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Summoner class
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Feb 9, 2016 @ 3:36pm
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Summoner class

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This class combines summons, ranged attacks, and crowd control.

This class was inspired by, but uses no assets from, the Umbra class.
This class has access to all engineer summons (except spider mines), it also has all the shadowling skills from outlander (except bane breath). Plus it has wolf shade (from berzerker) and astral ally (from embermage).

And that's just one tree.
The second tree is focused on long range combat with many skills taken from the Outlander.
The third tree is all about battlefield control, with many mobility and defensive skills.

In depth skill analysis, written by Steffire3(with some editing by me):

Rapid Fire = supports shadowlings- only ranged skill that can do this. Good knockback. Ignite. Also a great skil for building charge.

Shadow Shot = best dps and range- also fast- rivals Blast Cannon and Fusilade in one skill.

Tangled Shot = impressive chance to immobilize and supports high poison or magic damage.

Chaos Shot = speedy and very good at damaging crowds more than the other shots.

Elemental Boost = Resistance, Damage, Mana, Anti-slow, Anti-Immobilize.

Ice Prison = surprising number of uses as defensive- damage- distraction- and wall.

Venom Hail = easily the strongest poison skill in the game if foes are trapped in one place.

Heal Bot = Health, Mana, Armor- will not despawn.

Wolf Shade = steals health for User- next best thing after Heal Bot.

Immobile Copter = slows foes greatly and will not despawn.

Gun Bot = at Tier 3- best crowd damage of all summons.

Sledge Bot = great variety of attacks and distracts foes.

Shadowling Brute = basically a second Sledge Bot but more speed. Buffed by Death Ritual

Astral Ally = has many of the Embermage's attacks- like Fire Pillar- good crowd damage.

Blade Pact = along with Immobile Copter- one of the best slow skills.

Rune Vault = maybe the best escape ability if User aims in opposite direction every jump.

Frost Teleport = a small cooldown after use- has knockback yet Shadow Burst may be better.

Ice Shield = single- best- missile deflection- in- entire- game.

Bramble Skill = great knockback- can even be used with Ice Prison for Ice and Poison hits.

Stone Pact = amazing armor buff- and damage deflector- and good health regen.

Forcefield = Engineer may max at 80000 but Summoner maxing at 28000 damage is good.

= = = = = = = PASSIVE SKILLS

Ranged Master = more range and damage- so useful.

Shotgun Master = limited but very useful for shotguns controling foes.

Akimbo Skill = very useful for adding damage for dual pistols.

Elemental Buff = alot more power for all magic types- very good.

Shadowling Ammo= very useful to raise an army- way better than Spider Mines.

Death Ritual = boosts the Shadowlings- so they are an almost permanent force.

Frozen Fate = immobilize on kill is one of my favorites- so useful.

Poison Burst = chance to poison and explode on kill- infecting others? so useful.

Share the Wealth = this and the Bar means there's little need to invest into Dexterity.

Steffire3's note on skills in general: This class has almost all the best vanilla skills in game.

Notice that almost every skill has it's own unique job- or [2] skills that work well together that still serve different functions.

I owe a special thanks to Steffire3 who was instrumental in helping me refine and improve the skill trees of the class.

Hey you, yeah you. Do you like playing with my Summoner mod? Thats good man. Do you also like using my awesome summonmerge modpack with it?

Thats real good man. Then youre gonna wanna check out my latest mod, yet another addition to make summons incredibly badass. Shades of War.
I worked with IcyClaw, the guy who made the Improved Astral Ally mod, which is included in my summonmerge modpack. He aided me in giving the Wolf Shade the Astral Ally treatment. Except instead of adding elementals, it adds flaming swords and the undead.
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Xercules Mar 18 @ 3:12pm 
Cooperton, that didnt work out. However, thuumking merged this class with summonmerge and shades of war. I asked him to brutha. He did a great job! And he credited you😀
Cooperton  [author] Mar 18 @ 1:18pm 
@steffire3 absolutely, just credit me where appropriate
steffire3 Mar 13 @ 3:49am 
@ Cooperton (author): Do we have your permission to merge this Class and it's extension mods into a mod pack with other mod Classes?
Thanks for your time!
Cooperton  [author] Feb 28 @ 2:00pm 
I don't believe it does, though I didn't author that mod. I just mushed it together into a compilation.
Xercules Feb 25 @ 5:17pm 
Does the spider in spider pact actually attack? Dosent look like it, then it does. Hmm. Do you use heal bot and spider pact at the same time?
Xercules Feb 16 @ 4:31am 
Oh man, played him in synergies and it went fine!! Now playing him in tl2-e-full conversion and its great there too!! I do play on normal. Maybe i oughta put on my big boy pants and move up a level. Lol
Cooperton  [author] Jan 31 @ 7:37pm 
I haven't written a build guide. When I played it, I mostly just took all the summons and rapid fired everything to death. :) That said, I know lots of people like to use the more crowd control aspects of the class rather than the pure shooting skills (which is why I included them).

Thank you for all the praise, I'm not a great modder, and this was a lot of work. It makes me happy that people enjoy it so much.

If you would like to put together a build guide for it, I'll make a discussion section for it.
Xercules Jan 31 @ 5:28am 
Great mod. I was so glad to come across it because of the lack of summoner type classes. Is There a build guide? I tend to not know what stats to drive up lol. Playing your summoner through Torchfun ultamate right now. Doing great. (no, you dont need torchfun 1 and 2 if you just get ultimate). Class is a lot of fun, not OP, and great skills You rock.
Neonpixi101 Dec 1, 2017 @ 5:17pm 
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▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░Add This░░░░█
steffire3 Jun 16, 2017 @ 6:55pm 
@Cooperton (author): We have finally made our Skill Expansion mod and we have yet to include any of your mods however my time spent helping you here on the Summoner Class certainly helped me while working on expanding the original classes!

I thank you very much for this and have gladly posted the Link below: