Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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Includes touhou,vocaloid and dota2 features!
Have fun!

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Tda Hatsune Miku v3 Edition (v2) (ZOEY)
Created by CaptainBigButt
Tda Hatsune Miku - Version 2
(Zoey Replacement)

Revision 1
July 21, 2015

  • Tda: Original model
  • Kanekoran: Original Miku classic edit
  • CaptainBig
Tda Shadow Miku (WITCH)
Created by CaptainBigButt
Tda Hatsune Miku Append - Version 2
(Zoey Replacement)

Revision 2
November 26, 2014

  • Tda: Original model
  • CaptainBigButt: Porting, rigging, editing
  • [
HD 30 Sexy Manga Vending Machines
Created by Ellie
Complete Overhaul
Due to Valve's new file size restriction thing, I had to redo the entire mod. So to change a bit, I included new pictures :D, if you are interesting in where you can find it and "more", visit (NSFW) Danbooru (do
Touhou Concert
Created by Eririn
[Done upon request]

This mod will replace the concert music and the tank themes at the Dark Carnival concert finale

I'm not familiar with Touhou so please forgive me if I've made any mistakes.

Some of the stage props and fairground signs have bee...
Questionable Ethics
Created by Ethan
Questionable Ethics 2 (QE Alpha Test)
Created by Ethan
"Remember... me?"...
[Touhou] Eternal Dream for credits
Created by EzLo54
This mod replaces the original credits music with Eternal Dream ~ Mystic Maple.

The credits music from Touhou 08: Imperishable Night....
Hoppou the Hunter (Kancolle)
Created by JazzMcNade
It's Hoppou the Northern Princess from Kancolle as...a hunter. Don't underestimate her as she'll rip your face off before you can say "Kawaii desu ne." Honestly I thought this would turn out as cute at first, but it instead became yandere style terrifying....
Hoppou the Hunter Sounds
Created by JazzMcNade
If you're looking for the model replacement you need to go here.

Replaces most of the hunter's sounds with Hoppou's dialogue from Kancolle. I basically replaced 50 hunter sounds ...
Lucky Star Cat Yawning Loading Spinner
Created by JazzMcNade
Not what I usually make, but I was just experimenting with alpha and layering so I put this together.

It's the yawning cat from the intermission segments of Lucky Star as the loading spinner....
⑨ Frying pot
This weapon is not made by me
all Credit wents to uuz

Its a weapon for all Youmu Konpaku loverz
(English pretty BAD)
replaces katana

-Added Bloody Effect
-Added Afterimage Ef...
Vinyl Scratch's Chrome Shotgun
Created by Lucy Fur
Vinyl Scratch's personal shotgun :3
ITS ANIMATED!! OMG(the filly vinyl on the record is animated)
This was such a pain to make!!!!
Taking pony requests...
Flandre - Nick
Mokou - Coach
Realistic Skin Tones and Clothes
Created by Maverick
This gives the infected realistic skin tones and more color variations of the clothes aside from the normal grey-scale coloring by default....
Medicine's Return [Touhou]
Created by vegetable
Medicine's Theme replaces both Spitter Acid themes.

Original Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2lMcHdTKtA...
Tenshi's Rampant Run [Touhou]
Created by vegetable
Tenshi lost her sword and decided to start wrecking stuff.

Tenshi's theme replaces the Charger hit themes

Original Song: www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxB2Tc0DmlE

P.S. Only the Smoker is left to finish the Touhou Special Infected, and I may remake the tank th...
Kero Kero Ride [Touhou]
Created by vegetable
Suwako's theme replaces the Jockey music

Original music: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtOfSm1Xiog...
Van Darkholme Smoker Sound Mod
Created by Nailgun Jesus
This mod replaces smoker sounds with your favorite Dungeon Master, Van Darkholme....
Patchouli Knowledge [Touhou] D-Eagle
Created by NightWolfy
A friend requested this one awhile back on L4DMaps.
Enjoy :)...
Shinki Scar (Touhou)
Created by NightWolfy
A friend requested this from the game Touhou.
I think it came out well :)...
Mima Tactical Sniper (Touhou)
Created by NightWolfy
A Tactical Sniper rifle requested by Hiroko(Miky)
I'm not sure which Touhou this girl's from as I'm not too big a fan of the series.
Enjoy :3...
Rom and Ram Pistols
Created by diputs
I am probably going to fall in love with this mod!
I worked very hard on this, I hope you guys like it or like me, love it!
Video created by United4Games, subscribe to them!
Download on Gamemaps [www.gamemaps.com]...
Shimakaze Medical Box
Created by 13 Cat°
Replace Medical Box...
Miku Door
Created by 13 Cat°
Hatsune Miku Default Door
坷垃止痛药(Pain Pills)
Created by 13 Cat°
无所不能的金坷垃又来了_(:з 」∠)_...
Created by 13 Cat°
M16 Touhou Project
Created by Olinsis
M16 Touhou Project...
Uni HDD - Hunting Rifle
Created by Parpol ★
Hunting rifle with Uni HDD (Black Sister) from Hyperdimension Neptunia's Saga.

Tags: Uni - HDD - Black Sister - Hyperdimension Neptunia - Parpol...
[L4G2] Common Lifestealer Mudman
Created by Peka
A common zombie to replace the mudman you'll meet in the swamps (act2)
[L4G2] Roshan Tank
Created by Peka
You were numberous to request a conversion of Roshan, so here it is!
This is an approximation, due to the tank proportions, of the original Boss creep you can challenge in Dota2.

Because Roshan is now main tank, Nightstalker tank is updated to Summer t...
[L4G2] Undying the Spitter
Created by Peka
Part of the set Left for Gank 2 , this mod allow you to play Dota 2 Undying hero as Spitter!

Check my workshop gallery for Death Prophet Witch!...
[L4G2] Meepo the Jockey
Created by Peka
Part of a set named Left 4 Gank 2, this mod feature Dota 2 Meepo as Jockey!

Check my workshop for more special infecteds!...
[L4G2] Spirit Breaker Charger
Created by Peka
Part of a set named Left 4 Gank 2, this mod feature Dota 2 Spirit Breaker as infected Charger!

Thanks to Splinks, you don't need the console to enjoy this mod!
Mod has been updated.

Check my workshop to get Undying Spitter and Death Prophet Witch!...
[L4G2] Pudge Boomer
Created by Peka
Part of a set named Left 4 Gank 2, this mod feature Dota 2 Pudge as Boomer!

Many thanks goes to Splinks for the tip. no need to use the console to play the mod!
mod is updated.

Check my workshop to get Undying Spitter and Death Prophet Witch!...
[L4G2] Death Prophet Witch
Created by Peka
Part of the set Left for Gank 2, this mod will replace the Witch with the Dota 2 hero Death Prophet!

Check my workshop for more special infecteds!...
[L4G2] Nightstalker the Summer Tank (Sacrifice episode)
Created by Peka
Part of a set named Left 4 Gank 2, this mod feature Dota 2 Nightstalker as Summer Tank!

***NOTE*** Due to the arrival of Roshan as regular tank, this mod replace now the Summer
tank you meet in the Sacrifice episode. If the add on manager do not replace ...
[L4G2] Doom Bringer as Smoker
Created by Peka
Part of the set L4G2, this mod will let you play Doom Bringer as the Smoker class.

Check my workshop to get Undying Spitter and Death Prophet Witch!...
Fireworks - Danmaku Box
Created by Pywackett-Barchetta
Simple pyrotechnics not doing the trick? Wow your friends with your very own at-home danmaku kit! Now you, too, can unleash these beautiful, sparkling patterns at will for the low, low price of a donation to your local Hakurei or Moriya Shrine. (Warning: k...
hatsune miku ak47
Created by Shiye
title says it all enjoy my third ever skin :]...
Dota 2 Slark Voicepack
Created by real solomon


This is IMPORTANT ^^^^^^

Dota 2 - Juggernaut
Created by Takashi Komuro
Juggernaut from Dota 2
Replace Nick

Model and Textures - Valve
Porting and Rigging by Me...
Dota 2 Beta - Vengeful
Created by Takashi Komuro
Vengeful from Dota2 Beta
Replace Rochelle

Model and Textures - Valve
Porting and Rigging by Me...
Flandre Scarlet SMG Reskin
Created by Vintage Sniper
Requested by a friend of mine...
Remilia Scarlet UZI: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=645854349
UPDATE 15/03/2015 New Custom HUD
Flandre now has her new custom coloured SMG to kill Zombies with, this is the Silenced SMG, not the UZ...
Hatsune Miku Racecar
Created by El mariachi.
"This addon replaces standard racecar"

created by Tenma - http://www.gamemaps.com/details/5193...
Dota 2 - Pudge replaces Boomer (VOICE)
Created by Cerberus

MODEL FOR PUDGE. (Not made by me): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=126389301&searchtext=

Replaces the original Boomer voices to Pudge voices.
( Included sound when he punches into his choppers )

VIDEO: http://w...
Touhou Lunatic Princess Tank
Created by kukilin
Replace the tank music by Kaguya's Theme - Lunatic Princess...
Rainbow Dash's UZI
Created by spencer8833
1/31/13 to 2/4/13, I am not at home

so I can't make the mod!

SCHOOL-LIVE!(Gakkou Gurashi) - Ebisuzawa Kurumi's Weapon:Shovel
Created by uuz
Replace Axe

- Credits
MikuMikuDance Model created by mameru.

- Ebisuzawa Kurumi Replace L4D2 Rochelle

KantaiCollection Akatsuki-Class Combat Versoin
Created by uuz
Replace L4D2 Survivors

This characters are Game-character of 「艦隊これくしょん」''Kantai Collection''.
Akatsuki · Hibiki/Верный · Ikazuchi & Inazuma

No Combat Versoin : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=486696953

love live Pipe bomb Niconi- custom
Created by yuugureryu[JP]

changed beep and explosive sound


love live AK-47 tyuntyun custom

love live MakimakiRinchan
Half-Life 1 Hivehand[AK-47]
Created by Rex The Impaler
You do not want to know how this weapon was conceived.

I'd use the black mesa model but I dont own black mesa and my friends don't want to give me the model so blame my friends. I'm back btw and i decided to release something related to sven coop since ...
New Tda Zatsune Miku (rochelle)
Created by Punkychaz
I'm not dead!
Since people mostly seemed to like emerald miku skin i decided to do this one. The textures that I used are from this model:http://kyoshishion.deviantart.com/art/MMD-TDA-Zatsune-Miku-UPDATE-Download-452256906...
Hatsune Miku - First Aid Kit
Created by Wolfy
I hope you'll like this Medkit skin .


Sorry for if you got here because i added wrong tags.
I didn't know last year that i shouldn't , Excuse me .

( Thanks zxyxpxp123 )...
Touhou "Scarlet Devil Mansion" - Menu
Touhou SDM Menu ("SDM" = "Scarlet Devil Mansion" 4 those who don't know)
That replace the old boring default menu to a new Touhou Character from SDM based menu ^-^

If you need help or about Mod Request
Use this Link Plz: [url={LINK REMOVED}...
Touhou menu mode
Created by 坑坑坑坑坑白
It's Touhou menu mode and it's only replace the picture and the logo,not include the background video....
tombstone miku
Created by 槐音Grsomiprs
This MOD changes the tombstone.Although the picture is not clear.But you can make the tombstone is not in terror.Like MIKU welcome to subscribe.Thank you for your suppor....
The helicopter (miku)
Created by 槐音Grsomiprs
This MOD changes the rescue helicopter, it is the appearance of blue MIKU,I hope you can like it,My computer technology is not very good, so the MOD is not very perfectBut I still want to thank you for your support,In addition,the MOD as a pink crashed hel...
m1911a1 Aria
Created by 槐音Grsomiprs
This MOD modifies the pistola,It has a new sound.It comes from the animation Aria the Scarlet Ammo,New animation effects.Welcome to subscribe to and give my WORKSHOP thumb up.


Fallout 4 Pistol (Magnum)
Created by Acrias
Download the Fallout 4 Pistol Icon
War. War never changes.
Thanks once again to the help of Anfrien, I bring you the 10mm Magnum from Fallo
Kashima Replacement for Ellis (Kancolle)
Created by JazzMcNade
Light Cruiser Kashima

Get her voice pack by Lillipa here[www.gamemaps.com]

-hud icons
-Jigglebones for anchor pendant, pigtails, bangs, ribbons, bust, and skirt
-firstperson arms ...
Kashima Tunnel Of Love
Created by 懺悔参り
Kashima Tunnel Of Love...
Prinz Eugen Replacement for Francis (Kancolle)
Created by JazzMcNade
German Heavy Crusier Prinz Eugen

-hud icons
-Jigglebones for pendant, pigtails, bangs, bust, ribbons, and skirt
-firstperson arms
-boomer bile textures

Nick varient [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedet...
Prinz Eugen Replacement for Nick (Kancolle)
Created by JazzMcNade
German Heavy Crusier Prinz Eugen

-hud icons
-Jigglebones for pendant, pigtails, bangs, ribbons, bust, and skirt
-firstperson arms
-boomer bile textures

Francis varient [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/file...
Kashima Replacement for Louis (Kancolle)
Created by JazzMcNade
Light Cruiser Kashima

-hud icons
-Jigglebones for anchor pendant, pigtails, bangs, ribbons, bust, and skirt
-firstperson arms
-boomer bile textures

Ellis varient [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?...
Touhou Remilia Scarlet Vending Machine / 大小姐贩卖机
Created by :I
Character from Touhou Project named レミリア·スカーレット ( Remilia Scarlet )

High resolution

CHS: 要威严,不要污...
Poi Pick Up Sounds
Created by Luna
Yay 10k subs :cinnamon2:, thank you all.
Replaces the pick up sound with Poi from Kancolle.
Its the first Poi in the video fyi....