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How To Skip Chamber 12
By SK Cokezero and 1 collaborators
Pretty cool trick
What is this guide?
This is a guide to being a magical wizard who goes through walls n' stuff. the portal gun is broken...

In all seriousness, this will allow you to skip all of chamber 12
Firstly, bind a key to saving and loading quickly. To do this, open up the dev console with ~ (if u can 't do that google it), and type: bind <insert key name here> "save glitch:load glitch". personally, i use f. as well, make sure you know how to quicksave and quickload, so u don't have to resart every mess up. now, time to cast some magical portal gun spells.
How to Do the Skip
first, i'd recommend having finished portal once. if u have, click "new game" on the title screen, and click Test Chamber 10 (chapter 4). Complete it like normal.

As soon as Test Chamber 11 loads, quicksave! go through the puzzle as normal, but DON'T GO THROUGH THE DOOR. When you see the exit door, look to the right of that door, right here:
now, place a portal here:

if you look in the picture, i'm able to place an orange portal on the blue portal. do this. when you're done, place a blue portal on one of the lower parts of one of the walls, so you can walk through it, if you do it right, the inside of the portal should look like this:
now,quicksave first, then couch, and slowly move forward, look here (this is above me), and stand up. you know you're far enough into the portal if you can fire a portal here:
now, quicksave, then fire an orange portal there, and then immediately walk back. if you do it right, you should be here:
now, look to the left, and find the a spot where you can place your orange portal on the wall. it's right here:
now, walk towards the exit of the level, which should be below you, walk until you hit an invisible wall directly above the fizzler. right here:
once you're here, crouch, and press your save and load bind, and wait for it to load. then, once it's loaded, do it again. do this one more time, and you'll be clipped back in bounds. then, walk back a bit, and the chamber exit should open. walk through, and congrats, you just skipped all of chamber 12!

Credits and stuff
I originally found this, on a youtube video of a guy speedrunning portal. I tried it out, and created a much more forgiving version of the strategy used in the video.
If you enjoyed the guide, please favorite/like it, so others can find it more easily. Thank you for reading my super amazing guide, and enjoy skipping chamber 12!
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The Man Aug 11, 2017 @ 5:33pm 
the title isn't that bad
Bepsii Apr 19, 2017 @ 4:45pm 
nice job
Ooble  [author] Sep 7, 2016 @ 5:09am 
Good guide, the problem is the title, It's kind of dumb...