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ORP2 - Offline Raid Protection v04.09.17.34
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Jan 14, 2016 @ 11:05pm
Apr 9 @ 11:00am
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ORP2 - Offline Raid Protection v04.09.17.34

Over 1500+ hours of development and in-game live testing!

We have 200+ servers carrying the [ORP2] tag! Thanks so much for the awesome support and making [ORP2] a PVP standard!

PLEASE read the entire Description and Discussion pages before asking questions or installing this mod! Redundant questions will not be answered!

The ORIGINAL Offline Raid Protection for ARK! Built and designed for game play balancing!

Clean and Stackable! Windows/Linux support!

Updates will be performed weekly Sunday @ 2:00PM EST when needed. Major Bug fixes come as needed. ORP2 will notify players and admins in game, if a new version has been released.

Server Admins - PLEASE use [ORP2] tag for easier identification for players!

ORP2 Project Page[]

ORP2 Official Server Listings[]

Please upvote and favorite!

An Example of how it may work (Depending on how Server Admins configure): Players place down the force field structure which will then begin scanning at a set rate for all the players in the tribe that own that force field. When it detects that no tribemates are online, it then kicks off a timer for a set amount of time. The timer is used so that players cannot log off while being raided to initiate the force field. After a determined amount of time decided by a scaling method, the force field activates, buffing structures and dinos in the AOE. This does NOT make it impossible to raid (depending on how the server has ORP configured), only much more difficult. Once a tribemate has been detected to be online, all buffing is removed after a short amount of time and buffed entities are restored to normal. The force field structure has 100000 health and, if destroyed, will cause the AOE to be removed.

Custom UI Control for every aspect of ORP! Automatically adjusts settings availability if you are a Server Admin or not.

Custom Log Manager! Logs Logs and MORE LOGS! Server Logs supported!

Online Tribemate Notifications! Know when someone enters or leaves your base!

ORP Auto repairs damaged structures on activation/deactivation!

Default Buff rates for the AOE, configurable through the ORP UI:

3x Structure health.

3x Dino Health

2x Dino DMG

Update your server before posting bug reports or questions!

jslay's ARK Mods
boats' Item Sorting System

If clients timeout when encountering an ORP, either the client or the server is out-of-date and needs to be updated!
If clients timeout when encountering an ORP, either the client or the server is out-of-date and needs to be updated!
If clients timeout when encountering an ORP, either the client or the server is out-of-date and needs to be updated!

Bugs not filed under Bug Reports will be deleted
Server listings made anywhere on this mod page will be deleted. ORP2 has an official server list here[]. This list is auto populated by the mod itself


Major thanks goes out to these AWESOME people for helping me pull this version together!

UI Help - Woeful Macabre
Sanity Checks - Mezzo
Model and Texture Design - MRRadioactiv
Texture and Model asset building- ZenRowe
Force Field Texture - boats
Testing - SleepyLloydy

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License. []

If you have paid to use this mod, please demand a refund, as they are in violation of the Creative Commons license and the DMCA. Please also notify jslay. If you wish to purchase a version of this mod for your server to use to be able to accept donations, please contact jslay.

Meta: Base Protection, PvP, Offline raid, Offline raiding, raid, raiding, rebalance, balance, radar, base
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Dinosaur Dan
< >
SнєѕƲισƖєηт 14 hours ago 
@Black Crystal Sniper You said it was working before the steampunk mod was added, can you like explain what happens after adding the steampunk mod? It says this mod is stackable so it shouldn't matter which order it's added in, but it may differ for other mods you're using.

When you're adding mods IDs to your servers GameUserSettings you should always load one at a time and submit it before adding another (idk why but according to server hosting companies, mods are highly unstable and its required to be done that way to prevent issues) so try loading each one at a time and see if it helps.
Black Crystal Sniper 19 hours ago 
Hi! I am fairly new to owning a server and adding mods to it but I have tried putting the mod id in second and third place along with many other mods, it was working until I added the steampunk mod to my server and now I was just wondering if anyone could assist me as to how to fix this problem or if my mod order is incorrect :( here is my active mods [id's] ActiveMods=895711211,761535755,600705968,749466101,554678442,633215081,893834064,731604991,679529026
the third one is ORP. Thank you for your time :)
[DSG] Modsouls 23 hours ago 
Hey jslay, we've got one tribe that has their ORP function fine for a few hours, but after that they lose their ability to ride dinos and their orp bounces into "processing" repeatedly until I kill it with admin commands. They can't pick it up or edit it when it is doing this. Their base is HUGE could it be overloading the beacon?
jslay  [author] May 18 @ 6:11pm 
Dont use a server manager or mod manager to update the mods, update them manually from the files installed on the client after updating the mod on a client. As stated several times before.

Server managers and Mod managers do not create the correct .mod files, nor place them in the correct location.
Diwrnach May 18 @ 12:24am 
Still cant figure out how to learn the engram, the server is fully up to date, I have NO other mods running, yet i still cannot learn the engram.
kbenton00 May 15 @ 9:40pm 
I check my servers and the magic timer was unchecked on all of them.
kbenton00 May 15 @ 11:02am 
Thanks for the response. I thought I had disabled the magic timer on all my maps but I need to verify. I'm currently running my servers on a 2x Xeon dedicated server with 12 cores available for use, but Ark isn't very multi-core friendly yet. It is only on mature servers this happens. I tend to see 100+ messages in the console when the charging happens. This gives a 3 - 4 second lag spike and kicks me off the server when using a remote rcon tool to monitor activities.
jslay  [author] May 14 @ 7:13pm 
Has nothing to do with the message, has to do with extremely large bases and magic timer calculation. Reduce AOE on the pillars to limit how much they have to calculate, or disable the magic timer. And hosts that have sufficient CPU, don't tend to see this lag spike.
kbenton00 May 14 @ 7:06pm 
Can we get a way to disable the ORP Charging message. On mature servers (i.e. lots of ORPs) it lags the servers pretty badly
jslay  [author] May 13 @ 9:09pm 
Next update, structures will be going back to No DMG instead of Max HP. A work around has been provided by WC to keep from having structures PIN codes reset on server restart.