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Map - T I T A N S
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Jan 30, 2016 @ 9:54am
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Map - T I T A N S

This is a conversion of TITANS (jlctf2/ump1ctf4/titans_ctf) from Q3/TA to Quake Live. The map file name here is jlctf2.

The item layout and other entities are unchanged in this version; however since Quake Live does not support Team Arena items, only the non-TA item set is available.

Originally TITANS was an exercise in making a Team Arena CTF map the same size as the terrain map Overdose, with less wide-open terrain and more structures. So just FYI, it's too big to work as a competitive QL CTF map. However if you'd like to mess around in a huge CTF map, it's got you covered!

TITANS also supports 1-Flag CTF and Harvester. If you're playing with bots though, note that the bots do much better in the normal CTF mode.

See http://neogeographica.com/site/pages/q3maps/jlctf2.html for more info.