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Garry's Mod

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Deathclaw Playermodel v2
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Feb 5, 2016 @ 4:50pm
Mar 3, 2017 @ 10:03am
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Deathclaw Playermodel v2

become друг itself, now with proportional versions
Get the ragdoll here

Features, regular version
• друг
• Claws
• Ragdoll & playermodel
• NPCs! - Citizen and combine variants
• Hitboxes that should work in TTT
• Six skins
• Viewmodel hands
• Valve skeleton (all animations work)

Features, proportional version
• друг
• Same proportions as a proper deathclaw (ie. hunched over and stronk-looking)
• Ragdoll & playermodel
• Five different body meshes (with 6 skins for each):
► Normal
► Alpha
► Albino
► Savage
► Matriarch
• Viewmodel hands
• NPCs for each body mesh
• Hitboxes*
• Valve skeleton
• Some unfixable issues*
• друг

• друг?
► друг
• Console command?
► cl_playermodel "Deathclaw"
► cl_playermodel "Deathclaw Alpha"
► cl_playermodel "Deathclaw Savage"
► cl_playermodel "Deathclaw Matriarch"
► cl_playermodel "Deathclaw Glowing"
► cl_playermodel "Deathclaw Albino"
and the proportional models...
► cl_playermodel "Deathclaw (P)"
► cl_playermodel "Deathclaw Alpha (P)"
► cl_playermodel "Deathclaw Savage (P)"
► cl_playermodel "Deathclaw Matriarch (P)"
► cl_playermodel "Deathclaw Glowing (P)"
► cl_playermodel "Deathclaw Albino (P)"

Glaring issues with the new proportional type
• The model is very hunched over, causing the head hitbox to stick completely outside the "hull", which means that if you're standing besides it, and it is looking in a perpendicular direction to you, the headshot will probably miss.

When viewed head-on, the head hitbox is in line with the hull and headshots will work as normal.

• The long arms combined with the hunched head causes a lot of visual clipping issues with some weapons (eg. the camera, which is practically embedded into the head when used)

• Long arms mean they will stick out the windshield of any car you drive

• друг

• tl;dr: don't shoot the head if it isn't looking at you, or you can't see its back

The textures and the original mesh is an Intellectual Property of Bethesda Game Studios, and all rights belong to them.
This model was ported without permission. I will remove this addon immediately if a copyright holder contacts me and wishes it be done.
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hello, i would like to know if your opened for commisions, if yes, is there any price sheet i can check out? thx. Nice PM btw!