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Rogue Class Mod
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Rogue Class Mod

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Unsupported since 8/1/2016. May needs some tweaks to work. If you want to update the mod or take over, send me a message.!

Adds a fully custom class, the Rogue, to the game. Includes full custom and unique abilities!
Inspired by the Scout from Long War and a new Ghost archetype, previously unseen in XCom.

Equipped with an SMG and a pistol, the Rogue uses high mobility to create flanking opportunities. With the Ghost tree, use concealment and damage bonuses to assassinate targets before returning to the shadows, and remaining there. With the Lone Wolf tree, create flanking opportunities that provide defense bonuses and extra survivability while on your own. Designed to take advantage of LWS' SMG PACK mod.

Fully revamped Lone Wolf tree!

Supported Languages:


Chinese (Thanks Winter_Grasp!)

Russian (Thanks NaIM!)

French (Thanks Cornelian!)
Custom Abilities

  • [Blindside] - Flanking shots with SMGs add 1 extra damage. This damage bonus scales +1 every 2 ranks. (1,1,2,2,3,3,4).

    Ghost Tree

  • [Ghost Pack] - Gain both the 'Conceal' and 'Phantom' perks, but take 15% more damage from all sources.

  • [Recon] - Scout the area, marking all targets in a large cone while remaining hidden. Can be used in stealth to contribute to the team while retaining concealment options. Adds +5 % aim and all marked tarets take 10-20% more damage.

  • [Concussive Shot / Sap] - Fire a concussive blast from your pistol, giving a chance to disorient your foe, stun your foe for 1 turn, or stun your foe for 1 full turn and leave them dizzy upon waking up, depending on multiple dice rolls, your rank, and the target's will. Sap can be used from stealth and retains concealment at the cost of two charges.

  • [Shadowborn] - Greatly reduced detection radius while concealed. Also, minor increase in crit and accuracy while in stealth.

  • [Battle Focus] - Build 1 focus each turn. focus adds 1 Mobility (max 5). Also adds 'Grand Finale' Ability. "Grand Finale" - take a shot that adds +1 damage per point of focus. Resets focus to 0.

  • [Last Wish] - Once per mission, upon receiving Lethal damage, feign your death for two turns and heal 5 hp. Try and reconceal upon awaking.

    Lone Wolf Tree

  • [Lone Wolf Pack] - The Lone Wolf gains 20 defense when alone. Allies within 5 tiles disable this bonus.

  • [Gun and Run] - Take a shot that allows you one move blue afterwards. Great for sticking your head out for a good flanking shot.

  • [Riposte] -Feign weakness, as you taunt your enemies into an easily parried attack. Parry the first attack against you with your pistol, deflecting and stunning the attacker if your shot lands.

  • [Keep Your Head Down] - Bring back Low Profile from Xcom EU/EW. Half Cover is treated as High Cover, at the expense of -5 accuracy.

  • [Rush of Battle] - Build adrenaline when enemies die. Each point adds 5 dodge (max 30). Also adds 'Cool Off' Ability. "Cool Off" - Spend all adrenaline, healing 15% missing hp per point of adrenaline spent. Resets adrenaline to 0.

  • [Blaze of Glory] - Strike at every enemy in range as you go down in a Blaze of Glory. But are you really dead?

    Scout Tree (Requires LWS Perk Pack or other mod for third tree)

  • [Scout Pack] - Convert to a Scout. Lose stealth and blindside, but gain improved vision, weapon range, and high ground bonuses.

  • [Focused Watch] - The Rogue no longer has reaction fire penalties with overwatch and can crit, but can only watch over small regions.

  • [Flush] - Fire a shot that encourages enemies to move. The shot is easy to hit with (+30 aim), but does reduced damage (-50% base weapon damage). Uses 2 ammo.

  • [On The Move] - Gain an extra starting action point each turn, but lose 6 mobility.

  • [Scouting Report] - Collect 1 intelligence each turn. Intelligence provides 1 offense and defense to all allies (max 5). Also adds 'Decisive Action' Ability. "Decisive Action:" - Spend 5 intelligence in order to fully restore one ally's action points to 2.

  • [Reposition] - All allies gain complete invisibility for one turn, but can only use movement commands. Allies return to previous state after one turn.

  • [Infiltrator] - GTS: All rogues gain lightning reflexes and +40 hacking.

    Removed Perks

  • [Self Sufficient] - The Rogue is less susceptible to mind attacks and can freely patch up any minor wounds and conditions if he hasn't used an ability each turn. EDIT: REMOVED

  • [Cheap Shot] - Strike at your enemy from the shadows. If the enemy is killed, retain concealment. EDIT: REMOVED

  • [Ambush] - Set up an ambush over a tiny area, striking the first unsuspecting enemy to cross over. Retains stealth. EDIT: REMOVED from game temporariliy. MAY consider putting it back in if re-vamped
Note from the Author

The purpose of the Rogue Class Mod is to bring alternate playstyles to how the game is approached. The Rogue relies more on flanking the enemy for shorter range shots; therefore, relying less on RNG and more on combat strategy. This leads to very high risk, but highly calculated rewards. Balance will always be my number one priority for this mod. If your experience is either underwhelming or overwhelming in any way, please leave feedback so I can make adjustments.

Known Bugs

1. If you have any problems at all, unsubscribe, delete the folder in steamapps\workshop\content\268500\618036260, and then re-subscribe. Seriously. This fixes 90% of problems.

2. If you load a game that has a soldier currently playing dead, when he gets up, he won't be able to move. You can resolve this by saving and reloading after he's gotten up. Simple enough solution, no idea how to correct the bug though.


Other Recommended Class Mods

Also check out my other mod: Smart Overwatch! For more tactical/advanced use of the overwatch ability.
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Rdza Nov 12 @ 2:13am 
A strange thing is, that it is crushing without "Starship Troopers - Flag" mod on my computer.
Rephiam Sep 25 @ 11:01pm 
So i Took a look at it and the main issue with transporting the rogue class to WoTC is that the x2 devs did a major overhaul of the visualization system.. Unfortunately Im not a programmer so I have no clue on how to fix it other than using reddit/search engines to possibly find the issue.
Rephiam Sep 20 @ 9:56pm 
@projectmayhem1983 Any Updates on your work for updating this to WoTC
ManChildOfDoom Aug 18 @ 8:59pm 
Someone needs to take this over so I can have an smg class to run with along with a pistol one to go with the wotc lw2 perk and classes.
The Pickle Jul 30 @ 11:28am 
Any progress on getting this to wotc?
Arkhangel Jul 2 @ 2:15pm 
@everyone: be aware this still works fine for Vanilla and LW2 last i checked. Isms asking for someone else to "update" is more for a WoTC version of it (which'll require using the WoTC mod tools, recompiling, etc.)
dmc32 Jul 2 @ 11:46am 
Excellent work isms! looking to using the ghost tree and lone wolf tree again. I see you removed cheap shot. That is a really good real life stealth ability perhaps reconsider and change the name, didn't like the name 'cheap shot' doesn't do recon/stealth assination justice I mean its recon stealth war not a cheap shot. Get permission to change the name. Anyhow, great job man.
Arkhangel Jul 1 @ 7:16pm 
@Lehemoth: the Shock Trooper's a close second, but it's also more focused on half-and-half "SMG" and "Burning things at all times"
projectmayhem1983 Jul 1 @ 5:02pm 
I've got the basic class created. Having trouble with the steam upload though. Soon as I get that figured out, I will get the basic version uploaded.
Osiris Jun 30 @ 2:27pm 
good mod! :)