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On a Rail Uncut
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Jan 24, 2016 @ 5:34pm
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On a Rail Uncut

Text FAMGUY1's (real name: Chon Kemp, now a Black Mesa Developer) project to finish "uncutting" Black Mesa. This mod extends Black Mesa's On a Rail back to the length of the chapter in HL1, by adding 4 new maps in between the existing Black Mesa ones.

IMPORTANT: You must start a new game to use this (though you can start from any chapter you like) - do not use existing saves!



  • The Black Mesa dev team for creating such an astonishing game with fantastic maps! The astounding quality of their maps really inspired me to become a better mapper.
  • Valve for creating the amazing Half-Life universe in the first place, and their groundbreaking series.
  • Dejan for writing the pieces "The Year of Death," and "Dark Skies," used on A2 and B2 respectively - written for Community Project 12. Brilliant bits of work. Hopefully my maps do your work justice.
  • The Empire (Andrew Bastian) for writing the piece "Lights Out," for me; a beautiful chill piece I use during the ambush on B1. This piece is still a work in progress, feedback is welcomed - but be nice!
  • Impetuous for skinning the construction and office workers (skinned from the BM Dev team's original security guard and inspired by Mr Someguy's attempt) found throughout OaR Uncut. Great work!
  • dead-brushes and KeepWaiting from DeviantArt deserve credit for the blood textures used on the office workers.
  • Mr Someguy for providing me with a working hexed model.
  • Maestro Fenix for creating part of the skins for the construction worker model, and also helping me solve several annoying bugs with my custom models. Thanks a lot!
  • The community at large for providing me with tonnes of feedback and giving me tips and tricks on how to make things work and how to design areas. This project wouldn't be where it is today without you guys.
  • Everyone involved in the feedback for ST Uncut. Had ST Uncut not been successful, which undoubtedly would not have happened without the community's support, I would definitely not have been inspired enough to move onto this project.
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Jul 1 @ 12:05pm
Will this be added to the official update, just like the "Surface Tension" maps were?
May 3 @ 2:50pm
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K a y . ☕ Jul 6 @ 6:32pm 
On a Rail Uncut V2 would be nice, not to say it's not perfect the way it is now, but giving it the same treatment Surface Tension got when it went official is something everyone would want. It would be nice to get the full Half-Life experience once the Xen release goes gold. Good work.
Alexstorm8840 Jul 6 @ 1:17pm 
Hello. I heard that the final Xen chapter is going to be released in December 2018, is this true?
Malakas Guardian Angel Jul 4 @ 5:45am 
I'm sorry ik this is a simple question. But how do you load the map? i rly dk;
[BMS] DIGITAL SPORTS  [author] Jul 2 @ 6:03am 
@Bourbon77: On a Rail Uncut was made before I joined the Black Mesa team. After joining the Black Mesa team and working on MP and SP for a long time, my understanding and ability for level design has improved massively. I am a significantly better designer on every level than I was back when I first made On a Rail Uncut. I can do an outrageously better job at my current level. The flaws in my old work are extremely readily apparent and I know I can now produce much better work than that.

Just comparing the retail version of Surface Tension: Uncut to the mod version shows you the difference in quality and ability. If I were to revisit OaRU, it would be in a similar vein to that.
Bourbon77 Jul 1 @ 10:13pm 
why from scratch? you dont like it?
Alexstorm8840 Jun 7 @ 6:26pm 
HI AGAIN :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))). NEVER MIND THE MOD WORKS. I proceed further and noticed the difference. Thats all it is, 3 more missing maps on this level and one of them is at the very beginning. I am very happy right now that those 4 maps working. So everything was working before lol. I know those 4 already mean a lot. Thanks a lot.
Malidictus Jun 5 @ 1:17pm 
I remember you talked about that WAAAY back in the day, not being happy with the On a Rail: Uncut and Surface Tension: Uncut mods. That's definitely a worthwhile prospect if you have the energy to do it, as I know it's a MASSIVE undertaking. Doubly so if you can convince your colleagues to put it in the official release of the game as with Surface Tension: Uncut :)

Either way, though - thank you kindly for your efforts in keeping the mod alive.
[BMS] DIGITAL SPORTS  [author] Jun 5 @ 12:46pm 
I've been considering attempting an On a Rail Uncut v2 (from scratch) in my spare time in the future, well after Xen, if I haven't drained absolutely all of my level design energy at that point. So we'll see.
Malidictus Jun 5 @ 4:41am 
Yeah, Surface Tension is not cut at all, in Black Mesa. It's just the changes to it are significantly more extreme than in the rest of the game, so it's hard to tell what some sections represent. It's all there, though, and I dare say it's better than the original.

I genuinely feel that the same should be done to On a Rail. I realise you guys are busy with Xen and I know there was talk of people on the team just plain not liking On a Rail (cited as the reason it was cut, originally). But I genuinely feel that your version of it is just too awesome to leave in a mod state.
[BMS] DIGITAL SPORTS  [author] Jun 4 @ 10:48pm 
Surface Tension isn't cut. Our version of Surface Tension is actually longer than the original, at this point. I'm not sure where you're getting that idea from.

I would suggest verifying your game files, unsubscribing from all mods, and trying again with just this mod. It sounds like you might have a conflict or something.