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All Characters and their Moves in FNAF World
By Fred
This guide tells you all the moves of every playable character in FNAF World, as well as what each move does.
1. Every Character & Corresponding ID Number

Here is a list of all playable characters, including unlockable characters, in FNAF World as well as their corresponding ID:

NOTE: Order is [ID #], [Character name]

1. Freddy Fazbear
2. Bonnie
3. Chica
4. Foxy
5. Toy Bonnie
6. Toy Chica
7. Toy Freddy
8, Mangle
9. Balloon Boy
10. JJ
11. Phantom Freddy
12. Phantom Chica
13. Phantom BB
14. Phantom Foxy
15. Phantom Mangle
16. Withered Bonnie
17. Withered Chica
18. Withered Freddy
19. Withered Foxy
20. Shadow Freddy
21. Marionette
22. Phantom Marionette
23. Golden Freddy
24. Paper Pals
25. Nightmare Freddy
26. Nightmare Bonnie
27. Nightmare Chica
28. Nightmare Foxy
29. Endo 01
30. Endo 02
31. Plushtrap
32. Endoplush
33. Springtrap
34. RXQ
35. Crying Child
36. Funtime Foxy
37. Nightmare Fredbear
38. Nightmare
39. Fredbear
40. Spring Bonnie
2. Moves of Each Character ID Number

Here is a list of all three moves of each character ID number. Character names are also in parentheses

NOTE: Order is [ID #]: [Move1], [Move2], [Move3].

1. (Freddy): Mic Toss, Pizza Wheel, Birthday
2. (Bonnie): Bite, Bash Jam, Happy Jam
3. (Chica): Cupcake, Party Favors, Regen Song
4. (Foxy): Hook, Jumpscare, Hot Cheese
5. (Toy Bonnie): Bash Jam, Munchies, Prize Ball
6. (Toy Chica): Cupcake, Birthday, Waterhose
7. (Toy Freddy): Mic Toss, Party Favors, Speed Song
8. (Mangle): Hook, Poppers, Prize Ball
9. (BB): Balloons, Hot Cheese, Munchies
10. (JJ): Balloons, Poppers, Unscrew
11. (Phantom Freddy): Gloom Song, Sludge, Rainy Day
12. (Phantom Chica): Toxic Bite, Sludge, Unscrew
13. (Phantom BB): Toxic Balloon, Gloom Balloon, Rainy Day
14. (Phantom Foxy): Jumpscare, Toxic Bite, Unscrew
15. (Phantom Mangle): Toxic Bite, Mystery Box, Pizza Wheel 2
16. (Withered Bonnie): Eye Beam, Pizza Wheel, Unscrew 2
17. (Withered Chica): Bite, Cupcake, Prize Ball 2
18. (Withered Freddy): Mic Toss, Gloom Song, Esc Key
19. (Withered Foxy): Hook, Rainy Day, Hot Cheese 2
20. (Shadow Freddy): Unscrew, Esc Key, Waterhose
21. (Marionette): Prize Ball 2, Mystery Box, Esc Key
22. (Phantom Marionette): Jumpscare, Hot Cheese 2, Mystery Box 2
23. (Golden Freddy): Jumpscare, Rainy Day 2, Haunting
24. (Paper Pals): Prize Ball 2, Mystery Box 2, Mimic Ball
25. (Nightmare Freddy): Bite 2, Sludge, Freddles
26. (Nightmare Bonnie): Bite 2, Rainy Day 2, Pizza Wheel 2
27. (Nightmare Chica): Bite 2, Bad Pizza, Waterhose
28. (Nightmare Foxy): Bite 2, Unscrew 2, Hot Cheese 2
29. (Endo 01): Power Song, Armor Song, Endo Army
30. (Endo 02): Speed Song, Endo Army, Neon Wall
31. (Plushtrap): Toxic Bite, Bad Pizza, Sludge
32. (Endoplush): Neon Wall, Eye Beam, Waterhose 2
33. (Springtrap): Bite 2, Springlocks, Rainy Day
34. (RXQ): Haunting, Mimic Ball, Gift Boxes
35. (Crying Child): Power Song, Armor Song, Gift Boxes
36. (Funtime Foxy): Happy Jam 2, Cosmic Song, Gift Boxes
37. (Nightmare Fredbear): Toxic Bite 2, Bad Pizza, Mega Bite
38. (Nightmare): Toxic Bite 2, Rainy Day 2, Mega Bite
39. (Fredbear): Mega Bite, Regen Song, Mimic Ball
40. (Spring Bonnie): Springlocks, Happy Jam 2, Cosmic Song
3. Move Behaviors & Characters

Here is the list of what each move does, as well as which characters have the move if you are looking for one in particular.

NOTE: Order is [Move name]- [Move behavior]. Characters: [Character1], [Character2], etc...

Mic Toss- Killing them softly. Characters: Freddy, Toy Freddy, Withered Freddy.
Pizza Wheel- Multiple hits for multiple enemies. Characters: Freddy, Withered Bonnie.
Pizza Wheel 2- Bigger pizza, better damage. Characters: Phantom Mangle, Nightmare Bonnie.
Birthday- Raises attack, defense, and speed for a while. Characters: Freddy, Toy Chica.
Bite- Low damage bite attack. Characters: Bonnie, Withered Chica.
Bite 2- High damage bite attack. Characters: Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Chica, Nightmare Foxy, Springtrap.
Toxic Bite- Bite damage, plus poison. Characters: Phantom Chica, Phantom Foxy, Phantom Mangle, Plushtrap.
Toxic Bite 2- Higher bite damage, plus poison. Characters: Nightmare Fredbear, Nightmare.
Mega Bite- Maximum damage bite. Characters: Nightmare Fredbear, Nightmare, Fredbear
Bash Jam- Low damage, all enemies. Characters: Bonnie, Toy Bonnie.
Happy Jam- Heals all party members. Characters: Bonnie.
Happy Jam 2- Higher healing for all members. Characters: Funtime Foxy, Spring Bonnie.
Cupcake- Heals all party members. Characters: Chica, Toy Chica, Withered Chica.
Waterhose- Kills all enemies under 30% health. Characters: Toy Chica, Shadow Freddy, Nightmare Chica.
Waterhose 2- Kills all enemies under 50% health..Characters: Endoplush.
Hook- Low damage hook attack. Characters: Foxy, Mangle, Withered Foxy.
Poppers- Explosive in high numbers. Characters: Mangle, JJ.
Prize Ball- Random low-tier attack. Characters: Toy Bonnie, Mangle.
Prize Ball 2- Random high-tier attack. Characters: Withered Chica, Marionette, Paper Pals.
Munchies- Damage-over-time effect. Characters: Toy Bonnie, BB.
Party Favors- Low damage, plus some healing. Characters: Chica, Toy Freddy.
Regen Song- Refills life during battle. Characters: Chica, Fredbear
Jumpscare- Stuns enemies for a few seconds. Characters: Foxy, Phantom Foxy, Phantom Marionette, Golden Freddy.
Hot Cheese- Damage-over-time effect. Characters: Foxy, BB.
Hot Cheese 2- Hotter cheese, more damage. Characters: Withered Foxy, Phantom Marionette, Nightmare Foxy.
Sludge- Slows enemies down. Characters: Phantom Freddy, Phantom Chica, Nightmare Freddy, Plushtrap.
Unscrew- 30% chance to kill one enemy. Characters: JJ, Phantom Chica, Phantom Foxy, Shadow Freddy.
Unscrew 2- 50% chance to kill one enemy. Characters: Withered Bonnie, Nightmare Foxy.
Balloons- Three random-damage hits. Characters: BB, JJ.
Gloom Song- Lowers enemy attack power. Characters: Phantom Freddy, Withered Freddy.
Rainy Day- Lowers enemy defenses. Characters: Phantom Freddy, Phantom BB, Withered Foxy, Springtrap.
Rainy Day 2- Lowers enemy defenses, plus shock damage. Characters: Golden Freddy, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare.
Toxic Balloon- Inflicts enemy with poison. Characters: Phantom BB.
Gloom Balloon- Lowers enemy attack power. Characters: Phantom BB.
Mystery Box- Swap out your characters for random characters. Characters: Phantom Mangle, Marionette.
Mystery Box 2- Swap out your characters for random characters. Characters: Phantom Marionette, Paper Pals.
Eye Beam- Medium damage, chance of critical hit. Characters: Withered Bonnie, Endoplush.
Esc Key- Chance to kill multiple enemies. Characters: Withered Freddy, Shadow Freddy, Marionette.
Haunting- Chance to turn an enemy to stone. Characters: Golden Freddy, RXQ.
Mimic Ball- Mimics every attack you do. Characters: Paper Pals, RXQ, Fredbear.
Freddles- Storm of Freddles causes high damage. Characters: Nightmare Freddy.
Bad Pizza- High damage to all enemies. Characters: Nightmare Chica, Plushtrap, Nightmare Fredbear.
Power Song- Raises attack power. Characters: Endo 01, Crying Child.
Armor Song- Raises defense power. Characters: Endo 01, Crying Child.
Speed Song- Increases party speed. Characters: Toy Freddy, Endo 02.
Endo Army- Three Endos will help you fight! Characters: Endo 01, Endo 02.
Neon Wall- Force field blocks 50% damage. Characters: Endo 02, Endoplush.
Springlocks- Maximum area damage. Characters: Springtrap, Spring Bonnie.
Cosmic Song- Calls a storm of comets. Characters: Funtime Foxy, Spring Bonnie.
Gift Boxes- Auto-resurrect party members. Characters: RXQ, Crying Child, Funtime Foxy.
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