre stating that you can now purchase a bigger backpack at his store.

    Extended Beach - Once you repair the bridge on the East side of the Beach you will unlock a second area that can spawn valuable forageables to sell. This also unlocks the Mariner who will only appear on stormy days and sells the Amulet which allows you to propose to a villager.

    Adventurer's Guild - Once the mine is unlocked and you enter it, you will speak to the leader of the Adventurer's Guild who will explain the mines. Once you have reached level 5 in the mines, the next day you will recieve a letter asking you to kill 10 slimes in the mines to unlock the Adventurer's Guild.

    Abandoned House - Once you unlock any achievement ingame, the house ruins at the bottom left of the map will become unlocked. You will recieve a letter in the mail stating hats are now available for sale. If you go to this house a mouse will sell hats for every achievement you unlock for gold.

    Dwarf - To access the dwarf in the room in the right hand side of the mine, you must first clear away the rock by using a Steel or better pickaxe. You can also use a cherry bomb. You will not be able to understand the Dwarf until you complete the next step below.

    Dwarf Language - To be able to understand Dwarvish you must dig up all the Dwarven Scrolls from hoeing; (I, II, III, IV). Once donated to the museum, Gunther will give you a book allowing you to understand Dwarvish. This will allow you to read the gravestone/tombstone in the town cemetery as well as to understand the Dwarf.

    Sewer - Once you have donated 60 artifacts to the museum, Gunther will give you the key to the Sewers.

    Secret Forest - If you have a steel axe you can cut through the large log to the North of the wizards tower. This will unlock a new area with stumps that regenerate on a daily basis and are the best source of Hardwood!

    Date Related Unlockables

    5 Spring - Mine: When you wake up you will recieve a letter stating the rockslide East of Linus' tent has been cleared, this gives you access to the Mine.

    5-12 Spring - Pet: When you wake up you will be offered with a pet cat or dog (depending on your choice during character creation) which you can then choose a name for. The pet has no use except for looking cute.

    1 Summer - Earthquake: When you go to sleep on the 28th of Spring you will get a message "There was an earthquake during the night". The blockage in the path North of Robin the Carpenter's house will have disappeared, unlocking the Spa / Train tracks area.
    This or that? – Gameplay Decisions
    - In Progress -

    Community Center vs Jojamart
    The only difference between these two is that with the Community Center is a more manual approach to the game where you need to really explore everywhere to be able to find the items requested by the Junimo (little sprites). The Joja side is that, instead of gathering everything, you can just pay to effectively skip submitting all of the items.

    If you want to finish the game fast and you think you will have a lot of money, Jojamart is the way to go. But if you want to explore every nook and cranny in the game you should go for restoring the Community Center.

    Fruit bats vs Mushrooms
    Fruit bats will randomly leave fruit on there cave floor (can be from any season) where as the mushroom cave will give you mushrooms that can otherwise only be found while mining (?), it does not have a huge effect on your gameplay, rather it's better to decide if you prefer mining or farming yourself and then pick the other option to counter.

    Skill Ranks
    Without tools you wouldn't be able to do anything. They are used throughout your day in Stardew Valley. However, all tools (except weapon/scythe) use energy for every swing. Keep food on you to replenish your energy and don't let yourself get exhausted. As you level up your skills you will use less energy to swing your tools.

    If you lose a tool by dying you will recieve another one in the mail the next day.

    You can upgrade your tools by taking them to Clint the Blacksmith. Upgrades are improve the use of your tools and to save you time and energy. It will cost 5 bars of the material you are upgrading to and some money. You cannot skip upgrades, you must go through the order copper>steel>gold>iridium. So to fully upgrade a weapon it costs 42,000G and 5 of each bar.

    PLEASE NOTE: Clint will take your weapon for TWO DAYS when upgrading and you need to SPEAK TO HIM to get it back, e.g if you give it to him on Monday you will not get it back until Wednesday. Bear this in mind if you think you will need the tool next day!

    With Watering Cans, it is best to check the weather for the next day and if it is supposed to rain then get your can upgraded today after you have watered your plants. That way, your plants will be watered tomorrow by the rain and you will get it back on the 3rd day where you can water your plants. You don't HAVE to do it this way, but if your plants miss a day of watering they will not grow a stage the next day. Once you have full sprinklers the watering can becomes obsolete however.

    Used to cut down trees, stumps and logs. Can also be used to destroy planted seeds.

    Axe: Gained at start of game- 10 hit trees, 5 hit stumps.
    Copper Axe: 5 Bars, 2,000G - 8 hit trees, 4 hit stumps. (Large stumps now choppable)
    Steel Axe: 5 Bars, 5,000G - 6 hit trees, 3 hit stumps. (Large logs now choppable)
    Gold Axe: 5 Bars, 10,000G- 4 hit trees, 2 hit stumps.
    Iridium Axe: 5 Bars, 25,000G - ?

    Used to prepare the ground for seeds, or to dig up tree seeds. Has no effect on already planted crop seeds.

    Hoe: Gained at start of game - hoes 1 square of land.
    Copper Hoe: 5 Bars, 2,000G - hoes 3 squares of land in front of you.
    Steel Hoe: 5 Bars, 5,000G - hoes 5 square of land in front of you.
    Gold Hoe: 5 Bars, 10,000G - hoes 3x3 squares of land.
    Iridium Hoe: 5 Bars, 25,000G - hoes 6x3 squares of land.

    Watering Cans
    Used to water plants. You can also water your pet bowl (has no effect). Can be refilled at any water source (pond is the closest). Less useful once you have sprinklers.

    Watering Can: Gained at start of game - waters 1 square of land.
    Copper Watering Can: 5 Bars, 2,000G - waters 3 squares of land in front of you.
    Steel Watering Can: 5 Bars, 5,000G - waters 5 square of land in front of you.
    Gold Watering Can: 5 Bars, 10,000G - waters 3x3 squares of land.
    Iridium Watering Can: 5 Bars, 25,000G - waters 6x3 squares of land.

    Used to mine rocks and ores. Can also be used to destroy planted seeds.

    Pickaxe: Gained at start of game.
    Copper Pickaxe: 5 Bars, 2,000G - can mine biggest stones in mine.
    Steel Pickaxe: 5 Bars, 5,000G - can mine bigger stones on farm.
    Gold Pickaxe: 5 Bars, 10,000G - can break meteorite.
    Iridium Pickaxe: 5 Bars, 25,000G

    Used to cut weeds, grass and harvest certain crops. Will not damage nearby plants if they aren't harvestable by the scythe.

    Scythe: Gained at start of game, it cannot be upgraded.
    Buildings - Your Farm
    - In Progress -

    On the 6th Spring you will recieve a letter from Robin explaining her house upgrades.
    Buildings - Shops
    - In Progress -

    ♥♥♥♥♥ Wagon: Shows up every Friday and Sunday north east of the wizards tower. It is a old fair wagon with a shop lady inside, pulled by a pig wearing glasses and a fez. The lady will sell a variety of items including "Rare Seed" which is needed to obtain a stardrop. She also sells food, crops and craftables such as Iridum Sprinklers.

    Wooden Brazier Recipe - 250G
    Wood Lamp-post Recipe - 500G
    Iron Lamp-post Recipe - 1000G
    Wood Floor Recipe - 500G
    Stone Floor Recipe - 500G
    Stepping Stone Path Recipe - 500G
    Straw Floor Recipe - 1000G
    Crystal Path Recipe - 1000G
    Buildings - Other
    Events - Weather
    - In Progress -

    The weather changes every day, and can be very unpredictable. Luckily for us, we have the weather channel on TV that can tell us in advance the weather the game will have the next day.

    • Crops will need to be watered.

    • No need to water your crops. Good day to go fishing or mining.

    • Watch out for lightning! If you are hit you will take damage in a 3x3 square and items around you can be destroyed - so be careful! You can protect yourself by building a lightning rod close by, which will also create a harvesteable "battery pack" a few days after a storm.

    Pollen - Spring Only
    • Pink petals will blow across your screen.

      Windy - Fall Only
    • Fallen leaves will blow across your screen.
    Events - Seasons
    Events - Festivals
    - In Progress -

    Egg Festival - 13th of Spring
    See who can find the most eggs hidden around town in a timed period. Winner gets a prize!

    Egg festival route -

    Flower Dance - 24th of Spring
    Ask someone to dance for the ceremony. If they like you enough they'll say yes.

    Luau - 11th of Summer
    The govener is visiting to haste the hot pot the village has made. Make sure to submit a good quality item so it tastes great!

    Dance of the Moonlight Jellies - 28th of Summer
    Events - Cutscenes (non-relationship related)
    - In Progress -

    Spring 2 - To The Beach - Upon entering the beach, Willy will talk to you about fishing.

    Clint and Furnaces - Once you find your first ore, whether it be from foraging or mining, the next day Clint will be outside your house when you wake up to explain furnaces and give you a quest to make one.

    Kids at sewer
    Jojo vouchers at Pierre’s
    Lewis at community center
    Fishing rod
    Linus town center
    In the top left of your farm there's a mural that when you interact with it tells you to meet your grandfather there on the first day of your third year.
    Events - Random Events
    - In progress -

    Gameplay Affecting Events

    After sleeping, you will get a message that you hear a huge explosion. A meteor will have landed somewhere on your farm and if you have a better than copper pickaxe then you will be able to open it. If you mine it you will get Iridium and Stone.

    After sleeping, you will get a cutscene of a small fairy flying onto your farm and performing magics on some of your ungrown crops. The next morning you will find some crops are now harvestable.

    At some point during the day you may get a popup saying "A train is coming through". You need to head to the rail tracks north of the spa (not sure of time limit, I got there in 80 minutes) and a train will be going past. Random loot will be dropped by the train in the surrounding area so make sure you look well.

    After sleeping, you will get a cutscene of a Witch flying over your house. In the morning you will either find a "Void Egg" in a coop this can be Incubated in the Big Coop to hatch a Void Chicken or you will find black slimes in your slime ranch.

    Visual Only Events

    Butterfly Tree
    Sometimes when you cut down a tree you will get a large amount of butterflies fly out.

    During the day you may see animals such as birds and squirrels running away when you come near them. You can also see Owls flying overheard at night. Finally, when destroying weeds you may disrupt a frog.
    Collections - Items Shipped (Farm & Forage)
    - In Progress -
    Collections - Completing Fish
    - In progress -

    - Need picture of completed fishing collection -

    Fish Locations
      Fish - Lvl Req - Season - Weather - Area - Time - Bobber Pattern
    • Albacore - 0 - Fall / Winter - Any Weather - Ocean - 6AM-11AM, 7PM-2AM - Mixed
    • Anchovy - 0 - Spring / Fall - Any Weather - Ocean - All Day - Crazy
    • Angler (L) - 3 - Spring / Fall - Any Weather - North of JojaMart - All Day - Calm
    • Bream - 0 - All Seasons - Any Weather - River - 6PM-2AM - Calm
    • Bullhead - 0 - All Seasons - Any Weather - Lake - All Day - Calm
    • Carp - 0 - Spring / Summer / Fall - Any Weather - Lake/Sewer/SecretWood - All Day - Mixed
    • Catfish - 0 - Spring / Fall / (Winter?) - Rainy/Snow - River/ForestPond - All Day - Mixed
    • Chub - 0 - All Seasons - (Sunny?) - Lake/River - All Day - Crazy
    • Crimsonfish (L) - 5 - Summer - Any Weather - Ocean (East Beach Pier) - 6AM-10PM - Mixed
    • Dorado - 0 - Summer - Any Weather - Forest River - 6AM-7PM - Mixed
    • Eel - 0 - Spring / Fall - Any Weather - Ocean - 4PM-2AM - Calm
    • Ghostfish - 0 - All Seasons - Any Weather - Mines (F20/60/100) - All Day - Mixed
    • Glacierfish (L) - 7 - Winter - Any Weather - Forest River (South) - 6AM-8PM - Mixed
    • Halibut - 0 - Spring / Summer / Winter - Any Weather - Ocean - 6AM-11AM, 7PM-2AM - Sinker
    • Herring - 0 - Spring / WInter - Any Weather - Ocean - All Day - Crazy
    • Ice Pip - 5 - All Seasons - Any Weather - Mine (F60) - All Day - Crazy
    • Largemouth Bass - 0 - All Seasons - Any Weather - Mountain Lake - 6AM-7PM - Mixed
    • Lava Eel - 7 - All Seasons - Any Weather - Mine (F100) - All Day - Mixed
    • Legend (L) - 10 - Spring - Rainy - Mountain Lake (Cast into Log) - 6AM-8PM - Mixed
    • Lingcod - 0 - Winter - Any Weather - River/Lake - All Day - Mixed
    • Mutant Carp (L) - 0 - All Seasons - Any Weather - Sewers - All Day - Crazy
    • Octopus - 0 - Summer - Any Weather - Ocean - 6AM-1PM - Sinker
    • Perch - 0 - Winter - Any Weather - Lake/River - All Day - Crazy
    • Pike - 0 - Summer / Winter - Any Weather - Lake/River - All Day - Crazy
    • Pufferfish - 0 - Summer - Sunny - Ocean - 12PM-4PM - Floater
    • Rainbow Trout - 0 - Summer - Sunny - River/Mountain - 6AM-7PM - Mixed
    • Red Mullet - 0 - Summer / Winter - Any Weather - Ocean - 6AM-7PM - Calm
    • Red Snapper - 0 - Summer / Fall / (Winter?) - Rainy/Snow - Ocean - 6AM-7PM - Mixed
    • Salmon - 0 - Fall - Any Weather - River - 6AM-7PM - Mixed
    • Sandfish - 0 - All Seasons - Any Weather - Desert - 6AM-8PM - Mixed
    • Sardine - 0 - All Seasons - Any Weather - Ocean - 6AM-7PM - Crazy
    • Scorpion Carp - 4 - All Seasons - Any Weather - Desert - 6AM-8PM - Crazy
    • Sea Cucumber - 0 - Fall / Winter - Any Weather - Ocean - 6AM-7PM - Sinker
    • Shad - 0 - Spring / Summer / Fall - Rainy - River - 9AM-2AM - Calm
    • Smallmouth Bass - 0 - Spring / Fall - Any Weather - River/Lake - All Day - Mixed
    • Squid - 0 - Winter - Any Weather - Ocean - All Day - 6PM-2AM - Sinker
    • Stonefish - 3 - All Seasons - Any Weather - Mine (F20) - All Day - Sinker
    • Sturgeon - 0 - Summer / Winter - Any Weather - Mountain Lake - 6AM-7PM - Mixed
    • Sunfish - 0 - Spring / Summer - Sunny - River - 6AM-7PM - Mixed
    • Super Cucumber - 0 - Summer / Winter / (Fall?) - Any Weather - Ocean - All Day - Sinker
    • Tiger Trout - 0 - All Seasons - Any Weather - River/Lake - 6AM-7PM - Crazy
    • Tilapia - 0 - Summer / Fall - Any Weather - Ocean - 6AM-2PM - Mixed
    • Tuna - 0 - Summer / Winter - Any Weather - Ocean - 6AM-7PM - Calm
    • Walleye - 0 - Fall / (Winter?) - Rainy/Snow - River/Lake/Forest Pond - 12PM-2AM - Calm
    • Woodskip - 0 - All Seasons - Any Weather - Secret Woods - All Day - Mixed

    Crab Pots
    • Lobster - Ocean
    • Clam - Ocean
    • Crayfish - Freshwater
    • Crab - Ocean
    • Cockle - Ocean
    • Mussel - Ocean
    • Shrimp - Ocean
    • Snail - Freshwater
    • Periwinkle - Freshwater
    • Oyster - Ocean

      Green Algae
      White Algae
    Collections - Completing Artifacts & Minerals (and your Museum)
    - In Progress -

    If you are a completionist and want to unlock everything in the game it is vital for you to donate to the museum.

    5 Donations: 9 x Cauliflower Seeds (Spring)
    10 Donations: 9 x Melon Seeds (Summer)
    15 Donations: 1 x Standing Geode (Furniture), 1 x Starfruit Seeds.

    Ancient Seed: Plantable ancient seed and recipe.
    Bone Flute: Flute block furniture.
    Chicken Statue: Chicken statue furniture.

    Collections - Completing Cooking
    - In Progress -

    Unlocking Cooking
    You get cooking by purchasing the first house upgrade from Robin, which unlocks a Kitchen in your house. Food stored in your fridge is automatically useable from the cooking menu, so do not feel you need to put everything in yout inventory.

    TV Cooking Show - Queen of Sauce
    Every Sunday an episode of the cookery show will play on the TV in your house. If you watch this you can learn a new recipe. If you miss it, it will re-run the next Wednesday so you have another chance to catch it!

    I am unsure if the recipes are set for everyone or randomised each week, but here is what I have learned.

    7 Spring Yr 1 - Stiry Fry
    14 Spring Yr 1 - Coleslaw
    21 Spring Yr 1 - Radish Salad
    28 Spring Yr 1 - Omelet
    7 Summer Yr 1 - Baked Fish
    14 Summer Yr 1 - Pancake
    21 Summer Yr 1 - Maki Roll

    Fried Mushroom - Demetrius 3 Hearts
    Fried Calamari - Jodi 3 Hearts
    Chower - Willy 3 Hearts
    Fried Eel - George 3 Hearts
    Parsnip Soup - Caroline 3 Hearts
    Salad - Emily 3 Hearts
    Algae Soup - Clint 3 Hearts
    Strange Bun - Shane 2 Hearts
    Collections - Achievements (Ingame and Steam)
    - In Progress -
    Guide - Community Center Bundles
    - In Progress -

    1. Cutscene with Mayor at community center.
    2. Re-enter community center and read certificate on floor in south-west room.
    3. Next day, recieve letter from Wizard.
    4. Visit wizard.
    5. Re-enter community center and re-read certificate on floor.
    6. Let the collecting begin!

    Crafts - unlocked by default.
    Spring Foraging Bundle - Rewards: 20 x Spring Seeds
    1 x Horseradish, 1 x Leek, 1 x Daffodil, 1 x Dandelion.
    Summer Foraging Bundle - Rewards: 20 x Summer Seeds
    1 x Sweet Pea, 1 x Grape, 1 x Spice Berry.
    Fall Foraging Bundle - Rewards: 20 x Fall Seeds
    1 x Common Mushroom, 1 x Fall Plum, 1 x Hazelnut, 1 x Blackberry.
    Winter Foraging Bundle - Rewards: Winter Seeds x 30
    1 x Winter Root, 1 x Crystal Fruit, 1 x Snow Yam, 1 x Crocus.
    Exotic Foraging Bundle - Rewards: 5 x Autumn's Bounty (food)
    ANY 5 OF: 1 x Coconut, 1 x Cactus Fruit, 1 x Cave carrot, 1 x Red Mushroom, 1 x Purple Mushroom, 1 x Maple Syrup, 1 x Oak Resin, 1 x Pine tar, 1 x Morel.
    Construction Bundle - Rewards: 1 x Charcoal Kiln
    198 (2 x 99) Wood, 99 x Stone, 10 x Hardwood.
    Bridge Repair

    Pantry - unlocked by completing Crafts - x Foraging Bundle.
    Spring Crops Bundle - Reward: 20 x Speed-Gro Fertilizer.
    1 x Parsnip, 1 x Green Bean, 1 x Cauliflower, 1 x Potato.
    Summer Crops Bundle - Rewards: 1 x Quality Sprinkler.
    1 x Tomato, 1 x Hot Pepper, 1 x Blueberry, 1 x Melon.
    Fall Crops Bundle - Rewards: 1 x Bee Hive
    1 x Corn, 1 x Eggplant, 1 x Pumpkin, 1 x Yam.
    Quality Crops Bundle - Rewards: 1 x Preserves Jar
    ANY 3 OF: 5 x Parsnip (Gold Star), 5 x Melon (Gold Star), 5 x Pumpkin (Gold Star), 5 x Corn (Gold Star).
    Animal Bundle - Rewards: 1 x Cheese Press
    ANY 5 OF: 1 x Large Milk, 1 x Large Egg (Brown), 1 x Large Egg (White), 1 x L. Goat Milk, 1 x Wool, 1 x Duck Egg.
    Artisan Bundle - Rewards: 1 x Keg
    ANY 6 OF: 1 x Truffle Oil, 1 x Cloth, 1 x Goat Cheese, 1 x Cheese, 1 x Honey, 1 x Jelly, 1 x Apple, 1 x Apricot, 1 x Orange, 1 x Peach, 1 x Pomegranate, 1 x Cherry.

    Fish Tank - unlocked by completing Crafts - x Foraging Bundle.
    River Fish Bundle - Reward:
    1 x Sunfish, 1 x Catfish, 1 x Shad, 1 x Tiger Trout.
    Ocean Fish Bundle - Reward: 5 x Warp Totem (Beach)
    1 x Sardine, 1 x Tuna, 1 x Red Snapper, 1 x Tilipia
    Lake Fish Bundle - Reward: 1 x Dressed Spinner
    1 x Largemouth Bass, 1 x Carp, 1 x Bullhead, 1 x Sturgeon.
    Night Fish Bundle - Reward: 1 x Small Glow Ring
    1 x Walleye, 1 x Bream, 1 x Eel.
    Speciality Fish Bundle - Reward: 5 x Dish O' The Sea
    1 x Pufferfish, 1 x Ghostfish, 1 x Sandfish, 1 x Woodskip.
    Crab Pot Bundle - Reward: 3 x Crab Pot
    ANY 5 OF: 1 x Lobster, 1 x Crayfish, 1 x Crab, 1 x Cockle, 1 x Mussel, 1 x Shrimp, 1 x Snail, 1 x Periwinkle, 1 x Oyster, 1 x Clam.
    Glittering Boulder Removed

    Boiler Room - unlocked by completing?
    Blacksmith's Bundle - Rewards: 1 x Furnace
    1 x Copper Bar, 1 x Iron Bar, 1 x Gold Bar.
    Geologist's Bundle - Rewards: 1 x Recycling Machine
    1 x Quarts, 1 x Earth Crystal, 1 x Frozen Tear, 1 x Fire Quartz.
    Adventurer's Bundle - Rewards: 1 x Small Magnet Ring
    ANY 2 OF: 99 x Slime, 10 x Bat Wing, 1 x Solar Essence, 1 x Void Essence.

    Bulletin Board - unlocked by completing ?
    Chef's Bundle - Rewards:
    1 x Maple Syrup, 1 x Fiddlehead Fern, 1 x Truffle, 1 x Poppy, 1 x Maki Roll, 1 x Fried Egg.
    Dye Bundle - Rewards:
    1 x Red Mushroom, 1 x Sea Urchin, 1 x Sunflower, 1 x Duck Feather, 1 x Aquamarine, 1 x Red Cabbage.
    Field Research Bundle - Rewards:
    1 x Purple Mushroom, 1 x Nautilus Shell, 1 x Chub, 1 x Frozen Geode.
    Enchanter's Bundle - Rewards:
    1 x Oak Resin, 1 x Wine, 1 x Rabbit's Foot, 1 x Pomegranate.
    Fodder Bundle - Rewards: 1 x Heater
    10 x Wheat, 10 x Hay, 3 x Apple.

    Vault - unlocked by completing Pantry - x Crops Bundle.
    2,500g Bundle - Reward: 3 x Chocolate Cake
    5,000g Bundle - Reward: 30 x Quality Fertilizer
    10,000g Bundle - Reward: 1 x Lightning Rod
    25,000g Bundle - Reward: 1 x Crystallizer
    Bus Service
    Guide - Jojamart Community Development
    If you decide to go the Jojamart route, to begin you need to speak to Morris and Jojamart and spend 5,000G on membership. After this you will be presented with a "community projects list".

    Once you buy membership, the community center will be coverted to an unuseable warehouse.

    In total it will cost 135,000G (+5,000G membership) to pay for everything. This is a much faster route compared to the bundles and you can easily have paid everything off before the end of the year if you know what you are doing.
    "How do I use _____" FAQs
    Q: How do I use gates?
    A: You have to place down the fences first, then place the gate ON the fence. It isn't really explained well.

    Q: How do I use crab pots?
    A: To use a crab pot, place it in the water (or really on the edge of the water), then add bait after.

    Q: How do I use bait with my fishing rod?
    A: To use bait with your fishing rod, you must first have a fiberglass rod or better. To attach the bait to your rod, open up your inventory, pick up the bait, then right click on your fishing rod with the bait.

    Q: How do I use tree taps?
    A: With tree taps, it's set and forget. Generally speaking, it'll take 3-5 days (and it's never a constant number) to get anything out of them, so if you're wanting sap in bulk, place multiple tree taps.
    "Where is _____" FAQs
    Q: Where are Mayor Lewis's Shorts?
    A: Marnie's bedroom. Scandelous.

    Q: Where is Robin's Axe?
    A: Her axe is in the woods to the south of your farm. Keep heading south until you hit water -- there's only one path near there that goes across the water, take it. The axe will be around there (along with the sewers, and the hat vendor)

    Q: Where is Linus's basket?
    A: To get to linus's basket, go to the bus (the area directly right of your farm), and go in front of the bus. From here, go left, and you'll enter a new area. His basket will be in the top left.
    Other FAQs
    Q: Can I move buildings?
    A: Unfortunately, you cannot move buildings; there is an option to demolish them though. Talk to the carpenter about buildings, and in the bottom right, there will be a demolish button.

    Q: What are those strange stautes (with a gem embedded in them) for?
    A: Eventually, you are able to make warp totems. These are one-time use items, which teleport you to a given location. These statues are the location you are teleported to.

    Q: There's a boulder blocking the mines in the north east. How do I get there?
    A: On day 5, the path becomes unblocked. Just play the waiting game on this one and do other things until day 5.

    Q: I had an earthquake at night. What did it do?
    A: The area for the train (to the north, near the cave and Linus's tent) has been opened. It doesn't really do anything significant, but the train drops ores and junk randomly when it passes through.

    Q: I had an explosion at night. What did it do?
    A: Check your farm for a meteor -- with a gold pick, you can break it and get iridium.

    Q: How many floors does the mountain cave have?
    A: 120

    Q: What does the skull key do?
    A: The skull key enables the use of the second arcade machine in the saloon, and also allows access to the desert cave (more on this below).

    Q: How do I get to the desert cave?
    A: You have to fix the vault in the town hall (which fixes the bus). If you don't have the option to fix it yet, try completing a few bundles, and it'll unlock. Afterwards, you have to pay 500 gold to take the bus to the desert, and the cave will be up and to the left.

    Q: Where do I get iridium?
    A: There's four ways to obtain iridium. You can mine it (rarely) in the desert cave, obtain it as a drop from some of the enemies in the desert cave, obtain it through cracking open omni geodes, or by fixing the crafting room (which opens the bridge near the mountain mines), which unlocks the quarry.

    Q: How do I get hardwood?
    A: You can get hard wood by upgrading your axe, and chopping the large stumps and dead logs on your farm. Alternately, you can (rarely) get hardwood from breaking boxes/barrels/lootables in either of the mines. To find more stumps to chop for hard wood, go to the secret forest, where they spawn daily (more on how to get there below).

    Q: How do I get to the secret forest?
    A: To get to the secret forest, go to the forest south of your farm, the go to the north west corner of the map. With a steel or better axe, you can remove the fallen log blocking the way.

    Q: What's the latest I can stay out/what happens if I stay out too late?
    A: The latest you can stay out varies somewhere between the range of 2:00 AM and 2:30 AM. If you pass this limit, your character passes out, and is brought back home, however, you lose some of your gold.

    Q: What happens if I lose all my HP?
    A: If you lose all of your HP, you'll be brought to the doctor's office, lose some gold, items, and some of your progress in the mines.

    Q: What happens if I lose all my energy?
    A: When you lose all your energy, you gain the exhausted debuff. This debuff prevents you from recovering all your energy by sleeping, but can be removed by the doctor.

    Q: How do I get Stardrop Fruits?
    A: These fruits (which permanently increase your maximum energy) are easily confused with the starfruits due to the name. You can only obtain these by achieving something major, like marrying someone, getting to floor 100 of the dungeon, giving a sweet gem berry to the statue in the hidden forest, spending 2000 star tokens at the Stardew Valley fair in the fall, or buying one from Krobus in the sewers. I'm almost certain there's more, but those are all that I'm aware of at this time.

    Q: Do I need to feed my dog or cat/what does it do?
    A: Your dog or cat does not need to be fed (but can be given water, there's a water bowl near the north exit), and ultimately does nothing.

    Q: Can you change appearences after starting?
    A: You can change your appearance by getting better relations with the wizard. He has a shrine in his basement which allows it.

    Q: How do I make copper bars/refined quartz?
    A: You'll need a furnace (which you get the recipe from Clint, more on this below), 5 of the ore you want to smelt (or one quartz), and one coal. Plop it in by right clicking, and give it some time.

    Q: How do I get a furnace?
    A: Clint provides you with the recipe to make furnaces in an event. This event is triggered the day after obtaining any smeltable ore.

    Q: How do I get my stuff back after I die?
    A: When you die, the items you've lost are permanently lost. The only way to retrieve these items is to quit without saving (which some may consider cheating), and start the day over again.
    General Game FAQs
    Q: Is Multiplayer out yet?
    A: Multiplayer isn't out yet, and we haven't been given a timeline on it yet. That said, it is a confirmed feature.

    Q: Are there relationships?
    A: Simply put, yes. You can marry any of the 10 people available, regardless of the gender you pick.

    Q: I found a bug! Where can I submit it?
    A: Check the KNOWN ISSUES thread first to see if your issue is there first. It may have a solution or workaround. If it isn't there, click the link provided in that thread to submit your bug.

    Q: How long does the game last?
    A: Technically, the game lasts as long as you'd like it to (though there's an event that happens on year three that you might want to be finished for). Take things at your own pace, and if you screw up something, keep this in mind (so you know you aren't being forced to restart).
    Can you answer these questions?
    - In Progress -

    Any questions I have about the game or would like information about will be added here.

    Do you get punished for littering?
    Do higher quality (gold star, silver star) items make better gifts?
    Walkthrough - To Do List
    -In Progress-
    If you want to complete your game as fast as possible or be aware of things you should do in advance then here is a list I am working on of steps I recommend you take.

    Steps with a * only apply if you took the "save the community center" approach. If you took the Jojamart approach then ignore these. Please note I do not include all items for bundles that allow you to choose from multiple items, for example 5 out of 8 shown items to be submitted, I will list only the 5 easiest to obtain.

    General Advice
    • Please read my Beginner's Tips at the top of the guide for very useful advice
    • Check the Travelling Cart every Friday/Sunday as she can sell valuable items such as iridium sprinklers (always try to buy them) and also crops/fish that you may need for a bundle (only buy them for a good reason as they are pricey).

    Non-Seasonal Items
    • Craft Furnace x 1 - Collect 20 copper ore and 25 stone to make a furnace to smelt bars.
    • Gather Rainbow Shell x 1 - (Quest) If you find one on the beach, keep it.
    • Craft Tapper x 3 - Unlocked at level 3 Foraging. Place one on each kind of tree (pine, maple and oak) for special sap products.
    • *Pine Tar x 1 - From tapping pine trees.
    • *Maple Syrup x 1 - From tapping maple trees.
    • *Oak Resin x 1 - From tapping oak trees.
    • *Cave Carrot x 1 - Hoe the sandy patches in mines.
    • *Red Mushroom x 1 - Mines F? or Mushroom Cave
    • *Purple Mushroom x 1 - Mines F? or Mushroom Cave
    • *Wood x 198 - Cutting trees or purchase from Robin.
    • *Stone x 99
    • *Hardwood x 10

    Spring Year 1
    • *Gather Horseradish x 1 - Bundle: Crafts - Spring Foraging.
    • *Gather Leek x 1 - Bundle: Crafts - Spring Foraging.
    • *Gather Daffodil x 1 - Bundle: Crafts - Spring Foraging.
    • *Gather Dandelion x 1 - Bundle: Crafts - Spring Foraging.
    • *Grow Parsnip x 1 (Any Quality) - Bundle: Pantry - Spring Crops
    • *Grow Green Bean x 1 (Any Quality) - Bundle: Pantry - Spring Crops
    • *Grow Cauliflower x 1 (Any Quality) - Bundle: Pantry - Spring Crops
    • *Grow Potato (Any Quality) - Bundle: Pantry - Spring Crops
    • *Grow Parsnip x 5 (Gold Star Quality) - Bundle: Pantry - Quality Crops.
    • Get 2 heart's with Marnie to unlock her bedroom - preferably before Spring ends as you will need to go in there at the beginning of Summer.

    Summer Year 1
    • *Grow Corn x 5 (Gold Star Quality) - Bundle: Pantry - Quality Crops.
    • *Grow Melon x 5 (Gold Star Quality) - Bundle: Pantry - Quality Crops.
    • Grow Melon x 1- Quest
    • *Grow Melon x 1 - Bundle: Pantry - Summer Crops
    • *Grow Tomato x 1 - Bundle: Pantry - Summer Crops.
    • Grow Hot Pepper x 1 - Quest
    • *Grow Hot Pepper x 1 - Bundle: Pantry - Summer Crops.
    • *Grow Blueberry x 1 - Bundle: Pantry - Summer Crops.
    • *Pufferfish - Catch a pufferfish at the Ocean on a sunny day in the early afternoon. Note: you cannot access the beach on the 28th due to the festival.
    • Battery Pack - Place a lightning rod during a summer storm to get a battery pack a few days later (the rod will pulse to show it's generating one). You can get a lightning rod via the Bundle: Vault - 10,000G or Rank 6 Foraging recipe.
    • Strange Seed - Check the ♥♥♥♥♥ every Friday/Sunday for a Strange Seed to plant in Fall, this costs 1k.

    Fall/Autumn Year 1

    • *Gather 1 x Common Mushroom, 1 x Fall Plum, 1 x Hazelnut, 1 x Blackberry - Bundle: Crafts - Fall Foraging.
    • *Grow 1 x Corn, 1 x Eggplant, 1 x Pumpkin, 1 x Yam (Any Quality) - Bundle: Pantry - Fall Crops.
      • If you want to propose this year make sure you are at 8 hearts and have given the bouquet your partner, as fall is the last chance of the year for a rainy day to buy the Mermaid Amulet (proposal item) from the Mariner on the beach (no rain in winter).

      Winter Year 1
      • Gather 1 x Winter Root, 1 x Crystal Fruit, 1 x Snow Yam, 1 x Crocus - Bundle: Crafts - Winter Foraging.
    Easter eggs
    - In Progress -

    I have not personally tested these out but they have been submitted by other players.

    • Clicking on the letters of "Stardew Valley" on the launch screen can trigger surprises.
    • In Sebastian's room there is a picture of the (male) Harvest Moon main character from the DS game hanging on the wall by his computer.
    Most of this guide is information compiled from a mixture of sources such as Steam forums and Reddit. I do not claim credit for all the information in this guide, I have purely put it all together for ease of access. However, some of it will be from my own personal experience. I aim to give credit where it is due so any huge pieces of information added from specific users will be given full credit. If you have any issues with what is in this guide, please let me know.

    Thanks to DEETS for managing the FAQ.

    Thanks to /u/Corfal for dataming the fishing information.
    Useful Links
    Below are some useful links that could help you. Please note I am not responsible for the content on the other side of these links.

    Farm Planner -

    Wikipedia -

    Reddit -
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    Rooster Cogburn Aug 30 @ 12:48pm 
    marry another coop player: buy a diamond ring recipe from the gypse and craft it
    then give it to the coop player
    Legacy | Oakley ^^ Feb 1 @ 9:48am 
    @Tigresslover, cut grass with the scythe (only works if you have the silo). The grass will turn into hay.
    kstormgemini Aug 6, 2019 @ 8:52pm 
    :thecatpaw: uhm, when/why did you leave/take Emily and Shane off the list of eligible singles? just curious. because in the single player game, they're still on it for me. yes you get recipes from Shane but last i knew, he was still "available". (though who'd want a guy that's abusive and drunk is beyond me... he just slides right back into drinking when/if you hitch up with him. ugh. will never make That mistake again!)
    Tigresslover Aug 6, 2019 @ 6:53pm 
    How can you fill the silo?
    Kreymx55 Jul 10, 2019 @ 6:39pm 
    It's very good but needs update
    kstormgemini Sep 19, 2018 @ 8:49pm 
    @Luminy<3 -from what I've read, you purchase either the ring or the recipe For the ring from the traveling tradeswoman that shows up in woods next to Marnie's farm. Not having tried it myself, I'm not sure what leads up to getting it though. I don't know if you need hearts for fellow players or how it's handled before you can get to the wedding ring part of it. Hopefully that at least gives you a jumping off point to finding out more? [winces]
    Good luck! :thecatprints::espresso:
    Komaeda Sep 19, 2018 @ 11:44am 
    how do you marry another farmer (player) in co op?
    The Darkness Aug 31, 2018 @ 10:29pm 
    your still able the wizard quest weather you choose joja or cc
    kstormgemini Aug 29, 2018 @ 8:35pm 
    :thecatpaw: Question- On the Jojomart route, do you know if we do the quests for the Wizard or is most of that side of the plot negated by taking up with the skeezoids? :espresso::thecatpaw:
    ✪ Ruby Aug 29, 2018 @ 4:17pm 
    Abigail doesnt like fruits