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Feb 22, 2016 @ 1:39pm
Mar 3 @ 8:18pm
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Increases max stack size of Primal Ark Resources much bigger.
All Weights halved. Balanced for servers with high rates.

Safer stackings, no bugs. Slingshot, Jerky, Fish works.
Fixes several ark glitches with resources too.
  1. Raw Meat, Cooked Meat, Spoiled Meat, Cooked Lamb = 2000
  2. Raw Prime, Organic Poly, Raw Mutton = 600
  3. Cooked Prime, Kibbles, Perishables = 1000
  4. Berries, Veggies = 5000
  5. Chemicals = 5000
  6. Recipes = 1000
  7. Fiber, Hide, Pelt = 10000
  8. Resources except Fuels = 5000
  9. Fuels, Seeds = 2000
  10. Elements = 500
  11. Veggie Cake = 250
  12. Ammos = 200

Note: This is 100% supported and compatible Stacker with all my Mods.
Do not use other primal ark resource stackers together with this.

★ Important: Player Engrams to craft resources (like Sparkpowder, Polymer) will need to be relearnt and crafting structures (like Mortar, Fabricator) will need to be rebuilt after installing this mod. Wild dinos should also be refreshed.
  • Old players can relearn their engrams by making a Mindwipe Tonic or
  • Admins may help them by giving them a free one: cheat giveitemnum 413 1 1 false
  • Server may refresh (wild only) dinos by console: cheat destroywilddinos
  • If this mod is removed by server, all resources made with it will also disappear. Same like all other mods out there, fair warning given.

ModID= 630601751
Troubleshooting FAQ for common problems

This mod is free, but Donations for the time and effort are welcome:
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Disclaimer: By using my works, you agree to be respectful and civilized. Misconduct has zero tolerance. Thank you.
★ Server donation packages / anything is allowed. No restrictions of any kind.
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Jun 23 @ 5:46pm
PINNED: Servers Running this Mod
̀͠͏̡FennecFox̖̲͕ ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ
14 hours ago
Change Weight
May 28 @ 8:09pm
Oviraptor Kibble only stacks to 100
< >
cnmouse Jun 26 @ 12:50am 
Will this be updated to include Honey?
omgHAIbuttonz Jun 24 @ 9:39am 
An edit to my last comment:

Upon server reboot of an earlier file - all items were restored. So as always warned with mods, keep good save files for backup. Otherwise disregard last post - we seem to be ok.
omgHAIbuttonz Jun 24 @ 9:29am 
Great mod - had an issue pop up today though.

After server update today to most recent ARK patch 259.35 and load all resource stack affected items were gone and stacking was no longer in place. I can verify mod is loading properly during server boot. Am in NO way blaming mod or author, your mod is really good. Just curious if this is a known issue, and if not reporting it now.

Thanks a bunch
Hey!! Just wanted to post here, Check out our brand new Ragnarok PVP server!!

Wiped [6/23]

We run THIS mod and we'd love for anyone looking for a new server to check this out!


Info / links in the group below
A14 Jun 23 @ 4:42pm 
Will this be updated to include Honey?
Kisston Jun 20 @ 1:00pm 
I havent noticed Rockcarrots not stacking beyond 100, but i have noticed that the kibble table overwrites the rare mushrooms. I have seen 3 stacks of 5000 turned into 3 stacks of 100, and mushrooms made at the table only stack to 100. Been wondering if altering the mod id load order will fix this or if the kibble table will still overwrite the mushrooms.
Px05119 Jun 19 @ 8:00am 
Rockarrots aren't stacking past 100 on Ragnarok. Everything else is stacking just fine. I've noticed other stack mods having hte same issue, I wonder if an ID change is the cause.
Kunselmancharles Jun 18 @ 3:25pm 
I don't know if I'm getting a crash or what, it didn't throw any errors that I could see, but it's just not working at all, worked just fine last night.
SummerWolfe Jun 18 @ 10:26am 
Strange that its only crashing on your server. Have you tried deleting the mod from the server and reinstalling it with the autoupdater?
Add me on steam and I will try to help you further.
Crimzen Jun 17 @ 10:16pm 
and as I run eternal ark this mod was in second place where I have always had it on my servers