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108 RNG HD Images Hyperdimension Neptunia
Created by GordonT
This mod will randomly change image on vending machine. Featuring Hyperdimension Neptunia official artwork by artist Tsunako.

108 images and will be changed each time you load new map.

15 HD Propane Tanks
Created by Ellie
This mod is a model replacement for the Propane Tanks (not the Oxy Tanks) : it replaces them with an "Improvised Gas Cooker" (made from a Propane Tank) and includes 15 different RNG skins with HD (2K) textures.
Each map, you'll get a new design ; d...
180 HD Molotov Cocktails [2/2]
Created by Ellie
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=609100322 : Part 1

This mod is the 2nd and required part of the "180 HD Molotov Cocktails" Mod. Ple...
190 Sexy & Cute Anime Paintings
Created by Ellie
Okkay, so I KNOW that this is Anime, I KNOW that most of you will immediately say things such as "GTFO weebo". But please, I like doing mods for L4D2 (at least until now) and yes, there are people who like to fill L4D2 with Anime. I am mostly not par
20 RNG Helicopters
Created by Ellie
Update 1
Fixed the "Black Helicopter" and "Flickering" glitch + added 2 new designs (UN + US Coast Guard)

Hello everyone, today, I offer you another new and custom RNG Mod : Random Helicopters. Each map, you'll get a new chopper p...
2019 - Part 1
Created by DasMaddi
*You need part 2 for this to properly work.*

The future is here. And it's not looking good.

Travel through an overrun apartment complex, through San Marino's riverfront, and wind up in Xen-Corp's offices.

PART 2 LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil...
2019 - Part 2
Created by DasMaddi
You need this VPK for 2019 to work properly.

Contains all of the custom textures used.

PART 1 LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=132381280...
25 To Life: A Co-Op and VS campaign.
Created by Bcoleman
After breaking into Western State Pen, the survivors are knee deep in zombies spawned from societies outcasts. Does a victim's personality affect their behavior post infection?

Dig into this Co-Op and Versus campaign....
50 Chips Pills
Created by Ellie
Hi everyone :P. Here comes the follow-up of "Who doesn't like Pizza" : "Who doesn't like Chips / Crisps". This mod turns the Pain Pills into little Chips Bags that come, thanks to the RNG system, in 50 different flavors.
I also replaced the Pain Pills sou...
7 Hours Later II
Make your way through the forest to airport!

This is the workshop version of 7 Hours Later II campaign. If you like play custom campaigns with your friends then subscribe it and enjoy!

Thanks to AGRESSOR for built this great campaign to L4D1 and giv...
Allahu Akbar Terrorist Boomer
Created by Poseidon
Replaces the boomer explosion sound effect with a terrorist screaming "ALLAHU ACKBAR!" Now also changes the Boomer's idle noises to random terrorist giberish. Enjoy. Report any bugs to me through the comments.

Amatukaze-kai for Nick(KanColle)
Created by Peakness Yang
Replaces Nick for Amatukaze from the Kantai Collection

Voice Pack: 天津风(Amatukaze) [www.gamemaps.com]
-View model arms
-Minor Jiggle bones on hair
-In-game, lobby, and incap pictures
-change a new sk...
Annihilator - CoD: Black Ops 3 (Magnum)
Created by Jacob_LHh3
"Designed specifically for Seraph, firing this high-caliber pistol's depleted uranium rounds would break the arm of a non-augmented soldier."
Found on the back of Seraph's card.

Biggest, most powerful revolver in Call of Duty history, now in Left 4 De...
AvengedDeathAlert's Kirito (ellis)
Ellis is replaced and I changed nothing about this.
I found it on the l4dmaps, and I wanted to put it here for easy use.
I also put the ip for the mod in case you'd like to put comments there: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/12850

Again I want to stre...
BF4 Ammo : 8 RNG Skins
Created by Ellie

This mod replaces the HD BF4 Incendiary and Explosive Ammo skin by 8 randomly generated ones (RNG), they are all HD (2K) ;).

Biled - My Eyes! (Music Included)
Created by Qwazzy
An idea that somebody imparted to me that I liked, and decided to make a reality.

Not much to say. When a Boomer pukes on you, you'll hear a familiar Spongebob soundbite - "My eyes! MY EYES!"

This verson has the vanilla music alongside it....
Bloody Vents
Created by Brand Frontier
Hello folks! In this mod I have changed all the vents to some more extreme gore! How'd it get there? I have no clue. :D I didn't see a lot of mods that change vents, well, here's one! If ya have feedback or suggestions please contact me ASAP. :) Thanks and...
Blue Pipe Bomb Fuse and Light
Created by kerk12™
This add-on replaces the old fuse along with the blinking light with a blue one. Enjoy and don't forget to rate up if you like it ;D....
Candy Shotgun (PUMP Shotgun)
Created by Prophet
"Santa's little helper..."

This is my entry for Gamebana's Winter Warfare contest[gamebanana.com].

This is the Pump (wooden) Shotgun version of the mod. [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedeta...
Created by Nah Fam
Check out the M16 version right here!

Hello Everyone!
Let me introduce you to my first mod on the workshop.

This mod does 2 things:
  • It replaces t
Bow in Crysis3(Grenade launcher)
Created by ClearSkyC
This is a bow in Crysis3,I like it very much,So I made it.

replace for the Grenade launcher

Crytek - Models/Texture
ClearSkyC - Animations, rig, sound editing, texture modifications, compile.

Candy Ammo Pile
Created by Kat
A variety of candy boxes ranging from sweet to totally awesome.
Who needs ammunition when you've got perfectly un-expired confectionary....
Chainsword Warhammer (Gold,Black)
Replace the Baseball bat with a ridged chainsword, black gold skin color.

Features: Replacement for the Baseball Bat , black and gold Look.

Credits: Monkeyrebel117 Color, bug fix.

Model autor Credits: http://l4d2.gamebanana.com/skins/124774

COD Ghosts Hazmat (CEDA)
Created by мяFunreal
COD Ghosts Hazmat guys now roam the streets of Left 4 Dead 2.
They come in two flavours: Cherry and Vanilla. Tough they are a bit moldy.

Infinity Ward, Neversoft, Raven Software - Call of Duty Ghosts
Created by Nah Fam
Check out the AK-47 version right here!

Hello Everyone!
Here I am with another RNG mod since many of you asked me to do it.

This mod does 2 things:
XBOX Crosshair
Created by Tя!cky ツ
Try this XBOX Crosshair for your Aim Dot.

😈In order to remove standard crosshair open console enter "crosshair 0" to toggle off
"crosshair 1" to toggle back on
dancing miku loadscreens icon
Created by Mahiro
this addon renplace default loadscreens icon for miku 256x256 (max size)...
Dark Blood 2 (Coop & Versus)
Created by CastorJudo
The survivors drifted at sea and a tankership seems deserted. But it's filled with infected.
The survivors must try to restart the tankership motor, if they want to join the oil plateform where a helicopter was heading.

have fun.

4 maps campaign

Dark Wood (Extended) Part 1/5
Created by Phaeton
Version 1.6.3 released. This is a rather minor update where I fixed several annoying bugs and added a little animated scene at the cliffs area in chapter 1.

You should subs...
Dark Wood (Extended) Part 2/5
Created by Phaeton
Version 1.6.3 released. This is a rather minor update where I fixed several annoying bugs and added a little animated scene at the cliffs area in chapter 1.

You should...
Dark Wood (Extended) Part 3/5
Created by Phaeton
Version 1.6.3 released. This is a rather minor update where I fixed several annoying bugs and added a little animated scene at the cliffs area in chapter 1.

You should...
Dark Wood (Extended) Part 4/5
Created by Phaeton
Version 1.6.3 released. This is a rather minor update where I fixed several annoying bugs and added a little animated scene at the cliffs area in chapter 1

You should ...
Day Break (Campaign)
Created by DannBo
Quick Update: All four parts have been consolidated into one so now this is the only part you need to be subscribed to and I have removed the others from the workshop.

It's been a long road since I started this project shortly before Left 4 Dead 2 came ...
Created by Splinks
Hey, ya you. Wade Wilson here, but you can call me The Crimson Nutcase.

Okay not much time and we all know you hate to read alot, so we only have one chance to get this right; Now listen up Player. Here's the gist, some guy named Splinks made my job even...
Defibrillator - animated glowing gold
Created by TOG | K1CHWA 2nd
a gold defibrillator I made.
30 frames of self-illum, animation.
lifepak defibrillator wave patterns.
added a few lifepak details to surface
custom normal map
custom exponent map
mod works best on very high shader settings
(gold/gloss fx does not wo...
Defibrillator Reanimated
Created by Salad
I'm shocked that nobody has done something like this before... This puts the default defibrillator on arby26's new dual pistol animations. Includes walking animation. Works online.

There's like no defib model replacements out there. What gives?...
Detour Ahead
Created by boogada
Detour Ahead campaign....
Diddy Kong (Jockey)
Created by Stay Puft
This mod replaces the Jockey model with Diddy Kong. It's on, like Diddy Kong!...
Diescraper Redux
Created by Rectus
After being firebombed, the survivors must flee their safehouse, and find their way to safety.

A 4 map campaign playable in all game modes. Extensively tested on Versus.
Now playable on offical servers (possibly running outdated versions).

Fall Out Boy's Molotov
Created by Chiron Maximus
It takes the fire-idle-loop and fire loop sound in the molotov folder and adds a small loop of the song "Light Em Up (My songs know what you did in the dark) by Fall Out Boy. Have fun!
*edit* That's it. I've had it with my tinkering of trying to fix this...
Deadpool Safe Room Door #2
Created by eeeseee peeeseeee
Replaces the default safe room door, with a custom Deadpool safe room door. This is the Red and Black theme, with a Deadpool eyes logo as the main picture....
Fusion Blaster 66-9 (FU-BAR 69)
Created by Corvalho
Corvalho - Model, textures, sound mixing.
MaxG3D - Animations, compile, sounds fix, w_ models.


Here is a bit of a history lesson from the classes we took in 69 - yeah of course I mean 2269, wha...
Created by Hekmatyar
replace the Spas Autoshotgun,A new action was made and the sound of fire was replaced, Some places set up the fluorescent effect.Love this mod friends remember my work and focus on Evaluation of my creative Workshop.

Go! Pokeball! (Vomit jar)
Created by ɪяɪѕ
The pokeball from Pokemon replaces the vomit jar (Boomer bile bomb).
Be the Pokemon Master ! LOL !

Credits :
Model & Textures : Rafael De Jongh
Compile; Port; Rig; Sound editing : IRIS

This mod has been tested in MP, but maybe not as much as it s...
HD Ammo Cans (+RNG)
Created by Ellie
Hello everyone =), let me introduce you to another mod that uses the new RNG techniques. With this mod, you'll first get new HD Textures for the Ammo Tin Cans, but you'll also get a 1/2 chance of getting a "special" Tin Can every map (special = rusty or wi...
HD Barrels Pack
Created by Tя!cky ツ
It's Barrels of Fun, using 8 barrels from Cold Stream to be random in other L4D2 Campaigns!

1024x1024 textures all with new Bump Maps
Water Barrels are r
HD Bus
Created by Ellie
Here we go again. I wanted to do a "HD Bus" replacement badly. That was the first thing I tried back in the day when I was experiencing with 3D tools but I couldn't find a good model.
Now that's done ! Payday 2 bus fits perfectly for you own pleasure ;),...
Hong Kong - Campaign Beta
Created by hihi1210
This is still unfinished... BUT WE WILL REMAKE HONG KONG CAMPAIGN. More News Later
if you subscribed to the old version , please unsubscribe the old version 如果你訂閱了舊版本,請取消訂閱舊版本
Old version ( Left 4 Dead 2 Custom Campaign * Unfinished )

Improved Bots (Advanced)
Created by Ziggy
Simply subscribing to this addon isn't enough. There is a config file that you need to make a simple edit to in order to get the advanced features of this addon to work properly. If you do no...
Kill La Kill M4A1
Created by Okami
If you do not like anime DON'T COMMENT just leave!

This is 2/2 of my first mods for L4D2
this addon replaces the M16
Using tu stultus es port of the M4A1 from Insurgency I've brought my skin to L4D2 this skin features EPIC GLOW IN THE DARK, LIFE FIBER ...
Makeshift Flamethrower
Created by Rectus
An improvised flamethrower built out of hardware store supplies.

Adds a new flamethrower weapon to all official campaigns. The flamethrower spawns in the same places as melee weapons do.

Note: The server or hosting player needs to have the mod for it to...
Miku Hachune (Healthpack)
Created by Anfrien
Replaces the healthpack with Hachune Miku....
naruto nick
Created by Ground_Control
Naruto replaces Nick.
Someone has created this addon to Rochelle. (MrLanky I think)
At the request of Cole Lyoko I did this replacement for Nick.

A special thanks to Splinks for helping me solve the problem of the QC file.

Naruto Shippuden Menu Icons
Created by PotatoWrath
Replaces the Menu Icons with Naruto Shippuden Icons.

*If you want the Background in the screenshots click here.

Tags; Anime, Manga, Obito, Kakashi, Madara, Sasuke, Minato...
jihad pipe bomb
Created by Snackbar Sam
changes the beep sound for the pipe bomb to lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala please tell me if there are any problems or if it's not loud enough~...
Nightcore - Bring Me To Life (Menu Music)
Created by ChrisT.Jie
Nightcore - Bring Me To Life Lyrics :

How can you see into my eyes like open doors ?
Leading you down into my core
Where I've become so numb
Without a soul my spirit sleeping somewhere cold
Until you find it there and lead it back home

(Wake me up !)
Pick up "Another One"
Created by y0ng $ack
Medkit? "Another One"
Pain Pills? "Another One"
Ammo? "Another One"

He's not wrong though. Whenever you pick up an item or ammo, DJ Khaled will come in and say "Another One". It's simple really. This mod alters the pick up sound if you didn't catch on.

Pipe Axe (Crowbar)
Created by Prophet
"For the crafters!"

The apocalypse is here and the streets are full of infected. No more water at home, no more petrol on your car, no more internet, no more xbox, the garden is a mess beyond repair (not that there's anyone left to envy yo...
Pokemon Red defibrillator revive sound effect
Created by Rashed UAE5
Add recovery sound from Pokemon Red to the revive sound...
Resident Evil 3
Created by Roku
Roku's Discord Group [discord.gg]

Things you have to know:

-I changed the name (Raccoon City Nemesis) to avoid problems of people who dont know this campaign is based on Resident Evil 3.

0. This is not a recreation, it is a ca...
Raygun MKII - Call Of Duty:Black Ops II
Created by ClearSkyC
I like this gun!
This gun from Call Of Duty:Black Ops II Zombies.

Activision - Model/Texture/Sound
ClearSkyC - Animations, rig, sound editing, original compile.
UncleGay - texture modifications.

Replacement for The pistol.

If you want...
Realistic Flashlight
Created by Leyla

This addon replaces the flashlight sound and lighting with more realistic ones.



Check my other mods:

Redemption Hazmat Charger
Created by Morloc
This is a Charger in a Helix Hazmat suit to be used with the campaign RedemptionII.

This was created with Splinks so full credit goes to him for the 3d modelling. I tweaked the textures.

Watch out when there's lots of common hazmat suit infected abou...
Refractive Puddles
Created by Lt. Rocky
A simple mod that modifies the puddles seen throughout maps to use a refract shader, utilizing two separate normal maps, one being animated....
RMS Titanic (v2.0.1)
Created by ThisKid55
Version 2.0.1 available now including fixes for prop ERROR signs and more!

The survivors find themselves stuck on the ill-fated ocean liner with a ship full of disease-ridden zombies. They must make their way from their 2nd class cabin on F-Deck up to the...
Sasori Death Music [NARUTO SHIPPUDEN]
Created by Mike Honcho
Sasori's Theme as Death Music

Song Ingame Starts ~ 0.25 min...
Shadow Moses Island
Created by Nekoborn
DISCLAIMER: THIS MAP WAS NOT CREATED BY ME! The original author is inhumandesign....
Slasher [Cricket bat]
Created by green
Slasher melee weapon. This version replace cricket bat. Here some weapon features:
- zombies that are behind the curently killed zombie will be knock off
- three difirent swing atacks(cricket bat have two)
- model created from scratch
- hand painted pa...
Smoker's Smoke Weed Everyday Death Sound
Created by Skullboron
Upon request I'm releasing this tiny little sound mod to the public. All it does is add the 'Smoke Weed Everyday' snippet from The Next Episode by Dr. Dre to the Smoker death sound, since, you know, green smoke. Comedy....
Spitter FX - blue
Created by TOG | K1CHWA 2nd
this changes the spitter goo particles to blue.
i made it for the ABSOLUTE ZERO campaign authored by SOUL.
use this link for [u...
Sword Art Online Loading Screens
Created by PotatoWrath
Changes the default loading screens to Sword Art Online picture loading screens :)

*If you find some cooler pictures, link them and I'll consider changing out some pics if they're cool enough, or i could use the pics and make another mod.

Tags: SAO...
Sword Art Online Pick Up Sound
Created by Charlotte Dunois™
This add-on reaplaces the sound when you pick up an item with a sound from SAO...
Tank Theme - Undertale - Megalovania (Sans)
Created by homegirl SNAPPED
it's a beautiful day outside. birds are singing, flowers are blooming...
on days like these, kids like you...

Should be burning in hell....
Tda Kuro Miku Append (v2) (ROCHELLE)
Created by CaptainBigButt
Tda Kuro Miku Append - Version 2
(Rochelle Replacement)

Revision 1
February 16, 2015

  • Tda: Original model
  • KaRkAtHoNkS: Original concept
  • Captai
Tda Yowane Haku Append (v2) (BILL)
Created by CaptainBigButt
Tda Yowane Haku Append - Version 2
(Bill Replacement)

Revision 2
July 22, 2015

  • Tda: Original model
  • Vezon: Original Haku concept, face model
  • C
Ten inventory slots
Created by Sableagle
So many hard choices to make: medkit or defib? Medkit or ammo pack? Use the health kit or deploy the ammo? Which grenade to take?

Make it easy for yourself with one slot for each item. Ammo packs and grenades will be in off-screen slots accessed via the...
Thresh from League of Legends (Smoker)
Created by Mephistopheles
-Fixed the error message encountered when playing online.
-Removed self illumination

So, let's continue with LoL stuffs, today I bring you Thresh, but as the Smoker.

The addon includes the viewmodel, sounds, tongue texture and self illumi...
TV Screen - hatsune miku
Created by TOG | K1CHWA 2nd
an animated, glowing tv mod I put together.
890 frames of self-illum animation.
Wan li
Created by CastorJudo
Coach, Nick, Rochelle and Ellis are in an airliner in distress.
They ditch the airliner in mid-flight over China...

Many areas of this campaign are based on the real Great Wall of China.

3 maps campaign

map 1 : Great Plane
map 2 : Great Wall
Weed Circulation Smoker Sound
Created by Resdizeix
When you pull or get pulled, replaces the music with Weed Circulation. The music starts around 41 seconds into the attached video, and loops after about 18 seconds. Enjoy, and remember to smoke weed everyday!...
Weiss' Myrtenaster Replacement for Katana (RWBY)
Created by JazzMcNade
Replaces the katana with Weiss' signature weapon, the Myrtenaster. Snowflake particles on kill not included.

Model and texture data ripped from Grimm Eclipse, used without permission

Model and texture: Roosterteeth
Firstperson Animations: Tripw...
Witch Naruto Music Pack
Created by Titum
Replace Witch Music With Naruto OSTs.

psychowitch.wav - strong and strike
witchencroacher.wav - sadness and sorrow
witchroast.wav - the raising fighting spirit
Wooden Jutte
Created by Prophet
A wooden Jutte. Chokoreto Edition.

This mod Replaces the Tonfa / Nightstick from L4D2. It adds models and textures. No new sounds or scripts. No hud because it would conflict with other mods.

For those wondering and since you're actually reading this...
[HUD] Slim HUD - Alternative
Created by Warnıgger
This was a request made by Shadow , to revert the inventory position back to it's original state. So here is an alternative version, for those who liked the original position of inventory.

Stay Puft replaces Boomer
Created by Stay Puft
Stay Puft bile.... mmmm. Like the title says, this replaces the boomer (and boomette) with Stay Puft....
Akatsuki (Kantai Collection)
Created by Pricia
Replace Coach (Survivors)...
Fall in Death part 1 of 2
Created by CastorJudo
Fall in Death Beta public v1.1 Part 1
Warning : You need to subscribe for the 2 parts to play

Survivors by helicopter crashed in a small town, they will have to survive in the mountains.

4 coop and versus ma...
Fall in Death part 2 of 2
Created by CastorJudo
Fall in Death Beta public v1.1 Part 2
Warning : You need to subscribe for the 2 parts to play

Survivors by helicopter crashed in a small town, they will have to survive in the mountains.

4 coop and versus map...
Killing Floor 2 Pulverizer
Created by Lt. Rocky
Half shotgun, half sledgehammer. The shotgun part doesn't work, but it doesn't really matter when you've still got a perfectly functional sledgehammer to flail about with.

This replaces the Guitar on its own ported animations.

Shimakaze-kai for Rochelle(KanColle)
Created by Peakness Yang
Replaces Rochelle for Shimakaze from the Kantai Collection

Voice Pack: 岛风(Shimakaze) [www.gamemaps.com]
-View model arms
-Minor Jiggle bones on hair,headdress and skrit
-In-game, lobby, and incap pictures
the golden cudgel 金箍棒
Created by 槐音Grsomiprs
This MOD modifies the baseball bat,ti is the golden cudgel,It is one of China's the Monkey King,Hope you like it

Created by Cele
As i concerned,and of coz u,its time for a grenade launcher add-on for GHSOTS weapon collection,but the L4D2 logic isnt compatible with this model,so i wrote a script to give it 6 rounds capacity to kill zombies,which is compatible with solo or host game p...
Created by Cele
6 Rounds script for COD:G MK32 ,truly capcity for that killing machine,and if u have any kicked issue or ur friends cant join u,pls disable this...
Created by 爱敏~
this model from " Call of Duty : Online " , this model was previously decompiled from the CODOL, a few days ago to find my inventory and make into L4D2, replacement rifle Scar,I reloading animation is based on the original of Scar, primitive Reloading does...
CODOL Thompson
Created by 爱敏~
this is my first L4D2 mod,this gun replace UZI SMG, i used 2 days to complete the mod, of course, this is in the case of my friends to help me, this model comes from "Call of Duty:Online", the animation is my own to do, the original animation does not look...
Combine Stun Baton (Nightstick)
Created by Prophet
"You, pick up that can..."

A remake of the Combine stun stick from Half-Life 2, loosely based on one of the original pieces of concept art!


If you like it, don't forget to rate. Thanks! :)

- Replaces the Ni...
CrossFire:AK47-Knife BornBeast
Created by 糖果猹
AK47-Knife BornBeast

This is Cross Fire hero weapons AK47-Knife BornBeast.
Most settings Restore game

CrossFire - Model/texture
可乐熊- Model Extraction
可乐熊 - Animations, texture modifications, compile.

USAS-12 Shotgun
Created by Lt. Rocky
The old-school precursor to the AA12, its a USAS-12 shotgun. This is Pete3D's USAS model along with Odeca's ANPEQ module and Prophet's shotgun shells.

This replaces the Spas Shotgun on my [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=5...
UTAS UTS-15[Chrome shotgun]
Created by Rex The Impaler
It has finally arrived, the Turkish made UTAS UTS-15. A pump action bullpup all purpose 12 gauge shotgun now in your hands, lock n load, its gunnna get messy.

-new anims(works online)
-new firing sound

-Valve: animations
Titanfall Spitfire LMG
Created by Twilight Sparkle
After launching the Carbine Rifle, a lot of people and i mean a lot, seem to like the weapon as for the game itself, so well now i bring a mini weapon that doesn't do much called the Spitfire LMG, this weapon will replace the M60 that you people may know a...
Titanfall Longbow-DMR Sniper
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
So, after dealing with a lot of crap stuff, I brought to you, the Longbow-DMR Sniper, this weapon will replace the Milit...
Titanfall Smart Pistol MK5
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
So well, after working on other stuff and this one as well, alot of people have been asking for the Smart Pistol MK5, ...
Titanfall G2A4 Rifle
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
So after alot of stuff done, here is the last weapon for finish the pack of Titanfall, the G2A4 Rifle will replace the H...
Titanfall EVA-8 Shotgun
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
Oh god its finally here, a shotgun, so after fixing alot of issues of it and alot of broken bones on the animations i fi...
Titanfall B3 Wingman
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
Today i bring, the B3 Wingman, this Power Revolver comes with Arby animations and it will replace the Desert Eagle, it...
180 HD Molotov Cocktails : Insurgency Animations [2/2]
Created by Ellie

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=609100322 : Part 1

This mod is the 2nd and required part of the "180 HD Molotov Cocktails" ...
5 Elements Katana Pack
Created by Tя!cky ツ
All 5 Elements from the series has random loading...

Elements Katana's which are not natural earth elements. But this set represents a 16th century Master Swordman. Musashi he used elements similar to earth in his "5 Books" to explain his art of Kat
Alma Wade (F.E.A.R x L4D2)
Created by Ellie
Hello everyone =). Today, I am happy to release this "project" that have been in my workstation for over 9 months !
It all started as the want to use the Sine proxy to make Alma Wade from F.E.A.R randomly appear in Mercy Hospital ; LuciferFlash ported t...
Bag Bile
Created by Ellie
Hello everyone =). Today, I am bringing you something I started long ago but changed today to appeal to more people.
This mod replaces the Bile / Vomit Jar by a Bile / Vomit Bag (not the ones from the planes). It includes HD textures and Custom sound.
Bar Club
Created by Prophet
Careful, this thing is heavy...

This mod Replaces the Cricket Bat from L4D2. It adds models and textures. No hud because it would conflict with other mods.

bus stop ad(20 rng)
Created by 徒手开根号
bus stop ad(20 rng)...
Created by 槐音Grsomiprs
This MOD modifies the machete.It comes from the animation Shingeki no Kyojin,More cool hands sword,Has the fluorescent effect,You will have nothing to fear,If you like my WORKSHOP,Welcome to subscribe to and thumb up.

Cliffhanger ACR[M16]
Created by Rex The Impaler
Here it is, roach's ACR. fully equipped with a hearbeat sensor, supressor, and red dot sight and a fancy little camo. All on its own animations.

-Animated heart beat sensor
-supressed firing sound and reloading sounds
-mw2 animat...
Dark Bowser over Tank (w/out custom music)
Created by Sean_The_Squirrel
Due to selective demand, I went out and posted the same mod without the custom music from the one I posted before. You can check that one here:

Credit goes to this dude for the model importin...
Created by Rex The Impaler
Though the name basically contradicts itself this sniper is still a force to be reckoned with. Bolt action firing a 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge this thing packs a real hefty punch and can easily take out most special infected in just a matter of seconds despi...
FNH P90 PDW[Supressed smg]
Created by Rex The Impaler
Here it is, new p90 animations. The FN P90 is a Personal Defense weapon firing the FN 5.7x28mm round and in this case sporting a more special ops look. When starting any mission you'll know to have this thing on your side with its high penetration power an...
Haruna Replacement for Bill (Kancolle)
Created by JazzMcNade
Fast Battleship Haruna

Get her voice pack by Lillipa here[www.gamemaps.com]

-Jigglebones for hair, sleeves, bust, belt, and skirt
-Firstperson arms
-Hud and lobby Icons
-Boomer Bile ...
HD + RNG Microwave
Created by Ellie
Hello everyone. This week, I'm offering you another little HD and RNG mod that you seem to like (or at least, that the ones that love things in HD like) : a new Microwave Model with RNG Meals in it ;). This little description says it all, I have nothing mo...
Haruna Replacement for Coach (Kancolle)
Created by JazzMcNade
Fast Battleship Haruna

-Jigglebones for hair, sleeves, bust, belt, and skirt
-Firstperson arms
-Hud and lobby Icons
-Boomer Bile Textures

For those unfamilar to who/what they are, I suggest checking out [url=http://...
Hoppou the Hunter (Kancolle)
Created by JazzMcNade
It's Hoppou the Northern Princess from Kancolle as...a hunter. Don't underestimate her as she'll rip your face off before you can say "Kawaii desu ne." Honestly I thought this would turn out as cute at first, but it instead became yandere style terrifying....
Highschool of The Dead Rei Horde Sound
Created by Nakadashi
This replaces the default "mega_mob_incoming" with Rei screaming "My boobs are killing me because you used them to balance an AK-47! NOW GET OUT!" Rather weird, but I figured someone would like it.
Hoppou the Hunter Sounds
Created by JazzMcNade
If you're looking for the model replacement you need to go here.

Replaces most of the hunter's sounds with Hoppou's dialogue from Kancolle. I basically replaced 50 hunter sounds ...
Ice Axe
Created by Prophet
For your climbing needs.

If you like it, don't forget to rate. Thanks! :)

- Replaces the Crowbar from L4D2.
- Modifies models and textures.
- No HUD because it would conflict with other melee mods.
- Includes custom blood texture....
Kirishima Replacement for Louis (Kancolle)
Created by JazzMcNade
Fast Battleship Kirishima

-Jigglebones for hair, sleeves, bust, belt, and skirt
-Firstperson arms
-Hud and lobby Icons
-Boomer Bile Textures

For those unfamilar to who/what they are, I suggest checking out [url=http://kancol...
Kirishima Replacement for Nick (Kancolle)
Created by JazzMcNade
Fast Battleship Kirishima

-Jigglebones for hair, sleeves, bust, belt, and skirt
-Firstperson arms
-Hud and lobby Icons
-Boomer Bile Textures

For those unfamilar to who/what they are, I suggest checking out [url=htt...
Kongou Replacement for Rochelle (Kancolle)
Created by JazzMcNade
Fast Battleship Kongou

-Jigglebones for hair, sleeves, bust, belt, and skirt
-Firstperson arms
-Hud and lobby Icons
-Boomer Bile Textures

For those unfamilar to who/what they are, I suggest checking out [url=http://...
Kongou Replacement for Zoey (Kancolle)
Created by JazzMcNade
Fast Battleship Kongou

Get her voice pack by Lillipa here[www.gamemaps.com]

-Jigglebones for hair, sleeves, bust, belt, and skirt
-Firstperson arms
-Hud and lobby Icons
-Boomer Bile ...
Loony Park (Part 1/2)
Created by Phaeton
You should subscribe to all of the parts to be able to play this map:
Part 1
Loony Park (Part 2/2)
Created by Phaeton
You should subscribe to all of the parts to be able to play this map:
Part 1
miku dynamic medkit
Created by 槐音Grsomiprs
This MOD modifies the medkit,look,it can dance,I believe you also want to have one,It also glows,I hope you can like it,Welcome to my workshop,thank you.


MQ-9 Reaper Drone UAV
Created by Rex The Impaler
"This is war horse we have confirmation that drone support is now a go, task force units will be held back for now for a quick UAV sweep be advised for biological threats making your way north out of the city. We will have checkpoints remember to keep your...
Naruto Kokuten Tank Music
Created by Bozo
This is the music of Naruto for tank...
Pizza Party
Created by Ellie
I don't remember how long ago I did that mod, must have been ages, I don't think I had already found out about the RNG when I created that...

This mod is Pizza Party, a collaboration with Jules that actually ended up doing nothing. It replaces th...
Pizzas RNG (HD)
Created by Ellie
Who doesn't like Pizza ? This were my thoughts when I did that mod. I love Pizza so today, I'm providing more Pizza in L4D2.
This mod (compatible with everything) modifies the Pizza Boxes that you see through the campaigns. More then just retexturing them...
Prinz Eugen Replacement for Francis (Kancolle)
Created by JazzMcNade
German Heavy Crusier Prinz Eugen

-hud icons
-Jigglebones for pendant, pigtails, bangs, bust, ribbons, and skirt
-firstperson arms
-boomer bile textures

Nick varient [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedet...
Hiei Replacement for Ellis (Kancolle)
Created by JazzMcNade
Fast Battleship Hiei

-Jigglebones for hair, sleeves, bust, belt, and skirt
-Firstperson arms
-Hud and lobby Icons
-Boomer Bile Textures

For those unfamilar to who/what they are, I suggest checking out [url=http://kancolle.wi...
Killing Floor 2 Eviscerator
Created by Lt. Rocky
Look at them all, standing tall, promptly defying the entry ticket that disects the glorious kingdom from the shimmering fumes of the effervescent flare. They shamble as they please, they mock as they prowl afoot, and they show no love for the shine! But t...
Killing Floor 2 Healer
Created by Lt. Rocky
Fresh from the English bowels of the Briarverse, its the Horzine Healer mechanism, the #1 remedy for all things painful be it chainsaw, flamethrower, screaming or German Sausage man. Oh no, a monster with half a cinder-block for a head just punched all the...
AK-47 Rampage
Created by Ksar
Replace "AK-47"

Texture - Replaced
Animation - Default
Sound - Default...
-Helms Deep- Reborn
Created by SeriouS_Samurai
Helm's Deep Reborn version 25 (Beta)

Defend the great fortress of Rohan and survive until Gandalf's arrival.

Inspired by the Battle of Helm's Deep from The Lord of the Rings.

Perks for donators:
- Type !bill in the chat when pla...
Ax Bass (Adventure Time)
Created by Prophet
"Some kind of lute..."

Not really, just a battle axe converted into a bass guitar by Marceline, from Adventure Time[adventuretime.wikia.com].


If you like it, don't forget to rate. Thanks! :)

Closers Online: Harpy - Rogue
Created by 이슬비
- Well, the final member of Wolfdog team is here.
I have nothing to say about it <(") Because i have never played as her in Closers so: No comment...

- Credits:
+ Original character by Naddic Games
+ Model/ Texture and port into L4d2: Me...
Closers Online: Splendor of Darkness
Created by 이슬비
~ The Splendor of Darkness ( SOD ) are expensive outfits in Closers, you can own one if you give the developer about 1 Billion cash ingame. But this time i will take you 0$ for these, so please enjoy <(")

- This is a 4 Survivors pack:
+ Replaces: Nick ...
Created by Cele
This is an op and pay-to-win weapon in CODGhosts although i didnt buy it,and the progress that i made this gun was really frustrating because of its strange design and i dont have much experience to animate fictional guns,anyway its been released now,enjoy...
Crescent Rose Scythe (Fire Axe) V2
Created by Anfrien
Preview Image provided by ReeMeowMeow with alterations by Anfrien.

* Model and Textures designed in the 3D Custom Girl program by an "Unknown User"
* Revised by Anfrien (WinterMyth)
Date A Live Kurumi Skin for Zoey
First Of All this is a Beta Verson

This Mod replace "Zoey" with a skin of "Tokisaki Kurumi" from the anime "Date A Live"
"Model author Liusheng Xiansheng"

!!! Important Matters that you have to follow !!![/h1
Created by Soup Toaster
A doomsday cult is using radio messages to lure survivors into deadly traps. Someone has to take out their radio tower and stop the slaughter. That someone is you. And you and you and you.

Deadenator is a 4 map co-op campaign designed to maximize replay...
DON'T LOSE YOUR WAY (Rescue Music)
Created by 1.26.2013

The music "Before my body is dry" from Kill La Kill's OST plays when rescue arrives....
Farewell Chenming
Created by Панпан
The 4 survivors known the Chen Ming city is the final evacuation sites, they had to go through untold hardships to the town square from a road, a small town, they can see the dawn of the second day?

enjoy campaign

Fixed finale level lag

Dragunov Sniper Rifle (Wooden)
Created by Lt. Rocky
Here we are again. Its Eprdox's Dragunov again; a wooden variant of the original synthetic model. Replaces the Military Sniper on Arby26's & Doktor Haus' M76 Zatsava animations.

Eprdox - Model,textures
Thanez - Scope Model & Texture
Vunsunta - Audio
Facility 13
Created by saunika
NOTE: Make sure your game is PRIVATE (non-joinable). The map WILL crash if someone joins mid-game.

You can play this map as a CAMPAIGN (AKA helicopter escape) or as SURVIVAL (infinite hordes, infinite gas).

The infection has spread beyond the confine...
Created by мяFunreal
I saw this as a TF2 mod, on the tf2 frying pan, and thought i should port it to L4D2.
the pan is skin compatible.

Before you fight about whom this panty belongs to: It's a panty that half of the japanese female population has at least one of. It do
Halo 3 Crowbar (Crowbar)
Created by Danger Wasp
"The crowbar is a tool consisting of a metal bar with a single curved end and flattened points used as a lever either to force apart two objects or to remove nails. It is manufactured by Cimaroon, a business company whose products were available at Oh2-Hnz...
Healing Sounds: Sexual Healing!
Created by deckard
Replaces healing sound from medkit with Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye. Sweet, sweet healing.

*THANK YOU guys! The reuploaded mod has been removed :)*...
Himouto! Umaru-chan Healing Sound
Created by ๑ KarenDesu ๑
Replace the music when healing. xD~




豪华大礼(雾- -)2帧小埋喷漆512x512:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1hsrwPog

Hitler Witch
Created by Spartan464748
I have made a disturbed hitler in the role of a witch!!!

- Hitler is talking and screaming too :P


and the mod does not, in any way, propagate nazism.

Hitler zombies !!! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=231930698...
HK416 MIKU(M16)
Created by 槐音Grsomiprs
This MOD modifies the M16,It has a new sound.Has the fluorescent effect in the dark,Like MIKU can try,Welcome to my WORKSHOP and thumb up,And subscribe to other items,Thank you for your subscription and thumb up, give the best advice and support.thank you....
Hyperdimension Neptunia - Healthbar(HUD)
The healthbar is use the material from Neptune

The head will be remove when someone down

And I do not know how to fix it.

1.Add red dot Crosshair

Thanks for Thleia...
Kanna's "Oh, that's wicked!" item pickup sound
Replaces the item pickup sound with the lines "Oh!" & "Oh, that's wicked".

Kobayashi-san Chi no Meidoragon 小林さんちのメイドラゴン Anime...
Hyperdimension Re;birth 2 Survivors
Created by Despair
This is a pretty simple mod, I basically just replaced all the L4D1 survivors with the usual CPU Candidates.
Uni replaces Bill, Nepgear replaces Zoey, Ram replaces Francis, Rom replaces Louis.

The point of this mod is to keep the characters at their origi...
Kill la Kill Menu Icons
Created by ღSonoda Umiღ
This is my first mod for this game, something a little basic for one of the best animes of Fall 2013 - Winter 2014. This mod changes the main menu icons into Kill la Kill themed ones, Enjoy!

Also, check out the background video and music mod which is the ...
Kill la Kill Safe Room Music
Created by qoznyyy 暁
You will hear the first seconds of Kill la Kill ending song, when you complete the level.

Song: Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai by Miku Sawai

Kill la Kill is a television anime series produced by Trigger.

Also taking some requests ;)...
Kill La Kill Tank Theme
Harness the power inside Kamui Tanketsu!, This mod replaces the tank theme with music from the hit Fall 2013 Anime, Kill La Kill.

The theme that plays with this mod is the sound "Before My Body Is Dry" from the KlK soundtrack.
*EDIT* It seems that one ...
Kill la Kill, End Credits Mod
Created by Why so serious?
"This addon replaces the end credits to" (OST Kill la Kill)

L4D1: Aoi Eir - Sirius
L4D2: Sawai Miku - Gomen ne, Iko Ja Irarenai

Copyright owner: ⓒ SonyMusic Entertainment (JAPAN), Inc....
Lollipop Chainsaw
Created by Splinks
All the same deadly capabilities of any other chainsaw, but this one has a heart on it.

Love it!...
Vocaloid Magnum
Created by Offline
A new Vocaloid stickered weapon for the collection. I'm using the same asset as for the Smg skin but as I made the smg skin litteraly years ago the color scheme and the overall feeling are a bit different.

UPDATE : I started to sticker around all remain...
Created by ☂ℝΔ¿ℕ₂
Marshall replaces auto shotgun.

The Marshall is a shotgun appearing in Crysis 2. It is the latest combat shotgun model from the famous Italy-based manufacturer Corbetta Firearms. Crafted around a durable polymer frame and fitted with a retractable stock...
Created by 夏目の帐
miku 系列smg第二弹,,喜欢请给我点赞_(:3 」∠)_

点下顶又不会怀孕(╭ ̄3 ̄)╭

SMG MIKU hope you like it

If you like it, please give it a little praise._(:3 」∠)_
Created by 夏目の帐

Changed the simple map, and like to try, that glows in the dark, and replace the UZI didn't sound attenuation...
Nepgear Sword 01 (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
Created by Anila
Nepgear Sword in Hyperdimension Neptunia game replace Machete in L4D2 >:D<.

Add HUD icon....
Neptune Pistol (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
Created by Mastodonmk2
Blanec - White Heart, I'm back as new Nep-Nep release is Neptune Pistol from First Hyperdimension Neptunia, this weapon don't have name but I given as Neptune Pistol because this pistol have using by Neptune.

NieR:Automata A2 {Rochelle}
The clean textures will come out soon.Just wait.
Have Fun!
Replaces Rochelle.
替换二代人物 Rochelle
Models and textures:Square Eni...
Nudisto... BEAAAAAAACH! (Megamob)
Created by 1.26.2013
Replaces the megamob screech with Aikuro's famous quote, "Nudisto... BEAAAAAACH!"

Audio from Kill la Kill....
Overwatch Ana snipe {hunting rifle}
First time trying making reload animation.Not bad I thought.Have fun!
I put some surprise in preview photo,and don't forget to vote it....
PGM Mini Hecate
Created by Lt. Rocky
If you had told me the French made guns, I'd have told you to stop being stupid. But alas, here it is: The French PGM .388 Mini Hecate from BTB, with Thanez's Walther scope; Replaces the hidden Cs:S AWP on Rev's AWM animations.

Features custom sound and...
Purple Scissor Blade (Cricket Bat)
Created by Anfrien
* Model by Ryu-Gi
* Revised by Anfrien (WinterMyth)
Created by Agent Slacker 🎮
Secret Sword Bakuzan (Katana)
Created by Anfrien
Ray (Naruundi)

* Model and Textures b
Serious Sam 3 XM214-A Minigun
Created by Lt. Rocky

Silent Hill for L4D2 Part 1
Created by deancan
This is the L4D2 version of the L4D1 Silent Hill, 12 maps long campaign created originally by Leafo.
Crash fixed by Anmamiya X.
Splitted into parts and uploaded to workshop by me.



Check out...
Silent Hill for L4D2 Part 6 (Last)
Created by deancan
Part 6 (last)...
Snoop Dogg Loading Icon
This mod replace Original Loading Icon on Snoop Dogg Loading Icon
And remember...Smoke weed every day...
SPAS12 & Miku - Christmas
Created by ClearSkyC
Merry Christmas!
Long time no see,guys.Today is Christmas, so i made this weapon.
Hope you like it!

TDA -Miku Model; Textures;
Warface - SPAS12 model; Textures;
CaptainBigButt -Miku rig; Materials;Hair jigglebones;
Me - Animations; rig; M...
SlenderMan V2
Created by Splinks2
This is a piece I wanted to do to help bring awarness of the fundraiser
"Narrators uNIGHTed"

This fundraiser was to help the 12 year old girl that was brutally attacked and
and stabbed a total of 19 times from two of her classmates that did so to a
Umaru Doma Medkit
Created by Heartlz
My first mod *yay*

Finally figured out how to port MMD models, planing to do more in future.
Nothing really fancy just replacing the Medkit texture. Sound not include.

Before doing this project I don't know there someone already use this model, but ...
Umaru the Jockey Sounds
Created by Flactine
Replaced jockey's sound with Umaru's sound in "Himouto! Umaru-chan".
My second work since I started making L4D2 mods....
Underling Hunter (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
Created by Mastodonmk2
Blanec - White Heart, I'm back and I release new Neptunia Infected which today is Underling or Linda as Hunter, join ASIC today and i will make good modder to you, for free!, this Underling Hunter once I was release only in Gamemaps, but I have release it ...
Vitaminwater Pills
Created by Ellie
Vitaminwater is a US enhanced water brand that aims to provide a vitamin bonus when you drink water. This mod replaces the Pills by deliciously flavored Vitaminwater bottles (6 different flavours) that are under Real RNG.
That's it ;), subscribe if you li...
Windows XP Startup for Defib Resurrection
Created by Panchy
Adds the Windows XP startup sound for when you revive someone with the defibrillator...
Yes - Roundabout for Death
Created by ʟɢᴅᴍғ
Death music replaced with that part of Yes - Roundabout. Now you will want to die more times. Works with both L4D1 and L4D2 campaigns.


L4D1 Version (2,43MB) is [url=https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21AGI1_13OChSzAw...
[Kanna] Hunter Sound
Created by K"ashimura♦
Sound from a call 《小林さんちのメイドラゴン》 animation.
Replaced in-game the Hunter Sound.

Sound source
  • [ Role ] Kanna Kamui
  • [ Dub ] 長縄まりあ

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