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Blood will be Spilled
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 4, 2016 @ 5:05am
Jun 8, 2018 @ 11:03pm

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Mosquito gunslinger - Creating our protagonist
The silent (anti)hero

Do you remember the stranger who arrives into a small dusty town in “A Fistful of Dollars” (1964) or in its derivative “A Stranger in Town” (1967)? Or the man in the long union overcoat knee-deep in mud towing a coffin in “Django” (1966) or the mysterious nameless harmonica player who arrives with a train in “Once Upon a Time in the West” (1968)? Then you get the idea. And if you spent last 50 years in jail and never heard about those movies, be sure to take a look at them. Most of the movies mentioned in this article are among the best this genre can offer.

In this tradition Jack is a rather silent type of an anti-hero, always with the sharp look and lightning-fast gun handling skills. He’s a drifter coming from a dusty wasteland and then disappearing again into the sunset.
Even the name of the main character – Jack – should in fact evoke the spaghetti western tradition. Protagonists often have pretty odd names like Ringo, Sartana, Django, Mannaja, Johnny Yuma, Navajo Joe, Indio Black or even Cemetery or Trinity. Clint Eastwood’s character in The Dollars trilogy is once called “Joe” by the undertaker, another time Monco (or Manco, which means single-handed in Spanish) and then referred to as Blondie (for his hair and skin color), clearly neither of these being his real name. In “The Great Silence” (1968) the gunslinger is only referred to as Silence (yes, he is mute but that’s not why he’s called Silence – they call him that “because wherever he goes, the silence of death follows.”). Now there is Jack, the lowest face card in the deck but at the same time “Jack of all trades” with many useful skills and unpredictable but quick as “Jack in the box”. But you still don’t know Jack…

A bounty hunter

A bounty hunter is someone who captures outlaws for a reward. Despite the fact that he basically captures or kills bad guys, it’s not an act of altruism. Many characters in the spaghetti western cinematography were bounty hunters or at least gunmen for hire. Almost every Clint Eastwood’s (“For a Few Dollars More” (1965)) and a lot of Lee Van Cleef’s (“The Big Gundown” (1966)) characters are some kind of bounty hunters, Gianni Garko is the bounty killer Sartana in the Sartana “series” and Silence in “The Great Silence” (1968) is a bounty hunter who only kills other bounty hunters “who under the guise of legality made violent murder a profitable way of life”. It is a nice way of creating a protagonist of questionable morality – make him look like a good person in some way yet still let him kill more people than the plague during the Middle Ages.

That’s why we chose Jack to be a bounty hunter by profession – not only in a tradition of spaghetti westerns but it also lets the player to choose a path or a play style in a wider context. Furthermore it helps us justify the core gameplay elements, as killing bad guys is Jack’s actual work. It also works for us, because now you can actually get monetary reward for killing enemies instead of just some score points. Later we also want to implement a couple of game mechanics (which we mockingly call “the killer life”) where you can earn money according to the finesse and effectivity of sending your enemies to kingdom come. From the storytelling point of view, this way we can create interesting conflicts, in which the protagonist’s rather simple agenda of capturing criminals can interfere with some greater scheme and drag him deeper into trouble.

Beaten to a pulp

Fairly regularly in spaghetti westerns, protagonists are severely beaten up almost to death, tortured, shot or mutilated, only so they could rise and defeat the whole gang of bad guys in the end. There is one nice explanation for this: “It takes the whole gang to beat him up, as he is more than a match for them individually.”[1] We can see examples of this in “A Fistful of Dollars” (after Joe’s double play has been revealed) or in “A Stranger in Town” (when Stranger is double-crossed by the bandit leader). Sergio Corbucci is even known for not letting his characters to recover before the final fight – Django’s hands are crushed (“Django”) and in “The Great Silence” the hero’s shooting hand is badly burnt and shot. Jack was also betrayed, brutally beaten, his proboscis (that’s the pointy thing mosquitoes use for sucking blood) was broken, his wings were torn off and he was left for dead in the middle of the wasteland. This is not only a tribute, but also a practical choice for us, but more about that a moment later.


Revenge is a quite a popular theme in westerns (not just Italian), so much that there is a whole sub-genre of revenge western stories. In “Hills Run Red” (1966) ex-convict seeks revenge upon his former partner who betrayed him 5 years ago, in “Death Rides a Horse” (1967) a boy whose father was killed and mother and sister were raped and murdered in front of him by a gang, sets out 15 years later to exact his revenge. “Once Upon a Time in the West” features the harmonica player seeking revenge for the death of his older brother. We can argue why, but the truth is, it grants not only a motivation and some kind of personal commitment to the hero towards the story itself, but also as Quentin Tarantino once said it creates an emotion which the audience (in our case the player) is familiar with and is quite easily understandable. This is not something new. Revenge as a plot device was highly used not only by the master of revenge drama William Shakespeare but long before that in ancient greek tragedies. Therefore western movies can be easily perceived as a reimagination of this topic.

Jack was betrayed and left for dead. You don’t need to know how and why but you still have the reason for a vengeance. That’s why we choose to use our paraphrased tagline “Revenge is a kind of justice”.

If you have more questions or comments, write them below. Have a good one, cowboys!

Blood will be Spilled on Square Enix Collective
Release date: TBA
Blood will be Spilled is a spaghetti-western-themed 2D action platformer taking place in a world inhabited by insects. You follow the story of Jack, a mosquito gunslinger, on his quest for revenge.

But revenge is like a chilli - to make it good, Jack needs the right ingredients. A bit of money - from all the collected bounties; few friends, that could help him in the time of need; his own skills and abilities; and most of all shallow graves for all those who would stand in his way. The only question is: Are you going to be the Good, the Bad, or the Ugly?

Jack is a mosquito, a bounty hunter… or at least what’s left of him. He used to ride in a gang, but the men he trusted betrayed him, broke him, beat him and left him to perish out in the wastelands. But he somehow managed to survive. And that’s quite bad news for some. Because Jack will have his revenge and he’ll hunt down the ones that did him wrong. And you can be sure that once he’ll get them, blood will be spilled...

The story takes place around the town of Driftwood, five years after Jack was left for dead by his own compatriots. After his arrival in the town, Jack soon finds out that things will be a little more complicated than he originally thought.

  • Cover mechanic - During shootouts, Jack can hide behind a cover to reload bullets or just to take a little break from all the shooting.
  • Reloading - Every bullet counts. If you take an empty gun to a gunfight or will shoot without thinking and aiming properly, it’s quite possible that you’ll trade your pistol for a coffin. Because reloading takes time and that’s a precious commodity once there are bullets flying all around you.
  • Duels - If there’s one thing, that’s really iconic for the spaghetti western genre, it’s the wind tower making a really ugly squeaky noise when it turns. And right there in the second place, we have duels, or standoffs. Some of the boss battles will be done in this way, rewarding speed and precision. But duels are a tricky business - pull out your gun too soon and you’ll be forever remembered as a dishonorable scumbag, draw too late and you might not get a chance to draw your gun ever again.
  • Bloodsucking - Sucking blood is what mosquitoes are best known for and it’s no different with Jack (in the world of BWBS, also mosquito males can suck blood). The blood is then used to fuel his powerful abilities.
  • Skills - Jack will be able to choose from three different skill trees - the good, the bad and the ugly, each with its own special abilities. For good guys, acting faster than anybody is the way to go, bad guys like to keep things simple and deadly and ugly ones… well, they just want to laugh at the world burning. Player will be able to choose a skill tree (we call them “Paths”) before each level, so that you try out which one suits you best for every particular level. New abilities will unlock after completing a level.
  • Guns - For a bounty hunter, chasing down gangsters is a livelihood. And to be good at your work, you need the best tools available. With the money Jack will acquire, he’ll be able to buy new guns with different properties, like accuracy, number of bullets or range.

To find out more about the game visit Website [] or our Blog [].

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