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Genre: Action, Arcade
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Feb 11, 2016 @ 9:54pm
Dec 14, 2016 @ 11:51pm

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Development Continues
2 Weeks to Go
Release date: Spring 2016
Snow Plows vs Aliens
Aplowcalypse sets the player as a snowplow-mech on a hell bent mission to avenge the destruction of Earth by a world devouring alien! Our game features the familiar controls of the Atari classic Asteroids, but the tables are turned and you get to destroy the aliens by plowing right through them. Team up with 3 other drivers and attempt to be the best alien slayer in the belly of the beast.

• 1 to 4 players: local co-op, at all times, any game mode
• Story campaign: destroy the alien from the inside out, attacking its vital organs (Stomach, Heart, Hatchery and Brain)
• Unique enemies: each organ produces different types of alien life forms, acid spitters to electric disruptors
• Challenges: choose from a list of tasks and challenges, to see how long you can last and what score you can achieve
• Points & combos: every kill adds points, gain combos to increase your multiplier, steal from your "teammates", crown a winner
• Friendly fire: every action against an alien can also hurt, stun or kill other players
• Counter co-op: getting the high score is the goal, but will you focus on the aliens or other plows?
• Plow colors: choose your favorite plow color, yellow, black, red, blue, a different kind of blue, etc
• Loadout: pick between 4 secondary attacks:
+ Exhaust Knockback: Pressurized exhaust that knocks back enemies and bullets
+ Salt Trail: Releases a trail of salt rocks that damages and slows enemies
+ High Beams: Flashes an intense head light that stuns anything in its path
+ Gravity Mine: Drop a timed mine that pulls everything into its sphere of influence

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I Love your theme, it's hilarious.
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This game looks really cool! I vote yes!