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Garry's Mod

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CO-OP Gamemode
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Feb 7, 2016 @ 7:07am
Oct 16 @ 4:37am
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CO-OP Gamemode

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This is a CO-OP Gamemode, that works with most horror/coop maps, even the ones not made for multiplayer. However it does not make non-coop/horror maps coop maps (gm_construct for example).

I myself spent a good amount of time making horror maps and I know how confusing it must be for players trying to play them, you might ask yourself "What gamemode do I use? What settings should I set?" Well ask no more! This gamemode is made to work with most horror maps, even the ones that aren't made for multiplayer!


After subscribing and starting the game, you need to click on the icon in the lower right corner and choose "COOP GAMEMODE" Then you just need to choose the map that you want to play. Before you start the game, look at the options on the right, choose what you need and start the game.

This gamemode has a few handy features...

- No Block Feature -> You don't collide with your teammates, other gamemodes that also have this feature are unfortunately glitched and you don't take damage from zombies, but I found a way to get around that and it works as it should.

- the !bring command -> Allows players to bring everyone to their location in case they get teleported for example and others don't, this command can only be used once every 2 minutes and it can be disabled with the "gc_allowbringplayers 0" command. The cooldown can be set with "gc_bringcooldown (seconds)".

- Realism Mode -> If enabled (gc_realismmode 1) then players that die don't respawn and spectate other players, if all players die, the map restarts.

- Realistic damage modifiers -> You can enable/disable them by "gc_realisticdamage 0/1" "gc_realzombies 0/1" "gc_realheadcrabs 0/1". The more players there are, the more damage NPC deal and the less damage players deal. This way the maps should be balanced regardless of player amount.

- Weapon pick-up system -> If you pick up a weapon, that was spawned by the map, you pick it up, but it also stays on the ground for other players to pick it up. Weapons dropped from dead npcs don't stay. You can only hold 4 weapons at a time (including your fists).

- Anti-Cheat -> Sick of all your friends ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ around by spawning props, ragdolls, weapons and/or noclipping? Well fear no more, because all the unnecessary sandbox stuff has been disabled in this gamemode.

- Checkpoints -> If the realism mode is enabled, dead players respawn in your location if you use a health recharger, any health rechargers 1024 units from that checkpoint won't spawn dead players if a checkpoint has been just used (this can be turned off with "gc_allowcheckpoints 0"). Doors further than 3500 units from the place where the first player died act as a checkpoint now too.

- Primary ammo drop system -> Press F1 to drop primary ammo (gc_allowdropammo 0/1)

- Secondary ammo drop system -> Press F2 to drop secondary ammo (gc_allowdropammo 0/1)

- Weapon drop system -> Press F3 to drop your current weapon (gc_allowdropweapons 0/1)

- Unused ammo drop system -> Press F4 to drop ammo you don't need (gc_allowdropammo 0/1)

- Drop weapons and ammo on death -> Players drop weapons and ammo when they die (gc_allowdropweapons 0/1)


In-depth help guide for mappers
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< >
Golland de NonRp Oct 17 @ 1:08am 
parknride_469  [author] Oct 16 @ 4:00am 
alright, it might have been fixed, can you try again soon and tell me what happened?
Golland de NonRp Oct 16 @ 2:01am 
The error arose on Thursday, when my 2 friends and I decided to go through one of the maps called "Horror Raid", and everything seemed to be going well, but for some reason after our deaths the map did not restart and this is what it wrote to the console: [CO-OP Gamemode] gamemodes/coopgamemode/gamemode/allplayersdied.lua:62: bad argument #1 to 'FindByName' (string expected, got nil)
1. FindByName - [C]:-1
2. CheckingAlivePlayers - gamemodes/coopgamemode/gamemode/allplayersdied.lua:62
3. unknown - gamemodes/coopgamemode/gamemode/allplayersdied.lua:15

Timer Failed! [DeadPlayerChecker][@gamemodes/coopgamemode/gamemode/allplayersdied.lua (line 14)]
parknride_469  [author] Oct 15 @ 10:44am 
when did that happen? also can you send the console message here please?
Golland de NonRp Oct 15 @ 10:39am 
the card does not restart and writes that some errors are being created, well, in the console
cake Sep 30 @ 11:11pm 
how do i disable the fade
parknride_469  [author] Sep 30 @ 3:13pm 
maybe in the future
High-_-cat Sep 30 @ 1:22pm 
really cool mod and extremly fun just wish there was a way for me to heal my team mates or revive them like with the sven-coop med kit
parknride_469  [author] Aug 25 @ 6:46am 
no commands that I know of sorry
T H I C C Aug 24 @ 3:39pm 
sadly no that didn't work is there another possible way maybe commands?