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Portal Knight Achievement Guide
By Menace123 and 1 collaborators
A guide to have all the achievements.

Every help is welcome to help me finish this guide, be aware that some of the achievement should perhaps not work until the game is released.
Tutorial Quest and Travelling
Fledgling - Complete all Tutorial Parts.
You should explore the first island looking for pannels and the portal to unlock all of the quests. Then finish them all as they are really easy.

Traveler - Use a Portal for the first time.
Nothing to add.

Adventurer - Unlock 20 islands.
To unlock an island you need to restore the related portal and then use it to visit the next island. You can easily see if an island is not visited with the lack of informations about it.
Levelling and Fighting
Level Up! - Gain your first Level Up.
You gain experience when finishing the first quests, defeating ennemies and mining or destroying stuff.

Exterminator - Defeat the Boss Worm.
You unlock the boss island later in the game, then you need to defeat the boss to go further. The boss also drop stuff when defeated. You need to hurt the worm's tail when it appears in order to damage the boss.

Whac-No-Worm - Defeat the Boss Worm wihtout defeating any Small Worm.
You need to hurt the worm's tail and avoid hurting the other worms.

Level 10! - Reach Level 10.
You will have it while you unlock islands.

Dragon Slayer - Defeat the Boss Dragon.
It's like a Golf simulator, use your weapon as a club to hit the egg and shoot the boss. Then you can hurt him.

Evasionist - Defeat the Boss Dragon with 5 Dragon Man alive.
To spawn a dragon man, you need to have some eggs left before hitting the boss with one. Then when the boss retrieve is immunity, the remaining eggs hatch into dragon men. I suggest to spawn eggs when the boss's life is below 50%.

Level 20! - Reach Level 20.
You will have it while you unlock islands.

Ghost Buster - Defeat the Boss Ghost King.
Destroy the crystals linked to the boss in order to hurt him.

Portal Knight - Reach Level 30.
You should farm after you defeated the last boss. A good spot is one of the islands before the last boss, with the black slimes and blossom plants.
Events are limited-time quests that appears on your overview map.You can only get one event every 8 hours.

A Happening - Encounter your first Event.

Eventing - Complete 10 Event Quests.

World Changing - Complete 50 Event Quests.

Dedicated Knight - Complete 200 Event Quests.

On the other side... - Visit the Ghostworld.
If you got lucky you will get the Ghost world event and you will be able to get that achievement.
Mining and Crafting
Man Made - Craft your first item.
You will unlock this one really fast.

Baby Steps - Mine 10 Blocks.
You will unlock this one really fast too.

Tinkerer - Craft 50 items.
You will unlock it through the game.

Do-It-Yourself - Upgrade the Workbench to the maximal Level.
You'll need to upgrade it 4 times to get the final V Workbench.

Master of Magic - Upgrade the Altar to the maximum level.
You'll need to upgrade it 3 times to get the final IV Altar.

Master Smith - Upgrade the Anvil to the maximum level.
You'll need to upgrade it 3 times to get the final IV Anvil.
Miscancellous - Work for it
Mass Production - Craft 1 000 Items.
You will need to work for it after defeating the last boss. The best way would be to craft the refined wooden blocks as it cost only 1 wood. Beware of the deforestation and keep the seed if you wish to have tree in the future as the don't regrow.

Great Explorer - Discover all islands.
You need to discover all 44 islands. If a friend helped you and you still didn't unlocked it, you should do this tip : Fast travel to every island from the first one to the last boss and the gate. You should unlock it after that, you may need to do it a second time after restarting the game once more.

Collect and equip the complete Rabbit Armor and eat a carrot.
You need to get all 4 designs in order to craft the Rabbit Armor. After that you need to wear it and to eat a carrot located in the pumpkin lands which are represented as a red purple leaves's icon on the map. (Level 7 and 8 for sure)

Level 1 - Fluffy's Wits - Harrold
I suggest to have a decent weapon to destroy it.

Thanks to Thorner and some farming :

Boss Worm Level - Fluffy's Strengh
You'll need to beat him many times.

Boss Dragon Level - Fluffy's Courage
You'll need to beat him many times and beware that the scroll do not fall of the square. Try to spot the drop, and stay near the edge to attract it.

Ending Boss Level - Fluffy's Speed
You'll need to beat him many times and beware that the scroll do not fall of the square. Try to spot the drop, and stay near the edge to attract it.

Workbenching - Place a Workbench on every Island.
This one is may be unlocked via a second playtrough of a new generated world. Just place a workbench in every island excepting bosses's island and the last one.

Cubicide - Mine 53,596 Blocks.
You'll need to farm for it after defeating the last boss. I suggest you to mine the whole island you don't need using the bombs as they count toward the achievement and then mining with the latest drill positionning it to drill 4 cubes at (a) time. You'll need several hours to get it.
Not unlocked achievements
Workbenching - Place a Workbench on every Island.
You need to craft and put a workbench on every island except bosses and gate island. The broken workbench you can repair in the first level doesn't count toward this achievement. (Thanks to ^ Cenius ^) You should have 30 workbenches. Here is the islands checklist :

Maxxooz pointed out this : Island levels may change depending in which order you discovered them.

Level 1 - Peaceful Hills
Level 2 - Dusty Mountains
Level 3 - Emerald fields
Level 4 - Burning Sands
Level 5 - Crimson Woods
Level 6 - Verdant Forest
Level 7 - Garnet Cove
Level 8 - Twinkle Shrubbery
Level 10 - Cactus flat
Level 11 - Spring Hills
Level 10 - Tropidrought
Level 11 - Palm Patina
Level 11 - Toxmoor
Level 12 - Mushroom Palace
Level 13 - Tetro Toxy
Level 14 - Silent Snowdrifts
Level 14 - Yuca Yard
Level 15 - Somber Everglades
Level 16 - Platinum Hills
Level 16 - Bright Banks
Level 18 - Pale Vale
Level 19 - Monkey Mountain
Level 19 - Damp Jungle
Level 20 - Swathing Swamps
Level 21 - Silver Drift
Level 20 - Heatwave Hills
Level 21 - Steaming Funnel Park
Level 21 - Fuming Grounds
Level 22 - Purple Pillars
Level 23 - Bleeding skies
Level 24 - Simmering Steeps
Level 24 - Mirror Forest
Level 25 - Lunar Crest
Level 26 - Io's Interior
Level 26 - Caress of Callisto
Level 27 - Ceres' Core
Level 28 - Titans Tremor
Level 29 - Crystal Cliffs
Level 30 - Turquise Tundra
Level 31 - Pastel Plains
Thanks to Thorner, he pointed out the others pieces of the Rabbit Armor.
Thank to ^ Cenius ^, he underlined that the broken workbench even repaired does not count toward the Workbenching achievement.
Thanks to Maxxoozz, he warned us that islands level may change depending of your playthrough.
Thanks to the Portal Knight update, the Whac-No-Worm achievement is working !
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Menace123  [author] Aug 6, 2021 @ 3:16pm 
Just names ? xD
jdsperling2011 Aug 6, 2021 @ 3:05pm 
wrong names for the actual game now.
FrumpyWriter2203 Jan 19, 2021 @ 2:30pm 
ok ok i get it
Menace123  [author] Dec 31, 2020 @ 4:23pm 
I have no idea seems I do own dlcs. :dewstare:
ScouT Dec 31, 2020 @ 12:36pm 
is tutorial impossible without dlc?
BlackJack Aug 23, 2018 @ 5:06pm 
No, you do not need the red portal fragments for anything other than ghost town. If ghost town shows up earlier, you don't need them at all. The islands you don't have are probably attached to events.
Menace123  [author] Nov 12, 2017 @ 10:42am 
Well I guess you need to ask on the forums. Can't help you more.
The Forbidden Crab Of Amazon Nov 12, 2017 @ 9:28am 
in all of playthrough i never had to use red portal fragments (well not including ghost town), did i miss some?
becouse i don't wan't to rejoin all of map and wasting my evening on it.
Menace123  [author] Nov 12, 2017 @ 9:15am 
Sorry I won't help you a lot. Did you checked every world just to make sure you've found every portals ?
The Forbidden Crab Of Amazon Nov 11, 2017 @ 10:18am 
it says:46 out of 48 worlds, is there some i missed?