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Anthropomorphic Survivor Nick
Created by Rex The Impaler
This was made for my group that i run with almost 900 members and theyve been very patient with me while ive been lollygagging with other mods. So if youre not a huge fan of this kinda stuff dont worry im working on other stuff :). I wanted if there were g...
Houston's Inspirational Defibrillator!
Created by Jackson =D
Fighting endless hordes of zombies in an apocalypse sure can get tiring! So tiring, you may begin to lose hope.
So let the wonderful inspirational words of Houston get you back on your feet! It works on people shot with a thousand bullets, it'll surely wor...
Imperial Pilot - Rochelle
Created by Y A U T J A
Replaces Rochelle.
Credits: Model - Rimmer-Gnome, Characters & Concepts - Lucasfilm Ltd., Disney. Ported from L4DMaps....
Jockey Riding Music: "Ludacris - Move Bitch, Get Out The Way"
Created by shiki
Replaces the music playing when a jockey is riding you with 'Ludacris - Move Bıtch, Get Out The Way'....
Created by Alternative Moonman
I hear something. I think it's JOOOHHNNN CEEENNAAA!

I do not take credit for sound effects they belong to the original creators/owners.

Left 4 Teletubbies 2 Official
Created by FlameKnight7
Left 4 Teletubbies is back in full force for Left 4 dead 2! More horror for your childhood and bleeding eyes.

I've originally created this Mod for L4D1 and thought it was necessary to share the madness for L4D2! This is the official version for L4D2!
What did you say nigga?! Witch Scream
This add-on changes the Witches scream to the infamous line from The Boondocks, 'What did you say nigga?!' as said by Tom Dubois after he is possessed by Stinkmeaner. It also changes her hurt sound to "What's good nigga?!" This is not an attempt to be raci...
Smoker sounds Charlie Sheen winning!
v1.2 out now! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=144525658

Charlie Sheen is winning and what better way to celebrate by releasing v1 of my Charlie Sheen winning sounds that will replace your Smoker sounds. Enjoy! (Any bugs please mess...
SEXY SAX MAN "Careless Whisper" - First-Aid Kit Sound
Are you a fellow gamer who believes that Left 4 Dead 2 should be sexier? I am here to take a stand against the absence of romance in the survival of the human race by creating this mod.

This mod changes the first-aid bandaging sound effect to the well-k...
Resident Evil 6 Characters - Sherry Birkin(Costume)
Created by Cra0kalo
Sherry was born around 1986 to the Umbrella virologist William Birkin, and his research colleague and new wife, Annette, when the two were both working at the Arklay Laboratory.Due to their key participation of developing biological weapons for Umbrella, W...
Louis (Pain Pills)
Created by Jacey
Replaces the Pain Pills with a Tiny Louis holding even tinier Pain Pills.

Features Louis screaming...
Nisekoi Flashlight
Created by Bors Pepsi
This is my favorite anime in the world and i thought i would make a flashlight mod for it.
Let me know in the comments if you want me to do any other anime characters for flashlights...
Created by Jellivaara
Coaches Twin Brother (Boomer)
King Koiroon: XD
homonucls, white with + to spear: nemlig
homonucls, white with + to spear: BonkCrazyGamerScout ツ 14 Feb @ 1:00pm
King Koiroon: lol
homonucls, white with + to spear: vil vædde med klokken var 1:01 pm da han ville lægge en kommenta...
Vert School (Leanbox Pride) (Neptunia)
Created by Anila
Replace Coach

No faceposing!

RandomTBush - model...
Hentai S3RL tank music
Created by BlueSource
This mod changes the tank music to Hentai-S3RL. This song starts in the game at 0.21s....
Give You My All Tank Song
Created by ROFL
That one song from Payday....
D concerto (Scar)
Created by 槐音Grsomiprs
This MOD modifies the scar,It has a new sound,It has a new way of holding.There is a certain fluorescent effect.interestingly,It has some notes.But my ocd is not recommended to use it, but also to welcome you to tryThank you for your attention to my WORKSH...
Neptunia Magnum
Created by fu3ka
Your magnum (desert eagle) now gets stickers of Neptune, from Hyperdimension Neptunia.
I referred to Vocaloid Magnum as I made this. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=122085596
I leave my gratitude to Offline here.

Thanks for 2500...
Pink Katana
Created by plexy
Pink Katana Reskin :D...
Adrenaline Shot - red bull (with tourine)
Created by TOG | K1CHWA 3rd
red bull in an auto injector.
fluid has self-illum....it glows
please dont redistribute my custom textures/normals....be original and make something on your own
Bill (Assault Rifle)
Created by Jacey
Replaces the M16 with Billy with a tiny Assault Rifle in his gun pouch. I know most of you people are interested only in those fancy guns in the workshop but I just felt the need to make a comedic gun for those who want some laughs. Af...
Pedophile Hunter Music!
Changes the Hunter pounce music to the song:
Little Girls by Oingo Boingo

I do not own the song....
Death Music : Sword Art Online
Created by Zoey Medic
''Gracefully'' from SAO
Replace the music when you are dead....
Valkyria Chronicles Custom Menu
Created by spartan_n117
Includes icons of Senjou no Valkyria with the song "Asu e no Kizuna"....
Created by Lost Butterfly
Welcome to subscribe and point out the inadequacies, like the point of praise
Outer Science Witch Music
Created by Diffy-Q
Welcome to my womb,
Love and ego's final destination
You too will soon be born anew;
Is it not fantastic, to be like a monster?

"Oh, god, why?", hm?
"I don't want it," you cry
Merely accept it - this is fate!
The next, next, next master, I eagerly ...
Hitler Witch
Created by Spartan464748
I have made a disturbed hitler in the role of a witch!!!

- Hitler is talking and screaming too :P


and the mod does not, in any way, propagate nazism.

Hitler zombies !!! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=231930698...
Renamon [Nick]
Created by JonnyBoy0719
* Information *
For the latest updates regarding the furry ports for L4D2, join our group L4D2 Furries :3

* Credits *
Arms model: Splinks
Original mod (Rochelle and Zoey): Xenecrite
Rigging an...
Diamond Dogs Bill
Created by Robogineer
A reskin of Valve, Splinks, and Noa's model retextured with Diamond Dogs beret and patches,
as well as cleaned up textures featuring woodland and rock camo. Oh, not to mention some
added "punished" scars.

Star Platinum replacement for Louis (PURPLE RESKIN)
Created by JollyGreenJackass
This was mainly created for me and my group, since we watched the anime first, Star being green rubbed us the wrong way. I decided to fix that.

ALL credit goes to Professor for his tremendous effort put into ripping and rigging this beautiful model o...
the medicine cabinet miku
Created by 槐音Grsomiprs
Maybe you need a beautiful cabinet for your medicine.Now, this MOD changed the medicine cabinet, it is more beautiful.Like MIKU friends welcome to subscribe, thank you....
Sandpit Enhanced Edition
Created by green
The Enhanced Edition is released!
Added my latest LEGO sword, Woody from Toy Story and more. Improved graphic and overall look. Fixed few errors.

In this rat style map you defend yourself in sandpit. Main place to defend is castle and bidge is now option...
Rats PayDay 2
Created by ZquiteGuys
This map is an re imaging of the day one heist of Rats from Payday 2, I have tried my best to recreate the map as closely as I could using only the assets I have available from the L4D2 authorizing tools. For this map really wanted to emphasize on the shad...
(Legacy) Sonic 3D Blast - Volcano Valley Zone
Created by Knuxfan24
This map is outdated & is only being kept due to... OK I don't know WHY I'm keeping this one up considering it never got the Ice & Mirrored variants. But oh well!

New Pack: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=699698099

The fifth zone f...
City 17
Created by mixi creamstar
Please, check out my HL2 movie! "Seven hour war" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVuqIuCCpT8
Take a deadly walk through the City 17, straight from Half-Life 2 ep 1.
Fight your way from the very bottom of the town to the trainstation and... well, esca...
Zoey (Auto-Shotgun)
Created by Jacey
The model has been heavily atlered to fit the Survivor's arms and hands.

Features Include:
* Sounds to provide a comedic atmosphere.
* Texture modable, so that any texture modification for Zoey or the Shotgun will work.

* Model and Te
Chains' Inspirational Defibrillator!
Created by Jackson =D
As requested, Chains edition of my Houston Defibrillator!

Let the inspirational words of Chains get you back on your feet when you feel you can't take it any more, plus a few thousand volts of course.

--In the Video I am using Splinks' Velociraptor Playe...
Shia LaBeouf's AK47
Created by ThePinkBeanie
Changes Gunshot to Shia LaBeouf's "Do it"

If you have any ideas for a mod just let me know....
Bob Ross Flashlight
Created by mr bob
To help you beat the devil out of those zombies!...
Grave of the Fireflies Death Music
Created by Belliotti
My first addon. Here's one of the saddest songs ever from one of the most heart-touching movies ever created. The perfect song for your death. I hope you all enjoy. I cry every time... ;-;

The part that plays when you die is when the piano kicks in....
Muddy Waters Defibrillator
Created by Waffen
Replaces the defib sounds with the Muddy Waters music and scream from Family Guy....
christmas weapons~ (replace Tactical Shotgun M1014)
Created by 千の夜
This mod was just changed the surface of shotgun.It' a gift of the christmas night, have fun!...
1987 Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
Created by Deep Thunder

Uh, Hello? Hello?! Well... if you're reading this, then... chances are you made a very great map choice.

As the new security guard...
'Pixie-bob' Desktop
Created by Tyler Chambers
Replaces every computer desktop with images of Pixie-bob/Ryuuko Tsuchikawa, from the series 'Boku no Hero Academia'....
TF2 Medpack (BLU)
Created by Matt Utility Pen
"All i can tell you about this next procedure is that it will be... Excruciating!"

BLU Medic's backpack from Team Fortress 2.
Replaces the normal medkit.

RED version...
Ass Pancakes (Jockey)
Created by BriefCasey795
"I am Ass Pancakes! I'm gonna ride you!"

Fixed purple layer thingy. Should be usable without any problems.



-Custom Model
-Custom A...
toxic spitter
Created by birdarangs

spitter goo music replacement...
Alien Xenomorph Spitter AVP Colonial Marines
Created by aNILEator
Replaces the Spitter with an Alien Xenomorph Spitter from Aliens Colonial Marines
Now includes a View model and Hud Icons (for Versus mode)

You may encounter server consistency errors on some servers that are enforcing strict/pure consistency (to have...
LADYBABY - Nippon Manju [ Tank Music ]
Created by Hatsune Miku
Very Kawaii Song ^__^...
Team America - Tank Music
Created by
Replaces Tank Music with Team America "America, Fuck Yeah"

Macho Man Randy Savage (Tank)
Created by Stay Puft
This replaces the tank with Macho Man Randy Savage. Snap into a slim jim, oh yeah!...
Yuyuko Saigyouji Chainsaw Reskin
Created by Vintage Sniper
The Ghost Princess of Soul collecting in Gensokyo, Yuyuko Saigyouji has her own Chainsaw as part of my Touhou Weapon Reskins, I never reskined a Chainsaw before, so this was somewhat interesting, but yeah, here it is, now can tear down zombies and collect ...
Hibiki Pump Shotgun
Twilight MLP Loading icon
Created by Phoenixstorm
This mod was a requast of 🐾Teddy🐾.
Hope you are happy now ^^
Artist: http://designjh.deviantart.com/art/Twilight-Sparkle-Caramelldansen-modified-346452863...
Smack Attack Shove Sound
Created by Luna
Replaces shove sound with kallen sayign Smack Attack from Code Ment ep 3....
Rainbow Pantsu
Created by Saika
Exclusive supply for gentlemen~(≧ ∀ ≦)ゞ

9 colors will randomly show.And I'm going to do a random-patterned version in the future~ Great thanks to Funreal's model resource.Have fun.

各种颜色的胖次!绅士们还在等什么?一共有⑨种颜色随机出现,还有隐藏的黑白条纹哦~(≧ ∀ ≦)ゞ...
Maschinengewehr 08
Created by Xenecrite
Maschinengewehr 08 remplacement L4D2 50 Cal
Models and Textures:Emobi Games,Comrade Gaz
Sound:Nightmare Mutant...
water wave cricket batbat
Created by 徒手开根号
replace cricket bat..
The night of the water flow in the cold light weapons, killing each enemy...
Tidus Laugh Death Sound
Created by Hot Biscuits
All of the endearing traits of Final Fantasy X's main protagonist packaged into a round of laughter mocking the unfortunate deaths of you and your teammates....
Kingdom Key
Created by Splinks
Hey there Keybearers. We have an issue at hand. This world you see has been overrun with darkness, however your enemy is far from a heartless or a nobody instead you shall be slaying the one's that once had a heart just like yours. So take this weapon and ...
Created by Moore
Kingdom Hearts II
Added a New Tongue...
The Ceiling Cage
Created by Hot Biscuits
Have you ever looked at something in-game and think:
"What would this look like if it was Cage-ified?"

Wait? What?


Well you're fucking weird.

This mod (inspired by the great Ceiling Cat mod), spices up your gaming experience wi...
CoD Zombies Perk-A-Cola Jingles on Jukebox
Created by rileyfluff
I'm not telling you what songs replace what, so it's a surprise. But the Portal "Still Alive" song is changed to something special. And, about that song from "The Passing" campaign, I don't know how to replace that. You're stuck with "Save Me Some Sugar" b...
Carlos Oliveira - Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (Ellis)
Created by TheMitu97
Replaces Ellis

Carlos Oliveira was a mercenary hired by the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.B.C.S.). He was a member of the Alpha Squad within Delta Platoon and was the team's Heavy Weapons specialist, and also charged with rear security. A m...
[Spray Pack #2] The Best of the Internet
Created by Rai_Porotos
After a long time, here it is the second part of this mod :)

Read the Description
  • This addon adds more sprays for Left 4 Dead 2.

  • Based on image
Steve Harvey Flag
Created by RetroOne
Turns the golf club into a Steve Harvey flag....
(K-ON!) Sexy Mio - Flashlight [Blue]
Created by Cousax
Looking at this in the dark will make all fear and stress dissapear....
Chipote Chillon - Axe melee replacement
Created by Roku
"No contaban con mi astusia!" For those who love Chespirito.

This mod replace the axe with the Hammer used by the Chapulin Colorado (mexican tv show)

Ahora podemos matar zombies con el mitico Chipote Chillon... Lástima que las píldoras no son las ...
Dildo Bomb (16+)
Created by Ground_Control
The Penetrator replace the pipe bomb.

My friend Ada Wong brought this model to l4d2, thank you Ada. She imported it from Saints Row, I think.
Credits for them.

If you like my mods,make a big thumbs up.(like/dislike)

Want to give me support? See m...
Payday 2 April Fools Weapon Sound Replacement
Created by Kalt
This mod replaces all of the weapon gun sounds except for the m60, both miniguns, and international weapons due to a lack of sounds to use.

Autoshotgun and Spas shotgun use the same sound because I ran out of sounds to use, sorry.

I forgot to show of...
Ayaya, ayaya! Pickup sound
Created by MasterWiky
"Ayaya, ayaya!" of kiniro mosaic replacement for the pickup sound.

I am ashamed of the low amount of weird mods for L4D2, so I'm putting my effort in.

PD: If it glitches, no problem. Accept it. Embrace it....
The Illuminati Pyramid
Created by Johan
It's basically what the title and the pictures tell ya, honestly. Oh, and whenever you swing with it, you'll be hearing some cut-up sounds from the X-Files Opening theme.
Nico Yazawa - Flashlight
Created by LOBAUM
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SHUT UP GRANDMA! - Chainsaw Sound Replacement
Created by Johnny Rubber
Replaces the chainsaw startup sound to include Glen Whitmann (Anthony Anderson) in Transformers, shouting "SHUT UP, GRANDMA! TAKE YO PRUNE JUICE!"

I didn't make this; LoLGameR first created the sound files 5 years ago and put them on http://www.gamebana...
smg glass block(glowing)
Created by 你好,我叫CC
repace smg
Satori Komeiji Hunting Rilfe
Created by Vintage Sniper
The next part of my Touhou Weapon Reskins, as requested by a close friend of mine, this is Satori Komeiji's new themed Hunting rifle, even equipped with a custom HUD, and you can enjoy it on it's own, or part of a Touhou Weapon collection....
South Park Vending Soda Machine HD
Created by Waterpater
This replaces the Vending Machine with a High Defenition 'South Park based' Soda Machine....
Created by Soup Toaster
A doomsday cult is using radio messages to lure survivors into deadly traps. Someone has to take out their radio tower and stop the slaughter. That someone is you. And you and you and you.

Deadenator is a 4 map co-op campaign designed to maximize replay...
Lucky Star Survivors
Created by Neko
This mod is by the very tallented 1337gamer15. I uploaded it here in hopes that it will be a little more used by the L4D2 community and easier to access through the Steam Workshop! please visit his profile at L4DMaps.com for more mods like this one.

Devil Mountain
Created by Goat that yells
The survivors find themselves trapped in the suburbs with Devil Mountain looming large in the distance, its emergency beacon activated. Is it a call for rescue, or a warning of danger? Climb the back of the beast and find out!

Devil Mountain is a sprawl...
Run Bitch Run Horde Sound
Created by ToScano
Replaces horde sound with the quote "Run Bitch Run" from Scary Movie

Spanish Version:

German Version:

Russian Ver...
Dragon Ball PeePee SafeHouse Music
Created by NappyCracker
Plays the start of the audio in Dragon Ball PeePee once completing a chapter....
School Days - Death Music
Created by RaitoGaming
Hello everyone, back with another anime sound mod this time i choosed schoold days ending song wich really is sad and matches well with the death theme for L4D2.

Don't forget to rate up and subscribe for more !

Credits :
Song: Kanashimi no mukou e
Anime Pick Up Sound
Oi Pohwaran here (aka Ene)
I am here with a Mod I normaly use for myself.
But since you asked for it I choose to upload it ^-^

This is a Mod that change the sound when you pick up items to more of a "Joink" sound
Just need to Sub...
Pipebomb Explosion (MY LEG!!)
Created by your dad
"Rev up those friers, because I am sure hungry for one -- Help! MY LEG!!"

Modifies pipebomb explosions (and any other explosion that uses the same sound) to include the "My leg!!" clip that played in Spongebob whenever crowds of people were injured....
MLP's Squee Sound for Pickup
Created by spencer8833
MLP's Squee Sound for Pickup

If someone have any idea on Pony style mod you can recommend me!

Make by
"YOU BROKE THE RULES!" Death music!
Created by The Soda Man
Adds Nova screaming "YOU BROKE THE RULES!" to death music. As of right now it only replaces the Left 4 Dead 2 death music, not the original levels. Reason being I'm not sure how to change DLC content. But when I do find out, I'll be sure to add it for the ...
Marie Rose from Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (Ellis)
This mod will replace Ellis with Marie Rose in her Newcomer Outfit. I know this is my 3rd Marie Rose mod, still, I hope you guys like it, comes with:

- FPS arms
- Facial expressions
- Eye Rolls
- RNG Glasses
- etc...

Sexy Ellis
Created by RebrΔlex
Wow! What a sexy hunk! It is well-known Ellis the Left 4 Dead 2, who wore tight pants Green in England called "banana hammock"...
Francis Assless Chaps
Created by Tя!cky ツ
Body Only - Francis Wearing Assless Chaps Y-M-C-A

Special Thanks to K1CHWA: for use of his his leather pants texture/normal
Original chainmail te
MP7 | Anodized Navy
Created by saturn
Replaces the Uzi and includes firing/reloading sounds from CS:GO. Original mod here.

adding skin & hexing (literally nothing) - saturn
replacing, rigging - Twilight Sparkle
Moonlight Greatsword [Bat]
Created by orangepandesal
report any bugs because i totally halfassed this one lol

dark souls peoples made this btw not me contrary to popular belief...
Nepgear HDD - Chrome Shotgun
Created by Parpol ★
Chrome Shotgun with Nepgear (HDD Version) from Hyperdimension Neptunia's saga.

Tags: Hyperdimension Neptunia - Nepgear - HDD - Purple Sister - Chrome Shotgun...
Star Wars Silver Lightsaber [Crowbar]
Created by Nicky_Da_B
Star Wars

In the days of the Old Republic the color of your blade signified your role in the Jedi Order. Silver blades were usually wielded by those who had no allegiance to either the Jedi or the Sith. These force wielders believed that the forc...
Rainbow Dash's Military Sniper
Created by Lucy Fur
Rainbow Dash's personal Military Sniper :3...
Fluttershy's Spas Shotgun(Dark Version)
Created by spencer8833
Dark Version is coming!

Recommend by
Dan Nukem...
AutoShotgun Rainbow Transparent
Created by 徒手开根号
The gun body is transparent Like the white crystal beauty,and the lines are riotous with colour fluorescent effect.

PS: different from the other rainbow transparent series, gun's third person perspective is opaque, there is no need to worry about the brig...
Lucky Star Opening-Intro and Background

Okey everyone, here I am to create anime mods and to enhance the experience of playing L4D2. I'm not going to answer mod questions or trading requests, but I try to be a kind person with everyone. If you want me to make a new
Durarara! OP1 Intro/Background Mod
Created by Alcatraz Zombie
In order to use this mod you will need to download GCFScape to open the readme with the actual mod as well as instructions in it. Here is the download link for GCFScape[nemesis.thewavelength.net] Start up L4D2 and let the ad...
Hollywood Undead Concert (with posters)
Created by TateTheTank
Hollywood Undead Concert with Posters and bilboards. So any midnight rider bilbored in Dark Carnival campaign will be Hollywood Undead. Whenever they release a new song, i will replace one of their old songs with their new one.
Usual Suspects
Hatsune Miku tag alerts!!!
Created by Authentic Mikutard
Hatsune Miku will help you detect friends in need by alerting you when one of them is grabbed by a special infected.

BONUS: When a teammate dies, they will poop their pants and Miku will sing a jestful melody for their departure.

Hope you like it, 3...
Hibiki gif door
Tank > Coach
Created by Splinks
TTAAAAANNNNNKKKKK!!!.....hurry up and get inside the saferoom.

Yes, finally the big bubblegum pink hulk is now a fellow friend.

Something you should know. If you have any texture mods effecting the tank it will also change the texture of this mod as ...
Celestia And Luna's Pistols
Created by Runu™
The Royal sisters fight together!
Commisioned by: chris05478

Tda Dreamy Miku Append (Zoey)
Created by Saika
A gorgeous Dreamy Miku! Great thanks to CaptainBigButt for the perfect model and NovaSOF for the amazing textures.Replace Zoey and contain custom portrait.Hope you will love Miku more~

CaptainBigButt - Model
Underling Hunter (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
Blanec - White Heart, I'm back and I release new Neptunia Infected which today is Underling or Linda as Hunter, join ASIC today and i will make good modder to you, for free!, this Underling Hunter once I was release only in Gamemaps, but I have release it ...
Hallway Survival
Created by alive
A hallway survival map with the front and back as choke points. Includes 2 buildable autoturrets and extra game mechanics (defibrillators, an extra path).

Map is called hallwaysurvival....
-Helms Deep- Reborn
Created by SeriouS_Samurai

Helm's Deep Reborn version 25 (Beta)

Defend the great fortress of Rohan and survive until Gandalf's arrival.

Inspired by the Battle of Helm's Deep from The Lord of the Rings.

Perks for donators:
Zoidberg Zombies
Created by BumbleMan
Replace your common infected models and sounds with Zoidberg!
Now with 100% more woops!!!

Update 7/7/2015:
+ Zoidbergs now make wooping sounds

To Download: Click the "Subscribe" button and launch L4D2.

Credit to [url=http://steamcommunity.com/p...
Uni Swimsuit (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
Created by [HTT✰] Ayase Eli
Well its Summer so i may as well start on a swimsuit pack, enjoy the first one.

Works on Multi
Replaces Bill
No Faceposing or Jigglebones

Alternate link:
Mane 6 Fireaxe
Created by Lucy Fur
Mane 6 Fireaxe

requested by MLP:FIM...
Tda Dreamy Luka Append (Louis)
Created by Saika
A gorgeous Dreamy Luka! Great thanks to CaptainBigButt for the perfect model and NovaSOF for the amazing textures.Replace Louis and contain custom portrait.Hope you will love her~

CaptainBigButt - Model
Tda Nightmare Miku Append (Zoey)
Created by Saika
An enchanting Nightmare Miku! Great thanks to CaptainBigButt for the perfect model and NovaSOF for the amazing textures.Replace Zoey and contain custom portrait.Hope you will love Miku more!

CaptainBigButt - Model
Tunak Tunak Tun Tank music
Created by The Nivans
This mod replaces the original tank battle music with the song Tunak Tunak Tun sung by Daler Mehndi.

Requested by CowCheese123

I did not record the ingame footage.
Video credit goes to adamt...
Banzai!!! - Mega Mob Alert
Created by Danniel
"Another F**KING Banzai charge!" - Pvt. Polonsky

Pretty simple mod. Mega Mob Alert is replaced with "Tenno'heika Banzai!" (Long live His Majesty the Emperor), the WW2-era Japanese battlecry. The file has been extracted from Call of Duty: World at War, m...
Honoka zoey (57*44 RNG)
Created by 徒手开根号
Replaces zoey with Honoka from the Dead or Alive series ; Bikini has forty-four random textures,Shirt has fifty-seven random textures.Texture from Ellie. Enjoy :D

Plus a separate Bikini random there are 2552 kinds of random? Count right?

Honoka Rochelle ...
PaSwG "Chocolat" Death Music
Created by Thai-rone
Replaces the death music with the song called "Chocolat" from the anime called "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt."

Starts at 0:00...
Running in the 90s Jockey music
Created by A.I
As the name implies it changes the music for when a Jockey rides you. Something me and my friend Dumbass thought of.
Thank you Unknown for the video!...
PSG - Stocking Military Sniper Rifle
Created by lain. []
A custom skin for the military sniper rifle containing Stocking from Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt....
PAYDAY 2 Lebedev PL-14
Created by Salad
So, I had these finished for like 3 months, but never released them because I continuously forgot I had them ready and I didn't have any screenshots of them. Then, yesterday, Rocky told me he had taken pictures of them and sent them to me, so I threw toget...
SFKTeam's custom main menu (splitscreen!)
Created by An
This is a custom menu made by SFKTeam, originally published on gamebanana[l4d2.gamebanana.com] and last updated on 23/08/2012.

I'm sharing this because it's very useful for when you want to play splitscreen and don't want to...