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Rush Hour II
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Jan 21, 2016 @ 1:55pm
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Rush Hour II


Citizens waking up and heading to work

Goodbye Rush Hour 1!
Rush Hour II is ready. Now using improved code and better redirection, it should need less maintenance to keep working in the future.

Where are events?
Events are being moved to an independent mod. I'm doing this to keep features separate for people that don't want events, and to separate code in case things break in the future.

Differences between the original Rush Hour and Rush Hour II
The mod has been rebuilt from scratch to take advantage of a better way of modifying the game. This should result in less incompatibilities, and won't break as often with game updates. Where game updates do happen, it will use the new code from the update where possible, which means the mod won't break new features even if it doesn't get an update.

If an update can potentially break the mod, it should notice and turn itself off (with a notification) until a patch is released.

tl;dr: It will fail less when game updates happen.

An overview of traffic flow. Notice how it gets busier coming up to 09:00, and quietens down afterwards.

Known issues

  • Citizens go home when they should - Cims monitor the time and don't go to work or school over night. On the weekends, more citizens go out to enjoy the day.
  • Tourists search for hotels at night - Tourists won't just wander around aimlessly at night. With After Dark, they'll attempt to find hotels close to where they are at night, otherwise they'll head back home again. Make sure there's plenty of hotels for your tourists!
  • Leisure on weekends - If you've got After Dark your citizens will go to the leisure facilities at night on weekends to have some fun.
  • More focus on traffic management - Because most people start work at similar times there'll be more traffic around work hours, and less traffic over night. This allows you to fully utilise the day/night sliders for finances.
  • Travel time estimations - Citizens will set off to work or school in order to get there on time. Citizens that live further away from work or school will set off earlier in the mornings.
  • More realistic time progression - City time on the date bar is synchronised with the current day and the day progresses 4x slower than normal (by default) to give citizens time to do what they need to do.
  • Building lighting - Buildings lights go off when not active. Schools no longer light up over night, and low density residential buildings lights turn off when everyone's sleeping.
  • Local businesses - Citizens will pick out local businesses to visit more than in the base game. You'll see more local activity in smaller localised towns where you wouldn't before. Older citizens and children will only visit local facilities, so make sure there's plenty of parks and shops for them to visit.
  • Citizens react to rain - Citizens will go inside the current building when it starts raining. If they can't get inside, they'll generally go home.
  • Car parks and parking lots get visited less - Citizens will ignore car parks that are categorised as parks in the game, and won't flock to them to visit. Only new tourists to the city will pick car parks at the moment, but I'm working on ironing this out.

Cims going inside to get out of the rain.


Please report all issues to the GitHub page[], as it's much easier to track.
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Wolf 1 hour ago 
runs alot better now keep up the good work dude
►ℬØℒᶄ**◄ 2 hours ago 
when waiting for the Russian localization? As far as I know, you already have it
suchdutch 8 hours ago 
Looks like if I keep the mod enabled but disable any lighting effects the FPS issues are gone. Good luck with the next version and keep up the good work!
SimoG 8 hours ago 
@PropaneDragon ok, translation sent via Github :-)
PropaneDragon  [author] 9 hours ago 
Should be relatively simple. Just make the changes there and save it, and I should just be able to pull it into the mod.
SimoG 9 hours ago 
I can try, I have no idea how GitHub works.
PropaneDragon  [author] 10 hours ago 
@SimoG - Thanks for your translation. Is there any chance you could make the change directly on GitHub here []? It makes tracking everything a bit easier. Don't worry if you can't.
PropaneDragon  [author] 11 hours ago 
This is mostly down to how I make the AI search for buildings, allowing me to filter out things like car parks. I'm working on improving the performance after fixing the remaining bugs.
dymanoid 11 hours ago 
Alright folks, I measured a bit the mod's performance and compared with my Real Time mod . The last reverted Rush Hour II version was just a nightmare, but the currently available is not very fast too. It's 7x slower than the vanilla game and 5x slower than Real Time. Here is a graphic for your reference: take a look on this [].
PropaneDragon  [author] 12 hours ago 
Reverting back to the previous update due to Harmony and performance issues. I'll have a look into these and update again.