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On a Rail Uncut
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Jan 24, 2016 @ 5:34pm
Apr 25 @ 12:18pm
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On a Rail Uncut

Text FAMGUY1 (real name: Chon Kemp, A.K.A. DIGITAL SPORTS - now the Lead Level Designer for Black Mesa) old project to finish "uncutting" Black Mesa. This mod extends Black Mesa's On a Rail back to the length of the chapter in HL1, by seamlessly adding 4 new maps in between the existing Black Mesa maps.


Black Mesa cut "On a Rail" extremely heavily, due to its unpopularity and confusing design in the original Half-Life. On a Rail was 10 maps in HL1, and is represented by a mere 3 maps in Black Mesa. While Black Mesa's version of OaR has been well received for its less confusing design and greater focus, some fans (such as myself!) might have wanted to see the original HL1 maps given the Black Mesa treatment. Well, here they are! This is my attempt at restoring the missing maps from "On a Rail" to Black Mesa. Note that these maps are very far from straight 1:1 remakes. I've attempted to follow Black Mesa's redesigning principles on the maps which I've remade. This means that areas which were poorly designed in HL1 were streamlined and simplified in this remake, and areas which had potential for expansion have been expanded. The aim of the project is to maintain consistency with both Black Mesa and Half-Life 1, and like ST Uncut, to maintain flawless integration with Black Mesa's current offerings.

THIS MOD HAS BEEN LEFT UNFINISHED. I was hired onto the Black Mesa team in September 2013, and I put this mod on hold in order to invest time into my real commitments with Crowbar Collective. However, the mod is finished enough that it can still serve as a worthy addition to the game - but I just wanted people who play this to be aware that it is not 100%. Probably more like 60%.
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May 6 @ 9:04pm
Its a good extension, but its not friendly for new gamers
Apr 3, 2020 @ 3:28pm
Will this be added to the official update, just like the "Surface Tension" maps were?
May 12, 2018 @ 2:31am
December update compatibility
< >
andrew May 11 @ 9:23pm 
OK, I got it working. Turns out if you have linux you have to manually copy the files into bms/custom/.

That was great fun! Thanks for creating this. I much rather play these extra maps than the Gonarch crap at the end!
Super Xero May 10 @ 5:21pm 
Great work! But cliffs still old! Can Matt Young fix it?
Why Are You Like This? May 8 @ 1:46pm 
If you have BMCE installed, then that's probably it.
Tuc May 7 @ 2:26am 
Not sure if it was mentioned, but wounded Barney uses completely different model when Gordon returns to him.
andrew May 7 @ 2:13am 
Yes, it appears there. Note: I am using Linux, would this stop it working?
[BMS] DIGITAL SPORTS  [author] May 7 @ 2:11am 
Does it show up in the "workshop" tab in-game?
andrew May 7 @ 1:14am 
I subscribed, it downloaded and appeared in Workshop Addons, but I played On a Rail through and nothing had changed - what am I doing wrong?
alialatrach6 May 5 @ 10:20am 
I wish they never cut out most of the chapter, it was one of my facorites in HL1. Good thing one of the devs themselves did this addon and it makes me happy to play it in Black Mesa!
Why Are You Like This? May 3 @ 5:08pm 
A lot of people, actually. The original sections in OG Half-Life were dreadful, but Uncut actually fixes most of the issues and makes them generally more fun. Plus, it helps the player get used to larger battles, particularly against soldiers, and better prepares them for moments like the end of Questionable Ethics which can be a bit jarring otherwise.
adaci May 2 @ 9:41am 
who would want to play this