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IMSCARED - A Pixelated Nightmare Full walkthrough (All Achievements)(OUTDATED)
By Smartest Lesbian 50 IQ
The point of this guide will be to let you people stuck on anything in for a complete walkthrough of the game, considering the game is quite interesting, and I wouldn't want to spoil anything major, I will, for the most part have this guide be spoiler-free.

As of writing this update which is also a few months late on 11/1/2022 the guide is essentially deprecated until I go through and rewrite the puzzles. The game has been updated, and also features more content that I have not written in yet. Im pretty sure a good portion of the puzzles still apply to the game in it's current state but don't count on it.
Introduction/Tutorial walkthrough
Hello everyone! This being my first guide, I decided to make it for a game I personally hold dear to my heart, since it's one of my favorite games ever, not only does it use smart puzzles, meta game and outsanding atmosphere the game is super cheap, making it your worth while.
Well, let's get going with this game shall we? Now, some backstory, "Imscared - a pixelated nightmare" is a full version of a game that was released 3 years ago, with the same name. Nowadays, we consider that game as a demo, however, despite the game beginning the same way,It differs highly from the original in its extended length and added content

Right, enough exposition, let's get into the nitty gritty.


Let's start where the game starts us after we peruse the menu at our own pace. The tutorial, of course. You'll get the tutorial every time you begin a new game, so that's something to take note of.

After you take your sweet time and learn the game's controls it's time to get to puzzling. Directly after you continue down the linear path you will be led to a locked door and a dead end.
If you make your way closer to the dead end, you will see that there is a small silver key

You may go ahead and pick up the key with the "e" button.
After you've done said task, you should head back to the gate and unlock it with the now acquired "Gate key"

Once you unlock the door, you traverse the small stone path, which will lead you to a small red flower on the ground. You can't reach the flower normally, so you'll have to use the crouch button (Control) to reach it.

Next job on the agenda, take note of the now darkened skies. Upon finishing your inspection, get yourself back to the very starting point,where the screen will freeze and you'll hear static noise, before being left with simply a dark screen. You are left with no choice but to reset the game by pressing escape twice.

This concludes the tutorial level and we can now finally get into the game itself!
Chapter 1, Part 1 Walkthrough
Now that we have finally gotten to this point, it is time for us to get this show on the road, right?
However, before we get into chapter 1, a few things: At this point, you've probably already noticed that the game has created a folder for itself on your desktop. Do not delete this folder, since it's crucial to the game's mechanics and puzzles! Secondly, chapter 1 is in reality a slightly edited version of the original game, so for the most part it doesn't hold anything too impressive; changes that were made to the original will be noted in their respective sections.

Chapter 1, The beginning

All right, now that you've started the game, let's get the basics out of the way.

Once you've taken your time examining the room and have got used to the dark and dreary atmosphere, it's time to move!

Your first job is to acquire the "small key" from under the bedside table, getting the "The first Key" Achievement.

You are going to head to the cupboard and use the key on it to unlock it, revealing a bunch of blood inside. Directly afterwards, head to the back left corner of the room, which has now opened and revealed a new passageway!

After taking in this shocking revelation, you head towards the new opening, leading you to a deep hole and a metal ladder.

We'll skip the others as this is the first door that will open. Once you've made your way into the first room, you'll first want to head to the corner directly infront of you, crouch and stare into the hole in the corner. Within the hole is a chair and a noose. If you stare long enough you'll be able to acquire the "Peek-a-boo" achievement.

Afterwards head to the two bookshelves directly behind you. Behind the bookshelves is a small rusty key. Pick it up; you'll need it for later.

Now continue down the hallway trying every door you can. The 4th door on the left will open up, letting you into a small area with large cell bars inside. If you come close to the cell you'll be able to stand face to face with the game's main antagonist, white face! if you stare at him for a little while he'll disappear, leaving behind an empty cell.

The next place that will be of significant importance to us later is at the end of the hallway. Now some may be asking themselves, "Why did you skip one of the rooms?" Yes, I know I skipped a room. The reason for this is because of the room itself lacking any interesting points or any sort of importance later on in the game. That is why I am skipping it. Feel free to explore it otherwise.

After you head into the room at the end of the hall, all you'll be met with is a loud, audible laugh and a dark chasm. The chasm is unpassable, so ignore it for now. When you turn around, you'll notice that the previously clean painting has gotten some streaks of blood running down the canvas.
Now return all the way back to the start, and use the rusty key on the first door to the left. This will unlock a fleshy looking hallway. After following it through, you'll be led to a beating heart. Crouch down and pick it up.

Having picked up the heart, two interesting events will happen. One, your game will crash revealing the blue screen of death, and two, a new .txt file will be added to your Imscared folder on your desktop. You'll want to open the file and read it.

.txt transcript
There is a way to turn an entity into data.
They have a life of their own, and it is difficult to distinguish them from normal computer files.
In our actions of everyday, while we sit at the computer, this byte entity observes us, and studies our every move and fear.
The game is simple: to touch the arrows is the key, if you get caught you lose.
A sound will predict its arrival

It is White Face

Now, this next part is super important, since this textbox is absolutely required to finish the game. When you first get its prompt, write "white face" all lowercase(Note: Doesn't have to be all lowercase? I wrote White Face and it worked in my game), in order to continue. One thing to note, the writing of the names is case sensitive, so that's good to rememeber.

After you've re-entered the game, you have to run around a car park and pass over every yellow arrow in it to unlock a door while you're being hunted by White Face. You will know when you've unlocked the door, which a bloody, red arrow points to, when a distinctive noise is heard. The achievement here is a tad tricky, but with some practice and headphones, it's a little less difficult. It requires you to touch every arrow in your first try doing this. If you manage to do so, you'll gain the "Master Tag" achievement. If you die and reset the area, you'll have to play through the rest of the game and come back to this part to re-do it, for a second chance at it.

Chapter 1, Part 2 Walkthrough
Chapter 1, The Apartments
Now, after you've exited the intense car park, you can finally get back on track. Once you exit the area, you'll find yourself in a large dark street. When you continue onwards, white face will fly by, letting out a loud startling giggle, as he proclaims how he "Loves watching you." Tread forward and tread freely, as white face won't be chasing us until the end of this chapter.

Now is a good time to mention that at times, Imscared is going to open new tabs on your browser. Do not freak out, it's just part of the game. This time, it'll open up the video called "How to play Imscared" by the cryptic channel called "Bury Her." This channel is supposedly the developer's channel, but when you check the channel itself out, it only has the "how to play Imscared" videos and a launch trailer. I am mentioning this due to the fact that this channel will become important later on.
Now, for the continuation: After you traverse the darkness, you'll be met with a locked gate. When you turn around, you'll spot a red line, if you follow the red line you'll be lead to a pillar with a dead body and a pool of blood.In the pool of blood there is a key. Pick it up and go through the gate to continue on your quest

This next portion is better left untouched, since it's for the best you experience this part on your own, but as a general run-through of what you're supposed to do, basically after you walk through the door, it returns you to the other side of the chasm and a new walk-way has appeared. All you have to do is head back to the start and use the "still-beating heart" on the door, allowing you to reach the ending of the original demo. This also marks the first fake ending of the game.

After you've restarted the game, you will be returned into a white looking area with tons of fog. Continue onwards through it until you find a cupboard and a blank door.

Your next job is to crouch and open the cupboard. Inside are the "Tongs." Afterwards, head to the blank door and open it. At the end of a short hallway "Key number 1" is located.

After you've located door 1, marked in blood for your convenience, open it up. Inside you're going to head directly behind the large cupboard-like thing. Behind it the next key you'll need is located. With the use of the tongs grab the "Key number 8"

Now, directly after you've done this, when you head closer to door 8, you'll hear an odd noise, and the text "I didn't mean to do that." This will be useful in a little bit. For now, go into room 8 and look into the window. This will show white face. This is important to note for later on.

Your next job is to head back to room 4, which is now open, not requiring you to get "Key number 4." Inside of the room is a large dining table and a human-sized window. When you get close you'll notice white face is staring at you. When you open the window, he'll fly away.

Next we've got to go to the end of the large balcony. At the end you'll find a key, "Key number 7." Pick it up and head back inside towards room number 7 and unlock the door.

Now, after you've entered room 7, head toward the balcony and walk towards the end of it. The other open-able balcony door leads you into room 3. Inside of room 3 is a small key in a puddle of blood and a long bloody line leading you outside of the room. This line leads you to door number 6. Use the newly picked up key and unlock it.

After you've acquired "Key number 2" from room 6, head towards room 2 and unlock it. Inside of room number 2 is a fleshy looking area similar to the hallway from the beginning. Go inside, grab the last key and head towards the final locked door.

Now, before you directly head to the final door, take a small detour and head to the bloody line, go to the left wall and press "e" a whole bunch of times, which will grant you the "Knocking on Heaven's door" achievement.

Now, without wishing to spoil anything as this area is specifically spoilleriffic, I'm going to say this: After you've followed the white arrows, the only thing left for you to do is press "e" on the chair and noose, effectievly hanging yourself. Doing so will grant you the "Game Ended" achievement.
Afterwards, you'll get a final screen telling you that one of white face's many names is "HER." You'll need this so write it down somewhere.

Next, you're going to have to check your "Imscared" folder, inside you'll notice a new document, titled "0.txt"

.txt transcript
It's alive.
It's real.
It's changing again, like the last time
What form will it take?
It's just
a phantom of deception

After you've read it through, you'll want to start the game back up and it will return you to the beginning. Run over to the "Still-beating heart," pick it up, which will cause the game to crash and grant you the password screen yet again. Input the name "HER" which will trigger "Chapter 2" to begin.

Chapter 2, Part 1 Walkthrough
Alright, so you've made it this far? Well, things are about to get messy, since Chapter 2 consists of the bulk of the game, it also contains the two worst puzzles in the entire game. So strap yourselves in, we're going on a bumpy ride.

Chapter 2, The House

So, for most people who have played lots of the game so far, you'll notice that instead of being located into a new room, we are put into the piano room, the menu that's been here for us the whole time, which is pretty nifty.

Now, this is the first place in which running will result in your death. As you can see in the first image, it has a sign, saying, "Please be quiet" This translates to "Don't run" If you do run however, you'll get a warning the first time, with the same face as the second image, with the text "I told you to be quiet!" The second time you get caught however, will result in your death, so rememeber, don't run here.

Now, after you've taken your time to inspect the pictures hanged on the walls, you're going to head to the left hallway, there is a locked door, head back.

Now, since I'm a bit of a slowpoke myself I didn't manage to catch the moment it occured, but basically, a slim white hand is showing around the corner, this is HER hand, you'll want to head back to the piano, and pick up the "Piano key" located in the small puddle of blood.

The next room we'll take a quick peek at is, the green room, in here, the most note-worthy thing is the skid marks under the bookshelf, meaning that most likely, there's a sliding door.

Now, this is a bit of a boring part, but basically, you have to head to the other hallway you're given, after you open the door, you'll be led to an infinite hallway, after you enter the door on the other side, you'll be put back at the start, this goes on for a while, until HER shows up, with a bloody arrow, pointing you to a wall on the right.

Now, after you enter the wall, you'll find yourself in a gray hallway, at the end of which is an image of HER, go close to it, and press "e" on it, which will trigger it to say that there's a button behind the painting.

When you return back to the green room, you'll see that the large bookshelf has moved creating a new pathway, when you follow the pathway, you'll find a locked door, and HER standing on the balcony, all you have to do, is go close to her, which will trigger the game to crash once again.

Now, after you head back into the game, your first job is to head to the balcony, you'll notice that there's a new opening in the bars, with a small trail of blood to it, near one of the pools of blood, is a "Cellar Key" Pick it up.

Once you've picked the key up, head back to the infinite hallway, you'll notice that the wall is now completely gone, head into the opening and open the door with the "Cellar key"

Now, once you make your way to the cellar, the most important thing to note is the pool table, since this is connected to a puzzle, all you have to do is count the number of each color of the balls on the table, and input it into the small display areas. The numbers are as follows.

|Red - 5|Yellow - 1|Blue - 3|Green - 4|

Now, for the most part I failed to get any good images, since you get chased by HER here as well, directly after you've collected the rope you gain the "Don't touch me" achievement, after you head back you'll be frozen, and it will say "Behind you" all caps, in blood red text, when this happens, RUN, you'll have to run all the way back to the green room, in the second image, it should've shown what happens when you stand on the rug, however, She was too close and If I didn't exit now, I would've died, but basically, you have to exit the game ontop of the rug, an achievment-like thing will appear allowing you to exit on it, leading you to the next part of the game, if you're curious, you can't use the rope on the ledge now, as HER will completely disallow you to do so.

Now, after you exit, you'll notice a new .txt file has appeared, named "Im sorry.txt"

.txt transcript
It's not going to let you go.
I shouldn't have told you to go on.
Follow my instructions: don't let the game's appearance deceive you from now on. If things change, it arrives.
Take some time and try to escape.

Once you've restarted the game, you'll notice there's a new menu again, this time, you're in the green room, relax, you're not getting chased, head to the balcony and use the rope, press "e" on it and you'll head down it into the next portion of Chapter 2.
Chapter 2, Part 2 Walkthrough
Alright, now, before I continue, I just want to mention, that this is probably the most creative of all puzzle ideas, since it is absolutely flooring how cool it is in my opinion, well, anyway, enough of that let's get going.

Chapter 2, The Garden

Now, once you've made your way down, get back into the swing of things with some running, since you're not inside of the house anymore you can now run freely! Take the time and head to the next portion, where you'll find the text box shown in image 2.

Now, when we check this file out, it appears to be a map of sorts, with a youtube link on the very top of the .txt file. The youtube link leads us to a mysterious unlisted video, with the name "Hidden Passage" Perhaps the most curious part about this video appears to be the description

Seek for the truth

If you kill me, just go where You shouldn't be

So, since the only other possible option is to check out this hidden passage, let's take a good look at, shall we?

Now, the two images posted above, don't exactly specify very well where the passage is hidden, but if you're curious, go to the slide in the corner and follow the wall behind the slide, if you do so you'll find it easily. Now if you do get into the passage, at the end instead of having the weird bed and ticket-booth-like structure, we only have a textbox saying "You fell for it" Which has to indicate that this is a fake file, however, upon doing this you'll be rewarded with a new .html file called ".realone.html"

When you open ".realone.html" you'll be met with a new map, and a whole list of tons and tons of codes, keep this page open, as it's important for later on. Besides that, we also have a new .txt called "Lock.txt" when we open it, all it says is "Locked"

Once you've returned to the lamp posts, after the fourth one from the start, you can walk into another fake wall, take a left turn and head to the white body, hung by its leg, press "e" on it, and you will be transported to a dark world.

Now, here is where you can get another achievment, to get this achievment, simply stand next to the hanged corpse in the dark world for a little while, and you'll get the "Thanks for Staying" achievement.

Directly afterwards, head the other direction, there you'll find a small puddle of blood, and the "Labyrinth key" Once you acquire this, you think that maybe you can open the green door, well, not exactly.

What you're actually supposed to do is, head back into your "Imscared folder" and right click -> Delete the "Lock.txt" which should allow you to progress.

When you move on, you'll see a textbox with the sentence "Insert Mirror Code" And, now, we have to go acquire said mirror code!

Now, the basic principal of finding the code is simple, all you have to do is find all four pieces of the mirror, to do so, you have to use the diffrent dead bodies scattered through the maze to transport yourself into the dark world, from there you can move behind the locked gates, and soon, get the code you need!

Here, Ive managed to document two of the dead bodies you have to use to transport yourself between worlds, the mirror, withouth any of the pieces and one of the pieces themselves.

After you've collected all four pieces one of the random phrases on that .html will be found in the mirror in the dark world, if you can't read it, don't fret, when you return to the door, the phrase will appear on the text box, allowing you to see what you're looking for.

My phrase happened to be "Bird Wings" So, I used the search option on chrome, and found it, now, all I have to do is insert the code into the locked gate.
Chapter 2, Part 3 Walkthrough
Now, chapter 2's part 3 is probably one of my least favorite portions of the game due to it having one of the worst puzzles yet.

Chapter 2, The Metro

Now, once we've managed to unlock our door, we use the labyrinth key we acquired a while back, and this will lead us... back to the starting hallway.

From here, our first job is to make our way back to the room where we got the original "Peek-a-boo" achievement, and we are going to replicate that, this time however, there appears to be a grave, with the wooden marker, with HER, revealing this is HER's grave.

Now, the more sharp of readers would have noticed that this cupboard is located in the room, I mentioned was mostly useless, and that's still the case, the room itself, contains nothing of interest, besides the metro key, which we'll need, now once you've gotten the key, head to the second door on the left, and use the metro key.

From here, head to the elevator, and enter it, after a while, you'll finally reach your destination.

Continue down the hallway until it hits a dead end, from there return back a bit.

There, should be a new door, open this door and you'll reach the next puzzle.

Ladies and Gents, I present to you rock-bottom, this is most possibly the worst puzzle in the game. Basically, here's whats happening, you have to find 3 gramophones, the gramophones emit a soothing music, however, during this whole mess, you have puppets that throw you off, and to make the party as great as possible HER is chasing you the whole time, worst part, is that even if you use headphones, its still hard to distinguish where the gramophones are, since the audio glitches out very often, either way it's a lack-cluster puzzle, and is a pinecone in the fruit salad for me if anything.

After you've FINALLY reached all three gramophones, the area lights up, yellow arrows that lead back to the start, and HER finally stops chasing you, letting you have a breather, be proud, you've just made it past the worst part of the game!

Once you return a key has appeared, pick it up, and head to the previously locked door, leading you on to the next sequence!

Now, the two most important things inside of the metro are the time-table and the clock, here's where another fairly clever puzzle takes place!
Basically, the clock inside of the game, takes your computer's current time, so in order to finish this puzzle you are required to switch your clock to 12:00 AM, which 00:00, however, since we are doing a full achievement run, we have to use the other 2 times on the timetable!

Once we've finally finished doing this we will acquire the "Lucky Tickets" achievement!

Now, after we change our clock to 12:00 AM, we will be able to use the ticket machine, to acquire a metro ticket, and a metro will arrive to our destination!

Once we've gotten onto the train, our first job is to take note of this textbox, what it says is basically that the person who's been helping us through the game has written his final will and has left it on our desktop!

The .txt file named "My last will" is one of the more odd ones, due to it being really hard to read and understand.

.txt transcript
TOTHEONESWATCHING Thereisawaytoturnanentityintodata.Butifitsofdataweretalkingabout,thentheremustbeawaytogetridofit.IfyoureallywanttodeleteWhiteFacefromyourcomputer,theresonlyoneway...

.txt transcript (Fixed)
There is a way to turn an entity into data . But if its of data were talking about , then there must be a way to get rid of it. If you really want to delete White Face from your computer , theres only one way...

Now, the next thing we need to do, is alternate between these two red buttons, you see, there's a bed in the middle of the metro, we must inflate it until it bursts!

The bed, a little before it bursts

After the bed bursts, the metro opens up, letting you out of it, in the distant dark, you can see HER, going up to her will cause the game to crash, and lets us continue the game!

Once we've started the game up, after we continue there's going be two textboxes, telling us that this is the last resort, and he's giving us a revolver, and finally, that six bullets will be enough to kill HER.

You see, to add ammo to the revolver, all you have to do, is go into your "Imscared" folder, open the "revolver.config" and change the amount of bullets you are given from 0 to 6. This will allow you to fight her!

After you've killed her, there's going to be a shocking revalation, in reality, you were really White Face, all this time, which explains the reflection back in Chapter 1, The house !

This marks the second fake ending, and also, techincally the end of the game itself, there's more afterwards, but it's not required, and it only gives you closure on the game itself.
Chapter 3, Part 1 Walkthrough
After that shocking revalation at the end of Chapter 2, The Metro , you'd think the game end, eh? Well, you're wrong, there's a whole other Chapter we're going to be playing in order to get completion!

Chapter 3, The Market
The first thing you'll notice when you re-boot the game up, is that the main-menu has changed, from the House, to White Face's room. Now, when we start the game up, we are directly heading to the heart room, as there is no other point of interest, when you pick it up, and it asks you for a name write the Developer's name...

Once you've written the dev's name into the text-box this will start you up on a new area, the market!

Now is a good time to check our Imscared folder, two new files have appeared, 1 folder, named "Layer" and a new .txt file named "To-do List"

.txt Transcript, "To-do List"
This reality will never collide with the other one,
but the events of one alters the twin and viceversa
Have you already tried resetting? See what's on the other side
Tomorrow's your turn, don't forget to
- Check the freeze room
- Send the mail
- Send market orders with the computer
- Fix the electric panel
- If the PC gives problems, just turn it off
If you don't find the office's keys I'll send someone with them as soon as you send the letter

.txt Transcript "Layer"
The curtain falls.
I want to share a story with You.
I've never had the chance to be a child, but when I was a child I always thought about awful things.
One day my brother went to an appliance store, leaving me in the back seat of the car. I looked at him entering the store, disappearing behind the sliding doors.
Then my head drew a scenery: oh no, my brother got impaled by some sort of electrical appliance! There's blood everywhere! What should I do, now?
The truth is, I never had a brother.
As HER, to talk was not my thing.
I just wanted to entertain You. Maybe I should go back, or change again.
You changed me and now I'm not scared, no, I'm worried: maybe that's why I'm using all these commas I never liked that much.
Maybe I'll let you play with me for a short time, instead of the opposite.
I have two more secrets for you: the credits holds one of them.
It will be fun.
But please, at the end of this,
do not kill me
I really want to be with you forever

For now, the important part is the to-do list, since we need to do all of the tasks that are written on it.

Once you take your time to get used to not being chased for a while, check in this exact spot inbetween the shelves here, there's a key you can pick up, which you'll need to progress.

Once you've acquired the refrigerator key, head to the freezer room, which is located in the back part of the store, from there, grab the envelope, head to the large white double-door and slip the envelope underneath it. After this, you're going to need to reset your game in order to access the outside part of this area.

Now that you're outside, head left, follow all the way to where the white door leads out to, there should be located the envelope you slipped under the door, while you were inside, pick it up, and head to the other side, and stick the envelope into the mailbox, then reset the game to go back in.

After you're back inside, look at the checkout lane, there, pick up the "Office key" and head on over to the office, which is located inbetween the wall to the freezer, and one of the shelves.

After you enter the office, you'll find an "cutter" pick it up, and go to the trash can behind the checkout lane, throw the cutter into the trashcan, some of you may have noticed that the office has a computer inside of it, don't try to send the files, it won't work since the PC, just crashes.
Reset the game again to head back outside.

If everything is going according to plan, you should be able to pick the cutter up, which was thrown away as trash the previous day, what you're going to do now, is head back to the double doors, past them, and all the way to the end of the road, until you reach a small alley, go to it, and use the cutter on the wiring to shut off the power, and reset the game to get back into the store itself.

Now, after you've returned inside of the store you'll notice that the power is out, what you'll do is run to where the power board was located, and you'll turn it back on, turning the power back up, at which point the computer will finish sending data, and you'll recieve a new folder, the way to access the final area of the game.

Chapter 3, Part 2 Walkthrough
This part of the game is where the final bits and bobs of preperation will take place, after we complete the final section, all we have left to do is the ending, and for the most part Ill keep the ending safe with no spoilers, so you can enjoy it at your own pace

Chapter 3, The Basement
Now, from all of the parts so far, this is the hardest to reach, since it requires you to actually do alot more puzzling than any other part, Ill explain in detail how it's done exactly, and if you're too lazy to do it yourself I'll give you the full password you should use to continue.

Directly after you've completed the final job in the market, you'll recieve a new folder called "Enter a great place" inside of this folder are contained 27 diffrent files, 1 called "Instructions" and the other labeled from 1 to 26, the numbered files, contain singular letters.

In the instructions is contained a youtube link

.txt transcript
It's really fun, but You're reaching a point of no return
Please, stop
I don't want to die
I want to help you watch?v=F64zCWAu9sg

The video link you recived appears to be a 5 second video with HER seemingly tied up.. or... in some sort of demonic form, in the background, while red numbers rapidly flash. What you're supposed to do, is write down the numbers and then open the corresponding file from the "Visit a great place" folder, this creates a phrase that you must use in order to access the final area.

If you're too lazy to do that yourself, simply start the game up, go to the heart and pick it up, and write the phrase "Take me to the door" this'll lead you to the final part of the game.

Now, I won't take any more pictures since from here it'll just ruin the experience, Ill only list how to beat the final bits of the game, all the way up to the final room, again, spoiler-free.

The first valve is perhaps the easiest, it's self explanitory, flip a lever, clear some smoke, and grab valve A

Valve B is a tad harder, but not by much, the hardest portion fo this is to learn one important fact, you can walk against some of the conveyor belts, the point here is to reach two consoles, flip the switch on both of them, and go to the middle to acquire Valve B

Valve C is also pretty simple, walk in one direction, making sure to pick up all of the keys, for the most part, this is a large mix of everything that has happened up to now, with alot less file-fiddling, after you follow the road, you'll get Valve C

After you got the final Valve, insert it into the middle area, and flip the console, it will reveal the door to the end-game. As you can see by this image, I don't have all achievements, the last one I don't have is "Not to see" which is an achievement you have a 50% chance of getting when you write "White Face" so, in order to get this achievement, simply type "White Face" after you pick the heart up, and play through White face's portion, allowing you to get the final achievment.
Chapter 3, Part 3 Walkthrough
Once you've finally acquired the final achievement, you'll be able to beat the game, making it un-resetable.

Chapter 3, The End

I won't list much of what you're supposed to do, besides the final puzzle.

Here's what's up. You take the left and pick the flower, give it to white face, and reset the whole game, making you replay it from the very get-go, you pick the right way, open the door, and finally put an end to this nightmare. I won't explain what happens on either of these endings as they are so bitter-sweet, so I recommend you do this one on your own.

If you pick the door, after the final events unfold, you'll be left with the final puzzle, all you have to do, is go to the new folder in your "Imscared" and delete the "heart.txt". After you do that, you'll get the real ending of the game.
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𝕭𝕽𝕮 Apr 22 @ 6:01am 
Userilla Mar 12 @ 3:47pm 
for those who want to restart the game on the choice at the end: edit the lines in the white.ini file - zone="flower", be sure to add to [hello] MOOD="2.000000" otherwise an erroneous level from the piano will load. You can delete [please], but I think it does not affect the result in any way.
As a result, there is absolutely no point in replaying this game. There is no variability and choice in it.
Userilla Mar 12 @ 3:34pm 
that is, if you give the "white face" a flower, then the game will restart again from the very beginning. And with this option, the story does not develop in any way and there is no ending? That is, it is a deception and there is only one single ending in the game. right?
Userilla Mar 12 @ 3:22pm 
Are there two endings in the game? What went in the door with a flower, what went out without a flower, there was no difference at all in what happened after I went in the door.
Darkn Nov 30, 2022 @ 8:25am 
@CherryBones check your imscared folder for the heart.txt. you wanna also make sure that you get to the heart scene of chapter 3 part 3 for it to show up
CherryBones Oct 31, 2022 @ 6:59pm 
Not sure if it has to do with the update, but no "heart.txt" appears at the end
Insomniac_with_insomnia Jun 11, 2022 @ 12:03pm 
when i kill HER, it sends me to house, and i go through the only path, and i get the game HEended achievemnt, but when i leave an restart, it doesnt lead me to whiteface's room, and it just makes me kill HER again!! :SkeletonScarecrow:
Donner Jun 10, 2022 @ 9:56pm 
I gave HER the flower, but my game crashed before she could say anything. I don't regret my choice though. I played Inscryption and got reminded of this game, and I didn't want to see someone like Leshy die twice.
drgnZer0 Jan 30, 2022 @ 9:47am 
how do i reset it?
Smartest Lesbian 50 IQ  [author] Jan 30, 2022 @ 9:41am 
I think if it didnt work in 2 hours you should probably reset the HER portion or at least the last part of it