DOOM 3: BFG Edition

DOOM 3: BFG Edition

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DOOM 3: Lost Mission - PDA Video Disc
By Jr786
This Guide contains the Video Disc for DOOM 3: Lost Mission. (PC Version)
1. Intro Video Discs
Video disks are short videos that can be found and downloaded to the Player's PDA throughout the course of both Doom 3, Resurrection of Evil & Lost Mission. Most of these videos contain trivial background information (or propaganda) about the UAC and the Mars Base, but some contain important clues or information relevant to the plot.
2. Exis Labs
Video Discs Found in the Exis Labs
2-1. Exis Labs - Teleportation Experiments
Creator: Richard Meyers
Date: 11/15/45
Warning About Exis Teleportation

My name is Doctor Richard Meyers. I'm a research specialist stationed in Exis Labs. I don't know who'll be hearing this but I wanted to alert someone of the disaster at Mars City. What has been unleashed across this base is an unimaginable evil! We only have a slight chance of stopping it.

The research I participated in was the next step in teleportation. To give context to my research, back in 2115, UAC researchers discovered an ancient Martian civilization. At the Erebus Dig Site they found a Martian teleportation device. It was nonfunctional, and all attempts to start it proved fruitless. It took many years, but the researchers managed to learn enough from the device and other wall carvings to reverse engineer it.

The first prototype teleporter, codenamed Project Mercury, was built in Delta Labs, and became operational in 2139. This teleporter was only capable of short distance travel and limited quantities of matter transference. We could only teleport a single test subject; small animals and chimps usually across a room. Once testing intensified and technical data increased we were able to fabricate more powerful teleporters. In Delta Labs Sector 3, Project Gemini managed to increase teleportation across greater distances. In addition to the increased range, we found we could begin transporting human-sized subjects. It was during this stage we began to see the effects of opening up these portals to that strange dimension. Our scientific curiosity overruled the obvious warnings, and under Dr. Malcolm Betruger's direction, we continued experimenting.

On Project Apollo, the engineers developed a room-sized teleporter in Delta Labs Sector 4. It was capable of teleporting a small-sized team to destinations on this new dimensional plane. The expedition teams began exploring and setting up small research outposts. We could only teleport small equipment with the Delta 4 teleporter, and this condition frustrated Dr. Betruger. Soon after the success of Project Apollo, plans were drawn and work executed on a new facility: Exis Labs.

At Exis Labs, the goal was to create a larger teleporter, similar in scale to the one at Erebus. It would be powerful enough to transport large equipment, even dropships, and eventually shorten interstellar travel. Betruger was so impatient on seeing results from this research, he had the engineers start work on the teleporter once the facility reached 75% completion. We had expedition teams set up a teleporter outpost in the other dimension to link up with Exis.

It was at this time I began investigating the strange stories I heard over at Delta Labs. I managed to hack undetected into Betruger's personal logs, and what I found scared me to the core. Betruger became obsessed with the findings of this new dimension. He started to push experiments, regardless of the human cost. His log entries into the occult and how to harness evil powers were truly frightening. The more recent logs detailed how demons; yes, demons; contacted him through his dreams, offering him unimaginable powers! But they demanded he find a way to help them reclaim Earth! It was then I realized that this... other dimension... was Hell itself. By the time I realized his plan, Betruger had started the invasion.

Since the Exis teleporter hadn't reached sufficient functionality, I assume Betruger decided to launch the demon invasion on Mars without it. However, the Hell Outpost teleporter is operationally ready, and it's only a matter of time before Betruger decides to use it. I'm going to try to reach Chief Engineer Rhodes in the Enpro facility to divert enough power to Exis, and with a little luck, create a big enough power surge to destroy it from here. I can only pray God will forgive me for my part in all this... help me make things right. Lord save my soul. Richard Meyers, signing off.