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Macbat 64
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 27, 2016 @ 9:18am
Mar 17, 2017 @ 10:04am

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Macbat 64 is FINALLY coming out on March 17th! :D
Beta progress and a few Let's Plays
Macbat 64 is a 3D Platformer and 4:3 loveletter to the late 90s.
Inspired by Games like Donkey Kong 64, Super Mario 64, Croc, Banjo Kazooie, Ocarina Of Time, Kirby 64 and many more!


  • Classic 3D platforming!
  • Over 10 micro worlds!
  • Different gameplay styles!
  • A lot of unique and characteristic NPCs to interact with!
Interested? Well, read along, fine sir or madam!

All the 3D platforming goodness from the late 90s is back!
Search, Collect and Jump (multiple times in a row even!) like it's 1998!


3D Platforming is not enough? Well, I got some kart racing, 8-Bit minigames,
stunt driving 80s cars, First Person shooting sections, 2.5D Sections, a bar
full of half drunk characters and a temple full of water for you!
...wait, come back here! The waterlevel is not that difficult, I promise!


A cheerful cast of quirky little character awaits you on your journey as
the very posh little chap you are!


Macbat 64 will support gamepad play and will be specifically adjusted for the Xbox 360 gamepad as well as a certian retro inspired USB gamepad you can get on the internets these days:


I am a few weeks away from starting the beta testing so you can expect a release of the game in around two to three months!

Even if the game didn't make it through Greenlight at that point in time, you will still be able to get it from here:

Want to test the game?
This way, Sir or Madam:


For the Fans:
Macbat 64 is the successor to the gamejolt game Kiwi 64!

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Mar 3, 2016 @ 4:02am
This looks amazing!
Mar 2, 2016 @ 3:45am
We NEED this on Steam.
< >
Nirriti Feb 16, 2017 @ 5:58pm 
Looks like banjo stuff xD ♥
Sven Cakemann Feb 2, 2017 @ 10:53pm 
Can't wait to finally play this. :p2cube:
PokemonRulz85 Jan 14, 2017 @ 6:31pm 
This. Looks. AWESOME!!! :steamhappy:
stillalive93 Jan 11, 2017 @ 7:36am 
Demo works fine on the computer. Hooray!:steamhappy:
Lordy, this project's old! If you put out another demo, be sure to include your new projected release date. The current demo still says "12th of April/4th of December 2015", depending how you do dates, Dev-Person. I see it as "12th of April", because I'm British.

Rant Over!
Siactro  [author] Jan 11, 2017 @ 7:02am 
Unfortunately, there won't be a console release for this game. However, you might want to try out Macbat 64's demo on your laptop. Macbat isn't nearly as heavy on the performance as Kiwi 64 was. For example: Kiwi 64 was running with around 25-30 FPS on the laptop I made it with, Macbat 64 is running at over 60 FPS on the very same laptop. Simply put: I got better at making games that don't suck out all the performance... :)
stillalive93 Jan 10, 2017 @ 4:02am 
I'll probably wait for a console release, if there will be one, before buying this.
My laptop is kind-of naff.
Tried Kiwi 64 and it slowed to a crawl in spots.
lifehousee Oct 6, 2016 @ 11:16pm 
@Siactro, Looking good so far! Keep up the good work.
Siactro  [author] Sep 11, 2016 @ 2:16pm 
I thought about something similar but ultimately decided against it. :)
Well, there won't be a jetpac, but at least a kart racing stage! ;)
stillalive93 Sep 11, 2016 @ 2:07pm 
Have you considered including a Steam-ified Kiwi 64, with contoller support and/or achievements, as unlockable content for this? I would liken it to the inclusion of Jetpac in DK64, but not as an objective.
stillalive93 Sep 11, 2016 @ 1:12pm 
Fair Enough.
BTW, I played Banjo Kazooie on Xbox 360 and was rather bad at it. Every time you died - and I died a lot - the events all reset. It was bothersome from Clanker's Cavern onward, where most objectives need doing in sequence.
Ergo, no N64 nostalgia fulled my vote. I'm one of those "old stuff does stuff you want that new stuff doesn't do" types, to quote Yahtzee.