The Body Changer

The Body Changer

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THE BODY CHANGER - Official guide EN
By mrKaizen
This is the English guide for THE BODY CHANGER.
Sector-01 - The Begin
After the intro you will watch a sequence with some mission info, where you will notice the key-card on the second room, the Main-Pool:

Then the real game will begin, by taking control of the first SynB, the Ighel. A brief tutorial will teach you how to control your hero.
Move around in the first room and read the infos, on any terminal, about your mission and the world of THE BODY CHANGER.

Walk to the second room, the Main-Pool, where another sequence will follow and you will see the key-card at the end of the pool, floating over the water.
The problem is you can't reach the card because your SynB hasn't the INFECTION-SHIELD.

So move to the next room. Here you will see, on the left, a closed door with a Cyl-DEVICE and, on the right, the ACTIVATOR. The ACTIVATOR is needed to open the doors with the Cyl-DEVICES.

Move over to the ACTIVATOR, on the right and take it. A message from your company, NO-END, will follow:

Open the UI by holding the MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON and move your cursor over the ACTIVATOR ICON. Then release it, the Ighel will wear it:

Press and hold RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to aim with the ACTIVATOR:

Now move on to the end of the room, to the left. Reach the terminal with the HAND icon on it and press the space bar to interact with it:
NOTE: this type of terminal will give you codes OR unlock new SynBs.

This first code will be used on the first closed door:

If you look to the door another sequence will start, that tells you to use the ACTIVATOR on the Cyl-DEVICE, over the door. Aim on the cylinders as shown on the code (the circles):

Door is now open, walk to the next room where a NOISER is waiting for you.

The noiser creates a noise effect on your camera, so you must stop it.
Move to the last terminal on the right, for having the code that stops the noiser:

Go back to the entrance door and aim with the ACTIVATOR on the Cyl-DEVICE over it.

Use the code:
NOTE: codes will change everytime new play

DONE! You have turned off the noiser, now you can move to the next room where another terminal will tell you that sometimes the ACTIVATOR codes are mirrored:

So use the code you will see over the terminal, but MIRRORED, to open the closed door:
Sector-01 - The Dummy SynB
On the new room you will see your second SynB, a Dummy.

The problem is, you cannot reach it due to a waterfall:

Move to the terminal on your right and turn the waterfall off - by doing that, the water will become red and infected so DON'T WALK ON IT:

Walk next to the Dummy, near the terminal.
Use it and follow the istructions. Again, hold the MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON over the SynB TAB of your UI and then over to the Dummy icon:

Release it, now you are a Dummy, a SynB with the INFECTED SHIELD.

The shield makes him immune to the red water so you can walk back to the first MAIN-POOL (second room of the game) where you can finally take the Key-Pass:

After you have the key, go back to the Ighel. Stay close to him, then hold your MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON and move the cursor over the OBJECT TAB and then over the KEY-PASS icon.
Release it, a message will follow that tells you to USE THE OBJECT with the space bar OR pass it to another SynB with the R button:

Do it: press R and give the key to the Ighel - another confirm message will pop-up:

With the Dummy go back to the terminal next to the door and change the water back to blue, so the Ighel can run into the water:

Change back to him and move to the end of the room, where the door is closed:
NOTE: you can use the shortcut for changing back to last SynB by pressing SPACE BAR + LEFT MOUSE BUTTON

Change back to the Dummy and move next to the Ighel by walking into the red water without taking any damage. Move over the yellow platform, on the right, for open the door:

Back to the Ighel and go to next room. Here you will find the first of the D-Disk, collectable disks hidden in the game:

By taking it the game map will open: you will see all the Sectors and you SynBs positions:
NOTE: the map will help you later, because you can see exactly where the SynBs are and the Sectors connections.

Closed it by pressing ESC and, with the ACTIVATOR, open the door and move on to your third SynB:
Sector-01 - The Nexus SynB
You are now into the Draning-Pool room:

Go into the room and turn to the left. Reach the terminal and press space for using it:

It will tell you how to CROUCH, by holding the C button, and how to do the BARREL ROLL, by pressing 2 times LEFT or RIGHT BUTTON (A or D keyboard button):
NOTE: learn it, it's very simple and needed to avoid boss attacks.

Move on, on your left you will see the door for Sector-03 and Sector-04, sadly you cannot open it without a BLUE RAY for your ACTIVATOR (later...).

So move to the right, use the terminal for taking control of the 3th SynB, the NEXUS:

When you will change into the NEXUS, an ALARM will start, so run to the GUN, at the end of the platform:

Use the MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON to open the menu UI and, by releasing the cursor over the icon, wield the weapon:

NOTE: aiming with the weapons works also as ACTIVATOR.
The first enemies will attack:

Kill them all with your gun: do head shots, make arms explode or make them fall by shooting to the legs - killing enemies will give you bullets for your weapons and granades:

You can also stun the enemies with a fire weapon, then move next to them and press the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to use the V-BLADE:

After the first fight the PIPE LEAKING puzzle will start.
You need to use the ACTIVATOR to stop the water before it comes to high and kills the NEXUS:

Of course don't forget to change to the NEXUS for killing the infected SynBs but also protect the Ighel.

WIth the end of the manace the door to the sector's end will open:

Move into it with the Ighel and enter to the Silos (door seems looked, just walk on it because you should have the key-pass, if you have followed the guide). In this new room you can reativate the purifiers:
NOTE: the door at the left cannot be opened now.

The red water in the Draning-pool is now blue so you can move on with the Nexus, but before can reach the door, you need to kill the first boss, the KEBRE:

Avoid shooting directly to him, it brings nothing:

What you should do to kill the Kebre:
  • Wait that the Kebre runs over you,
  • do a BARREL ROLL,
  • the Kebre will stop and scream so you can shoot to the 2 red cylinders on his back (in 2 different times)

Done, the KEBRE is dead

you can walk to next Sector (and have more fun -_^ ) .
HOW-TO for sector-02 is COMING-SOON. ^__^