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Dino Racing:Evolved
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Dino Racing:Evolved

A fully stackable Fun Racing Game Mode for your ARK.


- Admin-buildable fully customizable tracks on land or in the air or underwater, with track indicators to help orientation during the race.

- "Build Mode" for quick track building:
* Walk/Fly toggle with increased movement speeds.
* Spawn Checkpoints, Pickup Spawners, Obstacles and Zones ready for placement with the number keys.
* Switching between different Obstacles with MouseWheel.
* Increase decrease spawned Pickups with MouseWheel.
* Preview Track indicators.

- Individual settings per race: Laps, Players needed finished for the race to end, Autostart race after x Players registered, Enabled Pickups

- Local registration or server-wide invites with teleport to race, and back after the race(server-wide invites are currently a admin only option to avoid abuse, players can start races with local registration without an admin)

- All Damage to you and your dino is disabled during the race!

- Pickup Ability System: Collect the Pickups during the race to gain a defensive or offensive Ability that can be activated during the race with the Q and R keys.

* Knock Off Grenade: Drop a grenade that explodes after three seconds and knocks all riders in the explosion range off their dinos
* Poison Grenade: Drop a grenade that leaves poison fog to slow your opponents.
* Lightning: Set stamina of the leading player to 0. If you are in the lead it will set the second placed players stamina to 0.
* Rockets: You get three rockets that can be fired individually. Press Q to activate targeting and fire with the left mouse button. You can also press Q to disable targeting without firing.
* Poop Barrage: Launch a barrage of poop projectiles at the opponents behind you.
* Shockwave: Launch a shockwave that knocks all opponets around you from their dinos.

* Shield: Protects you from all Abilities/Debuffs for 10 seconds.
* Stamina Boost: Fill your stamina to 100 instantly.
* Speed Boost: Increased movement speed for 10 seconds.(Currently causes rubberbanding. Will try to fix that asap! Would advise you to disable it in the RaceSettings for now!)

- "Jump" Obstacles(need a lot of work, are only really viable for dinos with jump ability, ideas for new obstacles are welcome :D):

* Fire Obstacle: Triggers fire bursts after a player jumped over it, slows all players that come into contact.
* Water Fountain Obstacle: Alternating burst of water will knock you off your dino if you get hit.
* Moving Platform Obstacle: Navigate over the moving platforms.

- Zones:

* Stamina Zone: refills your stamina over time
* Speed Zone: gives you a speed buff
* Slow Zone: slows you down

- UI overlay to track current Lap, Placements, Pickups aswell as Stamina

- "Drop Protection" during air races: If you dismount/get knocked off, a parachute and grappling hook with one shot will spawn!

Instructions on how to use all of this:

cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/DinoRacing/Blueprints/PrimalItemStructure_Race_Director.PrimalItemStructure_Race_Director'" 1 1 0

Tracks need to be built by a server admin, multiple tracks are possible! Build Mode only works for admins!
Start by placing down a "Race Director" and select "Create Track" from the Menu. A UI for the default settings will popup. You can also select if you want to create a Land or Air Race. If you place the race director underwater you will be able to build an underwater track. After setting your default values in the setup screen you will be in the track building mode.
Spawn a Checkpoint ready to place down by hitting 1, a Pickup Spawner by hitting 2(scroll mousewheel to increase/decrease number of pickups spawned, pickups will only spawn during the race, so don't worry if nothing shows up after placement), Obstacles by hitting 3(scroll mousewheel to switch between the different obstacles). You can preview the track indicators by pressing P.
Keep in mind that tracks must be round currently, so you need to "lead" the last checkpoint to the first one(which is considered the start). If the angle between those two checkpoints is not right the track indicator generation will not work correctly.
If your track is ready press K to confirm the track and end the build mode.
Ready for the first race! Select "New Race" at the race director. You can either send out a server wide invite to all players(if you are admin) or let the players register themselves at the director(select "Register Player" while riding the dino you want to register with at the race director).
To start the race select "Start Race" from the Race Director menu. After 30 seconds players with their registered dinos will be teleported to the race director. Time to get in position at the start checkpoint! The Race will start after another 30 seconds.
After the race is complete, all players and dinos will be teleported back to their positions before the race teleport.

This might sound a little complicated at first but i will include a video that shows the process aswell as a full manual on all the functions soon!

I also need YOUR help to test the mod and give feedback on balance, new pickups, obstacles etc!

Known Issues:
- Pickups are very unbalanced
- Speed Pickup and Zone can cause rubberbanding
- Probably lots and lots of smaller bugs

Already working on/planned:
- Enable/Disable Damage during race(currently all damage is disabled by default)
- All the visuals of the UI, Particle Effects
- Sounds
- More Pickups
- More Traps/Obstacles!
- Invite individual players/tribe
- More Options

ModID: 626642159

Support me with a donation:

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gorefangs Apr 27 @ 9:49pm 
Does not work anymore. Does not cause crashes, Can not place NPC structure.
Engraverwilliam Jun 26, 2018 @ 9:06am 
Hey, I am just curious if anyone has used this recently. namely on Ragnarok. I am not expecting it to be perfect being so long between updates, This should be a paid mod.
Visemannen Apr 3, 2018 @ 3:43pm 
Great mod, would love some updates and more options!
Any one know of other mods like this, that could be used for competition/event on a PVE server?
Strabooky Mar 16, 2018 @ 2:48pm 
Please a possibility that the Admin can Hide the track and green light.I would really like if you can give us the option to enable damaged to each player during the event. Like when players race they can also battle. Regards :)
JohnDivanz Jan 15, 2018 @ 4:21am 
@Mezzo we need your amazing work with another update that make me so happy and crazy man XD. I love this mod so much!!!!
BirdyGuy Dec 23, 2017 @ 8:56pm 
Fix the bug where the things dissapear
Teddycus Nov 13, 2017 @ 10:42am 
Does this mod work without using a creature? This would be awesome with the Abberation glider and climbing hooks!
Buenrri Nov 12, 2017 @ 5:44am 
Tested today, Seems works well, only didn't work the shield :( , but can be dessactivated. :D
Fresonis Oct 30, 2017 @ 10:04am 
Thanks for this mod and nice that it still works! This is Halloween Broom Air Race Event is what we did with the mod and in the future other races will be done as well (underwater and land)
DrakeBD Sep 25, 2017 @ 2:10pm 
Can confirm this mod works well using it on my server