Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Royal Cock - Zweihander
Game (maps & mods): Medieval Warfare
Item Type (items): Helmet
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Royal ♥♥♥♥/Poultry Zweihander Weapon Skin for the Zweihander.
TRIS: 3350

They say this sword was originally commissioned for Malric himself. But the blacksmith being a firm Agathan sympathizer and supporter crafted the decorations in the shape of the common poultry ♥♥♥♥ instead of a hawk, an insult to Malric and the heraldry commonly associated with the Mason Order. Although perhaps done in poor taste, it’s well-crafted and regal in design. It’s a shame the blacksmith was slane by Malric’s goons before he could make another. Vote to forge more! And get this item into the game!

The Royal ♥♥♥♥ Zweihander is an original design based on a mash up of the design patterns seen in real swords, it is meant to not be 100% historically accurate but instead historically feasible in its construction and design. It is named due to the chicken head shape of the pommel, decorated in brass, based on the pommel design of a French infantry sword. Pommels constructed with appearance of animal heads in this way became more common during the high middle ages and a decorated sword became a symbol of status. The handle is made of rosewood with a sanded finish, it is attached to a thick tang with pins, much in the way a lot of knifes are constructed the handle being split into two parts and tacked together. The guard is asymmetrical, and attempts to offer maximum protection for the hands and matches the pommels appearance, the arms of the guards are meant to represent the wild grasping legs and talons of a chicken. The entire length of the sword representing a flailing chicken as the wielder grasps the neck, the head as the pommel, the guard the legs and finally the blade the feathery tail. The blade has one cutting edge the other flat. The bladed edge is undulated in the sort-of serration, a construction technique commonly seen in flamberge swords. And is utilised during parries in sword vs sword combat to vibrate the attackers blade with the result of fatiguing the opponent. The blade shape is also effective in sword vs pole combat the serrations doing more damage when dragged across an axe-pole for example, then a straight blade would.

Hope you all like it and remember to up-vote and favourite it if you want to see it in game!