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The Tanks
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Feb 26, 2016 @ 5:22am
Oct 13, 2016 @ 12:57pm
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Versus update!
New boss and environment work
Waiting for your friends to play Dota2 or CS: GO? Wanna blow something up meanwhile? Great! Take control over your new tank and go save the world! Make some mayhem in fully configurable environment! Choose difficulty, opponents or test your luck in totally random game. Space shooter was never giving so much fun! Well... tank shooter!

The Tanks is an acarde "space shooter"-like game with fully configurable game rules. You can easily adjust it as you like. It features variety of enemies, obstacles and environments to play with. In the game you take control of a small tank, chasing the great evil and trying to save the world.

Can I play it?
- Yes! You can! The demo is available on my webpage! Try it!

What does the game features?
- Currently the game is in development stage. For now it features 7 enemies and one boss. You can play first campain (demo) mission or random game.

When will it be released?
- Soon. Follow my twitter and devblog for more information.

I have an idea. Can I post it somewhere?
- Yes! Post it here, or on my forum. I enjoy listening to your ideas and making your dreams happen.

Why concept, not Greenlight?
- I want to hear some feedback from you and improve my game before going into Greenlight. Howewer, I will start Greenlight too.

I like the game. How can i help you?
- Stay in touch! Check my devblog, twitter and Steam frequently. I will need YOUR help to make this game even better.

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