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Touhou Defence of the Shrines (THD2) - English Fixed
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Touhou Defence of the Shrines (THD2) - English Fixed

Gensokyo is the only sacred land left for humans, yōkai, spirits and Gods.

As the girl protagonist you live and strive in this magical realm,

However, thing's are not as calm as they seem.

Faith is the force of life and existence,

and through warfare we fight for this Faith.

In the name of faith, even Gensokyo cannot escape the inevitable war thats about to begin ...

Touhou Defence of The Shrines 2 is a Team PvP game based on Touhou Project
where Touhou characters pit against each other on a similar gameplay mechanics
from Valve's very own Dota 2.

Each team has to destroy the opponents' Shrine, either guarded by Genjii's Sons for the Hakurei side, or Onbashira Towers for the Moriya side at opposing corners of the map.

This custom game map is the "Sequel" to its predecessor, Defence of The Shrines, which was originally developed as a game for Warcraft III.

Currently, the game is in alpha and offers 27 Touhou girls as playable. Alpha versions are known to be experimental and unstable releases and therefore discretion is requested when playing this game. Crashes and other unwanted effects might occur. Please watch warmly as we do our best to update and develop the map.

We are working on translations as we speak and hope more players from all over the world can enjoy this map


The novice can choose the DOTA map in the option, in the game input -bot and the robot to fight


Dots English Board[]

DotS2 English wiki[]


Production team members:

Master programmer/Game designer/Particles/Copywriter: 风见幽香(Archer)


Art designer:红莲太刀

Terrain design:莉莉


Recording Sounds Specialist:莉莉,夜天X绝对领域

Research and development:tinyAdapter

Special thanks for the enthusiastic support to the following people:


Voice platform and revise opinion:喵子

Collecting bug and Community management:青葱抄肉粉

Publicity and promotion:小卡


Part icon Maker:necro

English media:爱睡的老师,希尔

and all MMD, picture,and sound providers,
Thank you for your contribution in Touhou
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