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Rush Hour [Beta]
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Rush Hour [Beta]

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Cims that know the time!
This mod gives all your Cims free watches and teaches them how to read the time. No longer will you find people in school 'studying' at 3 AM, and you won't have the same traffic at night as you will during the mornings or evenings.

Please note that I don't have time to work on the mod at the moment, and things may go wrong. Events are broken at the moment and require turning off in the settings for now.

Current features
    Natural Disasters
  • Works with Natural Disasters!
  • More to come soon.

  • Works with Snowfall!
  • Cims prefer to go home if they're getting rained on while stood around outside.

    After Dark
  • When going out at night, citizens are more likely to choose specialised leisure areas in their local area.
  • Tourists stay in your city for longer, and if you have hotels near tourist hotspots they'll go there at night.

  • User creatable events. You can create events at certain unique buildings to make extra profit for your city.
  • Random event support for your unique buildings. (More information)
  • Cims don't use pocket cars as much any more. Instead they attempt to park.
  • Cims go to work and school at reasonable times during regular weekdays.
  • Some cims will leave work at lunch to go and eat elsewhere, then return to work.
  • Cims don't go to work on weekends.
  • Over night some Cims may decide to go out if they feel like it. More will go out at night over the weekends.
  • Random events happen in your city at certain landmarks which attract certain people.
    Official buildings
    • Aquarium
    • Modern Art Museum
    • Posh Mall
    • Expo Centre (Business Expo, Caravan Expo, Comic Book Expo, Electronics Expo, Games Expo)
    • Stadium
    • Theater of Wonders
    • Library
    • Opera House
    Workshop buildings
  • The date bar has been changed to show the actual city time
  • Time has been made 4X slower to give Cims time to do stuff.

[After Dark] Leisure and tourism specialisations now affect what people do
If you have After Dark, citizens that are close to leisure zoned areas will now go there at night, providing they are open and active. Similarly, tourists that are done for the day will look for available hotels around where they are and check in, then will come out the day after to continue their day.

User creatable events!
You now have the ability to make your own events for your citizens at specific unique buildings! This gives you the opportunity to bring in some extra money for your city, but be careful - events attract certain people, so if you set up the wrong event for your city you may lose more money than you gain.

To help bring in more citizens you can set up incentives to attract people who would otherwise not attend. Some incentives improve attendance percentages, however some reduce attendance if there are too few or they run out.

Random events!
That's right. As if your roads weren't packed enough, Cims will now pile into events hosted by the city. If you've got landmarks in your city, they may become the host of some of the various events packed into this mod! Don't worry though, your citizens will let you know when an event is going to start through...
New chirper messages! #youlovehimreally

Date bar changes
The date bar at the bottom has now been updated to follow the day/night cycle, and now includes yellow blips for events for those who have exterminated Chirpy. When an event is happening your date bar will turn yellow, so you know when it has properly started. The length of the blip states how long the event is going to go on for. Hovering over the blip will tell you the times the event starts and ends at, and if you click it you'll be taken to the building where the event is happening.

Time sensitive activities
  • Children and Teenagers will go to school in the mornings, and some start as early as 6:30. They'll stay there the entire day (unless they graduate during that time) and leave between 15:00 and 16:00. What they do after that is entirely up to them, and some will come back home whereas others will go out and find something to entertain them.

  • University students and adults with jobs start from 7:30 and usually finish between 17:00 and 20:00 (still inaccurate, but I'm working on it). Some will stay out during the night, and some will come home.

  • Senior citizens will just do whatever they want all day, and will be heading home by 19:00 if they go out.

  • Tourists will generally prefer to stay in your city for the full day and go back home in the evenings. If they are in a hotel at night they'll stay there through the night, or they'll find a hotel close to them. In the mornings they'll go back out to complete their adventures.

Night time budget sliders that can be changed!

Now you can adjust your school and public transport budget sliders for the night without your entire city going into meltdown. Since Cims aren't out and about as much at night, you can reduce budgets for services that aren't getting used as much over night.

Prepare your roads
Roads are busier during the mornings and evenings, when people are travelling to and from school or work. Make sure your roads and transport services can handle the extra traffic.

Further information
In progress

    Future plans
    • Zoning for random events to appear.
    • Generic event building for events to replace with their own models.

    Known issues
    • Enabling the DEVELOPER: Print all monuments in your city to the console without any unique buildings in your city causes an error.

    If you're having issues with the mod please make sure you post your output_log.txt (from steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Cities_Data - if you're on Windows) somewhere and post the link so I can debug any issues.

    Special thanks
    • This mod uses the excellent C# detours library[], which has made it all possible!
    • Thanks to BloodyPenguin who contributed code to help with detouring.

    Frequently asked questions
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    Source code
    Make an event for your building
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    Mar 10 @ 2:07pm
    Error with the latest DLC
    Von Blankenburg
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    NOiZE Jun 20 @ 9:53am
    Similar bug when a event starts, but still the events work. I can even make new events where i can choose the free food/drinks/wifi
    This shows the only "bug " from this mod. the rest is working perfectly fine.
    scaletho Jun 19 @ 5:52pm 
    @captdicard, you are right! Thank you very much. :)
    NOiZE Jun 19 @ 2:44pm 
    Well I dont know anything about the code :-), but it is working fine here! The only thing that is a bit buggy are events.... But even the random events work, (only the dialog screens are unusable). So perhaps reconsider starting from scratch :-)

    Just wanted to say this, as this is one of my favorite mods. Gotta love the morning and evening traffic jams :-)

    I think most people crash due to the "ultimate eyecandy" incompatibility. (however it is possible to install an older version of that, and then all is fine)
    PropaneDragon  [author] Jun 19 @ 11:27am 
    I am planning on updating it at some point, but I'm too busy at the moment. I think it needs rebuilding from scratch, so this version will probably stay broken for a while. I'm going to aim to release a new version for the next expansion at the latest, but I can't make any guarantees.

    For those having issues at the moment, disable the events in the settings and things should operate normally (ish), and won't crash at least.
    Katmerci Sefa Jun 18 @ 8:16am 
    Keeps crashing when a event ends...
    captdicard Jun 17 @ 10:48am 
    @scaletho, I believe higher is faster. I did not change these though so I am not certain. I only set the sunrise/sunset times to reflect real work fall in the Eastern time zone (USA),.

    @trucksaf, I would like to help, but I had after dark when I add this mod. I am guessing you may, only because of the time functions. That is a guess though like I said.
    scaletho Jun 16 @ 3:22pm 
    Hi I great mod, but do you have any guide to explain the use of the day/night time modifiers? I mean, 0.25 is more slower day time than 0.33, or any other higher parameter? Thanks!
    trucksaf Jun 16 @ 3:06pm 
    I haven't downloaded this yet but I'm wondering if you need the after dark D.L.C. to activate the mod.

    Actually, I'm just gonna find out myself...
    captdicard Jun 15 @ 7:47pm 
    @demoo79, it may be an asset or even a mod is causing a conflict. I usually go through my assets occassionally and unsub from those that have the caution sign next to them. This is due to them either requiring higher than normal system assets, there by slowing load times, and/or causing an error of some sort. If you do not mind asking, what aspect about Rush Hour that you subbed to it for?
    demoo79 Jun 15 @ 6:12am 
    @captdicard, yes i have lot of asset subscibed from workshop and i have all the dlc packs except the last one