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Sword of the Guardian
Feb 19, 2016 @ 1:01am
Jun 17, 2018 @ 9:03am

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The concept of this game, Sword of the Guardian, stems from the popular side-scrolling Arcade game in 80s and 90s - Beat'em up. Due to the high labour cost in development and popularity of 3D games in the recent years, game developers are reluctant to spend resources on this kind of games. I hope this game can once again bring back the unique and special experience.

Concept and Idea
This game takes reference from the most sought-after side-scrolling Beat'em up games in the past, including Capcom's Final Flight, Knights of the round and Captain commando, and SNK's Sengoku 3, Taito's Double Dragon etc. At first, a combo was simply initiated by a single button, which was then developed to a series of different combinations, with some simple commands. The current concept is to initiate a special attack with a single button, followed by various types of combos with the special action buttons. Each character has a distinctive set of actions with these special buttons: the knight will escape or the monk will jump, hoping that players can enjoy new experiences when they select different characters.

Game Features:
  • Master different characters and fighting styles.
  • Combines 2D graphics with 3D scenes.
  • Immersive storyline.
  • Unique fighting combinations.
  • Personality style enemies.
  • 20+ game levels.

Once upon a time, the Hero received a letter from his long-lost friend, Matt, who summoned him to the Curve Village, where they first met and spent most of their childhood time together.

When Hero and his travel companion, the wisdom-seeking Monk, were about to arrive at the village, they found that it was surrounded by the Civil Force, the anti-government army. They declared that anyone entering this village would be arrested. In order to keep the promise with his best friend, Hero decided to fight and protect the village from the attack.

Game Demo
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