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Dedicated Server Setup
By feanor_269 and 1 collaborators
This guide will run you through dedicated server setup from A-Z. Tested on a fresh install, it works. It also has links to other pages describing things like telnet, port forwarding and the windows firewall.
If you ran a pre-alpha server you MUST delete all the YAML files, config files and any modified sector and playfield files. The formats changed, NOTHING IS COMPATIBLE.
  • 8GB RAM – Running with less will cause sync and saving problems
  • Firewall you control – Not applicable if you're going to play on a LAN
  • Access to your router or modem – Not applicable if running on VPS or limited to LAN
  • If you will be running the server on the same machine you're playing on, you'll need to change the ports. 29600 is recommended.
  • If you can't see the extensions in 3 and 4, you may need to enable that feature in explorer. How to do that varies by windows version, and it's best to just google your windows version and “show file extensions”.
  • This guide is using the version without the GUI. If you want to use the GUI (not recommended for performance reasons), simply use EmpyrionDedicated.cmd instead and ignore the steps for telnet. You're on your own for figuring out the GUI, since I don't use it.
  • Editing config files with word can make them unreadable to the game. Use notepad or notepad++. Shift-right-click on the file, choose open with.
  • YAML files use comments. These are lines that are unread by the game, and are preceded with a #. When I refer to uncommenting a line, it means remove the #. Similarly, commenting a line means to add a # at the start. In the current version of the YAML files, just removing the "#" will leave an extra space, please remove an extra space as well.
  • YAML files are very whitespace sensitive. Please be careful not to remove or add any.
  • You'll need to modify your firewall, How to do this varies by Windows version, so use the following Microsoft site for help: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/communicate-through-windows-firewall
  • You'll need to install a telnet client. This varies by Windows version, so look at the following page if you need help https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc771275(v=ws.10).aspx
  • You'll need to know how to use the telnet client, seehttp://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/telnet-faq for information
  • You may need to know how to forward ports on your router. This guide was recommended by Boss_CyAn1d3 (he didn't do anything else with this guide, don't bother him with questions, I'm just citing sources): http://www.pcworld.com/article/244314/how_to_forward_ports_on_your_router.html
  • One final note… if you're thinking of running a public server, please don't. We have too many servers and not enough people playing on them, just join one instead. If you want to host a private server for your group, go right ahead!
  1. Open the steam library, right click “Empyrion – Galactic Survival”, click properties.
  2. Go to the local files tab, click “BROWSE LOCAL FILES”, it will open an explorer window.
  3. Copy EmpyrionDedicated_NoGraphics.cmd to server.cmd. This is required because EmpyrionDedicated_NoGraphics.cmd frequently gets overwritten when the game updates.
  4. Copy dedicated.yaml to server.yaml. This is required because dedicated.yaml frequently gets overwritten when the game updates.
  5. Install a telnet client.
Edit these files with notepad, not word. Notepad++ also works. Wordpad will not.
To help find errors - http://www.yamllint.com/

  • Find the line that starts with “EmpyrionLauncher -startDedi” and add “-dedicated server.yaml” to the end, without the quotes.

  • Srv_port is the port you want to run on, leave it the same.
  • Srv_Name is the server name, you should set this to something memorable.
  • Srv_Password is for password protected servers. If you want to password your server, uncomment this and set it.
  • Srv_MaxPlayers is the maximum slots available on the server. 5-10 is good, uncomment it if you want to change the default of 5.
  • Srv_Description is the server description, please uncomment and set this if you have a public server! Contact info for the admin is a good thing to put.
  • Srv_StopPeriod is the number of hours between automatic server restarts. This is a good thing to do, and I'd recommend 24 hours for stability.
  • Tel_Enabled – uncomment this line, this guide uses telnet to admin the server.
  • Tel_Port – uncomment and change if you want to run telnet on a different port. Save the port, number, it's important for later in the guide.
  • Tel_Pwd – uncomment this line, and set a new password to access the telnet admin console.
  • EACActive – This is currently under development, don't uncomment it.
  • GameName is the name of the save game to use. Players don't see this.
  • The rest of the settings can be changed at your leisure. I'd recommend a different seed and possibly changing the decay, wipe and protect times.
You'll need to allow Empyrion.exe and EmpyrionDedicated.exe to communicate through your firewall, see the guide in the notes.
To run the server, double click server.cmd
It'll bring up some information, read it, then press any key to close the window. The server will still be running if that window closes.

Open telnet, connect to your server's address on the Tel_Port in your server.yaml file.
If you're using telnet from the same computer your server is hosted on, use the ip address, otherwise use the address that comes up when you click this link: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=what%27s+my+ip

The help command will give you all the help you need. You'll need to set yourself as an admin. When you're logged into the game as a player, go to the telnet console and enter:
setrole yourname admin
Port Forwarding
This section is required for hosting from behind a router (for example, from a home or work). If you're hosting on a VPS, you probably don't need this section.
  1. Get your server's LAN address.
    • Open a command prompt, (usually you'll click start and type cmd).
    • Type ipconfig, look for a line that says IPv4 Address. You'll need the 4 sets of numbers, separated by dots. It should look something like “IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :” you need the number.
  2. Log in to your router, and forward the following ports and protocols to the ip address you found in step 1.
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FireWaran Mar 25 @ 3:51pm 
Thanks works great :)
TheBait Mar 18 @ 10:40pm 
Fluffy if you haven't figured it out yet:
Copy and rename EmpyrionDedicated_NoGraphics.cmd to server.cmd
Copy and rename dedicated.yaml to server.yaml.
The rest of the guide is self explanatory!
'FluffyButtz' L. David Mar 5 @ 2:14pm 
You give really fucking vague File names, That arent the actual file names.
'FluffyButtz' L. David Mar 5 @ 2:07pm 
pastebin(DOT)com/QNGXendE What is wrong with my damn server. I have tried everything listed and that stupid help site doesn't tell me crap.
'FluffyButtz' L. David Mar 5 @ 1:34pm 
Where is the First files you even need to copy to??
charliewhiskey1 Jan 23 @ 8:43pm 
Dead, this might be firewall related. Is the port forwarded?
DeadshotDingo Jan 8 @ 6:29pm 
Hey everyone, ran into a snag that I need some help with. I've got the telnet and server up and running for local connections, but it doesn't seem to show in server browser or allow anyone NOT on my network to connect... Not sure what the issue is, have tried editing the .yaml and have also added the extra - to the nographics.cmd. Any help out there?
Slowpokie Dec 31, 2016 @ 6:31pm 
Does this work with version 5.0.3? I've executed every step in this guide and can't figure out what's going wrong. I downloaded the dedicated server tool from steam library, made the new .cmd and .yaml files... editing them as directed, installed the telnet client. Firewall is set. I run the .cmd file and it pops up the prompt and goes away after pressing any key like it says. I run the telnet client, but it's never able to find the server.
zaphodikus Dec 31, 2016 @ 6:34am 
As of version 4.0 you need to use the Server Tool that can be found via STEAM -> LIBRARY -> TOOLS -> Empyrion - Galactic Survival Dedicated Server
Dreubaud Nov 26, 2016 @ 9:03pm 
Could you possible reword Setup steps 3 and 4 to mention creating blank text files and altering them to be .cmd and .yaml, or copying the files themselves and changing the copied version names.

Otherwise, great guide!