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North, South, West London, Thameslink and Kent (WIP)
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North, South, West London, Thameslink and Kent (WIP)

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Important Note- This route is currently on hold until the South London & Thameslink route is complete - however I do plan to Add Chatham Main Line to this route in the future (due to it being the missing link between Rochester and Beckenham Junction. However this route has been noticed to be fairly unstable to many people so might be scrapped because of this.

North, South, West London, Thameslink and Kent (Work In Progress Version! )

Route Name in TS16 - "North, South, West London, Thameslink and Kent"

Notes - Also if you decide to rate down this route, you are perfectly entitled too of course, but I do ask though if you could say why you don't like it, as I welcome any constructive critism. (PS - I don't bite, if you say you don't like the route :) )

Notes - I can't merge in GEML or ECML South to any of these routes, this is due to both of these routes having a different stating point to these routes, ECML is around Stevenage, GEML is around Colchester, while North London Line, London to Bedford, London to Faversham, South London Network and London to Brighton is at Swanley.


This is one step on from the South London and Thameslink route in that it adds in the North London Line, the West London Line (currently has no scenery but has working track and signals) as well as London St Pancras to Faversham (includes the Sheerness branch too) . This route merges together the following (notes quick drive is very basic at the moment - as scenery is the focus):

  • London to Brigton
  • South London Network
  • London to Bedford
  • North London Line
  • London to Faversham
  • Sheerness on Sea

Update - Really sorry that it is taking a long time to finish this route, I was really hoping to get it finished sooner but things have gotten in the way (personal life + work). Also this is one route of 3 that i'm working on that the same time as follows:

Route 1: South London & Thameslink - South London Network, South London Network & London to Brighton
Route 2: North, West, South London & Thameslink - Above + North London Line
Route 3: North, West, South London, Thameslink & Kent (this one) - Route 2 + London to Faversham and Sheerness on Sea addon.

Scenery to do:

  • Thameslink Core and Beckenham Junction area - Routes 1, 2 & 3
  • West London Line: Routes 2 & 3

Updates - (30/01/2016)
  • Scenery complete Kent House to Beckenham Junction / Clock House to New Beckenham (just for show)
  • Fixed directionality issue at Kent House
  • Fixed Clock house signals, speed limits and platform marker
  • Notes - These updates match those in South London & Thameslink route - which will be the first route of the 3 that needs to be finished.

Notes - Please Read!

This upload was to put a version on Steam workshop for scenario writers at least but its not finished as of yet (I am working on it :) )

  • Scenery between London Bridge and Kings Cross Thameslink is not Complete
  • Also Beckenham Junction area scenery not complete. (about 75%)
  • Quick Drive isn't complete (please give me time for this one :) - for me this one can be fairly stressful! )


Route Coverage

  • London Victoria to Brighton
  • London Victoria to Crofton Park / Beckenham Junction (Via Herne Vill)
  • London Bridge to Beckenham Junction (Via Crystal Palace)
  • London Bridge to London Victoria (via Streatham or Denmark Hill)
  • London Bridge To Brighton
  • London Cannon Street to New Cross
  • Bedford to Brighton (Via London Bridge & Via Herne Hill)
  • Hove and Reigate
  • East London Line from Surrey Quays to Crystal Palace / Clapham Junction / West Croydon / New Cross
  • All the rest of the unmentioned track on the South London Network too !
  • North and West London Line (latter WIP)


Joining routes - Danny Leach (I'm included as Dovetail Games for Sections of all 4 routes below)
Credits for all four separate routes - Dovetail Games, Richard Mills, Stuart Galbraith.

(Just to clarifiy I had a part in all 3 of the routes, and did sections of each one as part of team effort )

Extra Thanks

  • Matthew Peddlesden for Helping with changing Terrain Textures on the Bedford Section to South London Network versions.
  • Xavier Guerra - for research help
  • Richard Mills - for letting me use and alter his Reigate section to fit in this route and South London to Brighton, and of course for all his work that he did on the original South London Network route too
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theobsessedgamer Mar 20 @ 2:29pm 
by the way danny, i meant to ask, how do you actually a merge routes? Do you need to download some sort of special program or something? Or is it just a case of doing something in the route builder? thanks danny :)
theobsessedgamer Mar 17 @ 11:38am 
ok then, no worries, im very happy to wait :)
Danny  [author] Mar 17 @ 11:20am 
It was planned :) but work needs to be done on other routes first :) (as i said :) - need to do those first then this one :) )
theobsessedgamer Mar 17 @ 11:08am 
i have an idea that could 'potentially' same you some time... Maybe you could merge this route with your route down to dover + sevenoaks. Thats providing they both have the same origin at Swanley :)
theobsessedgamer Mar 17 @ 9:01am 
yes, i know, no plans :( just hope xD
Danny  [author] Mar 17 @ 8:51am 
If dovetail released it I would probably merge it (but as far as i know there are no plans for it :) )
theobsessedgamer Mar 17 @ 8:26am 
Also I have 1 question Danny, if those routes were ever released by dovetail and have Swanley as the origin point would you still merge them to this? eg. if Dovetail released the North Kent Line, if it had the origin point of this route, would you still merge them?
theobsessedgamer Mar 16 @ 2:25pm 
tell me when you need me :) ), do you want a friend request so you can message me when needed?
Danny  [author] Mar 16 @ 2:14pm 
At the moment, I haven't started on this one - need to finish the version that doesn't have kent in first :) )
theobsessedgamer Mar 16 @ 2:04pm 
If you want, i could help with the quick drives :)