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Last Stand: Kavala
Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Multiplayer, Coop, Zeus
Scenario Type: Infantry
Scenario Map: Altis
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Jan 17, 2016 @ 3:44pm
Aug 7 @ 10:26am
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Last Stand: Kavala


Last Stand: Kavala features overhauled enemy AI, redesigned to charge your position in relentless waves - fall back through Kavala as CSAT troops overun the city, using fortified checkpoints to slow their advance. Make your final stand in Castle Kastro, and hope you survive until rescue arrives...


//Squad Leader has full access to the Zeus interface (Press Y in game)
//Revive system and dynamic respawn points
//Virtual arsenals at all key locations - including a controllable UGV
//Unique AI system - fast paced relentless combat like never before
//A selection of the best music from Arma 3's soundtrack
//A hidden easter egg in Castle Kastro that really blows...

Start the mission by approaching the whiteboard in the centre of the starting area and using the action menu

Hold space to respawn if you cannot be revived

Don't worrying about dying - if all your squad is killed in one location they will respawn at the next

Have fun, and leave any feedback/bug reports/suggestions and requests in the comments or on our forum page here:

2018 Update:

Bug fixes in UGV Access, Helicopter Extraction and Atmospheric Explosions. Bug Reports always welcome.

2018 Update 2:

Added AIS Revive System by [TcB]-Psycho-
Available at

Added Dedicated Server Support
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Dec 6, 2016 @ 3:54pm
Ideas and suggestions for Version 2
Donald Flatulence
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Zluzlu49 Feb 5 @ 8:36am 
alright thanks for the help :D
Donald Flatulence  [author] Feb 4 @ 11:24am 
The mission is a multiplayer mission, so you'll have to go to "Multiplayer" -> "Quick Play" -> "Host Server" (LAN is fine if it's just you playing) -> Select Altis as the map and it will show.

The folder the mission is downloaded to is "Documents\Arma 3\Saved\steamMPMission\Last%20Stand%3a%20Kavala.altis"
Donald Flatulence  [author] Feb 4 @ 9:31am 
Thanks for letting me know Zluzlu49, I'll look into it now and add a another comment here when I have an update for you.
Zluzlu49 Feb 4 @ 7:48am 
Is not showing up in my scenario list and not downloading into the corresponding folder where all steam workshop missions go.Already tried resubscribing but still doesnt show up :/ and the download link u posted into the arma 3 forum for downloading the files has expired cant find them anymore
Donald Flatulence  [author] Apr 26, 2017 @ 1:34pm 
As unlikely as it is to be the real Staff Sgt William Bee, I would love that to be the case. Anyone impersonating military service personnel deserves the bullets the real guys take.
BaaSheep🐑 Apr 26, 2017 @ 5:47am 
Lol! Cool story Bee.
Bee Jan 5, 2017 @ 5:18am 
Nothing like surfing through Steam and seeing a pic of you used as cover art for a mod lol!
CHUBBYknowledge  [author] Dec 13, 2016 @ 4:38am 
Chances are you've not done anything wrong, Arma 3 is a bit rubbish when it comes to workshop content. Normally, unsubcribing and resubscribing works!
angry snail [FnF] Dec 12, 2016 @ 8:28pm 
it's not showing up in my scenario folder. What did I do wrong?
Salty?! Dec 4, 2016 @ 1:08pm 
Between work, laboratory work, and college classes, I barely ever have time to devote to have a decent firefight in Arma anymore. I was a huge fan of Flashpoint: Takistan from Arma 2 OA, so this is perfect! Instant action that pairs well with audio and graphic mods! Rated and favorited!

Had a group of friends play this with me yesterday, they all loved it! Please keep up the excellent work!