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Created by Jenniphurr
Level 7 - SV
CPU: 5981

Our newest entry in the small scale combat SV's. The Sidewinder is outfitted with enough equipment to keep your survival top priority. Sidewinder is capable of recon and scouting missions, with some light combat abilities if the...
Created by Jenniphurr
Want to get up an running in your survival world a bit quicker? Want to have a stylish SV that not only is low cost to produce, but also has some function as well? You in luck, the Asp-X might be just that SV you are looking for!

For people that want to...
Created by Jenniphurr
Want to get up an running in your survival world a bit quicker? Want to have a stylish HV that not only is low cost to produce, but also has some function as well? You in luck, the Specter-X1 might be just that HV you are looking for!

For people that wa...
Created by Jenniphurr
New and refresh Demon-X1 is back!

We took advantage with some of the newest styles and applied them to the Demon-X platform. Sleeker and more elegant than ever before.

Like all of ZeroG's sporty HV's, they are all personally designed by the CEO her...
Created by Jenniphurr
ZeroG premier ARL (Akuna Racing League) Hover Racer Returns!

Refined Styling!

Refined Speed!!

Refined Excitement!!!

Our engineers keep returning to the Phantom to keep improving its overall performance. New for this year we have spent a fair bi...
Created by Jenniphurr
Fresh from the ZeroG shipyards comes the new and improved Ferro-X!

A few years ago the Ferro was built as an all purpose passenger / cargo vessel. Capitalizing on being a configurable SV to give people a wider array of options built on a single platfor...
StarFire Hub
Created by Jenniphurr
StarFire Hub

ZeroG's Cargo Logistic's center is slowly becoming a reality! The StarFire Hub is set up to handle your Constructor / Deconstrution needs. Its open and friendly design allows for some quick access throughout its interior areas.

Let brea...
Created by Jenniphurr

ZeroG has launch a new division, StarFire Logistics! Their purpose is to handle all of the systems, and our, cargo and transporting needs! The need for a proper set up transportation network is a much desired avenue. StarFire Logistics is fro...
Starduster Pad
Created by Jenniphurr
Starduster Landing Pad / Loading Dock

This landing pad is designed to allow the Starduster CV to landing at. It is also designed to help guide in modules to dock onto the Starduster as well.

Has multiple power sources to give you options. Solar along...
Created by Jenniphurr
StarLite *Special thanks to Kieve for naming the StarLite! I was struggling with a name and he saved the day! Be sure to thank him in the comments!*

A module built HV designed to dock directly onto the Starduster Cargo CV. A multipurpose hover vessel th...
Created by Jenniphurr

The second module that was purposed built for the Starduster CV. This module has a focus on storage and cargo this go around. Lets dive into the StarBrite!

Since it was designed with storage in mind, it includes 3 storage closet areas. Two ...
Created by Jenniphurr

With the new ZeroG Gamma Station up and running, along with the new ZeroG shipyards, tourism has been at an all time high! This has given rise to more and more people visiting ZeroG facilities. So we are meeting this demand head on with a sim...
Created by Jenniphurr

The Cerberus Capital ship has long been the personal vehicle for the ZeroG CEO, Jenniphurr. Built during a extermely busy schedule and many delays, Jenniphurr did not want to give the green light until she was completely statisfied with the o...
Created by Jenniphurr

*UPDATED! 4/22/18 - see notes for details!*

ZeroG's old favorite it back! CopperHead has now been brought into the new age!

Copperhead was ZeroG's CEO favorite small SV. Had the looks and was fully equipped as well! Now with the adven...
Created by Jenniphurr

(Updated 4/15/18)

Eclipse-X has gotten a refresh! In efforts to make the ZeroG line up more refined we have reworked our Eclipse-X Hover vessal.

This update brings a host of new features! We have now textured this entire unit to clean up...
Created by Jenniphurr

The Mamba has been a staple for ZeroG. It was one of the early builds that really help develop the funds for ZeroG. Designed before the expansion event this vehicle has some history tied to it. This will now be the fourth generation of Mamba. ...
Created by Jenniphurr

Upgraded and built to tackle your mining needs! The Mole-X2 is a perfect companion to your growing mining operations!

You'll go from rags to riches in no time! Once more built on top of the new ZeroG HV platform so we can speed up the manufa...
Created by Jenniphurr

So you are now in the need for some of that ever so precious Ore! We'll the Mole-X1 will make quick work of those wants and desires!

You'll go from rags to riches in no time! Once more built on top of the new ZeroG HV platform so we can speed...
Created by Jenniphurr

So you tried the Mill-X1 huh?!

Whats that you say? You have the need for more wooden carnage! Well you are in luck! The tier 2 version of the Mill is enhanced with some of the lastest technological wood carnage features! Our ZeroG engineers t...
Created by Jenniphurr

Built on top of an easily modified Hover Vessal Platform, the Mill-X1 is the first of ZeroG purposed built HV's. Designed to increase your wood processing to higher levels. Or if you just need to clear out some space the Mill-X1 is a perfect ble...
Created by Jenniphurr

(Join the ZeroG Challenge Build Today! Goes up thru September, 18th 2018! Details in the links below!)
Thread Link: https://empyriononline.com/threads/zerog-challenge-build-04.43709/
Collection Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/fil...
Created by Jenniphurr
ZeroG-Malo-X (Gen 2)

*Let us take a moment to thank @Maloverci for allowing ZeroG to modify and to refit their beloved TS-M-A-L-O. It is a transport ship build and designed by the M.A.L.O Company. ZeroG has been a huge fan of this ship for quite some ti...
Created by Jenniphurr

"condemned to hold up the sky for eternity..."

Finally ZeroG has added a much needed Carrier to our fleets! Atlas-X is quite able to haul a vararity of HV's and SV's right on its back! Or in one of the 2 included Bays!

So lets get down to ...
Created by Jenniphurr
-Swapped out the hight level thrusters for the standard thrusters
-This removed the Cobalt Resource completely and lowered the others as well.
-Now Unlocked at Level 10!

We wanted to take our Python-X and really refined and inject more f...
Created by Jenniphurr
The Drop Base is back! Now with 100% more Base!

-Fixed the Signal Logic. An oversight on my part but all should be working correctly now.
- Has front and rear lamps that are independant and ran off a motion sensors. Override switch near the front...
Created by Jenniphurr
Drop-Base (Added as a stock Prefab 5/11/18)

*UPDATE 5/14/18*
We have now made the following change to the ZeroG-Drop-Base.

-removed 12 ceiling tiles to allow for 2 high devices and added textures
Thanks to everyone that commented on this concern. ...
Created by Jenniphurr
Landing Pad Medium

You need a place to spawn and land your vehicles? ZeroG has your answer! We have a low cost very functional Landing Pad just for you!

The ZeroG Landing Pad is a low cost solution that has been helping explorers set up quick outpost...
Created by Jenniphurr
Landing Pad

You need a place to spawn and land your vehicles? ZeroG has your answer! We have a low cost very functional "Smart" Landing Pad just for you!

Using motion technology, we have made it easier to quickly line up and and land onto the Landing...
Created by Jenniphurr

The goal of the Huntress-X is to give you a personal small vessel that you can call your own. It is geared mostly for the solo type person that needs some function. The Huntress-X has 3 interior rooms that each serve a specific purpose.

Created by Jenniphurr

ZeroG is rapidly expanding into a new age. With our efforts and resoruces being repurposed to focus more on Project Daedalus, we need to work on our infrustructure. Our first stop is our low cost Cargo Hauler, amply named the Charon-X!

Created by Jenniphurr
Cargo Module

Cargo Module unit for the ZeroG Charon-X.
Charon-X: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1357426170

ZeroG is rapidly building up the resources needed to build worlds! The Cargo module is our complete solution for all ...
Created by Jenniphurr

A more moblie base with added defenses, Gorman-X looks to provide you with the firepower and options while out on long missions. Over 18hours of stanby time!

We have cleaned up the exterior to more closely match the X series ZeroG designs.
Created by Jenniphurr
ZeroG Pulsar-X

ZeroG's Offical submission for the [ZeroG] Challenge Build 01 https://empyriononline.com/threads/zerog-challenge-build-01.36343/

Here were the Guidelines to go by:
Build type: Small Vessel
Theme: Fighter
Deadline: 2/23/2018

Max B...
Created by Jenniphurr
ZeroG Frost-X

Our Frost series of HV's have had years of refinments worked into the platform. Over time we have grow this series from the battle hardened to the more elegant fighting force which you see today!

We needed to bring some quality of life ...
Created by Jenniphurr

The Banshee lives on! From concept to production our newest Hover Racer is here! Speed, Styling and Handling Banshee is ready to be unleashed!

The orignal Banshee was designed as an SV and was more a prototype for SV acceleration. The...
Created by Jenniphurr

Small SV's are a staple at ZeroG. We continue this tradition by bring out the new Tempest-X. Built with 100% Hardened Steel, something we haven't done since the Afterburn was released.

Trying to keep its small stature and quick maneuvering...
Created by Jenniphurr
Hydra-X (SV) - (7.5 ready)

*Warning! Advanced ZeroG vessel ahead! You will need both Hydra-X1 and Hydra-X2 Blueprints to use this ship!*
**Reccommend loading in Creative Mode to get the feel for how these ships dock together**

An all purpose solo/su...
Created by Jenniphurr
Hydra-X (CV) - (7.5 ready)

*Warning! Advanced ZeroG vessel ahead! You will need both Hydra-X1 and Hydra-X2 Blueprints to use this ship!*
**Reccommend loading in Creative Mode to get the feel for how these ships dock together**

An all purpose solo/su...
Created by Jenniphurr
ZeroG Burke-X

Long has Burke serve as the backbone and workhorse of the ZeroG Fleet. First developed after the expansion event, the origanl Burke was means of a support frigate for the ZeroG military.Soon after Burkes introduction it was often reconfigu...
Created by Jenniphurr
Survival Turret - (6.7 Ready)

With our ZeroG Deployable Turrets being a huge success, we decided to go just a step further! This is our standard issue Survival Turret!

We crunched the numbers and made the absolute bare bones Survival Turret we could ...
Created by Jenniphurr
Chimera-X (6.0 ready)

Taking our aging flagship and upgrading it from the ground up hasn't been an easy task. With new advancements in the world of Empyrion, we decided that now is the time for us to push our limits!

Taking the best of Chimera and bu...
Created by Jenniphurr
- Unlock Level - 15
- Build Time - 2h 16m
- Iron..................3120
- Copper.............930
- Cobalt..............860
- Silicon..............640
- Erestrum..........60
- Zascosium.......60
- Neodymium.....60
- Sat...
Created by Jenniphurr
- Unlock Level - 12
- Build Time - 2h 00m
- Iron..................5340
- Silicon..............1340
- Copper.............770
- Cobalt..............760
- Sathium...........230
- Neodymium.....80
- Wood...............40
Created by Jenniphurr
- Unlock Level - 20
- Build Time - 21h 49m
- Iron..................24640
- Cobalt..............4820
- Silicon..............4470
- Copper.............4300
- Sathium...........2870
- Neodymiun......880
- Erestrum..........
Created by Jenniphurr
- Unlock Level - 17
- Build Time - 1h 48m
- Iron..................2330
- Copper.............840
- Cobalt..............730
- Silicon..............590
- Sathium...........60
- Zascosium.......40
- Erestrum..........40
Created by Jenniphurr
- Unlock Level - 15
- Build Time - 50m 54s
- Iron..................1060
- Copper.............430
- Cobalt..............380
- Silicon..............290
- Erestrum..........20
- Zascosium.......20
- Neodymium.....20
- Sa...
Created by Jenniphurr
- Unlock Level - 15
- Build Time - 2h 04m
- Iron..................1670
- Copper.............510
- Cobalt..............450
- Silicon..............370
- Sathium...........80
- Erestrum..........70
- Zascosium.......70...
Created by Jenniphurr
- Unlock Level - 12
- Build Time - 1h 34m
- Iron..................1940
- Copper.............780
- Cobalt..............610
- Silicon..............490
- Erestrum..........40
- Zascosium.......40
- Sathium...........20
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Virus Jun 24, 2019 @ 2:20pm 
very nice work
jmol123 Jun 21, 2019 @ 6:11pm 
Sure & btw I just uploaded my latest ship too today.
Jenniphurr  [author] Jun 21, 2019 @ 6:01pm 
@jmol123 Thanks! Be sure to check out our latest builds!
jmol123 Jun 21, 2019 @ 5:55pm 
Jenniphurr  [author] Mar 25, 2019 @ 3:38am 
Thank you for stopping by! Enjoy!
Dave the Hippie Mar 25, 2019 @ 3:14am 
Great collection. Subscribed to every item.
BDC Jan 27, 2019 @ 7:48am 
You've got some very nice builds here. Thank you for your submissions and your work.
|TG|Tyrant50187 Sep 10, 2018 @ 6:05pm 
@jenniphurr Do you guys have an official Server? Id love to be a part of a full community especially one with such imagination and creativity
Der Beppo Jul 31, 2018 @ 6:25pm 
@Jenniphurr thank you for the quick response. Allright, then thanks for the info
Jenniphurr  [author] Jul 31, 2018 @ 6:03pm 
@Der Beppo Oh thanks for taking the time to stop by and check us out! All CV's besides Charon-X include a warp drive.Atlas-X doesn't not come equipped with one, but has the space set aside for one to be installed.

As for the SV's not all of them will have warp drives. I do try to mention in the descriptions if they do include them or not. Do understand that some of the ZeroG SV's were produced in a time before warp drives were added to into the game.