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This is the official ALiVEmod team release of ALiVE on Steam

ALiVE is the next generation dynamic persistent battlefield for ArmA3. Developed by the Multi Session Operations team, the easy to use modular mission framework provides everything that players and mission makers need to set up and run realistic military operations in almost any scenario up to Company level, including command, combat support, service support and logistics.

AI Commanders automatically plan and direct missions for all AI forces across the Area of Operations, identifying strategic objectives and reacting to changes in the tactical situation. The revolutionary Virtual Profile System can support thousands of units operating simultaneously across the map with minimal impact on performance. The result is a realistic and constantly changing battlefield which truly brings ArmA3 ALiVE.

Please visit our Wiki here for more information:

Our support forum is at

Join us on Discord:

If you intend to run a dedicated persistent ALiVE server via our War Room service, you will need to run @aliveServer on your Server as well as @ALiVE. ALiVEServer is not needed by clients. There are also some optional pbo files to auto enable War Room data. Full details can be found in the server setup pages at
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Jun 28, 2020 @ 3:35pm
Is @AliveServer needed for dedicated servers that do not intent to use the Warroom features?
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Antiquus 4 hours ago 
Hello @friznit I am trying to create a faction mod and I am also trying to create a custom flag to pick for the Flag appearance in the orbat creator. Everything I have done so far has not worked. I have created a flag pole with the flag on it that I want to use but I still can not pick that flag in the Flag Appearance in the Orbat Creator. I can see the flags from Cup and other mods and wondered if you knew how to create a flag mod that lets you pick it in the Flag appearance
HoothRaptor May 11 @ 9:46pm 
Anyone know if I can save my progress in the ALiVE prairie fire showcase?
XxwhirlwindxX May 11 @ 7:17am 
Try the config viewer.
Styxx42 May 10 @ 2:24pm 
Anyone know where to get the faction list for Prairie Fire SOG units so I can put them into Alive?
The Wiki for Alive has not been updated yet with them.
Salad-in May 8 @ 10:37am 
Oh right, I thought you were just complaining about it not working :cozycastondeath:

I can imagine how much of a pain it is to update mods on a massive server like that, especially if you use custom folder names for the command line.
Kile467 May 8 @ 3:45am 
@Salad-in. Yup, I know, but they've been updating it 3/4 times now. I'm administrating a server and their lack of planning force me to update the mod each time they do... With more than 150K users, they should plan and update it a little bit in my opinion.
Stefanzo May 7 @ 8:07pm 
will you endex the new dlc spf
Salad-in May 7 @ 5:53pm 
the mod works fine, Kile.

You're probably setting it up wrong.
Kile467 May 7 @ 2:36pm 
May you please test the mod before updating it? ^^'
ĐǺ尺ҜŁǾŔȡ May 7 @ 2:46am 
can i create alive modules through zeus?